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Odometer correction how to adjust the mileage

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Odometer correction how to adjust the mileage

... 2006 Audi A3

Hello, I have got an annoying problem with the odometer of my car (caprice classic station, Year of building 1991, motor code "E" 5,0 l). It became necessary to replace the motor which "died". After the successful repair the follwing problem shows: The speedometer works compeltely correct. The odometer does not work below a speed of 70 mph. Beyond this speed it is working, but, to my opinion, shows a mileage 20 % below the real mileage travelled. This is equakl for the odometer total as for the

... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Speedomer stops working, but the odometer is fine. If i buy a used unit can it be programmed for the correct mileage?

Yes, only if you take it to the dealer and they send it out for you, then you gonna have to pay more than the price of a new one, get a used one. and deal with the miles more or less. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

Speedometer Died After having my transmission rebuilt my speedometer died. took it back to the shop, they checks the sensor and connections and said it wasn't transmission related. They said I could leave it there for a day or two so they can troubleshoot. I don't have that time, Anything I can do to troubleshoot the problem? Odometer also stopped working, how do I set it at the correct mileage?

If your seedometer and odometer quit the cable may be broken they go into the trani so the shop trhat fixed the trani should fix the problem u need to take it back and tell them they need to fix it seeing how they probally broke it or didnt install i ... 1998 Ford Mustang

My mileage reads -17 and my odometer is not reading correctly

In what way??? ... 2007 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback

Wrench light is on and odometer shows negative mileage

The negative number means the car should have had it's oil changed that many miles ago. Oil life starts at 100% for new oil & counts down every 10%. At 15% the display will always show, which means it's near time to change the oil.\015\012 ... 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

Trunk adjustment How do I adjust my trunk lid? The height is about 1/4" heigher near the rear window. It all aligns correctly near the lights. it's just a little higher at the rear window. This happened after I changed out the truck weather gasket.(yes it is the correct gasket. How do I adjust this?

First, make sure the new gasket is seated all the way around. If still high, loosen the 4 bolts on the deck lid hinges just enough to allow you to move the deck lid to adjust it. You might want to mark an outline around the hinge on the deck lid bef ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

How to find mileage on broken odometer?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan. The gage that tells the economy and average mileage doesn't stay on one mileage. It flicks from one to another. Example:flicks from 22.2 to 23.8 to 24.0.Then goes back to 19.9. How do I know which is correct?My book just tells the function and doesn't give any detail as to how it is suppose to work.My daughter says this is normal and a friend tells me it is broken. Who is correct.

Its normal ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Possed odometer So driving along, and my odometer will go from showing the mileage to 000000000's blink and beep and then return to showing the mileage again.

... 2009 Nissan Xterra

My ML270 has a problem with front wheel camber. The left front has -55' and the right has -14'. Beaurepairs who did the checks tells me there is no adjustment for camber on the front wheels and the car pulls to the left. Beaurepairs tried to correct the pulling to the left by changing the toe in on the rear wheels which has improved it but obviously the tyres are scuffing. Can this situation be corrected, is there any camber adjustment? Regards Ron Mitchell

Yes, there are no adjustments possible on the front wheel angles except for the toe. Such big difference can only be caused by deformed parts. Since i assume that they would have noticed a bent front subframe then the only thing left are the suspensi ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Replaced ride height sensors and compressor. At factory settings, vehicle kneels too low and does not achieve correct trim height. Me and my tech have adjusted the trim height on both front and rear manually with scan tool. 3 questions: 1) Do you have the correct factory TRIM ride height numbers to start from? 2) can the KNEEL height be adjusted seperately from the TRIM height. 3) Can you prevent the vehicle form kneeling? Thanks, Greg - Lincoln Mercury

I have repaired dozens of these air suspension problems and without a doubt the #1 cause is leaking air bags, which you make no mention of replacing, as far as the changes to the ride height programs go they are preset and not adjustable, nor do i re ... Lincoln Navigator

Stuck odometer I have a 96 maxima with the odometer stuck. My trip meter works fine, is there a fix for this problem or do I need to replace the entire instrument cluster, If I do, what about the mileage. How do I set the same mileage I have on the car now.

Mostly you need a new cluster so you need to find one with the same mileage or close to it look in the junk yard its cheaper and you can get lucky to find one with the same miles ... 1996 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty. I installed a new radio and now the jeep runs fine and the radio works fine but my odometer now reads error instead of showing the mileage. I have tried holding the odometer button and turning the car on at the same time as some have suggested but that doesnt work Again, everything seems to work fine except I can't see the mileage because of the error message. Any suggestions

... 2008 Jeep Liberty

Hello there i recently had a blown head gasket replaced on my 91 toyo previa, prior 2 this repair, i was getting 17-18mpg, the vans timing specs states that it should be at i believe wat u wld say 5 degrees, it was at 25, after another mechanic try 2 adjust it 2 the correct specs, he was unable 2, the more he lowered it 2 the right spec the van wld shut off, he stated that the timing belt was set incorrectly when the gasket was replaced, he stated that it needs 2 b adjusted correctly,,,,, i talk

