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Why did my 2005 Ford fusion ac/heat fan just stopped blowing. It was working great and then I made a quick stop and when I got back into the car and started it the AC fan stopped blowing?

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Answers :

You probably blew a fuse that fan has its own fuse believe it or not. look under driver side dash or left side of dash for the fuze box the fuses should be labled
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Why did my 2005 Ford fusion ac/heat fan just stopped blowing. It was working great and then I made a quick stop and when I got back into the car and started it the AC fan stopped blowing?

You probably blew a fuse that fan has its own fuse believe it or not. look under driver side dash or left side of dash for the fuze box the fuses should be labled ... 2005 Ford Fusion

04 bmw 545i. i made a quick stop and speed about 40 passed one car and my car 2nd monitor gone hay wire with message. drive vehicle safely to nearest dealer. i got scared so i pull over and turn off the car and it wouldn't start. a gear picture appear on the main screen with exclamation i think and the secondary screen said faulty transmission. the car refuse to start. it doesn't even turn over.

There has been a fault in the valve body of the transmission - one of the controlling solenoids failed. When that happened the PCM - the brain of the car - has detected it and deemed it very important so it put the car in Limp Mode. Limp Mode is a se ... 2006 BMW 545i

Put in a new battery. it didn't even last 24 hours battery light was on in car drove it and it shut off in the middle of the road when stopped at a stop light. had the alternator tested it tested good got new battery and voltage regulator got vehicle home went to start it the next day wouldn't start. Just put in a new alternator and battery went to store and came out and wouldn't start again. got someone to jump me made it home pull in the driveway barely made it in the driveway shut off a

I don't know..... but what you are saying sounds typical of a bad alternator not recharging, when you had it tested did they test it in the car or did they have you remove it and bench test it?\015\012Let the shop run the vehicle ... 1989 Ford Taurus

1988 260E was running fine got on freeway after a few miles car began sputtering low fuel light was on made it to station added 7.5 gal to tank started car stalled exiting waited 10-15 min started fine made it home next morn started fine ran few min stopped did this a few times now wont start changed fuel filter no luck did a direct connect to both pumps one at a time car starts stalls on disconnect thinking fuel relay help please P.S gave this car to mom for BD

I wouldn't do the direct connect for very long as you will damage the pump.\012 Check the harness from the tank pig-tail back into the body for broken connection especially where it goes into the body.\012\012Sounds like MAP sensor to me ... 2008 Toyota Camry

I HAVE AN 06 H3 HUMMER the heater was blowing fine when I shut the car off ok, when I got back in and started it the heaters blower stopped. I have checked all fuses and relays and they are fine I even swapped fuses and relays around and everything is working except the heater fan whats up? Marty

I just solved this problem on my 06 H3. My fan just stopped working on all settings. My problem was the resistor pack. It internally shorted and burned the harness. Once you locate the parts it is only like a 30 min fix. Under the glove box is t ... 2008 Hummer H3

I have a 2002 cadillac deville that has been giving me heating issues.My car has been blowing out cool air when I turn the heat on and also it has been overheating. My mechanic took my radiator to a radiator shop and got it flushed, he put a new heater core on it, and a new thermostat, after all of this the car finally started to give heat, good heat, and then it started blowing cold air again, and over heating. The fans are coming on and off by themselves when the car starts to overheat and my

Has the mechanic verified you do not have a head gasket issue. These cars are known for this issue. Everything you stated so far would lead me to believe this needs to be addressed first. Ask him what test have been done to verify its not head relat ... Cadillac DeVille

Where is pcv valve on 2006 audi a4 2.0T?? My car started making a whiste noise when I started the car the other day and it sounded like the fan belt. But today it didn't do it at start up but when I got home it was noticed that it was whistling in idle and continued for several seconds after the engine was turned off. It almost sounded like it got lounder then shut off like a balloon you let the air out of and it kind of peaks then stops. I bought this car used, it has 70K and it's had a lot of

