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Lugnuts came off post broke - 2005 Ford Explorer

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You can get Lug nut Studs at any Auto Parts Store. Get it and I can tell you how to Install it!
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Lugnuts came off post broke - 2005 Ford Explorer

You can get Lug nut Studs at any Auto Parts Store. Get it and I can tell you how to Install it! ... 2005 Ford Explorer

2001 ford explorer rear door hatch handle doesn't open hatch. I can open window but it feels the linkage broke or came apart. Ho do I access it to locate the problem?

... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

I need the flat rate time and the manual it came from, to R and R the starter on a 1999 Ford 4x4 Explorer with a 4.0, vin code X motor. I posted this problem a few days ago in the free catagory and the only response I have gotten is solitations for a premium service.

.7 hrs that came from Mitchell manual ... Ford Explorer

2000 ford explorer 4.0 top starter bolt frozen in bell housing,cannot move,bottom one came out by hand,top one broke loose turned 1/8 turn and now cannot move,tried some heat with a propane torch no help.afraid to strip head.

This is going to be a tough one and I am glad to see that you tried some heat on that bolt. My favorite rust eater is PBlaster, comes in a spray can and is excellent. Try soaking the bolt 2-3 times with the spray letting it soak in really good. Then ... 2000 Ford Explorer

The idler pulley came off on my 95 ford explorer and it dont look broke do i just tap it back in or what?

Hi and welcome to FixYa!If that's the case then you can just tap it back in. It is usually secured by a 12mm bolt. So if the bolt is missing, put one in.Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one! ... Ford Explorer

I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and the Wrench light has come on. I read in the manual that it alerts you to a powertrain malfunction. the auto does not run any differently than before it came on. Runs Fine. The light will come on a couple of minutes after it is started. Ford dealership ran a diagnostic and said that 1st test showed problem but then said that 2nd test did not. They reset the light but during the test drive, it came back on. They are going to run another more in depth test in a few d

... 2006 Ford Explorer

Liftgate window hinge broke on ford explorer - 2001 Ford Explorer

... 2001 Ford Explorer

What would you have to change on a 98 ford explorer 4.0sohc motor that came out of a 4wd vehicle to make it fit in a 98 ford explorer 2wd? I don't want to make the vehicle 4wd i just found a motor for one a whole lot cheaper.

If the engines are both 1998 then they should be identical and you should have no problems. the timing chains on these engines wear out around 120,000 miles and should have new chain and tensioners put in before install if high mileage. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Gear shift on my 2002 Ford Explorer (built after April 2001) broke off in my hand. I'm told the aluminum gear shift tube is what broke, but can't find that part. I was also told my only option was to replace the entire column as all steering columns on explorers built after April 2001 are collapsible and only come in one piece.

The gear shift mounts to a rod. The rod has the c clap that the shifter clips into. Fords a joke and won't replace it. But u can get the replacement lever on ebay for around fifty bucks. Easy to replace on the bottum thiers a star bolt. Un do it the ... 2002 Ford Explorer


When you replaced the part you needed to kill the old code by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes.\015\012\015\012The cold start problem could definitely be the result of the coolant temp switch not working. Check whether you are re ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Hi; My name is Dean Ford. I drive a 1996 Ford Ranger. My belt broke the other day. It runs all P/S A/C . It is an all in one belt. I have been trying to find the diagram. But the one that came up is the 1997 model . It is not the same . Could you send me the diagram for this. 1996 2.30 ford ranger with A.C. & P.S. I got it at napa . On the box it reads 13/16"x 82-3/8 OC Or 20 mm x 2093 OC 15533361 From the Gates Co.

Actually, you don't need a diagram to replace the broken belt.\015\012\015\012All serpentine belt pulleys are either smooth or grooved.\015\012All serpentine belts have a smooth or grooved side.\015\012\015\012Just threa ... Ford Ranger

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Sports Trac. The Check Engine light came on. My Mechanic's Reader says "Low Coolant Temp." We shut off the light. I came on again. Both times, only when driving more than 10 miles with speeds above 55 mph. We replaced the thermastat and coolant. It came on again this saturday on the way to South Dakota. The Temp. Gauge barely gets to operational temp/slightly above in city, and falls at/or below operational temp when stopped. Please help!

The first step is to determine whether the engine is actually running cold or if the engine computer just "thinks" it is. Your temperature gauge is controlled by the engine computer. I use an infrared thermometer directed at the base of the Engine ... 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Changed fuel filter broke line 1999 ford explorer

Sorry, that is the only way. The splice kit only fixes plastic to plastic. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I have a ford explorer 97 4.0 had it tested and it came up with code 171 and 174 so replaced 1 02 sensor drove for one day now light came back on had it tested now i get code 174 what would be the problem

Vacuum leak running lean ... Ford Explorer Sport Trac

My 2005 ford explorer xlt check charging system light keeps coming on. I just recently within 60 days ago replaced the alt AND the battery. Thought that solved the problem then about 2 weeks later it came on again along with service engine soon.. Had throttle body cleaned out and system reset. Check engine light came back on today but car ran fine but when turned heat on, battery gauge went down.

