Having problems with your 2005 Porsche 911 ?

I need to change the oil in my 2005 997 - 2005 Porsche 911

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Allen key sump plug in middle of flat sump pan to drain the oil, and a filter removal tool to remove the plastic oil filter housing positioned just forward of the sump. Refill with 8 litres of oil via the filler tube, run till hot then leave for 2 mins before checking level via the instrument cluster
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Go to aamco transmissions web site, they have a coupon for a free transmission check, the coupon expires on MAR 9th so you will have to get it in soon. Good luckCheck you transmission fluid, it should be bright red. ... 1997 Ford Escort

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2000 Crown Vic Police, 107,000 miles, sputters on rainy days and does not improve after driving/warming up. Wants to stall out at lights, but slipping it into neutral helps. I have replaced the Rt. side cat converter (it was bad anyway), did an oil change (also, badly needed), replaced 1 and 2 coil packs, replaced 1,2,3 & 4 spark plugs, replaced PCV valve. The gas milage has shown ~some~ improvement, but the spitting and sputtering, (especially on rainy days), is driving me crazy... also, I noti

There are cheap fixes for a leaky seal, but they're not worth the price because they are chemicals designed to soften rubber and they cannot differentiate between rubber that should be softened and rubber that shouldn't. as far as your sputtering goe ... Cars & Trucks

Hi, hope you can help me on this, I got a 1967 mustang, I recently change the fmx tranny for a c4, but I remove the c4 from a mustang II with the small bellhousing (141 tooth), now the problem I have its that the starter hits the oil pan, so I need a smaller starter. I got a mini starter, second hand, from a friend, but It didnt work. So my options are: 1- Get a mini starter that works (If you know anyone, will appreciate the info) 2- Modifying the oil pan 3- Changing the bellhousing, but will h


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Main seal Hi all, I am new here, I need to know where the main seal is on my Malibu, the oil light kept coming on at 500 RPM, when I hit the gas at 1000 RPM the light goes out, check the oil level 20 minutes after car is parked let the oil settle, got an oil change, they reported that the main seal had a severe leak. 1. will main seal additive help with a temporary "fix?" 2. how difficult is the replacement of the seal 3. where in the engine is this seal Thank You, Patricia **97 malibu 2.4liter

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Hi friends, I just got a 2002 Montero with 78,000 miles on the clock. It runs good but has these two problems for which I need solutions. 1. it does not start at the first kick, you have to kick three times and hold the third kick for about 3 seconds before it starts. Please know that I have replaced the spark plugs, changed oil,serviced and calibrated the nozzles , changed the crank A sensor, and tested another cold start sensor . All without luck. 2. the gear change comes with a sudden kick an

Ignition control module ... 2002 Mitsubishi Montero

My oil is black and smells like gas. i want to change my oil because it scares me but i dont know what type of oil to use for my truck.it is a 1987 xlt ford ranger truck with a 2.9 l.engine from a 1988 ford ranger with a rebult tran. i need to put atleast 1 qt. of trans.fluid into evry 2 weeks. i have a water leek from the pressure plate behind the trans. im allways putting water in it. i had to pull the thurmastat out. and my engine is still overheating. truck idole is way off it go high and lo

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My oil is black and smells like gas. i want to change my oil because it scares me but i dont know what type of oil to use for my truck.it is a 1987 xlt ford ranger truck with a 2.9 l.engine from a 1988 ford ranger with a rebult tran. i need to put atleast 1 qt. of trans.fluid into evry 2 weeks. i have a water leek from the pressure plate behind the trans. im allways putting water in it. i had to pull the thurmastat out. and my engine is still overheating. truck idole is way off it go high and lo

A lot of stuff to fix here\015\012oil: with the truck running hot, I would use a heavy oil, like 10-40\015\012trans: where is the leak? If pan, tighten bolts. seals are much harder repair\015\012water leak: possibly a freeze pl ... 1987 Ford Ranger

I have a toyota vitz 2004 model 1000cc, my car has a problem which occured 1 month past, when the car is cold, not used for 4-5 hours, after atrting the car requires minimum 2 minutes on 2.0 rpm to get heated up otherwise it shuts down, the local mechanic says its tappets are tight and they need to be relaxed... help please, oil, oil filter, spark plugs all are changed but the same problem is there...