... Audi Cars & Trucks

Anti-theft problem? My daughter got in the car, as soon as she put the key in, the horn started blowing and would not stop. The key would not come out and the brake felt like it was locked (?). She could start the car but I don't know if it would drive or not, she didn't try. A security guard unplugged the horn (in the engine compartment , I think) At that point everything then started behaving as normal again. He plugged the horn back in and it started blowing again. She is 1800 miles away so

It sounds like the ignition cylinder has worn, when you try to stick anything into the ignition besides the key it respond by freezing the system. due to the cylinder being worn the key does not fit correctly, then the ignition picks up on this and t ... 1995 Buick Regal

I came back from vacation my 2000 honda accord would not start battery is dead. I got a jump from someone. The car started right up but the horn continuously blows and wont shut off. Had to have car towed 200 miles to my home. Is there anything I can do to make horn stop blowing. It is a new battery in the car, so the battery shouldnt be dead in the first place

Your car is in theft mode. Try turning the key in the door. This disarms most factory alarms. ... 2000 Honda Accord

I started my car this morning to let it heat up and start blowing hot air. Well 15 min later I got in and it was blowing cold air, I checked to make sure the heat was turned all the way to hot and made sure it was on outside air, even tried the inside air. I then shut off the car and unscrewed the radiator cap and it was blowing out hot green water so that was ok, my oil was full, the only thing was my little resivoir to the left of the radiator was slushy so I poured a little hot water in and t

Interesting symptoms.If the expansion reservoir was filled with icy slush, then your coolant/water ratio is way off. My first theory is that your cooling system needs a thorough flushing.\015\012\015\012Heater cores can get blocked with ... 1995 Eagle Summit

My a/c fan or another fan that I don't know will not stop blowing. I turn off my ac unit. I turn off my heater. I even shut off my car it keeps blowing. I had to unhook my battery to get it to stop. When I attached my battery again it starts blowing again. Please advise.


Hi, I am a Sri Lankan and drive a 1995 Mercedes E300 Diesel. Since a few days ago the Air Condition stopped working when the car was idling in traffic. But as soon as the car starts to move the Aircon blows cold air and starts working. I checked the outside radiator/condenser Aircon fan to see whether it works and found that it normally works. However I couldn't get down in traffic to check whether it has stopped functioning when the problem came. The outside air temperature this ti

Low on freon the 1st place to check if you have a manifold gage check it other wise add a small can of freon you can get at auto parts store.. ... Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Car was running fine, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, left the store, clicked the trunk to put the groceries in, got into the car, put the key in the innition turned the key, no power, no start. A kind person attempted to give me a jump to no avail. When i tried to start the car while it was being jumped, the car made a clicking sound? Help !

Happened to me as well - drove to the mall, returned to the car 45mins later and nothing. Tried to jump it to no avail. No advance warning in terms of slow crank / hard to start. Had it towed to a dealership and was informed that the battery had s ... 2005 Ford Five Hundred

1998 Sebring conv 6 cyl has power problem. Starter was diagnosed at napa as fine. 3 of four gages stop working (gas gage working). Compressor on air conditioner stops coming on with all fans running. Problem started as intermitent, now is running this way. About a week ago car would not start though battery tests fine. Fuses that control ignition start and possibly the other gauges and compressor? blow. Help.

Sound like some wires are damaged either under the dash. I would trace your ignition wires and see if you find any wires rubbing against a corner...steering...tilt.. behind an upgraded stereo (you get the idea)They could also be pinched behind ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

I just bought a 2000 ZX2 5 speed manual trans and am noticing that the A/C works when you first start the car, but quickly stops cooling within 5 to 10 minutes. Also, the car starts sputtering and bucking as I shift in 2nd and 3rd gears. The previous owner stated he just got a tune up done the week before I purchased the car. Please advise

Cooling issue is most likely a low freon issue. When the low side gets low pressure it will shut off. Also if the drier is full of moisture from a small leak (from low pressure) then it will basically be an ice block.\015\012\015\012The low i ... Ford Escort

I have a saturn 2003 vue car whose engine goes off after i have put on the ACthe engine of the car stops when the AC is put on. According to the user, the orginal fan belt got destroyed and he replaced it and from that time it started. I want where i can get a fan and a timing belt for the car. the model is ZLB26 + Add a Comment .

