Having problems with your 2005 Ford Taurus ?

Odometer says err in front of miles on my 05 Ford Taurus

\015 Just had it in for some service.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Odometer says err in front of miles on my 05 Ford Taurus

... 2005 Ford Taurus

2005 taures se I lose power to tach-speedometer-heatand alt hand every few seconds after driving for a few miles at 60-70 mph.In 120 miles I will lose 5 miles.The odometer will be short 5 miles.I also have a problem with my a/c not cooling every few miles until i slow down then it will kick back in for a short period of time,I have had it to a ford dealer and a chrysler dealer,They replaced a sensor behind the glove box but couldnt find the one at front of motor.Any idea at all will be appreciat

I would replace the AC compressor clutch cycling switch, it is in the low side AC line (larger of 2 lines coming from the AC compressor on the engine), the switch screws into what looks like a large tire valve, will provide picture below, this assume ... Ford Taurus

2000 ford expedition emergancy brake keeps not working. I get it fixed and a couple of weeks later it isn't working again. Mechanic says t has something to do with the cable keeps coming out of it's track. Is there a service pack for this through ford or another way to fix this? Also the odometer sometimes doesn't come on right away. Drive acouple of miles and it will appear. It still keeps count when it isn't displayed so I haven't been to worried about it yet.

The frount cable will get water kicked in to them from the rear wheels. The water runs to the bend in the cable (where it turns up in to drivers compartment) and rusts causing teh cable to hang up. WHen this happends the pads will ware and cause you ... 2000 Ford Expedition

'03 ford E-150 - 4.2 engine... i'm getting check engine codes P1131 & P1151 have come up 3 times with in the last 30 days.. I have put in new air filter, i have sprayed cleaner on the mass flow sensor and i have replaced both front O2 sensors (front) and i still get these codes? it also says something about fuel metering?? can you please advise me what to do or look for, this Van has 153000 miles on it but it runs very good and i have never had any serious problems with it.... Thank you. MARTY

... Ford E-150

2004 Taurus SEL with 27,000 miles (Not a typo - 27K miles. Bought from old friend. Her mother's car - who is no longer driving). When I got it about a month ago, brake light was on. (Friend said it was checked at local Ford dealer and 3 other places b/c of light being on. Everyone said brakes were fine.) System was showing data error for parking brake and brake fluid. System reset and light went off. Was fine for about 2 weeks. Suddenly, brake light is on again. Now says data error for open door

Check for loose ground wires in the trunk, under the hood and at the battery. Remove and clean any connections that you can get to. With all the electronics on todays cars one loose ground wire can cause you to pull out all your hair. ... Ford Taurus

My 2006 Ford Mustang V6 shuts off after being on and the odometer says, "DTE ODO DATA ERR & Check Charging System" I don't know what to do.

... Cars & Trucks

2004 ford taurus odometer not working. doors say they are ajar, trunk unlocks when you open the door

... 2004 Ford Taurus

Replaced front axle bearing on 96 ford taurus two times it keeps coming a part after driving 1 mile

Make sure the brake caliper is not binding causing abnormal load on the bearing. ... 1996 Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus that is overheating when driven only a couple of miles. I had the dealer check it out, and they installed a new thermostat and flushed the radiator. It appears there may be a leak in one of the head gaskets. How can the leak be located (if it can), and how expensive is the head gasket to replace? The Chilton's guide says the motor has to be taken out of the car to replace the head gasket. That sounds expensive.

This problem is commom with the ford taurus. to check for a blown head casket ; you can pull your spark plugs and check them to see if any of them has moisture on them and also while the plugs are out turn the motor over and see if there is any water ... 1997 Ford Taurus

1999 Ford Taurus- 135,000 miles on the odometer. Vehicle will not move in low gear,,,high gear,,or reverse. NO symptoms like grinding,,,slipping,,,hard shifting,,,from the transmission. It just stopped going.

Check the cabale it may have come off!! ... 1999 Ford Taurus

2005 ford taurus isn't picking up speed it feels like driving through mud..check engine on...says o2sensor..but check transmission light coming on car has about 75,000 miles...

... Cars & Trucks

I have been trying to find out where the thermostat for a ford taurus dohc is located there are so many different hoses going to so many different places I'm not sure where to look they say in the left front but there is a lot down there could you please give me a detailed discription on where and how to replace

It is located in the front of your engine on the left side between the radiator fan and engine. The best way for me to describe the location is looking from the front look down between the motor and fan about where the add oil cap is. It is down abou ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Hello I have a 99 Ford Expedition with 51k Miles on it...sometimes the odometer says lit and other times it's not showing the reading?

Me too. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

My 2002 ford taurus has started making a strange noise, a pinging noise, when sitting in the drivers seat the noise is directly in front of the steering wheel. i have opened the hood as well and it is above the air filter. my emissions light came on about a month ago, i checked the manual and it said maybe water in gas, to fill tank a couple of times. it is still on. and the noise has continued, could it be related? the car has 57,000 miles and is in good shape.

