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How do I get better gas mileage from a 2005 GMC Envoy 4.2 . When towing my trailer I get 100km to a 1/4 tank

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How do I get better gas mileage from a 2005 GMC Envoy 4.2 . When towing my trailer I get 100km to a 1/4 tank

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2004 GMC Envoy, My service engine soon light came on. I took the vehicle to a mechanic and the code came back po422. A smoke check was performed and they said it had a leak in the filler neck and the entire gas tank needed to be replaced. So the dealer replaced the tank and now I'm getting a loose gas cap message light on the dash. Since the dealer did not replace the cap when replacing the tank is that what the problem is, or was it not the gas tank issue at all?

Hello: Without being there when the smoke test was performed no one can say what the results of the smoke test were. I would go back to the dealer and speak to the service director/service manager and request a new gas cap. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Poor gas mileage on 2004 ford focus with 72000 miles. new plugs oil. oil filter, air filter, tires are new. alignment is good. IAT sensor? MAF sensor? what can I do to get better mileage. I only get 200 miles from a full tank of gas on this pig. It idles a little high but other than that it runs great. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike F.

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I have a 1998 gmc jimmy I fill the tank up and get close to 250 high way miles I don't know much about vehicles... The jimmy has a 6 cylinder and the vortec not sure what that means..... I think I should get more mileage out of a tank???? Also as I'm on the freeway sometimes I feel the rpms go up but I'm not applying any more pressure to the gas peddle any help would be appreciated.

You might want to look at your air filter coz it might be restricted.Also look at your plugs and for interests sake your air flow sensor.How does she idle when cold and hot? ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

My 2003 gmc sierra loses power sometimes. the truck seems fine when in park or neutral but doesn't want to move in drive(lack of power, have to put accelerator to floor to get truck to move). it seems to be flooding with gas because exhaust smells like gas and it burns way more gas than normal. seems to work better with little gas in tank. I have changed fule pump, fuel filter, and plugs, makes no difference

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?2006 jeep wrangler how can i improve gas mileage try driving at slower speeds and try shifting better 6 speed manual dr.barley getting over 200 miles to tank 18 /19 gal. tank HELP!!!

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1985 toyota r22 pickup(manual trans.) when i get on freeway and get up to about 45mph, in 3rd gear, the engine starts to bog down and i can not go any faster. it sat for 4 years with gas in tank. I have put sea foam in gas tank and filled it up with new gas, but the old gas was never drained. been driving it for a few weeks and problem does not get any better. replaced plugs, distributor, air filter, and oil change. please help.

The problem may be the gas that sat in the carburator. Gas goes bad faster in smaller quantities. Have a look inside to see if you have "gummed" up passages, or jets. Don't forget to change the fuel filter.\015\012Good luck. (I have an 89, and ... 1985 Toyota Pickup

The mileage on my Jeep has dropped from 16 to 12 mpg in the last 3-4 weeks. I have been pulling a popup tent trailer behind it (only weighs about 1,600 lbs.), but the mileage drop has been evident even when not pulling the trailer. I have recently added both fuel injector cleaner and fuel system cleaner to my gas tank (not in the same tank of gas). And I just got my oil changed a couple of weeks ago (just checked to make sure oil level is OK - it is). What should I be looking at? Thanks.

These are the most common causes for bad mileage.Tire pressure is a huge factor (Tire should be set at the factory recommendation or 1-2 psi above, but never below - Tire should also be a Low Rolling Resistance Tire)Oil level (you said it ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

Engine starts runs but seem like not enough gas is getting to motor,i replace the fuel filter by the gas tank and check to see if the fuel was pumping first and it was,fuel filter work a litter better but still not getting enough gas,give by peddel work a littel better

If the fuel filter helped,then the fuel pump is most likely weak,have the fuel pressure checked to see if the fuel pump needs replacing. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My '02 Gmc sonoma will crank but not start I checked the distributer cap and cleaned it with no luck I also checked the plug wires for fray's but they seem ok. Pooring a cap of gas into the carburater will get it to fire but obviously not run. Before I go tearing into the gas tank am I right to think it's the fuel pump and if so is it like the older s-10's where I have to remove the gas tank to get at the pump?

Yes and yes, first I would check fuses and relays for the pump and the injectors also you can jump the relay socket and see if the pump energizes. one other tip is to hit the bottom of the tank, sometimes the vibration will knock the pump from its st ... 2002 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

I have a 1995 gmc sonoma that doesn't get gas and won't start when it did try to start it was like it wasn't getting gas at all. the gas tank is full, and you can hear the fuel pump kick on when the key is turned on. i replaced the fuel filter. i don't know what the problem is can you inform me of what i should try? i can't get a code off of it cause i can't take it anywhere to get the codes read.

Have you tried starting the truck up using Starting Fluid? If it starts and runs for a few seconds, you definitely have a fuel issue, and from the sounds of it you may have faulty injectors or fuel pressure regulator. If the starting fluid doesn't st ... 1995 GMC Sonoma

Get very low gas mileage (14.4 mpg) on a 2004 Chevrolet trailblazer. Has 140,000 miles currently. Just did a complete tuneup almost a year ago. Any suggestion as to get better gas mileage?