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 VW beetle, got into car a/c not blowing cold fan was working fine and the a/c light will come on but the compressor was not coming on. when i asked my wife about it (her car) she said it had been cutting in and out for a few days, so i parked it for the night, the next day when i went to start troubleshooting it i have a new problem, now the fan doesn't work and the a/c light wont come on. i have checked all the fuses in car and on top of battery box all good no burnt or suspicious

Before anything else check the fuses on the left side of the dash for the blower to work\015\012as far as the compressor shutting off and on, you probably have a leak and no freon on the system,unless you know what to do and have the adequate tools, ... 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

95 Ford Crown Victoria won't start/crank? I was taking my daughter to her spring concert and stopped for gas on the way when I got back in to car to leave it would not start. It made no sound at all no clicking nothing. Got a guy to try to jump start it and same results nothing.

Either starter or coil went out ... 1995 Ford Crown Victoria

2001 Mazda 626 4cyl 2.0L. After being stuck in LA freeway traffic on a really hot day with the A/C going. When I got home I turned the car off and the radiator fan keep going. After about two hours it still was going so I pulled the negative lead off the battery. The problem persists now so I have to pull the neg lead off the battery in order to stop the fan. Then when I want to start the car I connect the neg lead back on the battery

You need to change the fan relay. It is either in the fuse box or in the inner fender area. Hope this helps you. Good luck! ... 1999 Mazda 626

We have been traveling for 7 hours today in our 2001 Ford Taurus. We had no problems; car did not run hot, got great gas mileage. We made it to our hotel and not the car will not start. It will crank but not stay on. We have no idea what could be the issue. Sometimes it should like it is having a hard time when it is idling and needs some extra gas but that goes away quickly. It has been several years since I purchased a battery and the started has not been replaced in several years. After

Sounds like the battery is old and got hot from all of the use and charging that was put on it. Next time you drive the car a bit, check the battery with your hand. Be careful it may be really hot. If it is too hot to touch, replace it. ... 2001 Ford Taurus



Severe Over-heating OK. It caught me of guard. I stopped for gas, at night and the cat was steaming under the hood. This was Wednesday 2 weeks ago. I put water in and thought everything was fine. Then, I found that everytime I stoped the car, the water would pour out of the center of the car just behind the fan, and figured it was the water pump. Many OTHER emergencies, so made due with adding water everytime I stopped and re started. Parked for 3 days, and NOW the water just boils in in the

Hi there. I had a lincoln towncar around the same year do the same thing and it was the waterpump. I doubt its just the gasket since it is overheating all the time now. The pump on mine was for the 5.0(302) it was 28 dollars but it was not real ea ... 1985 Ford Mustang

My 2002 3 series air just stopped working this week. It would not blow any air at all. After about a day it started working again. No problems for several days and then there was nothing blowing again, no matter what temp or how high you set the fan nothing came out - cold or hot. Started the car the next time and it worked fine. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks!

It could be the blower motor or the blower motor limit switch. ... 2002 BMW 3 Series

Just replaced the clutch on 2004 CAVALIER. the car ran fine then started to feel like it was going to stall, its a manual not automatic. then one day it just shut off, if you turn the key there is nothing. i have lights,dashboard lights. at the same time the air conditioner stopped working, if i turn off ac the fan blows, but push in the ac button and the fan stops. are these problems related? i also changed the starter, ran for a bit and then shut down. this didnt fix the problem.

QUERY COMPUTER ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

When i go to a stop my radio goes off and then when i start going again it turns back on and it just started doing it today and then when i got home and put my car in park my car turned off. but the heat is still blowing and lights work.

It sounds worse then it is. have the battery tested and then the charging system. it sounds very much like you have an alternator that has failed. the system should read between 13.5 and 14.7v. ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
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