Having problems with your 2005 Ford Ka ?

My Ford Ka judders when pulling off especially when pulling off up hill, also the reverse gear clashes.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My Ford Ka judders when pulling off especially when pulling off up hill, also the reverse gear clashes.

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Why does my ford crown vic engine shakes when I start it up? When I put it in reverse or drive it hesitates when i accelerate especially going up hill. When I'm braking it feels like the tranny is having a hard time down shifting into first gear. I have changed the throttle positioning sensor, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, and i also got it put on a smoke machine to see if I had a vacuum leak. No leaks were found. I have not changed the spark plug wires in a year and a half. I found a li

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Grinding gearbox iv got a 1995 ford probe 2.5 v6 manual. a few days ago i started to notice a grinding and whining noise coming from the gearbox when in 1st, 2nd and reverse. i have no problem selecting a gear and the clutch feels fine, but when pulling away there is also a lack of power or a restriction of some sort which also makes the exhaust sound weird. can anyone help or suggest anything please?

Got to AAMCO for a free inspection.....best part....IT'S FREE!!!!! They will tell you what is wrong and will NOT perform maintenance without your consent. ... 1995 Ford Probe

My wife and I bought a 2009 Hyundai Accent in August of 2009. Since new the car has made weird transmission sounds while idle in gear, or reversing slowly. The car also shakes during the latter once in a while. After about 3,000 miles, the transmission started clunking, especially up hills when shifting from 4th to 3rd. It feels like running over a rodent when it clunks, so its not just a little slip of a band or adjustment. We took it in. they said it is fine because it wouldn't clunk for them.

In your owners manual there is a phone number to file a complaint to the corporation. Do that first of all. I owned a Hyundai that did very strange things although I had strange braking problems which was repaired at a shop of my preference and was r ... 2009 Hyundai Accent

Need location of shift sensor on ford explorer 2002 sports trac (70,000 miles) need to know location and if this could cause reverse not to operate and the shift sensors function? also, goes forward but between 3 and 4th gears pulls alittle not shifting? history just replaced the radiator - trans fluid was mixing with it. HELP

The Solenoid Pack in trans may be clogged up,now you got coolant in there. You flushed the trans I assume and could replace the solenoid control pack, but it will cost you 332.00 wholesale at trans supply house. After that it is out with trans and ne ... 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

I have a 1992 Ford E150 conversion van that will sputter and choke while driving. Especially happens when hard city driving or going up a hill or even against the wind. I pull over. Let it cool for 5-10 mins the. Start again and drive never over second gear or with overdrive off and drive more gingerly and seem to make it. Oil and fluids are fine and no overheating. Would vac leak cause this? fuel filter? Air filter? Engine acts like it coughs or backfires/farts in the engine compartme

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Dashboard lights are out and rear lights, also a pulling sensation when changing gears especially and a horrible sort of screeching noise when I start the engine!!

You aren't alone with your lights problem . Mu '59 Picanto did exactly the same thing last night. No dashboard, heater, or air vent illumination and worse still no rear lights (note brake lights do work). Got home switched off everything, then switch ... 2009 Kia Picanto 1.1

Gears of transmission doesn't always shift from park to reverse and then from reverse to drive .the shifter cable was replaced by a ford specialist,and a transmission specialist checked it 3-months ago.Now we seem to have the same poblems only worse ,it seems to shift from gear to gear sometimes and not all the time.they seem to have a mind of their own.when we have the low gears we have no reverse,when we have reverse we only have high gear,also seems tobe losing oil,more than often,have to add

Sounds like the bands could be streched i have a similar problem with my holden when we checked it it lines had a huge crack in them from the mechanic not tying them up which ment loosing a huge amount of fluid which then lead to it not changing gear ... 1995 Ford Aerostar

I have a 4.3L V6 automatic transmission at 99,000 miles. Yesterday when I started it and put it in reverse, it took a few seconds to engage into reverse. Even then, it still didn't feel fully engaged. Then shifting into Drive to pull forward, the same thing happened. While accelerating out of first gear, it didn't seem fully engaged. As soon as the truck gets moving enough to be in 2nd and other gears everything works fine. What could cause Reverse and 1st gear not to engage? Also, it was well b

Check your fluid level, it is probably low-check it when the engine is running, after the vehicle has been driven, on a level surface-if it is up to full, you will probably have issues with the trans, and you should at least consider having the trans ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

My 94 ford ranger 5 speed is pulling and will drive in 3&4th gear and neutral is a gear now with no reverse or 1st or 2nd what's wrong??

