Having problems with your 2005 Saturn Relay ?

My 05 saturn relay instrument panel is dead. I have no speed, rpm, or any lights on the dashboard. is this a fuse problem?

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Answers :

Instrument panel is dead
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My 05 saturn relay instrument panel is dead. I have no speed, rpm, or any lights on the dashboard. is this a fuse problem?

Instrument panel is dead ... 2005 Saturn Relay

Electrical problem ? instrument panel lights out 1998 Chevy Lumina 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic Dash lights wont come on while all other lights (warning lights) and guages on my instrument panel (fuel, speedometer,rpm & heat guages)are good, and all fuses were also no problems. My 1998 lumina' instrument panel lights was gone while other warning light were on. I removed the instrument cluster panel and found the 4 bulbs in the cluster those were ok but all were no lights. And other w

Hi, i hope to be able to help you, i just looked at the wiring diagram for your vehicle in alldata, there is only one gray wire that powers the instrument panel lights for your vehicle. it plugs into the cluster at the back in the harness. with the a ... Chevrolet Lumina

Instument Guages Speedometer works,problem is this fuel, temp,oil,and the rpm guages on the instument panel stopped working. the lights work within the instument panel except for one. Have any ideas where to start looking? checked all the fuses they all look good. Is that there a relay that runs those items instrument panel. Help..Need my fuel guage! LOL

Well the issue is youe enitre gauge cluster i do understand that your speedometer is working but it is a cable speedometer not electronic like everything else in the gauge cluster so first i would recomend checking the voltage getting to your gauge c ... 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 1994 nissan sentra 5 speed that won't start. When i put the key in the ignition to crank i get nothing, no clicking of the starter, no sound of the fuel pump priming itself or anything. I do have power to the lights, instrument panel and all flashers and turn signals work but no radio so far. I've checked the fuses all are fine in the engine bay and on the inside compartment. I think it might be a relay problem and would like to know if it is ''where are the right relays that i need to

I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you just bought this car with it not running and you have never owned a 5-speed, push the clutch in to start it. On most cars, the list and location of relays are on the inside of the fuse/relay cover. If it's ... 1994 Nissan Sentra 4-Door

Electrical Problems Started truck (very hot day). Instrument panel stopped working except RPM guage. ABS and Air bag lights came on. The A/C, Power windows/locks, radio, blinker lights, etc all stopped working but truck kept running. When I shut it down and tried to start later the truck didn;t start. Make a clicking noise like the battery was dead. Can't start to get over and run the tester at Auto parts store. Possibly a fuse or relay? Any ideas ???

A mechanic would start at the battery and test the circuits. If you have lights but no crank, could be a dirty connection at the battery or a dead cell in the battery. If that checks out ok, look at the fuseable links. ... Cars & Trucks

Instrumental panel, i believe this is the problem why my air bag light stays on, power windows, locks, seat belts does not work. the clock or radio does not as well. Also my alarm is not working. I noticed that my rpm is not working properly as well.. i just recently replaced my battery, alternator, and a connector for my positive battery cable....i also just replaced my fuses and tail lights and brake lights...

... 1993 Nissan Maxima

2000 caravan lost instrument panel and now stuck in first gear, When problem first started I could hold key all the way forward to get panel to work. Just to check gas speed. This could be done while in park or while driving. But only if radio is on. I can also get everything to work if I start van with remote starter. But radio must be on. Things I have tried (new ignition switch, fuse and relay panel beside battery, tested wiring, scanner could not properly read codes

This is the speed sensors on the transmission. I just went through the exact same thing with my van. They are fairly easy to replace and run about $15 a piece. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

The switch at my instrument panel is not kicking the blower on for my 96 Cherokee Country. could this just be a problem at the switch or something deeper in? The light for the switch does not come on either. was thinking since the light didn't come on it was definitely a fuse, it was not, but haven't had time to dive into the dash since it just happened at the end of this weekend. The blower does not come on regardless of whether it's on a/c or heat also regardless of speed setting.