... 2007 Toyota Yaris

Maintenace 1 my TCS light comes on often. i dont know what that means. 2. manetenance required is permanetly on, i have checked almost evrything i need to change, oil, coolant, gear oil etc 3. my SRS light is also always on. 4 there is a light also beside the maintenance required that also comes on.

Tcs=Traction control system\015\012srs=Safety restraint system\015\012\015\012check fuses, pull codes off of computer. take to dealer ... 2005 Honda Odyssey

Cooling problem my bmw 07 335i coupe was consuming alot of coolant water like 1 litter per day i checked the issue, it was a radiator problem... helpfully, i changed it and i left it for sometimes. AFTER 2 weeks i re-checked the coolant, it needed like 0.4 litters and i checked the engine oil if its '' milky '' to check if its from the gasket, the oil looks perfect, and there's no white smoke, is there any clue why my car is consuming alot of water in the coolant? maybe because im driving it too

Level of engine output is not related to water consumption at all, you are not doing anything wrong. It's too soon after the leaking radiator to assume that the engine is consuming water. .4 liter is not much to add at all. Some engines hide air p ... 2007 BMW 335i Coupe

Check gages light turns on and doesn't go off. Already had the oil changed, the oil pressure needle keeps marking 0. It had the same problem once but I changed the oil and kept working fine; then about 2 months after that oil change the oil pressure needle started to drop again, so I changed the oil once again, kept working ok, and since that oil change it only has been less than a month, and the oil pressure needle dropped to 0, and the check gages light is on

At this point I would strongly suggest that you have your mechanic hook a mechanical oil pressure guage to the engine and make absolutlely sure that the pressure is up to manufacturers standards. It may simply be a failing oil pressure sending unit, ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. I observe that within every 3 months, i need to change each side shocks absorber at the back? Do I need to change the 2 at once to avoid changing them over and over again? 2. My slow run is always very high, at times above 1 on the meter on the dash bord. But it will go down below once i put on the air condition. The problem reduces when I remove the plug to the slow run sensor. What could be the problem? 3. My check engine light is on, could it be as a result of the problem 2 discusse

It is alwas best to replace shocks/struts as a set per the axle. it seems that you have a high idle problem. the check engine light is probably related but what do you mean when you say that you "unplug the slow run sensor" that will turn the light o ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Maintenance costs What are some of the average maintenance costs? SERIOUS QUESTION HERE! I'm looking to buy this car and maybe a mechanic or salesman can give me some advice? SPECIFIC QUESTIONS 1) What's an oil change run on this car? 2) Tires? I've heard they need replaced (at least the rear) about every 10k miles. 3) Brakes? Cost and life expectancy? 4) General reliability? Can I depend on this car as a daily driver? FYI - I live in Atlanta and there is a Maserati dealer not far from where I

Oil change will cost about $200, tires? depends how and how much you drive and quality you buy. Guess you could spend $200 each. Brakes depend how much you drive but a quality brake job will cost about $1,000. As far as daily driver?well this car is ... 2005 Maserati Quattroporte

2001 Dodge Intrepid SE, great condition, new water pump, timing chain, transmission lines, cam sensors, thermostat, head gaskets, raditor, 0 miles on oil change, Eagle R tires, DOESN'T RUN - NEEDS TIMING CHAIN and BATTERY whould i bye it for 1,400

After the repairs needed and the associated cost you will be above value for the vehicle, if you havent heard it run and know it needs a timing chain you run the risk of buying a car with twisted valves. resulting in the need of an engine ... Dodge Intrepid

Was drving my 2000 dodge caravan and the car stopped working while on the expressway. The RPM went from 2 to 1 and then finally 0 and the car wouldnt accelerate. The check engine light came on but changed the oil not to long ago; less than a month. When I tried to star the car everything works electronically and have a full tank of gas. The engine doesnt start.

