Having problems with your 2005 Nissan Sentra ?

I have a problem with a flashing airbag warning light on my dashboard

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Answers :

Go to dealer to have checked out count the flashes they are usually a code
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My saturn L300 dashboard lights keep flicking on and off. And all of the sensor warning lights come on and off. (airbag light, lock/unlock light/ check engine light/ change oil light) Kind of like there is a short of some sort.  It also triggers the a/c off.  And my day lights also flicker in sync with the dashboard lights.  This also triggered my reverse to not engage.  So now my car wont move. No other problems, the car drives perfect.  Is it a fuse that is triggering these problems?

Your Body Control Module is at fault. It is a computer that controls everything that is not the engine.Help and a wealth of knowledge are at:http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/ ... Saturn L300

I have a problem with a flashing airbag warning light on my dashboard

Go to dealer to have checked out count the flashes they are usually a code ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

2006 jeep grand cherokee has no electical power at all. unlocked the car, got in turned the key, the dashboard lights flashed an then everything went dead. Won't start, no lights, not a sound!!!! And 2 days ago my airbag lights would flash a couple of times and then it quit. What kind of electrical problem is this and how much am i looking at in repairs?

I'd begin by getting a volt meter and checking actual battery voltage, then clean the terminals and inside of cable ends. Use the meter to check power in main fuses in power distribution center as well. If that does not help,check power into and out ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler

Airbag warning lights flashing on dashboard of mazda premacy 52 reg can I reset to clear these lights myself?

There are a quite a few problems associated with the airbag light flashing. The light will flash in long and short frequencies, this is a diagnostic code, e.g. two long flashes followed by six short flashes equals code 26, which is clockspring. Othe ... 2002 Mazda MPV

1998 renault megane ignition problems. My wifes Renault megane scenic 1998 has has nothing but problems since we bought it. The most recent being as follows. I was driving the car and stalled it. from then on the car would not start. key in ignition lights the dashboard which flickers at first, then settles. headlights dim upon attempting to start. engine does not turn over. jump starting the car with jump leads gets it running. once running the car has a flashing 'heart monitor' style warning l

It sounds like one of three things are happening\015\0121.your battery has adead cell in it and does not have enough cracking amps\015\012\015\0122. your alternater isn't charging your battery enough\015\012\015\0123. yo ... 2000 Renault 181

Electrical problem I've been having electrical issues with my truck. Every couple days, I'll be driving the interior and exterior lights will flicker, the environmental controls will go haywire (start and stop blowing repeatedly), I'll get odd warnings flash on and off (service brakes, service airbags, etc.) The truck still seems to perform well, though. I'll stop and turn the key off, and immediatly lose all power: no auto locks, lights, no starting, nothing. It will get power back about a day

Possible bad Body Control Module (BCM)... ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I recently bought a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT; I have two problems with the car: 1- When I turn the lights, the clock dims, and It starts flashing. Also the clock is slow, losing about an hour every day. Is there a problem with the clock, or might be the wires? 2- The other problem I have is with the dashboard lights. Every time I use the direction lights, o make a turn, the dashboard lights goes off (the exterior lights remain on), I move the lights lever and the lights go on again. I think is a

As far as the clock, not sure, but the dash lights problem sounds like the blinker switch, ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

Flashing dashboard airbag light in 2003 Toyota Avalon

Try wiggling wires under the front seats ,if that dont work then take the builb out ... 2003 Toyota Avalon

Green key symbol warning light on dashboard of 2002 honda crv and it flashes till i unlock and takeout the key and start again. what does it mean, is there any problem with battery or something else

... 2004 Honda Accord

I am experiencing an intermittent no start problem (no starter, radio doesn't work with key in the on position, doors locks get accuated) with a 2003 Jetta TDI. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it the car will start without problem except the brake warning light and some others flash and the warning beeper sounds. The flashing lights and beeping sometimes also happens when I open the windows when the car is running. The car runs fine.

First check your parking brake is fully released. If the parking brake lever is slighty applied. It will give you the "BRAKE" or(!) warning light and the chime will sound.---- Get the brake system cleaned , might just be a wheel sensor. Mine ac ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I got a chevrolet optra 5 2006 model, 2.0L engine,auto transmission,when shifting from park to reverse the car shudder and warning flashes on dashboard,and engine light comes on,it happens when engine cold or rough roads driving after awhile the problem disappear for days and comes back,and thank you for help. Ibrahim

... Chevrolet Aveo 5

I have a 2000 ford windstar with the airbag warning light flashing a 3-4 code series....what would throw such a code and can I address the problem myself...outside the ford dealership

... 2000 Ford Windstar

1: im using nissan liberty, the problem is on that airbag warning light always flashing what does it mean ,how can that be fixed. 2: there are two types of fuel gauge displays and what does that one mean?

