Having problems with your 2005 Mini Cooper ?

I have a 2005 mini cooper that keeps losing coolant. i ahve taken it to the garage where it was bought but they said they cannot find a fault.

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Answers :

My advise: Take it to another garage and let them test the coolant to see if there is a headgasket problem and then go back to where you bought it. I think the garage you bought the car is trying to stall and delay until you have no warranty.
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I have a 2005 mini cooper that keeps losing coolant. i ahve taken it to the garage where it was bought but they said they cannot find a fault.

My advise: Take it to another garage and let them test the coolant to see if there is a headgasket problem and then go back to where you bought it. I think the garage you bought the car is trying to stall and delay until you have no warranty. ... 2005 Mini Cooper

I have just bought a Honda Accord 22i - CTDI and am experiencing starting problems. You have to keep your ignition turning for quite sometime before it kicks in but runs like a dream when driving? Have taken it to Honda main dealer who acknowledges the problem but cannot find the fault!! very frustrating because they tell me to let the fault get worse as they believe it may be the ECU component and suggest I pay them £800 but warn they cannot gaurantee that will cure the Fault? The main

If the fault is not showing up on the diagnostic then try redexe at a bottle to a tankfull,may just be injectors gunged up....generally speaking it will take two turns of the engine to fire as it fires on compression(the first turn moves the air the ... 2004 Honda Accord

I have an 04 mini cooper, every 3 months it decides to throw out its water and over heats, it only over heats when sat in traffic, can anybody please tell me what it could be? have taken it to the garage and they said they couldn't find a problem and bring it back next time it happens :((

If the fault is occcuring only when in traffic, that is when it is idling with no free flow of air to the radiator to cool off, then the suspect can be the radiator itself.\012If some of the radiator pipes are blocked then this can be possible. ... 2004 Mini Cooper

I have a Peogeot 307 Papier 110HDI 2L diesel 52 Reg (Not listed on your list). Recently the handbrake light came on, the stop light flashing and the speedometer drops down to zero. I've taken to a garage that cannot find any fault with the car. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean. Thanks CS

... 2005 Peugeot 405

I have a 2007 mini cooper. For some time now the engine has been cutting out at when I come to a stop a traffic lights, it doesn't stall just cuts out. Have taken to garage but they can't find a fault as it doesn't happen when it's there. Now over heating warning has come on. No error codes when run on diagnostics. All fluids in tact and not leaking and fan fine. Please help!

... 2007 Mini Cooper Convertible

P0171 fault service engine soon light comes on - garage tech said only fault they could find was P0171 - something about lean - we are from florida, driving in frozen new hampshire and the truck doesn't heat as well as it should, either

... 2006 Nissan Armada

I have a nissan terrano 2.7 2003+its been shaking at different speeds first it was worst between 40-45 kmph then it shakes at all diff speeds.took it to nissan garage(twice) they said it was deformed tyres so they put 2 new ones,at first this made it better than it was but its now gone back to how it was.have also taken it to where i bought the tyres from+they said the tyres are fine.Any ideas.oh also my horns just stopped workin,could this just be a fuse?

... 2003 Nissan Murano

My van drives fine but when i come to a complete stop the idle drops and the van starts to shake then turns off. I have taken it to the kia dealer and they cannot find out what is wrong with it. They said since there is no error codes comming on they do not have anyone at the dealer that might have any clue whats wrong with it. They have recommended to take appart the engine. I said no and goodbye.

First you would want to know that that all the rubber vaccum hoses on your motor are all hooked up and that none of them have come un hooked, that they fit tight at the connections and are not cracked or have any hoses rubbed in them ... 2002 Kia Sedona

2011 Nissan Juke Sl Bought new with 46 miles on odometer. Black smoke has been blowing out the tail pipe so bad that the tail pipe is black and it has left a big black spot on garage floor. I'm getting about 18 miles to the gallon but suppose to get 27 city and 32 hwy. Nissan has "reprogrammed" ECM because they cannot find the correct Mass Air Flow Sensor to replace it so they modified the ECM. I cannot drive the car in Economy mode because it runs so sluggish. I was instructed not to

Nissans are known to have bad mass air flow sensors. and they cost up to $500 to replace. i would ask for a new car because you shouldn't have ANY problems this soon. good luck. ... 2011 Nissan Juke

Hi. i have just replaced a barrel on a bmw 316i auto n reg. this barrel i bought second-h. it also came with this box,now this is were i need some assistance.this box has the letters [ews 11]and 61.35-8 380 365] as i have said i replaced old barrel with new but this box has something to do with de ignition. it has to plug in somewere and i cannot find were it goes in the car i have not turn the car on yet as i was told not to until i find out about thi box

Im presuming you are talking about the wires which come from the switch unit at the side of the switch housing, if you took the old one off it should be easy, if you didnt look to the side of the steering column and look for an empty socket your plu ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

Engine management light keeps coming on, although had it checked by maker garage, they cannot find any fault on their machine, they reset it (costing lots of money) but within 2 weeks its back again (full circle back to makers garage, once again charging me). I s there any way i can reset the light myself by iether a loop/short in the multi-pin plug ? have the car fully checked mechanically and there is no problem. Year 2000 (X- reg) Toyota Corrolla 1.4 vvti, as you see its old and not really wa

If you want to reset the engine management light you can buy a scanner \015\012to do this you need to make sure your vehicle is obd 2 compatible\015\012a phone call to your dealer will confirm this, A scan of the computer will\015\012probably show a ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

My van went into the garage to have a gear box fitted. one of the employees said they had a gear box and it would be fitted and ready on monday. he phoned to say it wasnt ready twice. we went into the garage only to find the man had taken the money and not even touched the van. having own business we also lost a weeks wages

Hi,\012if you had a written estimate for the work to be done, and a work order, then you will be able to state to the person whom undertook to do the work, to either return the money or do the work.Furthermore, you should ask them for a written ... Volkswagen Microbus

Hi there, I have a 2005 model Suzuki Swift which at the moment is driving me crazy with a rattle in the drivers door! I've had it to 3 garages, first place where I bought it under warranty, said they couldn't find anything wrong, second to local mechanic when servicing, he tightened a few things up but didn't work and finally to Suzuki dealer as I discoverd it was covered under 3 Yr warranty. Suzuki replaced the winder mechanism in the electric window and thought that was it fixed but not so...