Did you find that your engine overheated? What was the approximate ambient temperature? Has this occurred before? Periodically? These are just some of the questions I would need answered to better assess the cause of your problem. Nonetheless, what ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Hi. Just got my F150 back from the shop. They replaced the coil and voila! Everything's great. So here's my question-after all the testing and being without my truck for 1 week and spending $700 (also had oil change and radiator flush) and $200 for a rental; I asked them to do the running compression test again to see if it was still showing a weak 3rd cylinder. The tech said it was still showing the 3rd cylinder at 25 lower than cylinder #2. Then he told me that there was no need to spend

I would follow the mechanics advice and drive it. It would have been to his advantage to tell you to have the valves done or rings replaced and 25 is not a huge difference. He could have easily recommended an expensive repair so I tend to believe he ... Ford F-150

At 28,066 dealer oil change. At 28,778 dealer flushed engine to remove sludge build up and changed oil. At 30,835 miles inspection, dealer flushed engine to clean out sludge and changed oil. At 34,630 miles sludge clogged PCV valvue. Oil level dropped by 1 to 2 quarts. Oil light flickered. I changed oil. Will this happen again. Oil changed at 3 to 6 thousand miles since new.

First dealer was NOT doing you any justice. Next oil change run a can of GUNK engine flush let idle 5-10 mins then change Oil & Filter and use a good oil like Castrol or Valvoline 10w-30. You won't have "supposed" sludge build up. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 96 F-350 with a 7.3 diesel skipping on number 1 and 2. It passes injector buzz test. It fails cyl. cont. test on 1 and 2. It has new valve cover gaskets, and i have flipped injectors around. It has a new IDM controler in it as well. The truck didn't run when it got here and after changing the oil it was skipping on 1,2,3,4 but it ran. I replaced 2 injectors and that seemed to take care of 2 cyl. however regardless of new or used injectors in cyl. 1 or 2 they still skip. Engine has equal

... 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab

I have a VW passat 2.0 petrol which gave a warning sign 'stop check coolant level and then got overheated. 1 day befor, I noticed some oil under the engine. I took it to a garage and was told that the head gasket needs changing. Paid £600 for it but after about 100 miles the problem recurred. Now mechanic says the oil coolant block needs changing as likely leaking. I am not sure if it will still sort the problem. Any suggestions

Hello There\015\012\015\012It's the water pump. One of the most common problems with the VW/Audi's. It was never the head.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps. Please don't forget to rate me.\015\012\015\012Thanks ... Volkswagen Passat

I just had my oil changed on my 2008 jeep commander July 2, 2009. And 1 month before that? My change oil light came on again 2 days ago? Why does it come on so frequently?

It is not being reset properly. ... 2008 Jeep Commander

I'm in need of changing the 2 barrel carburetor on my 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1. I understand that if i want to go to a 4 barrel carburetor I will need to change the intake (duh) and the heads. Is this correct? If I stay with the 2 barrel what brand and size should I get for the 351C?

To change to a 4 bbl u wil need to change the intake manifold, as for the heads only if u are going to preformance. Changing diffeent 2 bbls will not be of any advantage to you. ... Ford Mustang

My 2000 toyota corolla has been losing at least 2 quarts of oil betweem my 3000 mile oil change most times I am down 1-2qrts between oil changes & I have to put oil in .I have had the entire oil pan replaced as well as using different oil brands & weights. Have you heard of this problem in other models?

You need to determine where the oil is being lost. Open the hood and look for traces of oil. Place a clean piece of cardboard under the car and idle the engine - at the rate you are losing oil, you should see where the oil is dripping onto the cardbo ... 2000 Toyota Corolla
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