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\015 Yesterday I was trying to fix this litle storage thing under my radio and while removing it I also disconected my radio unit .\015\012When finished I reconected but nothing seemed to be working .\015\012Its not a power loss cause when I press the "display" button it shows the time it seems to be "on" ...\015\012\015\012The other task it does is when opening to insert a cd it does, its just fine ... and eject it ..\015\012-but not play it .\015\012The tuner is also "dead" . Generally is not working .\015\012It has a reset button, which i presed but only resets the display time ...\015\012\015\012How am I going to find out whats happened ? \015\012The troubleshouting section of the instructions say that : \015\012when "the unit does not work at all" then "the built-in microcomputer may function incorrectly due to noise etc."\015\012And the cure is to reset ...\015\012But no ..!\015\012\015\012I have a 2005 SLK 350 I removed/unplugged the single slot 6 disk CD now my Command APS has no display and is not working radio, sat nav etc. tried plugging back in but still not working any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Recently bought a 1996 mitsubishi galant S a couple of weeks ago & the interior light was'nt working. Then it started working sometimes then it quit working again. The buzzer when the door was open & the keys in the ignition worked on & off & quit working. The same with the buzzer for the headlights on & door open. The passenger power door locks worked & still do while ignition is on & it used to work sometimes while ignition off but not anymore. Passenger side power lock always worked. Used to

Sound's like you have some sort of a short or an open, somewhere, i would first check your fuse box, \015\012in your engine and in your dash with a test light. make sure all fuses are working, if you had an open or short it could be possible yo ... Mitsubishi Galant

1997 Mazda 626, instruments stop working while driving. They work most of the time but stop working for up to a 10 mile stretch. Will start working when I push the clutch in but will stop working again when I put the car into any gear. Also, seems to work when the clutch is pushed in and the car is in neutral. Even in neutral, if i let the clutch out everything stops working. Really strange. Then all of the sudden it is working fine again. Any suggestions for me?

Sounds like loose wiring under the dashboard. ... 2000 Mazda 626

2001 f 150 extended cab. trailer lights were working. had to replace a trailer light uhit because it was broken. now lights do not work properly. running lights work. turn signal only works if running lights on. only one side will work at a time. ran ground to both sides, only one side will work properly. can get get both sides to work together. tapped into truck harness above oem plug. still does not work properly. tried a new light kit. same problem.

The description of the problem is very confusing. If the trailer is disconnected, do all of the functions work OK? If so the problem is with the trailer wires. If all worked before you replaced the light, then thats where the problem lies. The turn s ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 1999 Nissan Quest, I've been having problems with my turn signals. It started out with the flasher buzzing but the turn indicator would work. Then they quit, I put a new flasher and turn signal switch on it and it worked for a short time then wouldn't work at all. I did some new ground connections and it seemed to work but then again they would stop working. This last time I noticed that the warning flasher wasn't working but the turn signals were, now they aren't working again. Any sug

Go here and read files\015\012\015\012http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\015\012\015\012we will help you with our team. free ... 1999 Nissan Quest

I have a '94 Jeep Cherokee 4wd 6 Cylinder. I just tried to install a radio and to my dismay it didn't work. The radio did not work previously anyways, so I tried to replace it. So, it didn't work. I then looked at the fuse that controlled the radio, power locks, etc etc. Note: the power locks and dome light did not work around the same time the radio stopped working. I find that it has been blown. I get another fuse just like it but working and replaced it. Cranked the car up and everything work

I would check the ignition switch,it is most likely the problem,the electrical part of the ignition switch,not the key cylinder,it is most likely coming apart on the inside of the switch. ... 1994 Jeep Cherokee

My heater blower stopped working on my 2002 Malibu. For awhile it worked only on a couple of speeds, then stopped working entirely. I replaced the blower resistor and this fixed the problem for about a week, then the blower stopped working again. I replaced the relay and the fuse, with no result. Recently, I noticed that the blower sometimes starts working for awhile when I slam the driver's side door hard, but it eventually stops working again. It works on all speeds when this happens. What do

Hello,\015\012\015\012The blower motor, as you have probably seen, is under the dash on the passengers side. While in Park with the parking brake applied:\015\012\015\012Turn the Key On with fan blower set to High. Locate the ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

1995 Honda Accord lx Speedometer problem.......... The speedometer works when it feels like it. At times it works for a couple of days, couple of hours then it stops. Sometimes I can be driving and it is working then it drops to 20mph. The neddled always is on 20mph even if the car is off. I bought a speedometer from junk yard still didn't work so I bought a new speedometer and a new vss. All other gauges are working, cruise conrtol works, engine light works. What I have noticed is when the ne

... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 89 chevy 1500 the brake lights do not work. The turn singals work the running lights work but the hazzard flashers do not work either. The brake lights donot work or the hazzards donot work , every thing else works.

