Having problems with your 2006 BMW 3 Series ?

Please help me,i have replace a abs block valve that was faulty and am now getting fault codes 5DF0 and 5DF4 low voltage,low battery and pump or pump relay faulty

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Please help me,i have replace a abs block valve that was faulty and am now getting fault codes 5DF0 and 5DF4 low voltage,low battery and pump or pump relay faulty

... 2006 BMW 3 Series

Air suspension i have a problem with my 2002 s class 320cdi. air suspension faulty is coming up on dashboard and not working. new pump and relay has been fitted but when scanned fault code C1337 rear right level valve faulty Y36/Y4? have spoke to dealers and fault code is not relevant to the vehicle? please help?

... 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

My grans hyundai getz 53 reg had an abs fault, i tried my bosch kts an snap~on solus but would not give any fault codes, i borowed a friends diag tool an it found an engine mgnt fault in abs system, i cleared the fault, road tested the vehicle an the light came back on again the same engine mgnt fault, i road tested the vehicle with live data and found the n/s/f sensor faulty, today i replaced said sensor and tried the kts again the knock the fault code off and got c2402 (pump motor engine relay

Hi from uk for your info there was a recall back in2004/5 for the getz relating to the abs system going faulty my wifes 2003 getz gsi was recalled and i took car to dealers for her to enquire what fault has there beenon some getz with a ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a MK1-TT, APX engine code. Car has recently developed a fault where it will not start. Mechanic friend feels that a main relay has failed, being that he is getting no reading at all from ECU to his code reader, and being that the fuel pump cannot be heard priming on key turn. All fuses (even ones on top of battery) have been checked and are ok. Does anyone know where the 2 relay panels are physically located? (i think there are 2, the Micro Central Electric Panel and Fold Relay Pa

Most likely in the kick panel,on drivers side.I am not sure,but look at the e c m,see if it has a built in fuse,or is in line with the e c m connection wire harness.I am assuming,the engine spins over fine,and if there is no communication to the code ... Audi TT

Hi Im going crazy. My 1994 Mazda 230,000 miles. has a 556 code. The idle rpm goes down to 400 . Fuel pressure is good , vacuum is good. I ohm ed and jiggled all leads to do with power relay the fuel pump relay took plug off computer and checked to pins.,tested all leads to ground and checked battery leads. Turn on engine starts right up idle is low has a hard time getting going. Their is a whine in the back but stays when coasting with key off. stops before stopping. The heater heat also does no

Have you tried to pinch off all the vacuums,one at a time,to see if idle will return to normal?Coolant sensor can be ling to the computer,and telling it ,that it is hot.Also look at the throttle position switch,and ohm it out.See if it has any dead s ... 2007 Mazda B2300

1998 astra 1.6 8v fault code, knock sensor,fuel pump relay voltage low

... Vauxhall Astra

2001 ford focus will not start. The engine will turn but will not start.I have changed the fuel pump and cleaned the canister where the pump sits. new spark plugs and cables. Replaced fuel relay switch. I sprayed starter fluid into intake hoping for a little something. Made sure battery was fully charged but after triing to start battery looses charge. I bought a trouble code for the PCM but it shows zero codes.

I will try to help you. You are correct about the starting fluid, if it has fire starting fluid should do something. So the problem must be either no fire to the plugs or the timing belt is broke.\015\012\015\012Check to see if the plugs ... 2001 Ford Focus

My car continues to stall while going down the road and after sitting a few minutes it will start again. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuel filter, plugs, plug wires, altenator, voltage regulator, cap, rotor, and the battery. Do you know what could be causing the car to stall? I have a suspicion the fuel pump relay is faulty. What's your thoughts and how can I test the relay?

