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2005 Nissan Maxima heat not working properly. The heat only seems to work when I'm on the interstate at a higher rate of speed. When I'm at a red light it blows cold air.

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2005 Nissan Maxima heat not working properly. The heat only seems to work when I'm on the interstate at a higher rate of speed. When I'm at a red light it blows cold air.

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No heat My Taurus blows cold air unless going at a higher rate of speed such as the Interstate, then it will blow warm air occasionally but never really warms up the car. If sitting at idle it never warms up at all. Temp gauge reads in the right area. Direction vents open to floor or defrost like its supposed to. Any help?

I had a sort of similar problem earlier this year in my 2000 Taurus. The solution for me was checking the levels in the radiator and filling that up to the right level. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Heater pumps out cold air until the RPMs are higher than 2000. (No the A/C is not on) On cold mornings I'll go out and start my '05 Spectra5 and crank the heat up. I come back to it 1/2 hour later and its still cold air. I'll jump in drive away and as soon as the RMPs are up around 2000 or higher, bingo I got heat. BUT as soon as I stop at a red light and the RPMs are down cold air agian.... Whats going on?

2008, take it in for warranty work.The reason its not working is that it uses vacuum to open the heater vent. At low idle there is not enough vacuum to open the vent, soyou get just cold air. Sounds like therer is a leak in the hose which ... 2008 Kia Spectra5

04 elantra (heater)will only blow heat while driving if i start it in the morning it will blow cold air only till i put in drive and go also if i stop at a red light or park(idoling)it will quit blowing hot air and blow cold

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Morning, I have a 2006 dodge stratus sedan. When I turn the heat on only cold air blows when the car is sitting at a red light. But when I drive hot air blows. Is my heating element going out?

Water-cooled engines supply heat for the passenger compartment by circulating hot coolant through a radiator-like heater core.\015\012The passenger compartment fan forces air through this heater core and into the passenger area.\015\012The flow of co ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

Two questions on my 1999 gmc suburban K1500: 1) The 4wd switch has no power (no lights lit) and will not switch. Its in 2WD now, but will not make any differential changes. Looking for troubleshooting suggestions? 2) The AC system blows really cold air for about an hour on interstate runs, but if you slow down for a few minutes it will start blowing hot air. If on interstate, I am guessing the heat keeps it from freezing up. I'm guessing its low on freon. Any other suggestions?

The 4x4 actuator system on many of those have problems including bad switched, harness connectors and the actuators themselves. If you google your vehicle and 4x4 actuator eliminator kit, you can find a company that makes a simple cable elimination k ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

It takes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes for the heat to start blowing out of the vents, depending on the temperature outside. If I'm parked with the car running, heat does not blow out of the vent at all. Even after having driven the car for half an hour or more. It blows cold air out the vents, when parked or stoped at red light once moving heat returns

You have a vacuum leak causing this. If the engines idle is sluggush at time the intake manifold is leaking. If no the leak has to be under the dash somewhee. If you can listen in a quiet area you may pin point the area ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

2002 Grand Prix - Gear indicator light (P N D etc) out, locked in park & blowing air but not cold. Removed lock for parking - come out of gear then locked again so removed brake switch. Now comes out of gear however car heats up and blows air but not cold air. When gear light comes on cold air blows and car does not heat up.

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My 2002 Jeep Liberty heater is having issues. My car will not heat up unless I am driving and when i stop at a red light even if it is blowing hot air immediatley starts to blow cold air. I need to get this fixed because I can't defrost my windows unless I am already driving. Can you help me.

Sounds like a vacuum line prob id take it to a repair shop and have them take a look under the hood ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

The coolant is low, I refilled it. I replaced the thermostat. The heat gauge goes all the way to high when I am driving fast, but at idle it cools down to the temperature it should be. I stop at a red light and it cools down immediately. There isn't anything leaking as far as I can tell from looking under the car when it's been parked awhile. I had to refill the coolant again today after refilling a day ago. There is not heat at all. The blower fan works...blows cold air out :( there are no stra

First thing i think is that when you changed the thermostat you didnt get all that air bubbles out of the cooling system. 2nd yes it would be the water pump. really simple as long as you havent overheated it head gasket would be fine ... 1999 Ford Escort

I have a 2002 Acura RSX that has AC Problem. Blows very cold air, but not all the time. As long as RPM is running at drive speeds, I have cold air. However, at stop lights the air temp goes warm. If I accelerate, I get nice cold air again. The other thing I note is that it may be blowing perfectly fine cold air as I drive a half hour or hour down the interstate. All of a sudden, air gets warm. I turn it off for 15 minutes, turn back on, air is cold again. Any suggestions???

I have a 2002 rsx i have the same problem it works fine when i driving but when i stop blows hot air if i keep my foot on the gas \015\012it will blow cold but when its on ilde its hot air i recharge it 3 times \015\012at the shop and it ... 2002 Acura RSX

My jeep started overheating yesterday.....what is happening actually is the heat guage normally stay exactly at 100, now yesterday it started going up almost to the red and as this is happening it is blowing cold air, then it will bounce back down to 100 and blow hot air, then as it starts to go up again it blows cold air, and so on. Then it got so hot it went up to the red and I had to pull over and let it cool down. Could my thermostat be getting stuck???? I hope this is the problem but please

If the 100 is centigrade then if the coolant is full I'd replace the thermostat. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2006 Chrysler Town and Country only blows heat when driving at higher speeds; cold when stopped at a light or parked. What could be causing this?

... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I have an '04 grand cherokee, had the water pump, thermostat and gaskets replaced last year and now all of a sudden i heard this noise and the heat started blowing out cold air, the "check gauge" light came on and the temperature gauge went through the red. the car was not visibly overheating (smoke was not coming out of the engine) but it did smell liek anti freeze. any ideas on what it could be???

First place to check is to make sure the coolant level is full, not only in the recovery bottle but in the radiator itself. Then check for leaks after topping it off. If leaking, find and repair whatever is causing the leak. If still overheating, re ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2006 Xterra and heater just blows cold air and the service engine soon light is on. Just happen I came in from work everything works fine but 8 hours later my heater/defroster just blows cold air. My engine is idling not over heating at normal temperature. Everything seems fine except getting cold air from the blower.

... 2006 Nissan Xterra

I have a really strange problem with my Nissan 2006 Pathfinder. The heater will not heat up and blow out hot air as long as the vehicle is sitting idling. When I want to defrost the windshield on frosty mornings, it will not heat up even though the temperature gauge is showing it is warm. When I actually start driving the heater puts out great heat, but if I am going down hill or stop for a stop light the heater begins blowing out cold air. When I get going again it returns to heating. I'm cluel

Since your blower is working and it is a heat issue,thats where we'll \015\012start,First thing is have you checked the coolant level in the radiator when \015\012engine is cold,make sure it is filled to top,next verify you have coolant in \015\012re ... 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

Heater blows cold air and controls will not change with knob.has new themostat. all lights blinking on panel. to cold here for no heat!!! interior lights don"t work. coil heats under hood but no heat comes inside.

The heater needs to be relearned, i cant remember the exact procedure . The dealer can do that for you . I think it is only a half hour charge ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2005 Elentra and my heater stopped blowing out hot air today. The heat worked just fine this morning, however when i turned on the car after work the heat never cicked in and the vents seemed to have been blowing out cold air no matter how i changed the settings, shortly after the engine started to over heat all the way up to the red zone but the car drove fine and had no other symptoms

You are low on antifreeze. fill and check for leaks ... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 1986 Toyota Celica GT. I have two problems. The first problem is I don't have any heat. I have plenty of coolant, my thermostat is good and my engine is running halfway between cold and hot so it is getting warm enough. What it will do is it will blow cold air no matter how hot the engine is but if I shut it off and then back on sometimes it will blow hot air for about 10 seconds then it will go cold again. Second problem is I have no backup lights. The bulbs are good and I look f

The heat problem is more than likely the HEATER CONTROL VALVE, it is located in the small hose (1/2" to 3/4") that leads from the engine to the firewall & on into the heater core. You're getting heat because when you turn it off, the heat is tr ... 2006 Toyota Celica

Blend door my heater stopped blowing heat and the air conditioning blows cold when in the red heat setting on the knob. Through my reading the most likely problem is that the blend door is stuck on air conditioning side. I need a diagram on how to find the blend dooor and replace it. Help!!!!

Http://www.f150online.com/forums/hvac/216009-blend-door-replacement-pictures.html Go to this link. You may change ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

I'm having problems with my 2004 Nissan murano. The heat does not work when parked but when I'm driving it works. When parked only blowing cold air. But when stopped at a light it does not work blowing cold air. . Replaced thermostat and had radiator flushed and still does not work. Help!!

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1993 Acura Ledgend. For some reason my heater does not continue to blow hot air, it does for a few minutes and then begain to blow cold air. It does this often now. It works and then it blows cold air again causing my tep gage to spike up to hot whan the heat shouts down. The temp gage stays at midway range, then spikes to hot when the heat begans to blow out cold air. I noticed when the heat is on it goes back to the the midway range, then when the heater blows cold air the temp gage s

First check to see that you coolant level is full, check it after the engine has cooled down,so there is no pressure in the system. otherwise you possibly have a head gasket in the early stage of failure ... 1993 Acura Legend

My front blower blows heat if i run the heater before the a/c. I recently turned my heater on just to ensure it works. Unfortunatly i didn't realize a heat wave was comint(6 days of 70 or higher) so my a/c didn't work. The a/c did blow cold air when the heat wave broke. I ask the question and was told the blend door may be sticking for your site. Is this something i can do or do I need to take it a shop to check? If I can do it then where is the best guide to use?

Depends on if it is a actuator motor that controls the temp door,or a vacuum servo.To fix it could be hard,or difficult,depending weather or not the dash has to be removed.What is the year,make,and model?If you can access behind the ac/heater control ... 2000 Mercury Villager

No Heat Passenger Side. I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville. The problem is I can't get heat on the passenger side. Air blows but it is cold. I do have heat on the driver?s side. My car has the spate control for the passenger on the door. I have turned both controls set of controls on and off (Driver and Passenger). Also the air coming out of the passenger side comes out at a higher velocity.

Hello: You have a failed temperature control actuator for the passenger air mix door. Remove the glove box and the close out panel under the dash on the passenger side. You will see two silver rods going from the actuators (mounted o ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Brake and engine lights on, heat blowing cold air

Sounds like you have a hobgoblin in your electrical system, they usually just away over time ... 2003 Kia Spectra
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