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Ac clutch replacement on a 05 for mustang 4.0L

\015 Ac clutch replacement diagram on a 05 for mustang 4.0L\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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This task takes special tools to pull and replacement. Shop needs to do this for you.
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My ac is not working on my 2000 mustang 3.8L. I'm getting power from the compressor and I had the clutch replaced. We jumped the low pressure switches and then replaced the fuses. The clutch will still not engage. Is there a relay somewhere other than the junction box? Maybe on the firewall?

You were close! Most Fords have a CCRM (Continuous Control Relay Module) thats on the passenger side fenderwell. It has 4 relays: one for the AC compressor cluth, one for the fuel pump, and two for the electric fan (high- and low-speed.) The A ... 2000 Ford Mustang

I have a 94 mustang gt, just recently did an oil change, tire rotation & valance, the mec. mentioned he had to replace the inner tie rods for valance purposes, had all spark plugs & and wires replaced, fuel filter replaced, clutch replaced, flywheel rectified,etc. the problem i am having is that when the car is in idle, if you stay still inside you will notice that the car moves side to side, it also has lots of vibrations on pedals and shift stick while idleling, also when you are accelerating

Bad tranny mount will give constant vibrations on the road. Annoying as hell. also check the front calipers for sticking. its hard to tell without being there, but check out above ok! have a good day !! ... Ford Mustang

I have a 2002 ford mustang gt.. Replaced the clutch bout 3 months ago.. New flywheel throwout bearing.. The whole works. Even purchased a clutch adjuster kit with firewall adjuster.. Car rides good and shifts good just a few minor problems or questions rather.. If i tighten the clutch i get a squeeking noise from the throwout bearing? why? and also when i turn the air conditioner on the throwout bearing rattles? is this ordinary or whats the deal? the car drives fine and everything is brand new

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Troubleshooting 2004 Ford Mustang 3.9 L, transmission. Vehicle whent into garage to have a new clutch pressure plate throwout bearing replaced. Pick car up at garage and the car developed a new loud clicking sound, whenever you were in neutral and let the clutch out, push the clutch in the sound would go away. Took the car back to have this problem fixed, and they diagnosed that it was the new throwout bearing and and they had also found that the input shaft was loose and wobbling also, so it al

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Ac clutch replacement on a 05 for mustang 4.0L

This task takes special tools to pull and replacement. Shop needs to do this for you. ... 2005 Ford Mustang

I just had the clutch cable replaced on my 95 mustang, my car is now feeling sluggish. Is the clutch going bad or was something not done correctly?

Check and make sure that it adjusted correctly and yes it is possible that the clutch is slipping do you smell something like burnt hair when this is happing?\015\012/ ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Replace clutch switch on 96 mustang cobra - 1996 Ford Mustang

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I have 90 mustang lx 5.0 5speed i have replaced the clutch cable already once ,now it went again ,i've been told it could be the pressure plate.Once i replaced the cable i had a fairly hard petal,but i thought that was normal ,what do u think it could be

Sound like you've been told right. Either your pressure plate (the thing that hold the clutch disk firmly against the flywheel) or the throw out bearing is bad. Does it make any noise when you hold the clutch in? ... 1990 Ford Mustang

2002 Ford Mustang exhaust manifold leak after clutch replacement, ticking sound when accelerating. When coasting no sound. Started low and now is getting louder. Could this be a result from the clut

Manifold nuts sound as if they ar slack ... 2002 Ford Mustang

98 ford mustange fuse for clutch motor may have went out can not find owners manual and want to replace the fuse

Have you gone to fleet.ford.com to try to download an owners manual, look under the maintenance tab. Hope this helps, let me know. ... 1998 Ford Mustang

Replace clutch plate - 1989 Ford Mustang

Lower the transmission Remove the 6 bolts from the clutch houseing, align all plates in the clutch replace the clutch and tighten the bolts snug but not forcing too much pressure. Replace the transmission and have fun driving. ... 1989 Ford Mustang

98 mustang GT Clutch replace - Cars & Trucks

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How do I replace the clutch cable on a 1990 Mustang GT?

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Is it easy to replace clutch on 1998 ford mustang

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I have a 98 Ford F150 4WD I have replaced the clutch slave cylinder. I did not replace the clutch disc or pressure plate when I had the transmission out as it was in good shape. I am the second owner and have found out that this truck has a history of losing clutch slave cylinders. I did notice a clutch burning smell after I replaced the slave cylinder. It has been about one year since repairs were made (5000 miles). Does this make/model have inherent clutch problems or have I overlooked somethi

It would've been a good idea to replace the clutch while you had it apart.Although the clutch may have looked ok, looks can be deceiving.Id suggest you replace the clutch with a new unit from your local ford dealer and repla ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Clutch Replacement I need to replace the clutch in my 93 Saturn SL1, I've replaced two clutches (in other cars) and didn't think this would be a big deal, but I am told I have to pull the motor and trans to install a new clutch kit (--disc, pressure plate, and throw out bearing) Can I just to slide it over to the subframe and add another support, like jackstand, to hold it up? Do I have to remove the motor?

