Having problems with your 2005 Pontiac G6 ?

My wipers on my 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP suddenly stopped working while driving. The motor is working cause you can hear it. Possible broken bracket? Any ideas what to look for?

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My wipers on my 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP suddenly stopped working while driving. The motor is working cause you can hear it. Possible broken bracket? Any ideas what to look for?

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2000 Mitsubishi Spyder Interior Fan Only works on 3rd position. Fan Only works on 3rd position. Changed Fan speed control (Twice), resistor , fan ,and relays, But no change. Just one speed on 3rd position. Also looked for broken or grounded wires. Anybody out there got any ideas ? ? Also noted that the AC shuts off on 1,2 and 4 positions. It only runs on the 3rd position on the fan speed control. is it possible that the new resistor is bad out of the box? I hate throwing good money after bad.

Maybe you got a wrong blower resistor pack. You should recheck and replace it if necessary. Here is an example that may help you to understand the role of the resitor pack.\012\012 ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

I have a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire that I have been working on for a while, the low beams and high beams all work fine, now that I have rewired much of the front wiring harness, but the daytime running lights dont work and didnt work before I started. The issue has to be somewhere else then the front wiring harness. Any ideas? I hear there is not DRL module in the car, I am going to look at switching the headlight steering column switch but if that doesnt work I am out of ideas.

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I have a 1993 Volve 850 GLT with 200K. I had the timing belt replaced at 170K and it looks clean and tight. When the car starts I can hear a clicking noise from around the timing belt area. I'm not a car guy but there is a piece that is shaking back and forth which appear to be making this sound. Also the A/C is not working all the time which also kinda directs me to this same area. A guy at work mentioned a tension adjustment or something may need to be replaced? Any idea? Also looking o

Try charging the A/C. There is only one place to attach the hose in that area. If it takes the charge, that clicking will go away. Just did mine last month. ... 1997 Volvo 850

I have a '95 Montero LS, and the speedometer recently stopped working (it works on & off intermittantly now, mostly off...). When it's not working, it won't shift into overdrive at highway speeds (it's an automatic), and often stalls out when I stop as it seems like it has trouble shifting into 1st. I had 2 mechs looks at it, but they can't find any broken parts. Any ideas?

Have him check your trans lock up solenoid. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

Radio works but does not light up? Have a jeep grand cherokee 2002. It works and you hear sound but does not light up the display. Checked fuses and look good. So... any idea. Thanks.

Hello! Check Radio Connector C1 Pin#3 Orange wire for +12volts with key on...Tell me what you read...Guru..............Saailer ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi I have a 2001 Saab Viggen convertable, The top just started to fail, I can release it from the windshield, the top raises the back of it comes up and the lid opens then as it is going back I hear a wierd noise and I get an error. I spoke to a mechanic how said, without looking at the car, that it is the bracket that holds the rod from the motor. That Saab has an updated bracket. Can this be possible? He said $1200.00 to fix it if I can even get the parts... says 90% of the time it i

... 2001 Saab 9-3

The audio on OE Bose radio stopped abruptly even though it still looks like it works with all the lights lit and moving for channels and volume up and down (cd was already not working). Took to dealer who diagnosed and tried to 'reprogram' for $70 (is this a legit charge?) and said radio was broken and about $360 more for rebuilt one from dealer with installation. Agreed to this. Once they put it in they said the amp was also gone for another $450 installed. Told us it was not possible to kn

... Chevrolet Avalanche

My daughter's Grand Am SE blower won't work. Had it so called repaired once, but it won't work now and it's cold in the car for her. Any idea where to look for the possible trouble? Much appreciate any help merlin

Check resistor pack in heater duct and or switch in dash. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Window washer hi, i have a audi a8L. when I try to wash the frontwindow, the wipers move, but no water comes; I hear no pump working. checked the fuses, nothing broken. any idea where the relay is situated exactly, so i can measure from there. Or any better ideas?

Well its most likely just your washer pump is broken and it should be located behind the rear fender lining by the front bumper on driver side ... 2002 Audi A8

Our 2007 Toyota Avalon - the dash vent controls - the nurled disk that you turn left or right to adjust the directional (hidden) vanes for air dispertion. They both (passenger and driver side) have stopped working. We adjust the (vanes) direction (carefully) with a small tool. There was no indication of broken plastic or the like - they just stopped working and i'd like to know what to possible look for - to fix them. Regards Bill

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I have a '02 honda accord that has a right rear clunking noise. I recently had a wheel bearing replaced and the dealership said the clunking could be the rear sway bar links. The rear struts are both good and i don't see anything broken or loose underneath. I only really hear the noise when i am going slow, say under 35 mph, and i go over a pothole or small bumps. Any idea what it is or what i could look for to be broken? Thanks for your time, Jeff.

That sounds like a stabilizer link or an upper ball joint. ... 2004 Honda Accord

The bottons for my rear end window and tail gate stopped working. When I shut the gate I heard a clank and now I cannot get the bottom or the top window to open. I cannot get the panel off to look at it either. Any ideas? I think the rods that unlock the door must have came loose. The dash release button has not worked for sometime but I could still push the button on the back end or even use a key but now I cannot do that. When I push the button now, all I hear is a short bzzz

I experienced this problem on my 1999 Blazer, what a headache. As described above, there is a little rectangular hole behind the carpet. However, once you get in this hole, it still solves nothing because the acutator arm is broke. There is another m ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

2002 Buick Century - AC does not work in Max setting. Works fine in Blend setting, compressor comes on and runs cold. But in standard AC mode, on Max setting with AC button on, does not sound like compresor is coming on and not getting cold. Could this be a fuse? Or ideas? I do occassionally (maybe once or twice a month) hear a clicking noise under the hood after I turn off the engine and exit the car, which sounds like a possible fan going bad, and also get some occassional rattling sound fr

... 2002 Buick Century

Rear window bracket broke and now the window will not function. How do I fix this? You can hear the motor trying to work, but there is a plastic bracket inside that holds the window that is broken. I had a mechanic fix the other window a couple of years ago and it was very expensive. Just wondering if this is a job I can handle on my own.

