Having problems with your 2005 Kia Sportage ?

Forgot lights on. Trying to jump start - no success. Using a booster pack which I plugged in to charge all night.

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When using a booster of the type you are make sure you have a good clean and tight connectio where you are hooking it to the battery. If you do not have a good connetion the jump will not work , because no current is going from booster to your car. If your battery is too dead a jump will not work either the battery would have to be pulled charged and checked. The battery may have to be replaced. If this is the original battery and the car is a 2005 the battery is about due for replacement.
Occasionally when a battery is older and it is been discharged to a low level it is difficult to jump, be sure the booster pack is fully charged hook it up to the battery but this time hook up the black cable to a engine bracket or metal part on the engine that looks like it will be a good solid ground connection, let the booster sit now for about 3 to 5 minutes then make sure all accessories including the interior light which comes on when the door is opened is off, then try starting, if the black or negative cable connection is not good enough use the negative terminal of the battery but keep in mind it is recommended to use a solid ground on an engine bracket to jump all vehicles.
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Forgot lights on. Trying to jump start - no success. Using a booster pack which I plugged in to charge all night.

When using a booster of the type you are make sure you have a good clean and tight connectio where you are hooking it to the battery. If you do not have a good connetion the jump will not work , because no current is going from booster to your car. I ... 2005 Kia Sportage

I have a car booster pack that when plugged in to the wall it shows it is charging, but when you check on charge status it has not charged at all. What could be wrong with it?

Those things are like a little garden tractor battery insideIf it went dead over time and got frozen the battery may be bad ,whey don't seem to do well unless used often. ... Cars & Trucks

'03 F250 6.0L w/70,000 - was slow cranking, pumped gas and would eventually start; had batteries tested and said one was barely low. (I'm still waiting for new ones.) Then sit a day and lights flash, but no start, had to charge. Then sit for day and lights flash but no start. Charged all night and still no start. Lights flash, clicks when turn key, glow plug noise, but no start. And oil pressure WAS coming up when it WAS starting. Tried 5min intervals of 50amp 3 times and lights came on a bit mo

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Bad connection at battery? you are too vague with the symptoms. what does "popped" mean? Does the engine "spin over" or not. If i does not "spin over" and the battery is good, and the connections are tight, when holding the key ion the start position ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hello I left my lights on last night and my battery went dead and i tried to jump it this worning but it wouldnt start. The lights and alarm would go off since i have keyless entry but it wont even try and crank. I took my battery up to autozone and they said it was fully charged. I have a 2005 hyundai sonata 4 cl

You have to deactivate the Imobilizer. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to "On" for 30 Seconds before you start it. ... 2005 Hyundai Sonata

Chassie control module door locks jumping up and down dash lights and running lights turn on when the vehicle is off. vehicle was back firing and was not running on all six cyndlers. Alternator was not charging then it was charging I changed the spark plugs, wires, coil pack and it made no difference. I had the alternator checked and it was fine, nothing wrong with it. now the vehicle turns over but will not start. It has no spark.

The e c m has control over the charging system,it has the voltage regulator built in it,and all the problems you describe,change the computer, ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager

My 1991 6 cyl automatic Toyota sat for a year with the battery disconnected. I hooked up the battery, turned the key and did not get the engine to even cough. I charged and then tried jumping the battery and still nothing. The head lights come on, also when I turn the key the radio lights and dash board lights come on but the truck will not fire. I replaced the cylanoid, still nothing. What do I check next. Could it have anything to do with distributor or spark plugs? I changed the starter just

Tina-does the car turn over, that is, does the starter turn the engine over? If so, check to make sure the MaP sensor is plugged in-it is inline with the airfilter housing and the throttle body (the tube from the air filter to the engine) andi it ha ... Toyota Pickup

Help! I left my lights on in my 2003 VW Golf the other night.  I went out the next day, turned off the lights, the car wouldn't start.  We tried jump starting my car today and the lights (dash, interior and headlights) came back on, but the engine won't turn over.  Then, after trying to jump start again, I tried to turn the key and there was a clicking noise and all of the lights starting flickering, but the engine still wouldn't turn over.

