Having problems with your 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 ?

Cruise light comes on but it won't set - 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

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Timing will not set after tdc is established and rotor is at number 1 on dist. Every time we start it up after what we think timing is set correct,when checking with the timing light,the wrong mark is up at top dead center mark when running. We have checked and tested camshaft postion sensor and tested good, with proper voltage according to the service manual. Still same out come no matter how many times the tdc is set to correct postion.Also cannot get to idle properly.1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5

IF YOU HAVE FALLOWED THESE PROCEDURES CORRECTLY A TIMING CHAIN SLACK TEST SHOULD BE DONE (BOTTOM PAGE)\015\012NOTE : Base (initial) ignition timing is NOT adjustable on any engine. On these engines, do not attempt to ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

98 dodge grand caravan 3.8 the cruise control stopped working. When you start it up the cruise light will come on, but will shut off as soon as you try to set the cruise control. If you shut the van off and restart it the light will come on,but shuts off again. Never able to set cruise for one second the light goes off.

Check the plunger with a vacuum tester to make sure the vacuum advance isn't leaky pressure. Test the electrical current with a test light or voltmeter. Check the fuse as well. If no power to the unit, replace switch. You can go to autozone.cm and re ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

2004 dodge ram 1500 cruise control diagram. The green light comes on but does not set.

... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Cruise light comes on but it won't set - 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Cruise control light will not come on after truck warms up 2004 dodge ram pick-up Cruise works ok when first using it , after driving to my destination, shutting off the truck. 15 min later driving again, cruise control light will not come on.

After the light goes out does it come back on while driving down the road?\015\012If it does this sounds as if you may have a heat sensitive problem at the cruise motor. this has a sensoe that turns the light on when it is engaged. when you tur ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

We own a 1996 Dodge Stratus and the check engine light is coming on. After changing all the spark plugs the light went out. The next day the light comes back on. While driving on the freeway the speedometer went down to 0 and when I gave the gas peddle gas the engine ribbed up while it was slowing down. (as if it was in neutral). Pulled over turned engine off. Waited about 1 hr turned the ignition key and it started up and the light was back on again. When in idle it shakes and there is t

The only way to tell why the check engine light is on is to have the engine codes read with a scanner. This will pinpoint exact problem location. It will also have to be shut off and reset with this scanner. Many part stores will do it for free. ... Dodge Stratus

I'm getting this code p0582 on Mar 19 2009 you sad you did not no what it was. Do you know now? there no more codes. Cruise Control Related Malfunction i tern on the Cruise Control. Light comes on I set speed I can fill it engage and about 2sec latter the Cruise Control light goes out and disengages. Dodge 2006 stratus

P0582 is the Chrysler Diagnostic Trouble Code (Error Code) for:\015\012\015\012Speed control vacuum or vent solenoid circuits open or shorted\015\012\015\012If you do not have cruise control on your vehicle, you can ignore thi ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan v6,auto,a/c,cruise dosent work,light saying cruise comes on,but when u push set nothing happens,all brake lights work,horn everything functions right,just no take over by the cruise

It sounds as if a portion of the "clock Spring" within the steering column under the steering whel has failed, not too uncommon. THis device allows the electrical connection to the wheel without a ton of wires twisting around as you turn the wheel. I ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Cruise Control on 2001 Dodge Stratus SE stopped working. The green light comes on but it won't work. The fuse isn't labeled in either of the fuse boxes to see if that is the problem and I didn't get the manual with the car. Any suggestions???? How can you fix a broken cruise control? The cruise light will stay on but as soon as I press "set" it shuts it off.

Have you recently had any brake work done? I had a 05' freestyle that did the same thing.. when you tap the brake the cruise kicks off right? so if your brake pedal is sticking or not returning fully to the up position, the cruise will immediately ... 2000 Dodge Stratus


My 2003 Ram 1500, would not engage the cruise control, when the speed sensor on the rear axle, was the problem. The other symptoms, speedometer worked irregularly. Replaced speed sensor on top center of rear axle, and problem went away. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. 6 inch lift with 35/12.50/17 tire size. Cruise light will come on but when I go to engage it, it turns off. Light only comes on until 30 MPH. Never engages.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 3.9 ltr with 99500 miles on it. The code im getting is misfire cyl # 2. Ive changed the plugs wires rotor cap etc reset the code and it still comes back on after a second complete trip in the truck. Just to make sure my scanner was working i pulled the wire off of # 1 and sure enough i got two codes then. Misfire on 1 and 2. Reset the codes engine light went off and drove to work code came back on. Drove home from work check engine light is back on. There is no hesit

Check compression in cyl #2. If ok, the listen to injector on #2 with stethoscope and compare sound with other injectors. Remember also, that anything that slows the engine for a split second, ie acsessories can cause that crank sensor to pull up a m ... 1999 Dodge Ram

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. The issues that I am having with the cruise control is that it is not working. I can turn the cruise control on and the indicator lights up, but once I press the set button the cruise control shuts off and I can't get it back on unless I turn the engine off and the whole process repeats itself. How can I fix this without going to the dealership if possible.

... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2001 dodge 2500 cummins. The cruise worked correctly. It started running badly and I took it to a diesel shop. They found low pressure from the transfer pump, replaced it and did not solve the problem. Next the replaced the computer on the engine and now it runs good. Onthe way home I set the cruise and it would not engage. After trying a few things I realized that the cruise light comes on when I turn on the key and will not go off until I shut the key off. I checked another truck same

Check the linkage. It may have been knocked off. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

I have 1997 xj6 and it has a belt squeal when I first put it into drive for about 150ft then goes away and seems fine......any thought? Also, my memory seat does not work the light comes on to memorize but the 1-2-3 button don't seem to respond. Lastly my cruise control lights up when you flip the switch but it does not set. Help?

... 1997 Jaguar XJ6

2000 Dodge stratus - runs ok but at times will "chug" or misfire driving down highway - think its an electrical issue as it will almost "act up" when using cruise, turn signals, air conditioning, etc. ALSO - At times when this problem persists the "check engine light" will come on but go out before I can get it anywhere to be evaluated. If lights are "on" then by using anything else, turn signals, rear window defroster, high setting on blower, etc. it will cause problems. Turn this stuff off a

You should still take it and get the computer scanned for trouble codes.If the check engine light comes on for more than 10 seconds there should be codes set. ... Cars & Trucks

2001 Dodge Ram 3500: brake lights don't come on, switch has been replaced and installed to instructions, turn, four ways, parking lights and cruise control interrupt all work. Is there a brake rel

Have you checked wire harness @ rear of truck ? and along frame rail, ? and condition of the rear taillight assymblies, ? corrosion could be in these areas. check all ground wires also, not sure about relay ! don' t think so ... Dodge Ram 250

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4X4, w/5 spd tranny. I am having trouble with my HVAC controls (they quit working and only hot air comes out), and also the instrument cluster. Periodically I lose the tach reading, along with a constant engine warning light and a periodic brake warning light. The instrument cluster will not hold trip mileage. Every time it shuts off it zeros trip mileage automatically. Due to the instrument cluster issues the cruise control fails to work also. Any help?

Tach is most likely a cam sensor, hvac could be a bad vacuum problem (bad hose ) the electrical (dash stuff) I would start looking for a loose or bad ground wire or dirty battery terminals ... 2001 Dodge Ram Maxi

My 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 cruise control is not getting any power. The green light comes on when the key is turned on and I have checked the plug going to the cruise control and there is no power to the plug. I have checked the vacuum at the controler and at te engine manifold and the vacuum is the same. Where is the clock spring located at under the dash and what is entailed in changing it out?

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

The fan only only comes on high/exhaust. Its turns off when the cruise control indicator lights comes on, but the cruise control switch is in the off position. Also the rear defroster cuts turns off also when the cruise control light comes on. If the cruise light does not come on the fan blows only on high/exhaust setting.

I would assume that this is the fan of the AC. I would advise to check the wiring of the ac fan since the wiring is at close proximity to the other components. Exposed conductors or terminals, ground may be the culprit. You may have to open up the ... 2003 Buick Regal

I have a 2006 Jeep Commander with 91000 miles on it. The cruise is not working properly. It started by accelerating for no reason when I had the cruise set on the highway. It didn't stop accelerating until I hit the brake. Now it will not set at all. When I hit the on/off button for the cruise, the light comes on, but then when I go to set the speed the light goes off and it will not set. Then if I try to turn it on again after that, the light will not even turn on. Any ideas?

Sounds like a toyota recall no not really but when its comes to knewer vechiles your best bet is to call around and price out a shop that can diaoginos your problem then you can deciede if you can fix it. ... 2006 Jeep Commander

2001 Dodge Ram, charging system not charging. No codes from the odb 2. Starts runs & drives within a few minutes the voltage guage drops to 0 & the check guages light comes on. I replaced the alternator & rechecked for codes but none show on scanner

... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

Cruise light comes on but cannot set speed - 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

Does horn work? clockspring is issue on these models (there is a recall). ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2011 dodge ram 1500 check engine light came on and now my economy fuel saving setting will not come on any ideas

Yes, the economy fuel saving light will not come on because you are not saving fuel while driving with the check engine light on, you are WASTING fuel.The reason the check engine light is on is to inform you that there is a malfunction in you ... 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

95 Dodge ram 1500 5.9 liter, While cruising on highway, motor cuts out, check engine light flashes quickly, several trouble codes come up, all include short circuit to device, include code 53 which is PCM failure, how do i diagnose PCM failure or shorted wire, vehicle has done this for a few years, it does this periodically, seems very random, it otherwise runs great

... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab
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