Suggest you add lucas fuel injector cleaner that you just add to gas tank.your plug wires may also need replacement, they break down causing loss of spark, consider what brand you replaced them with last year, we're they cheap off brand? remember you ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 99 elantra. When i fill my gas tank, the gas needle never reaches the full mark. It stays on 3/4. This has been going on for a long long time and it is gradually getting worse as far as mileage. I don't remember how much mileage I actually get BC it has been so long since my gauge has worked correctly. The whole motor was rebuilt the beginning of this year and the sending unit was also replaced. When my gauge hits empty, I've driven 176 miles. I filled up last night and it held 8.4 gal

... Hyundai Elantra

I have a '93 chevy s10 pickup i just had a new transmission and about $1500 worth of work done to it but now my gas mileage just sucks everything i got put on it is stock nothing performance. Im only getting like 150 miles to a tank of gas when before i was getting 150 miles to a 1/4 tank. i had two mechanics look at it and they cant figure it out and the one mechanic did all the work on my truck for me.

Thier are many things that can make gas milage go down from spark plugs air filter plug wires tire pressure wieght is anything rubbing \012\012if its carbourated then you might need to get that cleaned\012if fuel injected you may need to clean ... Chevrolet S 10

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy, it starts missing when gas gets to 1/4

... 2002 GMC Envoy

Stalling problems We have a 1999 saturn sl2, we had a quarter of a tank of gas, seen some cheaper price and gas and decided to get a little bit more, less then a block away from the gas station the car stalled, had to have it towed home. since then it runs for 15 minutes and then stalls, we have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter but something is making the fuel pump relay get hot. and when it gets hot it stalls until it cools then it runs for another 15 minutes over and over. We replaced th

... 1999 Saturn SL

Why getting excess air in gas tank? when opening gas cap expulsion of air realeases every time. After about ten miles the car begins to hesitate as if you were putting your foot on and off the gas. It runs better on an empty tank of gas than a full one because it has more room to build up that air.

Youg tank shouldn't build up air.It has a vent or vent hose by the filler sout which maybe pluged or abstructed in some way.......Hope this helps. ... 1995 Mercury Villager

My 2000 oldsmoble intrigue is getting about 15 to 19 miles a gallon from the 25 to 27. he engine was replace in march of 2009 for cooling issues for over heating. now the gas mileage is dropping for what is was. when the car was running good, it could go for about 105 miles for each quarter of a tank of gas, now it seems it will only do about 60 miles for each quarter of tank of gas. if i drive it over 70 mile per hour it uses more gas. what type of problem is there in finding the solution to fi

Start by scanning the engine for any codes it might have. Look at air mixture and fuel trim values. These should point you in a direction to look deeper. Thinks like O2 sensors, Air Flow sensors, etc can all have a effect on mileage.\012\012 ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2000 gmc sonoma when the gas gets below a half tank its hard to start it will also die while ur driving it and it backfires when you try to start it but only when it gets below a half tank

There is a metal chamber that is in the fuel pick up line about 1/2 way up designed to take the pulsation out of the pump.If the o rings are bad or the pump has been changed (some mechanics take the pulsator out and replace it with fuel line but if t ... 2000 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

The GLS with a 3.4 engine is running rough. It will idle high (sounds like a chain saw) with lots of exhaust. It will "hiccup" going 60 mph. The service engine light comes on when it "hiccups". We just replaced the mass air sensor. But the problems are still there. It is only getting 20 miles per gallon and we thought its suppose to get 29 miles per gallon. If it is running rough we turn it off and restart it and it seems better. Any suggestions? We would like to get better gas mileage and slo

I had a similar problem on my Aurora 4.0. These had a common problem with the air intake plenum gasket leaking. The car, in this condition, couldn't measure the air flow properly and the result was a poor air/fuel mixture. This is easily seen with ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I had a 2" ball for towing a boat installed on my 2009 Nissan Frontier. The boat dealer hooked the trailer up and the turn signals don't work on the trailer. He then tested it on his truck (GMC?) and the trailer turn signals worked fine. Went back to where we had to towing ball installed and that juice it getting to all necessary areas. Our truck turn signals had also stopped working for awhile but then starting working (something about a relay or delay). Do you have any idea what the probl

On older vehicles a tow harness could be wired directly to the vehicle wiring. On newer vehicles like yours, you need a module installed between the vehicle wiring and the trailer. Reason is that the original signal flasher (bi-metal type) has been r ... 2008 Nissan Frontier

I have a 93 Toyota pickup 22re engine that has poor gas mileage. I replaced the O2 sensor, the TPS sensor and the distributor cap plus I ran injector cleaner through it and cleaned the throttle body. What else could be causing my poor gas mileage? Is there adjustments I can make on the engine somewhere that would help it get better mileage?

When was last healthy tune up? Plugs, wires, ALL fluids & filters? I'd start there, then check tire pressures to make sure they're up. ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

My 2003 GMC YUKON XL burns lots of gas(I would say I'm getting approx. 12 to 13 miles per gallon,is there anything I can do to get better gas milage,it runs smooth it seems but it sure burns too m

... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Shouldn't a 2.0 liter engine be getting better gas Mileage than a 2.4 liter engine?

The size of the engine alone will not\012determine gas mileage. There are many other\012factors including vehicle weight, design of the motor, etc. So in answer t ... Cars & Trucks

I was driving my 91 dodge dakota 5.2 l v8, when i ran out of gas. got it towed and it has been stored for a month . i spent all day trying to get it going and it would just not turn over. droped tank fuel pump is all good , its got about 1/4 tank of good gas. im stuck. what else can i check? has my engine kicked the bucket?

Just wont turn over and not starting are two different things.\015\012if the engine will not even turn then it has indeed locked and is in engine heaven.\015\012\015\012if its turning over and the starter is working in turning the e ... 1991 Dodge Dakota
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