First check all fuses. If they look good, more than likely brake light switch is bad. Switch is mounted just above brake pedal under the dash. Small plastic switch w/a couple of wires coming from it. Easy fix. ... Chevrolet 1500

1995 Jeep Cherokee AC blower doesn't work. Replaced blower resister, blower, and Aux fan fuse and still it doesn't work. I'm running out of things to check. Original problem was that blower was screeching and then quit working. At the time it was only working on high speed. It quit working and also the AC compressor doesn't engage when switched to that position. I replace the usual suspects like the resistor and blower motor, but still no joy on getting it work. Will not work when switched to ve

Do you have feed to blower motor ?? sorry CSI is coming on TV now and er indoors is screaming that i spent too long on here '¡'¡'¡'¡'¡ usual ----typical woman ,if you have her i will throw my jag in the deal for free ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No dash lights 1995 Jeep. I have no dash lights. My interior lights work, brake lights work, console lights dont work, stereo lights work, high beam indicator works, blinker indicator works, everything works except the dash and console lights! All fuses are good

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1997 Hyundai Accent is acting funny in the headlight department. At first my day-time running lights didn't work and low, high, and flashers were fine. Now, day-time running lights work, high beams work, and flashers work, but the low beams alternate every day or so between working, left side not working, and right side not working. I've checked the fuses, checked the bulbs, and checked the sockets for the bulbs. All are fine. What could be causing this? (Have yet to check relays.)

There's only one relay, but two fuses, both located in the underhood fuse/relay box.\015\012\015\012\015\012Sounds like you have a wiring problem si ... 1997 Hyundai Accent

Hi. i have a 2004 chrysler seabring convertible and tonight i was driving home from work and my turn signal doesnt work and my windshield wipers switch and mist doesnt work either. they both worked fine on my way to work this afternoon. the switch on the left of the sterring column is turn signal/headlamp control and the switch on the left side of the steering column is wiper function control. the headlamp control on the left switch works fine, but the turn signals do not work and they also do n

You may need a new multi function switch. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

200 dodge stratus. At the begining of this grip all of the windows did not work except the fron pass. I Checked for voltage going to the motor and it read 14v for both up and down, so i replaced the window motor and the window worked Great. So the two front wondows were working. about 2 weeks later, all of the sudden the Driver window(the one that i just worked on) stops working and now the two rear windows work...so now all windows work except the driver. ???? Any ideas?

Did you checked the the motor again.is it working fine.also check the fuses are they got blown out or any wire getting short.also is the motor connected with high guage or low guage wire then required its guage ... Dodge Stratus

Power door locks don't work, headlights, windshield wipers, dashboard lights and gauges, horn, interior lights, all don't work. Power windows work,radio works, heat/ac blower works. directionals work, brakelights work. There seemed to be some water in the fuse cover when it was removed. I just had the winshield replaced a month ago. 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan.

U most likely have a water damaged BCM (body control module), u will need to have the Dodge dealer run a scanner test on it, it runs all the thing u mentioned, it is like the brains of the cars creature comforts alarm system and much more, the scanne ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

No dash lights 1995 Jeep. I have no dash lights. My interior lights work, brake lights work, console lights dont work, stereo lights work, high beam indicator works, blinker indicator works, everything works except the dash and console lights! All fuses are good

Look for fuse panel under or either side of dash. Another location may be similar in engine bay.\012Fuses probably labelled. Available at motor shops, garages etc.\012If out of your experience then probably not expensive to ask auto elect ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Back lights do not work. All fuses and wires have been checked and they're fine. Front lights work but once in a while I can get them to work but the minute the blinkers blink fast and I have no dome light I know they are out. I have worked on it for 2 straight days and nothing works. Now I have none back lights at all. They never come on. I even bought a relay switch thinking that was it it worked for a little while and within the same day it quit working. I am going nuts trying to find