OVP, MAF and have duty cycle set.\012\012OVP's (Over Voltage Protection relay) are known issues in these cars. \012\012Hop on over to benzworld.org to find out alot more. ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class


Have you checked for fuel at the engine and also at the cylinders? If your getting voltage to a nw pump while cranking the starter, there's no reason why it shouldn't be moving fuel. Disconnect the ... Saturn SC1

1997 VW Golf...airbag light on...fault codes read by dealer reported faulty clock spring. New clock spring installed. Light now goes out for 5 seconds but then comes back on. Don't have a scanner to read codes but it appears that the 'faulty clock spring' code has not cleared itself. Question - can the codes be cleared without having to return to the dealer and paying for another scan check? Have tried battery terminal off but no result

Did you have the code cleared after you installed the new part because the ECM cannot clear itself, even though you installed a new part and the code is still in the system? You need to have the code erased with a OBD II scanner. ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

1997 Suburban, cranks, won't start. Removed fuel pump and it runs when attached to battery on bench. Power at all fuses, no power on grey wire at 4 prong connector above rear axle. Is there a fuel pump cut out? Can you test the relay? I have a spare relay and it did nothing either when installed. Where is the ''prime connection'' physically located on the vehicle. Is there any low oil pressure or rollover protection switch that interrupts power to the fuel pump? Factory pump went out at 120,000

The oil pressure gauge on the engine runs the fuel pump until the engine receives full oil PSI and shuts off. Upon that time the relay takes over for the fuel pump ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

Can anyone tell me where to find the glowplug relay, it's a 7 prong relay, on a 2002 vw beetle 1.9 diesel no turbo ? allready been under the dash and checked all the relays, none of which are 7 prong, check engine light is on, codes come out...PO671, which is glow plug circuit #1 cylinder, or short circuit condition, or poor electrical connection, or failed glow plug, or glow plug control system fault....Next code is PO118..ECT circuit high, short circuit poor electrical connection, faulty ECT s

Above the Relay Panel is the Auxiliary Relay Panel. Has thirteen positions in it.6 across the top, 7 across the bottom.Across the bottom the Glow Plug Relay is the fourth one over from the left. It is Number 10.(180) ... 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S

2000 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4L Secondary air pump system. have pump connected and in working order on start up. possible relay malfunction and/or vacuum valve solenoid maybe faulty. system is reading p0410 Error code. Can someone clarify this code? or are there too many parts involved to clarify? system hoses rechecked and air flows well from pump. can you give me the correct part number for a vacuum valve solenoid for this car?

A shop with a Tech2 Scanner can operate the air pump and solenoid. Or you can verify the solenoid valve by having power and ground, the valve should flow vacuum to the air valves, and the valves should operate (open) with vac going to them. Any deal ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Started car moved it out of the garage onto the drive all fine left for 30min and it would only turn over but not start,all checks done,battery,pump,fuel,plugs,all ok,put a diagnosis tool on and no fault code found local garage did the same with his machine and again no fault codes are showing but won't start,I'm at a loss please help..

Maybe some info like what type of car motor ... Cars & Trucks

I have replaced the low pressure fuel pump, the high pressure fuel pump, and fuel filter. The relays are fine and the check engine light comes on so the EEC is ok. It will turn over but will not start. I have gotten it to start for about 10-30 seconds but then dies. Also, my battery is about done but will jump start a few times but will die within seconds. What else can it be within the fuel system and can the battery be an issue???? Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what el

... 1988 Ford F 150

I have a 2001 gmc jimmy wiTh a secondary air injection code. bought THE VEHICLE used and had the code checked in the summer because it is hard to start it turns over,i replaced the fuel pump relay i also checked the fuel pressure without it running the pressure was 58 psi.now during the winter it wont start unless i use starting fluid then it runs fine,could the SAI KEEP IT FROM STARTING I ALSO FOUND A 30 AMP FUSE BLOWN BESIDE THE BATTERY WICH I BELIEVE IS FOR THE SAI AND A RELAY AND A 10 AMP FU

I have water in oil ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

Dodge Diesel Ram 2500 error code:P0628 - Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit Malfunction Where is the low voltage fuel pump relay located?

... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

I'm getting an intermitent code P1389 on my 2002 Dodge Dakota Manul Transmition 3.9 engine. the truck was running great when I shut it down. When I went to start it back up it would turn over but not start. I erased the code with my OBD II tester and still wouldn't start. I disconnected the Neg battery term. and tried to start 10 times. I reconnected the battery term and then started right up and run great. This has happened several times now and the reader says it's the ASD relay low voltage.

... Dodge Dakota

My 96 ford f 150 4.9L. suddenly losses power and i have to shift into low gears to get more power, but the truck wont run in drive( no power). this has happened twice then suddenly it starts running fine. i had test done with the following codes come out: P0750shift sol a fault P0755 shift sol b fault P1359 spark output circuit fault P0413 sa system sw valve a circuit open. P0416 sa system sw valve b circuit P1754 coast clutch sol circuit fault P1460 wot a/c cutout circuit P0230 fuel pump primar

... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Won't start Problems starting, the glow plug light doesn't come on, the car goes through the 'cold start procedure', but doesn't fire up. The battery warning light comes on, then goes off, then nothing. Initial diagnosis indicated new battery required, so fitted new battery, evreything fine for two days, then same again. Diagnostic then reads fault code 'POA09 - Converter status - Circuit low input', but no-one at Jaguar knows what this means! Great, anyone got ant ideas?

... 2009 Jaguar XF

I've got door chimes when I open my door, with no key in the ignition, I get sporadic dash lights, and if I get that far, and turn the key to on, I can hear the pump, and a click, then circuits die. They also die when I try to turn on the headlights. The circuits won't come on again until I dis and reconnect the battery. I've got power going from the battery all the way through the relay, plenty of battery charge. Wondering if this could be a problem with the ignition switch, or just faulty w

... 1995 Ford Probe

2006 BMW X5. got oil service yesterday and new battery. Drove all morning today and then on the motorway, battery light comes on with fuel injection message and car loses all power. after 3 attempts it restarts..I go straight back to garage who runs diagnostics but no error codes showing despite the car sporadicallly showing Battery light and fuel injection msg. he knows its not the fuel injection pump or alternator and sends me to bmw dealer down the road as it must be electrical fault. Th

Was this problem there before replacing battery? if not a loose connection at battery or in battery compartment the code is a temporary code and when connection severs the code is cleared check the time after starting till problem occures and see if ... 2006 BMW 5 Series

Isuzu Hombre pickup (same as Chevy S10), 2.2L Vortec, Won't Start. I have an Isuzu Hombre pickup, 2.2L Vortec engine. It just suddenly stopped running. Here's what I checked: ignition module (good), ignition coils (good), fuel pump (good), fuel filter (new/good), fuel pressure to fuel rail 39 psi (good), battery (good), spark plugs have good spark (good), I hooked up code reader and it detected one code: (PO452 emission control system pressure sensor low). This code can't be the problem with my

... Chevrolet S 10

Severe voltage drop to orange wire on fuel pump relay when ignition is in run. Fuel pump won't engage. Can jump positive battery lead to tan/white wire on fuel pump relay, fuel pump will com on. Battery voltage good. 20amp fuse by battery good. Voltage drop still occurs with both fuel pump relay, MAF relay and MAF power relay unplugged.

Replace the ignition switch (shorting out so to speak) this is the electic part down on the steering colum ... 1987 Chevrolet Camaro

Hi, I have a 2001 rav4 that has all the cylinders misfiring. was running fine for the last 9 years then this. It started while i was on the highway. for 3 of the cylinders the possible problems are weak/missing spark, plugged fuel injector, engine mechanical fault, or large vacuum leak specific to cylinder. for the other two codes that popped up the probable causes were low fuel pressure, faulty MAF/VAF sensor, cylinder misfire condition, faulty HO2S/AF sensor, large vacuum leak, ignition sy

... 2001 Toyota RAV4
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