This sounds like the heater motor rheostat, its located right by the heater blower motor normally just under the dash on the left hand side of the vehicle by the footwell, the wire also have a habit of terminals overheating and melting, normally eit ... Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1990 Ford Bronco 5.8L 351 and replaced the ignition control module. It started and ran for a few minutes and then shut down. I tried to restart, but was unsucessful. I had power to the fuel pump, had radio, lights, P/W, P/L all working. I replaced all relays (EEC, Fuel Pump, etc.) Now I get no power to the fuel pump, blower motor at startup. No radio, P/W or instrument panel lights either. Cannot find the fusible links to see if that's the problem. All fuses checked and ok.

Check near the battery, the ground wire may have come loose or is not making good contact ... 1990 Ford Bronco

97 Breeze electrical issue. Battery is fully charged, but won't start. Starter is silent, no relay clicks or other sounds. Instrument panel lights up. Windows and locks all work. I thought the problem was ign switch, but replacing it didn't help. All fuses and relays relating to starting system checked ok. Ideas?

Percyhey, The first idea is to check the starter itself. You will need a test light for this procedure. Jack up the car and put jackstands under the frame to support it. PLEASE DO NOT go under the car with out them. Ramps would be easier and saf ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

I have a 2005 Chevy equinox with 73000 miles. My dashboard glow light (speedometer, rpm gage, ect.) suddenly went out, as did both my tail lights (break lights still work) However, when i step on the break, the dashboard glow will light up. ONLY WHEN THE BREAK IS PRESSED. Also, i cant find a "tail light" fuse on either of the fuse panels, to check and see if i just have a blown fuse. Which fuse is for the tail lights? If it is not a fuse, what the heck is going on here?

Hello Anugal kenThe park lamp fuse is in the left side instrument panel fuse box marked as "PARK". There is a relay that is activated by the body control module to turn them on.I suspect that you have a bad bulb in one of the ... Chevrolet Equinox

No parking lights and no instrument panel back light. Fuses ok and TNS relay is working (you can hear it actuate when you turn on the parking lights from the switch on the steering column. 2002 Kia Rio. Have removed all the panels back to the LR parking light and found a few fusible links, all intact. Continuity test on the combination switch (steering column) tests OK. Looks like a voltage leak between the fuse box (under the hood, the one with the relays in it) and the LR lamp. A tone generato

The rio has a light control module in the left kickpanel which allows all the parking lights to work. if you remove the module and take it apart, you will notice that the soldering joints are cracked. simply resolder the connetions or just replace ... Kia Rio

May I have fuse panel layout with number descriptions for all items there...my car is Ford F150 Harley Davidson 4WD A/T 2010 with VIN-No :1FTFW1EV9AFAFA12231..fuse panel in the front of engine room and inside the car ..so it make me easier to find the fuse or relay for fix it the problems when something trouble in this car..Now I have problem with Air Bag Warning Light is ON while engine still running.Would you please to help me to make the lights OFF ?? Thanks a lot..

... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I own a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. One afternoon while driving, I noticed that the Airbag light came on & stayed lit on my dashboard panel. A couple days later, the dashboard panel lights all went out. Then I began having problems with my driver's side tail light. Not the brake light or the directional light. The same thing with the front driver's side parking light. The headlamp & directional light work. We tried to troubleshoot the situation. I went to Advance Auto & purchased new fuses - 1

Hi, you have a short somewhere along the pink wire from the fuse. It goes to all the lights you're having trouble with. The most common place for a short is in the bulb socket. Did you look carefully at the sockets when you changed the bulbs? Als ... Hyundai Elantra

97 Honda Accord. Dash & taillights blow fuses. I have eliminated the rear part of the car, completely removed stereo, entire shift console,instrument panel, heater controls, all bulbs, replaced dimmer switch, and headlight switch. I have removed every relay in the entire car, I even clipped off the wiring to the front corner marker lights in case they were shorting inside the connectors. I am basically down to a problem with the harness itself. I have heard of a possibility that a bad ground cou

Bad grounds cause weak dim lights and intermittent operation a positive circuit shorting to a metal ground causes shorts and blown fuses burnt connections. You need a wiring diagram for the circuit and need to trace the wires and look for a short. Or ... 1997 Honda Accord

MB C220cdi W203 no instruments rpm is out, fuel level is out, speed is out, no light are working in dashboard and computer is out. Everything is black. no sound when i use turnsignals.. what can be the problem?