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I have a 1994 Nissan XE v6 4+4 automatic truck. The transmission shifts in all gears perfectly in all gears except REVERSE. I changed the fluid & filter,but still no reverse. Is there a cylinoid for the reverse? Also the 4+4 is working great. Is there anything I can do without pulling the transmission.

Have the fault codes read. Replace faulty items. Use onlygenuine items as replacement as non-genuine are not always compatible with the OEM fitted CPU units. This results in the fault codes not cancelling out. I suspect a faulty reverse solenoid ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1995 ford F250 7.3 powerstroke with an automatic transmission. when i start the truck the o/d off light flashes after 10 seconds. If i attempt to pull out in drive it is in high gear. If i pull gear selecter to low it is in second. All this happened after crossing a rough set of train tracks. also it now seems cut out at higher rpm now. any idea what is causing this?

I almost had the same problems you have listed with my 1994 F-150, I believe that your truck has same transmission. There is some kind of sensor/electronic control on this transmission. One of the connectors could be loose. I have no idea where th ... 1995 Ford F250

MY 1993 dodge dynasty will drive forward for about a block and slip out of gear, you can then pull over stop the car and put it in park and then start the car again and it will go another block. It will not drive in reverse. i had the tranny pulled and rebuilt last july. they also replaced one of the quadrants. some times while driving it shifted through the gears and got up the highway speed.

You are going to need to have the trans pulled again. There aren't any electrical problems that can cause no reverse. Also it sounds like the 2/4 clutch is burnt and when it slips it puts it in limp and 2nd is gone. Hopefully the shop that did it in ... 1993 Dodge Dynasty

2002 GMC 1500 Four wheel drive. I was turning around and when i did and went to reverse. the truck made a clucking sound as it always does. but this time it started too whine and I try to go forward it slip bad until it tac up some then it took off like it was in one of the high gears pull forward but bolged down. this morning i went and try it again had forward gears but no reverse it also whine bad in Rev and N

Do you have proper Trans Fluid level. When you never change the fluid every couple years you end up with these issues. Dirty valve body in trans,bad solenoid pack or internal damage. ... 2002 GMC Sierra

When driving up hills, the car will judder quite significantly and it seems to struggle to get into the right gear. The car is a 1.8T automatic VW Passat. We have also experienced a similar sensation when on motorways and the car is also not always able to accelerate away from junctions as it used to. Whilst this is not all the time, it is increasingly the case on all hills, but is less obvious or common on the flat.

Check the oil level and filter on the gear box and service it . if that is ok then its the trouque converter or worse the gear box ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I installed a Transmission from a 2000 Windstar into my 1998 Taurus. It shifts forward and reverse fine. Can I put the VSS from my 1998 Ford Taurus AX4S into the transmission from a 2000 Ford Windstar AX4S and will it report correctly to the PCM? I know the gear range might be different, but could care less. The transmission from the Windstar has a cover over where the VSS goes. Is the plastic gear still on the output shaft of the Windstar AX4S for the VSS? The Windstar AX4S also has another co

The tranny will not work. You can't convert vss gear driven signal to oss signal. The PCM will read it different. The gear driven vss is 8000 pulses per mile and the oss is 32000 pulses per mile. In lay man terms.. the speedometer will the the PCM th ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Manual Transmission made a clunking noise while pulling away from a stop sign while in first gear. Car would then not move forward or reverse. Able to shift in all 5 gears and also in reverse.

