Having problems with your 2005 Ford Expedition ?

2005 Ford expedition misfires when accelerating

\015 When accelerating at speeds of about 40 to 60 miles per hour the engine sputters or misfires. Runs normal after 60 miles per hour.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2005 Ford Expedition

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2005 Ford expedition misfires when accelerating

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Misfires under acceleration - 2000 Ford Expedition

Try to determine if a particular cylinder or cylinders are misfiring. If it is definitely a certain cylinder, look for a bad coil pack on plug bad and replace as indicated by the misfire codes found in the computer.\015\012\015\012I would ... 2000 Ford Expedition

My 1997 Ford Expedition has major power loss an is popping through the exhaust when I accelerate.....I pulled the codes an it said misfire on cylinders 3-6-8 so I replaced both coils an no change an still the same codes don't notice a miss at an idle just when u press on the gas

How about module.spark plugs. ... Cars & Trucks

2000 ford expedition will not Accelerate - 2000 Ford Expedition

If it idles fine but it has no power the catalityc converter could be stopped up, ... 2000 Ford Expedition

2006 ford expedition misfire - 2006 Ford Expedition

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My 2006 Ford Expedition runs perfectly however; when I step on the accelerator and push it to the floor regardless of the current speed or from a complete stop, it appears to be slugish and begins to ****. What could the problem? Note: Fuel filter was replaced less than a year ago by Ford as part of preventive maintenance. Subsequent to vehicle going into failsafe mode, Ford also replaced throttle body and motor assembly as well as sensor relay and reprogrammed PCM for $850.00. Could t

Sounds like one of the ignition coils are bad. ... 2006 Ford Expedition

My 2002 Ford Ranger Edge V-6 is misfiring after it warms up when trying to accelerate or under a load, going uphill. The vehicle jerks around 2500 rpm and above 45 mph. It doesn?t **** as bad at higher rpm, flooring it. The misfire was originally at #4 cylinder. I changed the coil, plugs and wires twice. The problem goes away for about 6 months then returns. Now the misfire is at the #3 cylinder. Please help. Thank you, Russell

Havent a clue here ,one cylinder now another missing ,only one thing comes to mind here and thats the coil pack ,check the voltage across the battery with engine running at 1500rpm and if its higher than 15.5 volts of their abouts then the alternator ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

1998 Ford Expedition XLT Eddie Bauer truck kicks/stutters after I take my foot off accelerator at 70mph-why?

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2004 Ford Expedition. When I accelerate, the air

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Ford F350, 7.3 powerstroke, accelerating from 0-60

Does it have acentre bearing in the tail shaft ?if so ,fhat is more than likely the problem .also check that all the tail shaft yoke s are in line,they only have to be 1 spline out togive those symptoms ,a rumble ,is definatly coming from the driv ... 2001 Ford F350 Super Duty SuperCab

Ford Expedition knocks at low RPM and misfires

SCRAP IT ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

97 ford expedition cutting off at idle . it was skipping and hesitating under strain . had it checked by a computer and it said egr valve and number 6 cylinder misfire . i changed egr valve , plugs, wires . It ran good for 4 months then started again . This time it said egr valve and number 2 cylinder misfire . I changed egr again and plug . It is running better ( no skipping ) but now it wants to cut off in idle. It doesnt do it every time but the rpms drop very low. can you please help

Pull wire off # 2 see if idle changes if not there s no spark... test coil....test all vacuum lines for leaks also. if all good then idle speed sensor. ... 1997 Ford Expedition

Hello, my 2002 ford explorer has a low idle speed and shakes while in park , when stoped at a red light it sometimes stalls, when accelerating slow whole car shakes, when accelerating fast ( on freeway) runs fine, i went to get it checked at autozone, it said all cylinders misfire, DPFE senors and oxygen senors but will not tell me the part numbers

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I have a 1999 ford expedition and lately experienced intermittent rough idling, hesitation during acceleration and is also temporarily cured when I top up my gas level. I just had and engine tune up from my ford dealer a month ago before this problem surfaced, what remedy can I take or what parts should I check, where is the fuel filter located?