To remove water from your fuel you should add a bottle of gasline anti-freeze to your gas tank when you fill it up. this will absorb any water in your fuel. if indeed it is water the check engine light will come on as a result of a misfire from the ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Own a 2005 ford 500. recently had front and rear pads replaced at 93k miles. Several days later warning lights started on startup ABS etc. Several days later unable to start car, battery drained. Jumped started car and used it througout the day without problems. Following day, put key in ignition, all abs lights, repair logo etc were on. Also, radio, started without any help and cd player started initializing. Unable to start without jumper cables again. Mechanic says battery is draining but

Firstand foremost,this snota problem for a echanic tooodagnose. Ifurbatery isdrainng, u shouldcek to cifur charging system is functioningproperly. Ifur ABS lite iscoming on, probaly during dis-assemby, something went wrong witur sesors. check it out ... Ford Five Hundred

My f250 diesel will shake when i drive it down the road i don't know where to start i took it to my local ford dealer and they changed a bolt a bracket and a damper on the front that they say is common charged me $230 and it didn't fix it could this possible be my fuel filter it has been in for around 10,000 miles

Change you fuel filter mile does not matter,your problem is in your fuel system start there, and if you need more help let us know ... 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

I am looking to buy a 2010 ford edge 3.5 v-6.The odometer says it only has 1215 miles on it,and auto-check confirms this,however,the valve cover looks like it has much more and I'm suspicious that the engine may have been changed.I have the VIN number, where do I find the engine serial number to see if it matches to that vehicle?

The serial number on all fords engines is located on the block flange where the transmission bell housing bolts up, based on what I know u will not be able to se this without removing the engine. This engine cost about $800 ... Ford Edge

My 2001 Taurus with V-6 Vulcan engine has 51,000 miles. I have had this car in the shop for the problem and it continues. After engine runs, trip to drug store, post office and on the second or third stop it will not start. I checked the fuel cap and fuel level. After a period of time the car will start. I need the dependability back. This is a periodic problem and it doesn't happen but randomlly. The Ford Service plug in monitor says everything is OK. Is it the fuel system back pressure? Have g

Have your fuel filter replaced. I had the same problem in my 2000 F-150 - if its really clogged, it'll take probably two or three changes until its fixed... also add some SEAFOAM in the gas. works everytime ... 1999 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus DOHC. I just replaced all 4 O2 sensors and it ran well for about 30 miles then my check engine light came back on. It does not want to idle while in gear. Put it on a diagnostic reader and it still says that bank 1 and bank 2 are to lean. Any suggestions on what to try next?

You have a vacuum leak somewhere on the engine, most likely the upper intake gasket, also u do not have 4 O2 sensors the rear ones just monitor the catalytic converter performance, they are not O2's ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a 2005 Ford Taurus that has 121,000 miles on it, and is making a roaring sound from underneath. Tire Mechanic says it sounds like it is coming from the transmission. I have never replaced the tranny fluid or filter. Should I do that now? Mileage has been put on in a short amount of time.

It sounds like a hub bearing, turn sharply (but in a safe area) and listen for a change in loudness of the noise. The opposite side of the turn will be the bad bearing (louder turning left indicates right hub bearing, turning right indicates left hub ... 2005 Ford Taurus

I just had a 2004 f-150 valve problem causing the # 3-4 cylinder to loose compression. I have elected to put a used 2005 ford engine with 42,000 miles on it. I was wanting to know is there any major problems with this engine and has ford correct the vave problems on the 05 that they had on the 04 . my 2004 engine has detailed service record with ford and they say it was just a fluke that this had happen. The engine has 107,000 miles needless to say I am dissappointed with ford. The fact that it

I am making the assumption that you have a 4.6 or 5.4 v-8 engine. There are no valve problems that I know of with these engines. Also about the only thing I can think of that would cause loss of compression on 2 adjacent cylinders is a blown head g ... Ford F-150

2001 Ford Taurus check eng light on with a DTC P0402.This happens about every 2.5 years and I replace the Backpressure sensor and that will take care of it. Is this normal on this year? We brought it new and now has 58,000 + miles (wife car) I have had 2 other Taurus a 1996 with over 200,000 miles and a 2003 with 170,000 miles and have never replace that part. Purchase the part at Advance Auto Parts should I get Ford parts? Larry

... Ford Taurus

I just had to buy a new battery for my 1993 Ford Taurus. My last battery wasn't even a year old, I got it after Christmas '07. This battery is not even 3 weeks old, and my car is dead. My son says I need a new Alternator, I have someone who has one for a 1992 Ford Taurus that he says will fit. Do you think that this may be causing my problems? I can not afford to bring my car to a garage to have it fixed. So a friend will do the work. I just need to know if this may be the problem? patche

You may be having a bad alternator check the alternator before replacing new one ... Ford Taurus

Front wheel bearings replacment in a 2003 ford taurus

Since this is a front wheel drive car i wouldnt really advise doing this by yourself unless youv done stuff like that before. I would say its not so much difficult as it is tedious work and requires some time to complete. ... 2003 Ford Taurus

1999 ford taurus se 155thousand miles, 3.0 V6

Sounds like your thermostat is stuck open, if its takes a very long time for the engine to warm up and you get nothing but cold air from your heat then thats the first place i would start. ... 1999 Ford Taurus
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