There are timing marks that you line up before you install the belt back on. It is possible that the belt was put on, one tooth off. I don't know of any "camshaft timing specs". The best thing that I could think of doing is to check to verify that al ... Toyota Previa

I purchased a used 2008 Saturn Vue from a Saturn dealer. The odometer is regeristing only 1/2 the actual miles driven. The BCM was replaced in Feb. and Saturn said it was because the cruise control needed to be fix. They replaced the BCM and the mileage shown went backwards 300 miles. They say the BCM has to be replaced again. I would like to know how the actual mileage can be determined. What part is keeping tracked of the mileage? Can the actual mileage be ever be determined?

Unfortunately not, the vehicle will have to be sold as TMU. ... 2008 Saturn VUE

Have 2001 Chevy suburban/digital odometer,shift indicator, trip mieage indicator. Odometer and trip mileage indicators work but gear shift indicator doesn't. Any solutions?

... Cars & Trucks

Tps adjustment I have a faulty TPS, it's the non-adjustable type which is no longer available. What is the correct voltage setting on an after-market adjustable style that I am forced to use?

... 1989 Chevrolet Caprice

Speedometer erratic/intermittent 1991 non-turbo 740 wagon, +200K miles. speedo usually sits at zero. speedo will indicate correctly from 0-45mph, where it stops while i'm over 45mph. it will indicate correctly again as i decelerate below 45mph, falling from the 45mph mark. speedo occasionally goes up to 90mph when i'm driving over 45mph. speedo occasionally indicates the correct speed. tachometer and odometer work. if speedo stops working while i'm driving and it's indicating more than zero, i

I don't know what is causing this problem, but I know phil140701's answer is completely wrong on two counts. First, 740 Volvos starting at least in 1986 have electronic speedometers and no cable. There is an electronic sensor on the differential w ... 1991 Volvo 740

I have a 93 Toyota pickup 22re engine that has poor gas mileage. I replaced the O2 sensor, the TPS sensor and the distributor cap plus I ran injector cleaner through it and cleaned the throttle body. What else could be causing my poor gas mileage? Is there adjustments I can make on the engine somewhere that would help it get better mileage?

When was last healthy tune up? Plugs, wires, ALL fluids & filters? I'd start there, then check tire pressures to make sure they're up. ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

I have a toyota camry 2003 model. I'd like to adjust the handbrake as it pulls up far to many clicks. I believe there is a adjustment screw at the bottom of the brake handle, is this correct? If not can you please aadvise of how to adjust. Many thanks Greg

Hello Greg\015\012There is an adjustment at the base of the brake lever,you'll need to remove the top console panel and the air duct to get to it. But before you do, make sure the brakes are properly adjusted.\015\012More often than not a ... 2003 Toyota Camry

Headlight adjustment The whole headlight is not seated properly as well as the beams not being adjusted correctly. So, how do I take out the headlight and "re-seat". Tried the adjusting screw for the beams, but this did nothing. Any help would be appreciated. thank you.

I had this problem. The plastic grommet that the headlight fit into was cracked. I got a headlight assembly from CertiFit (cheaper than dealer.) Or try a junkyard. ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Transmission Problem Transmission is not shifting correctly. I replaced the 3-4 shift sylenoid and the torque converter lock up sylenoid. On the drivers side of the transmission are two, what appears to be band adjustments. Can you confirm or tell me what they might be? And can you tell me the adjustment specs sense I moved them both and made it run worse. Seems like these adjustments affect the engine running smoothness also. HELP. Thanks, Dave

Band adjustment goes like this, Break the jamb nut loose and back it off a couple of turns then torque the center stud to 10 ft pounds then back it off 2 turns and tighten the jamb nut.\015\012Jim ... 1994 Ford Explorer Limited

Handbrake adjustment Approximately every 6 months my 1995 honda civic requires it handbrake to be adjusted. Historically I have managed to tighten and improve the tension by adjusting at the console. Is this the correct method or am I just delaying the need to have the situation reviewed down at the rear calipher end??

Look under car where cable from lever attaches to split plate to operate cables for each wheel. there is a spring loaded rod there that can be adjusted with 2 wrenches. one to hold the rod and the other to move adjustment nut assembly. chris ... 1995 Honda Civic

I have a d16y8 and i have a problem with poor gas mileage,bogging down throughout acceleration and slight jumping of rpm while driving.i have brand new spark plugs,and the wires were replaced under a year ago.i set the timing becuz the timing mark was off by over an inch beforeadjustment.when i adjusted the dist. alone,it brought it closer by almost a half inch,so was it safe to adjust it from the pulley itself for further adjustment??to top it all off,when in idle the exhaust smells real potent

... Honda Civic
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