Key off and out,diconnect negitive side of battrey then postive.clean terimals,charge battrey,connect postive cable (with key off)connect negitive.and start.\015\012your dead battrey is taking up a big load on system,so when you boost it the de ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

Batterie died after trying to jump start it my car was dead i plugged it in to charge i turn the key and the lights work the car wont even click over when turned ignition to start

Make sure you have the car properly in Park with lights off and try. If there's no clicking you either have a very loose terminal on the battery or the battery is no where near charged up enough. Try to jump start with someone wiggling the wires for ... 2003 Kia Spectra

Car wont start, acts like battery is dead. battery shows full charge. full lights, buzzers, etc. put it on charger-didnt start...cleaned cable connections-didnt start...tried to jump with truck-didnt start...tried to bypass solenoid-didnt start. sometimes solenoid clicks- sometimes it doesnt. started yesterday, got me to town then wouldnt start to get me home. A guy tried to jump it with a charged battery, acted about the same as today then it just started with "one more try". today nothing.

Check the battery +12v power connection to the starter is in good order,\015\012Check the ground connection between the battery negative and the engine/starter motor is robust and intact.\015\012If no problem with above, replace the start ... 1993 Ford Tempo


If the water was above the floor inside the car then the computer got wet and shorted some things out.would cost more to try to fix all the things that got wet then another car would cost you. ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

When I turn ignition key to start 2001 Camry, the engine does not try to start, but alarm is activated with horn blowing off and on, dash and outside lights blinking off and on. Thinking battery needed charging, I tried to jump start the battery with another vehicle, but engine would still not even try to start. The alarm remote still works and I can stop the alarming horn and lights by hitting the unlock button. The remote can lock and unlock the power door locks fine. I charged the battery

... 2001 Toyota Camry

Charging issues Battery went dead due to dome light being left on. after jumping it using another vehicle a reduced power light came on an the hummer wouldnt rev past 1500 2000 rpms. ran like **** and wouldnt come out of it. I took the battery off an put it on charge and it ran fine for a month or so. Sometimes I'd go out and it would start up just fine and sometimes it'd be dead and I'd have to jump it with a jump pack. Sometimes I'd be driving and it'd throw the reduced power code and wouldnt

Go again to the dealer or at any gm service center with complete tools and computer diagnostics, by using tech2 find out all the code history, and freeze frame failure record. if no diagnostic code read, there are some program that delete or disabled ... 2006 Hummer H3

Hi I have aq 96 Audi A4 2.8L, I put in a new coil pack and battery. After I put in the coil pack, tried to jump start and wouldn't turn over. Now I got a new battery and nothing, no lights no nothing. Tried taking battery out and putting old one back in and jumping but still nothing. Does anyone know what else this could be? Please help I just started school and desperately need this car to run.

When you reconnected the battery did you reset the alarm/immobiliser???? ... 1996 Audi A4

Dodge 2001 2500 dsl, Brake lights quit working (worked one night, then didn't work the next morning). No blown fuses, no power at the stop light switch. I can hook a 12v wire on power side of wiring pigtail then jump to the next pin and brake lights will come on. Plug the harness into the (new) switch and still no brake lights with pedal depressed. I have a trailer brake set up, it has power I jump the pigtail the trailer brake seems to be working. (lights up). Any help

Look at you brake pedal switch. See if the pedal switch is sending signal. If so make sure ECU is recieving or whatever the pedal switch wire runs to. It sounds like a supply of a signal to brake ECU issue. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

05 KW t600 dome lights bunk lights won't come on cigarette plugs all have power but not enough to charge a phone just enough to make the light on the charger come on and when you try turning on any lights inside the truck it cuts the power from the cigarette plugs. I had it at Kenworth they replaced 3 light fixtures and still can't find what the problem is I need some help here

... Cars & Trucks

94 Q45 I had problems with the release for pk brake. I released the pk brake but the light stayed on and i smell something burning but nothing is leaking. It had been sitting for 1 month and i started it up then there were a few more months that past and now it won't start. we have tried to jump it but it will not hold a charge or even start when it's charging. it tries to start but then it loses the charge as soon as we disconnect the cables.