Hi there i had the same thing happen due to the door is loose. when u open the door there is a catch which in it as it did not grip properly to the metal bracket ... 2006 Suzuki Swift

Volvo V40 has sarted missing - feels like foot has been taken off accelerator. Local Volvo Dealer has had car two weeks and cannot find fault.

Injecthion computor fault can cause this ... 2003 Volvo V40

Gas fumes while the Jeep is running or not running. I've taken it to a garage, they can't find a leak. When driving the Jeep, I have to put the window down, not all the time, because of the fumes inside. There's no drip, no wet spot on the gas tank. It's a mystery. I've parked my Jeep because I don't know what to do. The company that did maintenance on my Jeep since I bought it, went out of business. Is it a fuel line? Help.....

Hello... Sorry to hear of your situation... A problem with the smell of gas inside the vehicle is normally one of these things:\015\012\015\012Charcoal Canister\015\012Canister Purge Solenoid\015\012Fuel Line (could be on top ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee


I had 3 S-model and 1 L-model Saturn. Be prepared to replace window regulators, especially as they get to be about 10 years old, but there is nothing bad about that it is an electric motor with a lmited service life like all motors. Find yourself a n ... 2001 Saturn S-Series

I have a 2000 Olds Intrigue in which the Service Vehicle Soon light, anti-brake light & trac light stay on I have taken it to a garage and they cannot seen to find exactly whats wrong. So no fix, Can you tell me just what it might be that causing the light to be or stay on?

Its your ebcm ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I was told by the repair shop that my water pump belt needs to be replaced. I bought the belt, read my haynes manual, which said to turn the tensioner clockwise. The problem is I see a way to do this. I can only find one bolt and there is a lip around it where I cannot fit a sock onto it. So basically, how do I change the water pump belt?

3.0 Escapes DO NOT use a tensioner for the water pump belt. If you get a clear look at your water pump, you'll see the pump itself is bolted to a pump housing. The pump housing is bolt to the block using three bolts which differ from the actual water ... 2005 Ford Escape

Recently bought a renault espace 2001 model.have had problems with doing 80 m.p.h, losing power and getting black smoke belching out of exhaust.went to local garage and got two faualt codes 1)1826 - glow plug relay, and 2)1882 - common rail pressure monitoring. so car sent to deisel injector specialist.they did full diagagnostics check on injectors to find no fault with them.so paid both bills totalling £100 pounds.drove car home ,got around 3/4 way home ,increased accelaration and got same disp

... Renault Sportwagon

The engine check warning light comes on and the Auto box goes into 3rd gear, the garage have checked and cannot find this intermittant fault. I have looked inthe users manual and it states it is a faulty sensor on the exhaust system ?

... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

Front Suspension I have a Kia Shuma ll which I think is the same as a Spectra. (somebody correct me if that is wrong) I have had four new shocks fitted and have had a problem with one of the front shocks "crashing down" after a pothole or speed cushion, when I say crashing down I mean that the wheel seem to hit the road quite hard! The garage that fitted them has removed and stripped the unit in front of me and we cannot find a fault. However, there are four bolts at the top of the suspension un

... 2003 Kia Spectra

We have very recently bought 2002 range rover hse td6 and have discovered an excessive oil leak coming from the turbo diesel inlet.....we have taken it back to the garage concerned who cleaned out pipework and said that this is common to land rovers.....but the oil leak is still as excessive can you please advise

... Land Rover Range Rover

I have a 2003 plate mini cooper,and it keeps over heating,ive had themostat changhed also taken it to loads of different garages no one seems to no why its doin it,1 said it was the fan so changed that but still doin it!it seems im not the only one whos havin problems with minis over heating

Does the fan cut in when engine is hot? if not you need to check the fuse for the fan, if fuse ok you need to check fan sensor, if thats ok it is possible the radiator is chocked or the impeller has broken up on the water pump, let me know how you ge ... 2003 Mini Cooper

My AC has not worked for a couple years now and I have taken it in to my mechanic recently and he is telling me I need a EVP valve replaced and he said he got a price from lexus for about $800.00 but i cannot find any information whatsoever on this part online, have you ever heard of it?

I am not getting any power to my ac/heater climate unit what could be the problem? ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

I have an EGR Excessive flow fault. I have removed and cleaned and tested (good) the EGR valve. I believe I have a bad EGR vacuum regulator valve. I found a sight on line that gave the OHM rating the valve is supposed to have but I cannot find it. Can you give me the proper OHM range for this valve? I believe it said something like 500 - 800 ohm's. I am getting 17 ohm's.

Well the solution is very simple, replace the EGR back pressure transducer. That should regulate the flow of exhaust gases with the fresh air intake and makes the engine run smoothly. However this valve is critical for optimizing the combustion in t ... Volkswagen Jetta
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