THe answer to your question is YES. No need to remove the motor. You do have to pull both axels (make sure you drain the lubricant first). I just did one last weekend that way and it worked ok. ... 1993 Saturn SL1

New clutch fitted in 2003 Freelander TD4. Garage now telling us only got half a clutch and the cylinder need replacing at £120 plus £410 already for the clutch replacement. The pedal was fine when we took it into the garage. Clutch was only slipping in high gears now and again. Had it replaced because we tow a caravan. Please help. Thanks

... 2003 Land Rover Freelander

Clutch does not feel like it is fully engaging when shifting into revers or 1st. Revers grinds realy bad and first you have to jam it in. clutch has be replaced by shop and I replaced the clutch cable. The problem got worse after shop replaced clutch. What should I look at next.

... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

Synchronizer I just had the clutch on my 2004, 5 speed Toyota Corolla replaced. My car now makes a grinding g sound only when I shift into 3rd gear. If I shift slowly into 3rd, I seldom grinds. It always grinds when I downshift into 3rd gear. Should I have the repair shop that replaced my clutch fix this issue at no cost( the shop knew it was grinding when I picked it up and it cost me 1K to replace the clutch? I drove the car when the clutch "went out" to get it to the garage (about 10 miles),

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Ford escort LX 1993 1.9 liter engine.... 1. Bled clutch slave cylinder saw contaminated fluid....smokey gray to black and cloudy. Then couldn't get clutch into 1st, 3rd and 5th gears. Replaced Master Clutch Cylinder, bled it then could get clutch into 5th gear. Tried bleeding clutch slave again & still gray-black, cloudy brake fluid. Finally replaced clutch slave, bled it again slight grayish-green, slightly cloudy brake fluid. Again, still cannot get clutch into 1st & 3rd gear. What's confusing

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My Sienna has a very loud sqeel coming from the clutch of the A/C compressor. I want to know if there is anything I can do to fix it with out replacing it. I have tried spraying it with carberator cleaner and that seems to help a little. But it still sqeels when I turn the A/C on or speed up after a stop with it on. Any suggestions other than replacing the clutch. If not, any tutorials on how to replace the clutch or compressor.

The rubber belt which turns your A/C compressor is loose or worn out. What is happening is when you turn on the air conditioner, the belt is slipping trying to turn the compressor and it is heating up as it slips, (serpentine belts can take a ... Toyota Sienna

I replaced the clutch assy. in a 2003 santa fe 2wd 2.4 5 speed. I got rid of the dual mass flywheel set up and replaced it with a conversion kit with a conventional flywheel. now the clutch pedal only travels 3/4 to floor and if forced will blow out slave cyl. also replaced clutch master and slave. HELP

Check if there is air in the system. You need to bleed out the clutch. Inspect the pedal linkages for binding or anything out of the ordinary. If bleeding the clutch did not resolve the issue, you need to go back to the transmission and inspect th ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 2005-3.8L Grand Caravan A/C Clutch Assembly is making noise. Can just the clutch and bearing assembly be replaced w/o replacing the entire compressor and discharging the system? I have narrowed it down to this by spraying lube behind the a/c clutch assembly and the noise goes away. Already replaced Idle Pully and Tensioner Assembly.

Hi, my name is Tim, you can replace the clutch only, without removing the comp, or eveacuating the refrigerant, this does require a special ppuller to remove the cltch face though, most parts houses have this puller for rent,, once the face is off, t ... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Greetings, My 1997 Lincoln Town Car's A/C compressor clutch just went out with a shower of sparks and a cloud of smoke. I stopped and poured water on it to cool it down. Question: Do I need to replace the compressor or can I replace just the clutch? And where can I find instructions on how to replace the clutch? Thanks.

You can replace just the clutch. You will need a special puller to remove the clutch, it screws to the front of the compressor and presses it off. I believe the same tool is used to install it, also. Not completely sure on that point. The tool may ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Greetings, My 1997 Lincoln Town Car's A/C compressor clutch just went out with a shower of sparks and a cloud of smoke. I stopped and poured water on it to cool it down. Question: Do I need to replace the compressor or can I replace just the clutch? And where can I find instructions on how to replace the clutch? Thanks.

Hello summer.It will be hard to tell you for sure how much damage has been done.What usually happens is the pulley bearing begins to seize and heats up the aluminum shaft it is mounted to.If it got too hot, which in your case I susp ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car
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