I will add a thing, since the -2004 models were bad made , with a Lott of problems, that very often the lcd backlight will die(partially) and off course they rust fast , seats are cheap made, so after 100.000 km they've lost their stiffness and off c ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I fixed problem with multi function switch. next day fuse for instrument panel blew. i changed fuse then it blew again next day. now when i have new fuse in lights still dont work on instrument panel and fuse isnt blowing or bad....need help now

Hi and welcome to FixYa!\015\012\015\012As a first course of action I strongly suggest that you check the PCM (powertrain control module). The PCM has connectivity on all electrical current that runs inside the car including the engine, t ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2003 Silverado has a problem with the trailer lights. The stop lights and the hazard warning lights work fine, but the running lights and turn signals do not work. There is no current at the trailer electrical connector. I looked in my owners manual and found the "Center Instrument Panel Fuse Block" that contains a "Trailer 6-Way". But, I can see the center instrument panel utility block but I can't seem to figure out how to access the Trailer 6-Way to check it out. Can I get some quidan

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Red airbag light is on at instrument panel and orange "passenger airbag off " light stays on, even when passenger is seated in passenger seat. Also, the seatbelt warning chime doesn't sound when a passenger doesn't buckle. This first happened after I removed the accessory relay, thinking that was the problem, when the car wouldn't start and all the interior lights and gauges would not work. That problem turned out to be a dead battery, and I put the original relay back in place and everything wo

... 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Minivan

My instrument panel, turn signals,tail lights do not work. I've replaced a 15A fuse in fuse box in dash board and a 10A fuse in the fuse box under hood on driver's side. Also checked rear tail light bulbs-all fine. Still no lights. Suggestions? If another fuse or relay or whatever? Where do I locate it?

... Nissan Sentra

The instrument panel lights on my 2000 Nissan Quest have gone out. The light on the right side of the panel has been out for some time, but now the other light has gone as well. Can't see speedometer at night, so big problem. I'd like to try the simplest solution first. Would it be check fuse, then light behind panel?

You probably need to replace the bulbs in it if the one side went out first. there are probably 2 screws above the inside of the cluster that hold it in. remove the 2 screws and it should come right out. then there are tiny bulbs behind the cluster t ... 2000 Nissan Quest

The instrument panel lights on my 2000 Nissan Quest have gone out. The light on the right side of the panel has been out for some time, but now the other light has gone as well. Can't see speedometer at night, so big problem. I'd like to try the simplest solution first. Would it be check fuse, then light behind panel?

You need to buy two light bulbs from any parts store. I believe part number is 194 for the bulbs. Remove the instrument panel from the vehicle by popping the bezel loose and removing retaining screws. Once screws are out remove the instrument panel a ... 1995 Nissan Quest

I have a peugeot expert van 02 model 1.9 diesel fault is indicators stopped working and no hazard lights all lights flash when using central locking ive checked all fuses in interior and in engine area and all are fine i have no manual for this van so im in the dark as which fuse it is or if its a relay and where is its location can you assist please. Hi, I have the same problem on my 03 plate Expert, I have changed the flasher relay unit behind the dashboard by the steering columb but sti

Check to see if you have power at the hazard light switch, it could just be unplugged, if u can get another good switch swap them over, i know its a power prob to that haz switch. ... 1987 Peugeot Liberte

1996 Chrysler Town & Country LXI: Instrument panel lights not working, headlight switch assembly with dimmer is OK, no power to 10 amp fuse in fuse panel under dash on drivers side. Any idea where the power comes from to power that 10 ampere fuse? Is there a power relay in front of that fuse between the battery and that fuse?

... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

How do you fix a fuel pump on 2000 Pontiac Sunfire? Well, I think that is what the problem is...the car turns over but won't start. (battery is new and the starter is fine) It seems like it's not getting fuel...would the fuel pump be the problem? I've checked all the fuses...the 15 amp fuse on the instrument fuse panel labeled FUEL PUMP is fine. There is one more rectangular relay or fuse? (not sure what it's called) in the engine compartment fuse block, labeled FUEL PUMP but I don't know how to

Yes - that relay could cause your problem. Remove relay and replace with a like numbered relay from the relay box if you have one - if not, buy replacement relay and test. If that doesn't work then the fuel pump is in the gas tank and you'll have to ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire
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