9 times out of 10 when you have a lighting problem its the mulitifunction blinker switch that is faulty. If your sure you checked everything then thats all thats left. All you can do is replace it. ... Ford Windstar

Hi there, I have a problem with the Blower motor. 4 years ago it wouldnt work on 1, and now not on two either. 3 and 4 still work (but for how long). That one doesn't work seems to be a very common issue with Honda I know more cares were position 1 doesn't work then does work so I never took notice to it. But now Position 2 doesn't work either it's getting annoying. I've checked the swich of the blower with a Multimeter and it seemed that position one and two actually didn't work. I ordered a

It needs a blower moter resister beleive honda calls it a blower motor module.it basically routes the current through the desired resistance for the setting.the lower the setting the more resistance in the circuit the higher the setting the less resi ... 1990 Honda Civic

The starter on my 1995 saturn sl2 stopped working i can still push start the car but in the same day the heater fan and cooling fan stops working but then starts working again when the fans don't work the interior lights dim but when they are working they are fine then just the heater fan stops working but the cooling fan is working is this a wiring problem

You have a electrical power shortage, when componets demand power it's not there [ that's why some componets slow or stop working ]. Start by cleaning the battery terminals and testing the battery to see if it holds a proper charge [ after fully cha ... Saturn SL2

Went to work the other morning with everything working fine and when i came out of work, my headlights didnt work (taillights still do), turn signals dont work, wipers dont work and my radio doesnt either...my fourways still work...any ideas? the car is an 02 golf 2.0

Hi Craig?\015\012 It sounds like the fuse has blowed. There is a fuse box on the top of the battery, their thin pice of metals connected to thick wires. check this thin metal fuses to see if they are burned or cracked. You'll have to look at th ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I have a Mercedes 2007 2.2 Viano. The front heater Control does not work. The fan work fine, all dash instruments and lighting work fine and rear heater works fine. Has stopped working since I replace

... 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190

I have a 2004 ford taurus and my turnsignals dont work anymore. In the morning they will work a couple times but after that they dont work i checked all the fuses but someone told me i may need to change the relay? I dont know where that is can anyone help? My hazard lights dont work either when my turnsignals go out. Whats weird is everything else works the wipers still work from there and it turns my brights on and off its just the signal thats not doing anything.

The multifunction switch is a common problem on fords. the switch controls the wipers, turn signals, high beams and hazards, and sometimes only 1 part of it will fail. in your case it sounds like 2 parts fail at the same time. ... 2004 Ford Taurus

Gas tank The front gas tank on my truck does not work. there is something wrong the line i think. it use to work and the rear tank not work. i was going to sell it. during that process the guy who was going to buy it switched it. now the front tank doesnt work and the bank tank does. I dont know what he did or how to fix it so that both tanks work. but i would really like for the both of them to work. do u have any idea what needs to be done to get this taken care of?

You need to replace the fuel tank switch. This is a common problem with the Fords. The switch is about $40.00. ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

Electrical problem i own a 1996 chrysler town and country minivan; this morning my heat stopped blowing, my turn signals stopped working; my power seat stopped working,my abs and air bag lights are on and my power door locks stopped working. my power windows work, my cruise works, my radio works. what needs to be done? please respond asap. Thanks

Turn off the car and pull out the key.Check the alternator leads and the battery leads if they don't touch any other leads around them.(or each other-short circuit-as for the alternator)Is the battery charged? It might have even died, par ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1993 nissan sentra xe car. the problem is that i cannot get the tail lights to come on when i turn on the head lights. the head lights work, the back up lights work, the brake light works, and the blinkers work. but the darn tail light does not work. i am referring to the lights that when you turn on the head lights the tail lights in the rear are suppose to come on but they do not. i have tried buying new bulbs, checking fuses and nothing seems to work. the brake, backup, and tail ligh

The most common causes of the issue you describe include:\015\012 \015\012A connector in that circuit which has become disconnected.\015\012A buildup of road film or corrosion inside ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

2008 Grand Caravan won't start. The lock/unlock and PANIC buttons work on the remote but when insterted into the ignitionn the van does not start. Nothing! Does not make a sound. The interior lights come on the clock still works but that's it. Tested the battery, all good, wire good, checked ALL the fuses and their good. Lights work, horn works, power mirrors work. When the key is put into the ignition and turned I can't put the gear shift in neutral, it won't move. The radio does not work or wi

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