... Cars & Trucks

Replaced o2 sensor (front) Drove car for 1 mile , then engine cut out. Would not restart. Dashboard warning lights were flashing when cranking the engine. No injector pulse. disconnected battery for 2 minutes. Car restarted and drove well. Do not want this to happen again. Any clues to the problem

Hi R, As the vehicle started after replacing the oxygen sensor I don't believe the two problems are linked. Have your mechanic carry out a diagnostic scan and we'll go on from there. As a matter of interest, why did you replace the oxygen sensor? Reg ... 1998 Volvo S70

Volkswagon Passat 2005 - driving home from work and the handbrake warning light comes on followed by the annoying alarm. Turn slightly left it stops then the ASB warning light comes on followed by the ESP light, turn right handbrake warning light and alarm activates again "handbrake on", then battery light flashes on briefly message appears "alternator workshop", the ASB and ESP lights disappear, the airbag warning light comes on, have turned left so the handbrake warning light has gone off. I'

This sometimes is triggered by the MAF(Mass Air Flow Sensor), try cleaning it with the highest percent isoproply alcohal first, do not touch the sensor with anything use a big bag to soak it into, or just replace the sensor. ... 2005 Volkswagen Passat

Honda Accord 2002 warning lights keep coming on, several at same time, last year had new alternater fitted. Today had bulb in headlamp replaced and was telling guy about problems I was having. He noticed a fuse had blown to and put a new one in. Thought this may have been problem all along. However tonight when driving, all warning lights kept coming again. A driver flashed his lights at me at the same time as though indicating there was a problem. I pulled the car over and the headlamp was di

I think Honda is living on it's reputation from the '80's and early '90's. Very innovative back then, but now it's just another car with problems. You really need a professional to look at it. There may be a wiring problem in the wiring harness is ... Honda Cars & Trucks

2007 g5 gt coupe airbag light keeps flashing constantly. The airbags and the airbag module have all been changed and are new. This problem of the constantly flashing airbag light existed before the bags and module were changed but there are no codes showing on a scan tool.

I had this problem in my pontiac earlier this year. The first dealership tried to tell me that I had caused this by shoving things under my passenger seat (which was not the case). I went to a second dealership where they informed me that gm is awa ... 2007 Pontiac G5 Gt Coupe

Flashing airbag warning light

Ken,This is a common problem. I have a similar issue with my 92 Miata. I currently have a 10 code problem with my airbag. You can see the codes and what they mean at:http://www.miata.net/garage/airbag_blink.htmlHope that ... 1992 Mazda MX-5

Airbag Light Flashing in Mazda Astina 323 1994: Had a battery replaced by RAA Auto Service in SA who stuffed up the procedure and now the Airbag light is constantly flashing indicating an airbag system fault. Of course RAA don't know how and are trying to weasel out of fixing it. Mazda has no quick fix and needs to run test at my cost to diagnose the problem. Before I do that, does any one have any clues on what this issue could be? Thanks Lou

... Mazda 323

I have an 06 lincoln town car and an 07 I recently had the airbag clock spring replaced on the 07 and then had the 06 airbag light come on. On the 07 the light simply came on and stayed on without any beeping or flashing. I replaced the clock spring on the 06 but this did not solve the problem. It beeps once...possibly pauses then 4 times more, or five beeps continuous. The light flashes once then pauses then 8 more times

Hi. go here to solve your problem http://www.myairbags.com/?gclid=CKadtYuH5KICFYp95QodjXsjxA\015\012 ... 2006 Lincoln Town Car

Red airbag light is on at instrument panel and orange "passenger airbag off " light stays on, even when passenger is seated in passenger seat. Also, the seatbelt warning chime doesn't sound when a passenger doesn't buckle. This first happened after I removed the accessory relay, thinking that was the problem, when the car wouldn't start and all the interior lights and gauges would not work. That problem turned out to be a dead battery, and I put the original relay back in place and everything wo

... 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Minivan

Hi I own a 1996 VW Transporter 1.9td. The alternator has recently been replaced. The problem is that when it is started the battery light stays on and the oil warning light flashes. This does go away if the van is restarted or, when left to run, a click is heard then the lights stop flashing. Is this a relay problem? Thanks. Alex

Hi. I had this too after new alternator. It didn't like it. Had alternator tested and all ok. Auto electrician fitted an ordinary bulb in circuit using a feed from reversing light switch and tucked it away in battery box. It fools the system and work ... 1997 Volkswagen Eurovan

Peugeot 406 1.8 (1999) - Car shaped (slipping car) warning light on dashboard. what is it? and Oil pressure too low also comes seperately Warning light is in between Engine & Airbag warning lights. It keeps coming from last two days. But before I had Engine oil too low error . But when I accelerate it disappears. But the warning light (car) is still on) Please help

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 98 cavalier. The car starts and runs fine and does not stall. The problem is the theft light stays on red brake light and amber abs light stay on the airbag light is on and the lights flash on and off. I cleaned the battery ground but have same problem. What is my problem/

Think it may be an earth problem on the back of the dash on the printed circuit like the earth ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Ineed to find out the layout of fuses on 2009 skoda octavia. husband took fuses out to check them and did not replace properly. There is now airbag warning light showing on dashboard Help

... Volkswagen Passat
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