My 2000 Ford Expedition 4.6l had a manifold seal blown and was leaking fluid in the sparkplug sockets. Seal replaced and spark plugs changed, now I am having to change coil packs because Im getting misfires in first cylinder 5, then 6, now 3.....but this last reading on the computer, it was both a missfire in cylinder 3 and a faulty EGR valve. Is it possible that it was just the EGR valve all along giving false misfire readings? Each time I replaced a coil pack, it fixed the problem for about a

Faulty EGR valves do not cause "false" misfire codes. An EGR valve that is not closing properly can cause misfires (and misfire codes) but they are REAL misfires when this happens.To understand this, you need to understand what ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Ford focus misfire accelerate low rpm - 2001 Ford Focus

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2001 Ford expedition A.C. work for the rear of the car but not the front, sometimes air blows out but as I accelerate the air stops blowing as I remove my foot from the accelerator it continues blowing, there is other days it does not turn on at all, and it only turns on high, but the back air always works how can i fix that

This sounds like a vacuum problem. Check your vacuum hoses and connections as they relate to the HVAC system. There is a good chance that you have a cracked, broken, or disconnected hose, or a hose that collapses. ... 2001 Ford Expedition

Misfire on 2000 Ford Exp 5.4l triton engine - 2000 Ford Expedition

What is the missfire code, has the recall been done for the leaking heater core coolant hose? the leak drips onto the passenger side ignition coil and shorts it out and causes a missfire. ... 2000 Ford Expedition

2003 Ford Taurus cylinder misfire #1 and #5 code came up and 1st 1000 misfire. car is running very rough. car cant accelerate good. check engine light is flashing .... also rotten egg smell

Usually the odor will come from misfires. Check to see if you are getting enough spark to the plugs. ALso check the spark plugs. See if there is rust built up on the coils to that cylinder. ... 2003 Ford Taurus

In shop now. Mechanic really frustrated. 2004 Ford f150 4.2 liter. 41,000 miles, well maintained. Throwing #3 cylinder misfire code and definitely misfiring. Starts when warm and then continues upon acceleration. Service engine soon light on. So far he has and not necessarily in this order: checked plug and wires, checked coil, checked for vac leaks-1 very slight would throw lean code but very slight leak around pin for actuator and no lean code thrown, checked EGR, pulled manifold (?)

It sounds like the mechanic is on the right track now. As I read your posting, I started thinking burnt valve, or a spring issue. I see, however, that you have done a compression test that "seemed" ok. Usually, this test will reveal a valve relate ... 2004 Ford F150

2000 ford expedition, misses during acceleration, rough acceleration, service engine light on

Check pass side rear plug the coolant hose the runs to the heater core can leak coolant into the rear spark plug boot and cause a miss ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Misses during acceleration , rough acceleration, service engine soon light on, power loss, still runs fair, 2000 ford expedition

Go get the codes ran at auto zone or advance auto parts they will do it for free. If the codes come up as a cylinder miss-fire then it is most likely a coil (being a ford). Write down which cylinder it is. I ... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition and if I am not mistaken, a 4.6 L engine. I been hearding a whining when I drive. Little by little the whining noise is lasting longer and longer. I did add transmission fluid as it was a little low. There are times when I accelerate one of the wheels feels as it is shivering. When I am in park and accelerate the gas, I do not heard the whining. Additionally, how do I determine which ABS sensor is out and causing the ABS light to stay one.

Hi from the symptoms you clearly describe this sounds like you have one of the front wheel bearings worn out hence the wheel is allowed to run out of line and so also the hub that encases the w/bearing also allows tilting of hub which will affe ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Misfire I have a 2001 Ford Mustang Convertible Premium. It takes off fine then stutters and loses power at around 20 mph but if you stay with it and continue on the accelerator it will pick up again. The engine shakes quite a bit. It also has a slight ticking sound but for some reason i do not think it is related. terrible gas mileage. Check engine light is on. Computer says misfire on 3. I have changed plugs and replaced with laser platinum plugs and when I pulled out old plug on 3, it had o

Your right sounds like head GSK. I would try a compresion balance test first and if cyl. 3 fails pull the valve cover and inspect the vavle guides for wair or bent valve. ... Ford Mustang

I bought a 97 ford taurus 3.0l single overhead cam. Test drove it an it was fine. Picked it up the next day which was raining an the engine through a misfire for cylinder 2, the problem was the wires were fallin apart, replaced the wires. Now when i drive it for about 30 mins or so an go to park it sets off cylinder 1 2 an 3 misfire, wires are good triple checked em plugs are new. It has a lil stumble while idling, put it in gear an it bogs down but doesnt stahl. no hesitation on acceleration. T

Assuming it is fuel injected you could have a computer issue. ... 1997 Ford Taurus
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