The battery is more than likely completely drained. Because those vehicles have so many electronic features, both mechanically and otherwise, they consume a lot of juice. If the car is going to be sitting for more than a month you are supposed to rem ... 2004 Infiniti Q45

I have a Kia Sedona 2004 with 121,000 miles on it. Last week we accidentally drained the battery with a door light left on overnight. The following day I tried to charge it up by running the engine for a few hours with the air con off. Battery held the charge for a few hours but then died and required a jump start. We replaced the battery and it starts just fine but since the time we tried to charge the battery up the air con will not turn on. It blows air but the green LED on the air con an

Thge console selector switch on the kia's is a common problem, also the fuses and relays should be checked along with the a/c system for a full charge of freon 134a.\015\012Sounds like you may have back fed the electrical system when charging.. ... Kia Sedona

My car wouldnt start last night, and my hazards blinkers, security light and dashboard lights start flashing when i do try to start it. And it just clicks now. I tried jumping it but lights keep flashing. What can i do?

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The Jeep has set for about 6 months. A week ago: battery dead, jumped it but would not start. I replaced the coil, jumped it and it started instantly and ran better than it has in years. Yesterday, I jumped it and it started immediately again. I ran it for 2 hours trying to charge the battery. After 2 hours I turned it off and restarted it using only the marginal battery, started right up. About 3 hours later when I tried to start it the dash light came on but no cranking and something jus

Check to see if you have spark at the coil. If you have spark at the coil and no spark at the plug, you probably have a bad distributor cap and/or rotor.\015\012\015\012If there is no spark at the coil, you need to find out if there is v ... 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Starting problem hi, i have a 2000 ford gt mustang 2 nights ago. driving down the highway i heard a noise coming from under the hood. the battery light came on then i pulled over admitaly. popped the hood noticed the radiator had blew off. having the hazzard lights on for only 15 minutes noticed lights were going dim then no power at all. all fluid on the ground. got hose put back on no problem with it either. battery completely dead. got jump start. try to turn it over. it will try to crank but

Could be more than one problem. If you tried to start it right after you blew the hose, something could have gotten wet. I hope you have tried after everything has dried out.\015\012Also the sound could be something related to the timing. You ... 2000 Ford Mustang

2001 Pontiac Bonneville. Service engine soon light stays on. Went to Auto Zone and had them check out why the service light stays on, does not flash. They suggested to disconnect the battery, replaced fuel filler cap, had a misfire on #5 cylinder (replaced coil pack for 2 and 5), replaced plugs and wires. Haven't driven on the road yet. Let idle and rev'd up. Light is still on. How can I investigate further what the problem is. Can I jump some plug to clear the codes or read them at home without

The scan tool that they used at autozone should be able to erase them and tell you whether they are existing codes or just stored. Hope this helps. ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a red battery light on in my 84 crx. The car hadn't been driven in a while and I had to jump start it. After driving it for a while I was able to restart it so I was assuming it was receiving a charge. Then..... a little while later while driving the red batt +/- light flashed at me and then came on steady. I was able to drive to where I store the car but after arriving I tried to start it again and the batt was too low. I'm assuming the light means no/low charge or bad voltage. If thats

This light indicates that the battery charging system has failed, this in most cases is the alternator, but other problems like wiring can cause this. ... 1987 Honda Civic

I have a 2003 envoy xl. When I turn the key, the lights come on, gages work, everything is good til I try to start the vehicle. Most of the dash lights quit working and there is no click or anything from the starter. Releasing the key brings back all the dash lights. I tried jumping the vehicle, didn't work, put a battery charger on it over night, didn't work. My wife needs the vehicle for her job. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe solenoid or ignition switch. Thank you

Hello! I believe there is a resistive connection from the + battery cable to the + connection on the starter motor and from the - battery cable to chassis ground...Caused by loose and/or corroded connections...There is enough current to light the lig ... GMC Envoy XL

I noticed my truck didnt want to start like it had a weak battery. I drove it anyway and first my abs light came on, then I started losing all my accessories like radio power windows, etc. I got towed home after truck quit running. I charged the batteries up last night, truck runs but still no gauges, glow plug light doesnt work, radio doesnt work, and I still have not changed the alternator. I took it to auto zone and had it checked they said it was not charging my batteries, but if I do change

All of you accessories can't run from the battery. The alternator has to produce 13-14 volts to you battery to keep the battery charged fully so all the accessories will work. Soon as a power source is powered on it will drain the battery quickly if ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab
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