There not that hard to fix the hardest part is getting the door panel off the rest is easy if yo buy the window regulator you will see how simple it is and iam not being cocky they take about an hour to change the price hike up is on the part the ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

My 2005 GXP bonneville automatic level control/rear end is stuck in the air. It won't level down. I can hear it working to try level but, nothing happens. I checked my fuses in rear seat but notnot.under hood. ...any ideas as to what is causing this? And how to fix it? It looks VERY jacked up. I love this car and have never had problems and I am stumped. Thank you kindly!

... Cars & Trucks

I have no low beam headlights. The high beams work. The fuse for the low beams is good. Visually it is not blown and it checks for continuity with a volt-ohm meter. When I turn on the switch, I can hear what sounds like a relay or something make a noise. With the headlight switch on and the dimmer switch on the low beams, I have jiggled the wires near the headlights to see if perhaps there is a loose connection or broken wire. But nothing. Any ideas how to proceed. Thanks for your help!

... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

Where is the throttle plate located as I hear it needs to be cleaned else it will cause problems. The engine currently will not idle unless the throttle is advanced some after the battery was replaced. I understand the computer has adapted to a dirty throttle plate but now has to either relearn the position or I have to clean the throttle plate. Having not worked on engines for decades I have no idea what I'm looking for. Thanks, Mark

The throttle plate is where the accelerator cable hooks to,but the throttle plate is actually on the inside of the throttle body,remove the intake hose,or duct and you can see the throttle plate,it will open when the throttle is moved,it is a plate t ... Chrysler Sebring

Hi i have a 2000 alero and the rear defroster and radio antenna do not work. i checked the fuse and it looks good. when i push the defroster button it lites up. i do receive fm, but very weak am. is it possible the antenna wire is broken or cut? thanks phil

... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I can hear the fuel pump turn on and the engine tries to turn over but it won't start. The truck was given to father-in-law, after not being driven in 6 plus months. The previous owner states they had the fuel pump replaced. Though upon inspection it doesn't look like a new unit. A mechanic told us it was the fuel, having gelled, but that was not the case once I got it apart. Do you have any ideas? I am just a shade tree mechanic, I have never worked on one of these. I do have a manual I am usin

Well you got a check if the fuel gets to the fuel rail even if the fuel Pump works . and see if there is any pressure. and also check for spark or retarded timing belt. Good luck ... 1996 Isuzu Hombre

Headlights I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. It was in an accident and both headlights work but they are not bolted to the car, because whatever hold it to the car looks like its broken. I was just wondering what that part is called. "The part that holds the lights to the car" I have been told by friends that they are called "Buckets"?? Or "Brackets"?? And usually how much do those cost? Thanks

Autopartswarehouse.com will probably have this part.If not check out ebay, people part out their cars all the time. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Break lights do not work. all my other lights work and hazards work. replaced the break switch under the break pedal and no joy. all my fuses look good and I have not idea where I should look next. Just verified again, running lights, hazards, lic plate light, head lights, turn sigs all working fine just no break lights. should I have power over my break switch? I checked for power over all the terminals on the harness and get nothing. I tried to inject 12v into the harness and the break light d

Yes, you should have power at the brake switch. If the fuse is OK. you have a bad connection or broken wire ... 1987 Dodge D150

Heater and air condition control on dash didn't like up and neither one will work, went and got a used one that worked because it was still in the parts truck. unit still will not work or light up but you hear a clicking noise, contacts look a little corroded because the truck had been sitting, if we clean the contacts and that don't work, what should we look for next?

Next, you'll want to check that you're getting power to the harness that plugs into the heater/AC control. Find yourself a test light, connect one side of it to the chassis of the truck on a clean/bare spot, and test the red wire in the c ... Chevrolet K2500

Instument Guages Speedometer works,problem is this fuel, temp,oil,and the rpm guages on the instument panel stopped working. the lights work within the instument panel except for one. Have any ideas where to start looking? checked all the fuses they all look good. Is that there a relay that runs those items instrument panel. Help..Need my fuel guage! LOL

Well the issue is youe enitre gauge cluster i do understand that your speedometer is working but it is a cable speedometer not electronic like everything else in the gauge cluster so first i would recomend checking the voltage getting to your gauge c ... 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Ok here goes , last weekend on the way to work i hit the ditch. Entry speed not known but it was not fast(ie 40 or 50 mph) . The snow was hard packed but it took very little to pull me out .So i continue to go to work (2hrs) ,but i notice a shimmy in the front end , i take a quick look and all looks fine , snow in the tires ithink .About 12 way to work it quits & i think all's good , not. The car has electronic suspension & one of the sturts had broken out of the top bearing in the shock tower

There are 2 things you want to take a look at and that would be if you bent the tie rod arm and whether or not you bent the control arm a little bit.Also check to see if the strut is bent.Usually at that speed and the impact you could ha ... 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva
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