... Cars & Trucks

Went to work and my 2002 ford explorer running fine came home and went in changed came out car turned over but won't start then battery went completely dead.Took battery and alternator to be tested alternator fine replaced Battery still won't start, replaced fuel filter still won't completely turn over and now battery light won't go off...any suggestions?

... Cars & Trucks

2000 ford explorer ohv 4.0I replaced head gasket. Ran great for three days. Wife was driving home and engines quits. Check engine came on. Check gage came on. changed coil pack - have fire changed spark plugs - still nothing checked fuel pressure at injectors - good checked back pressure at exhaust - good checked injector shut of switch under dash - good changed crank shaft senser - nothing changed cam shaft senser - nothing changed computer(brain box) - nothing changed alternator - n

Do a compresion check, if Ok then timing chain is ok, try some throtle body cleaner trough a vac. hose while cranking if stars, fuel pump is out, another way if you have no codes the most poss. cuase is your fuel pump, check press is gauge handy ... 2000 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and driving today the dash battery light came on and the gauge on the dash indacated battery was not charging, I looked at the belts and they seem to be tight and I put a voltage tester on the battery and it read 12.2 amps off and a little less when it was running, the battery is maintenance free and the green indictator lite on the battery is green, it there another way to check and see if the alternator is producting charging amps? The ford has 115,000 miles on it.

It needs a alternator because with it running the meter needs to read 13.5 to 14.5 volts ... Ford Explorer

I have a 2002 ford explorer sport ract and a prof mechanic changed the engine.we drove it home and it was great.We went to start it again and nothing but all lights came on .The shop that it is in tells me it could be the starter and now its the security system and now its the computer in it.Do you think I should take it to a ford dealer and have them fix or what?

Yes you really need to have a dealer look at it , sounds like the "professional" who put the engine in is just a parts changer and doesn't understand electronics and the systems of this truck and how they work. ... Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Daytime running lights are stuck on without keys in ignition. Had to take fuses out to finally get them to turn off. It wasn't my sensor on my rearview cause I flipped it to on and my regular lights came on and then switched it back to the off position and the daytime running lights came back on. What is the problem with me 1999 FORD EXPLORER XLT?? Any help would be appreciated

Could be the relay for the DRL is just stuck on. I assume you checked under your hood in the fuse box ... 1999 Ford Explorer

My '03 Ford Explorer has only 77,000 mi. on it. check engine light came on so I took it in and the mechanic said to get a tune up, which I did. Check engine light remains on and it runs a little rough,( mostly when at a stop light or when it idles) . SO we took it to the Ford dealer. they ran a bunch of tests and said they need to pull the engine and replace all the piston rings. Cost would be about $3,000.00.also , it is sucking gas like crazy. Any ideas out there? 3 mechanics says its "safe" t

Is it blowing blue smoke out the exhuast pipe or lose of compression? Then that means you have bad rings. What where the codes that they got out of the computer? Sounds like the dealer is trying to rip you off unless you never did oil changes to the ... 2003 Ford Explorer

Hi I have a 2003 Ford Explorer sport. the airbag light keeps flashing. just recently it went off, and stayed off for several days. When I went to get an inspection today it failed because the light came back on... I've been researching and found that this is a common prob in explorers. The cable that connects to the seatbelt under the seat is too short (causing the airbag light to activate). I went to get my car inspected because the airbag light went off after I readjusted my seat and stayed of

... 2002 Ford Explorer

Overheating 2003 ford explorer check gauge light came on while driving..noticed air condit wasn't putting out any cold air.. got home..lifted the hood to take a look..the resevoir for the coolent was bubbling or boiling..let the truck sit for a couple of hours ..came out the reservoir was empty..put some coolent and some water in the resevoir tank started truck and let it run for ten min seemed to be ok but haven't driven it yet..not sure where to start looking for the problem. I haven't worked

First of all you were very smart to let it cool down first.you can get burned taking of the cap. but the cap is the first thing to ckeck. put it on a pump and pump it to at lest 17lbs make sure it holds what is marked on it. you can use the same pum ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I have a 2009 ford explorer and after changing the front wheel bearings, my ABS lights came on, brake system lights came on and it says I should service the RSC. My engineer has done everything possible but nothing seems to work. Ithe would not respond immediately to downshifts until about 5 seconds putting my foot down pedal-to-the-metal. This car automatically applies brakes when am driving the the traction control light flashes when that happens. I bought and Installed a brand new fuel pump a

Nothing changed because you have to component testto find problems with a partOnly if you understand the parts being tested & they fail a test,do they get replacedALL VEHICLES since 1996 have those problems & lots more ... Cars & Trucks

95 ford explorer, latch release cable broke at the latch

You have to pm me if it was me you where trying to get otherwise they just go back on the message board and there is hundreds and hundreds on there. if you can get the front grill off you can access the latch from there and a bit of fiddling with a s ... 1998 Ford Explorer
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