Sounds like you have a busted drive shaft or a bust spigot shaft going into your gear box. Easiest way to check on this is to jack up the front of the vehicle and spin the wheels. If the drive shafts move then they are fine and you have a busted sp ... 1991 Honda Accord

2001 eddie bauer ford expedition 4x4 no prior problems with transmission or gear slippage. had trans fluid and transfer case fluid changed last month. yesterday put suv in reverse and car jerked and died. then when speeding up it did not want to shift into higher gear and overdrive light on gearshift was flashing off. pulled over and put suv into park and then it would not go into any gear. turned car off and sat for 15-20 minutes and suv would go into gear but did not want to shift so stayed in

Input or output speed sensor,Incorrect fluid or fluid level,neutral safety switch,or TCM (transmission control module) ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Automatic gearbox I have got a Ford Galaxy N reg. CD-V6 Automatic, l am having trouble when l select Drive or Reverse gears, when l select these gears there is a time delay before the vehicle moves also when l'm on a journey there is the same problem when the vehicle is trying to change gear? Please could let me know the problem

Service the transmission fluid and filter, this may be an issue of a dirty filter and worn out trans fluid, use one of the newer synthetic fluids. ... 1991 Ford Explorer

I have a 1973 ford bronco with a c4 automatic transmission It was setting out in weather and i pulled it in garage with another vehicle and got running then shifted into gear and it wont go forward or reverse i pulled the cooler line off and no fluid would pump thru, "it was full of oil" i pulled pan off and the oil is clean

... Ford Bronco

I have a 91 nissan 300zx automatic transmission.when in drive it wants to pull out in 3rd,when in second it also wants to pull out in 3rd drop it in 1st it pulls out in second ,what happened to my first gear and why is it all mixed up,reverse neutral and park work fine and so do my over drives when in 3rd.

... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

In my 1997 Ford F-250 7.3ltr Power Stroke, while driving in 5th gear (manual Transmission) on the highway at a constant speed of 70mph going up a gradual hill maybe 6% grade, my pickup locked up and would not move. at first i thought it was the transmission, now i think it may be transfer case. the shifter will move in and around the gears, but i do not know if it is actually pulling out of gear?

Its could be the handbreak thats jamed ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

The vehicle in question is a 1985 Ford Ranger 2x4, 5 Spd, with the 2.3 Mitsubishi Diesel. The truck will not move in 5th or reverse gears. The truck all of a sudden started to make a grinding noise in the 5th, reversae gears when clutch is released. The shifter still felt normal and gears 1, 2, 3, 4 all work fine. Everything looked normal when we pulled the shifter out of the top of the transmission. What are the potential causes, parts failures, and / or diagnostic steps to take? Can we pul

Your syncronizers are shot in those two gears and need to be replaced. the trans will have to come out to perform this replacement ... Ford Ranger

Hello, My transmission slips in 2nd and 3rd gear. It feels like it slips. the RPMs go up and then it finally gets into gear. I cant hear anything wrong. I am wondering if it is a computer problem more then a gear problem. Be fore i take it in i would like some advise. It mostly happens on hills. It also seems to have a hard time down shifting when i pull up to a stop sign. It doesnt happen all the time but enough to make me concerned. Thank you

Rarely is slipping, something that can be resolved,other than rebuilding the trans\015\012\015\012You might want to give out the vehicle,year,make,model,next time ... Jeep Wrangler

My 2005 reg BMW is difficult to get into 1st or reverse gear when i start it from cold the and is very notchy in other gears it pulls OK on hills so it does not appear to be the clutch and after about 20 min of driving the problem dis appears this was the case until i noticed the clutch pedal was much lower to the floor than the break pedal. if i lift the pedal with my feet before starting the car the gears work normally.

You say that the it appears to not be the clutch, but if the clutch pedal is much lower to the floor than the brake pedal, that's an indication that the either the slave or master cylinder is leaking. If you lift the pedal with your feet, the gears w ... BMW 525
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