Having problems with your 2005 Dodge Neon ?

I was driving down the road and the car surged and the engine light came on. The car is revving very high even in neutral or park and was hard to stop. Even with both feet on the brakes the car still wanted to go forward (even in neutral).

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Answers :

Take it to autozone to have the check engine light checked(free). It should pinpoint your problem. It may just be a broken vaccum line.
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I was driving down the road and the car surged and the engine light came on. The car is revving very high even in neutral or park and was hard to stop. Even with both feet on the brakes the car still wanted to go forward (even in neutral).

Take it to autozone to have the check engine light checked(free). It should pinpoint your problem. It may just be a broken vaccum line. ... 2005 Dodge Neon

1998 cavalier drove find the day before. It was in park I put the emergency brake on then start it then put the emergency brake off while it was running then I put it in reverse and would not go backward then I put it drive and it would not go forward then finaly I got in it reverse then it was ok. The next morning I start the car it sound like a bucket of bolts put it in reverse than went forward. The car was rattling. It want to die then I park it and turn it off.

Hi! Does it register any fault code? There are few things to look at. Transmission solenoid may be faulty that may cause unusual performance to the tranny. Torque converter may be worn and may require replacement. But before going to technical fixes ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine Racing I was stopped in traffic and the car wanted to go forward with my feet on the brake. I had a hard time steering the car to keep from hitting the car in front of me with my grandkids in the car. (the motor in the car did start racing and the car was trying to go forward with my feet on the brake. )What should I do? This is very dangerous.Frank Taylor

It's the IAC valve, take it out and cleane inside. the spring and valve area. ... 1998 Mercury Sable

I have a 1990 nissan p/u with 4cly and automatic transmission. Transmission has lost reverse. It goes forward in every position. It even wants to go forward in park, but cannot. Even neutral is a forward gear. In drive the shifting is mostly ok, ecept it doesn't seem to go into overdrive at hwy speeds. The linkage is working. The fluid level is normal and it looks and smells good. Truck has over 240k miles. I can still start the truck in the neutral postition, of course it will immediatly begin

... Nissan Hardbody

Tranny problem??? I have recently changed the tranny filter and gasket on tranny. But even before I did that the car was running great. My problem is ...that when you hit the brakes mid to hard when the car stops it feels like the tranny goes into neutral and then back into drive at 1,000-1,500 rpm. Now if you ease onto the brakes it will be just fine.I have tried even putting some LUCAS transmission fix in it and it still does it. There has been a couple times where the car seems to be in neutr

If it ran good before you changed the filter .im guessing you dropper or didnt replace the little o ring type gasket that goes between the filter and transmision suction tube the filter slides on. when you stop the oil swishes forward and your pump ... 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva Special Edition

My 1994 mitsubishi galant started reving up and down, that stopped and now it is just reving high while (in drive at a stop about 1300 rpms) and in neutral or park (about 2000 or a little higher rpms). So when I come to a stop this high reving I believe is making my car bang hard and **** forwards. SO, when I come to a stop I must put my car in neutral first, then stop and put it in drive, then proceed, so my car doesn't bang. I don't think it has anything to do with the transmission, I believ

... 1994 Mitsubishi Galant

After driving for less than a kilometer, i pulled over to drop off my niece; pulled up the hand brake and set the gear to P (parked) mode. after my niece alighted, i changed my mind about parking the car and pulled the stick to D (drive) mode. i hit the acceleration pedal but i noticed the car was not moving forward. i looked at the dashboard display and the indicator showed N (neutral) although the gear stick is positioned at D (drive). the display didnt change anymore since then and my car is

Perhaps the shift linkage has slipped and the car is actually in neutral. Try shifting to a lower gear position.If the car doesn't move in any gear position, you may have a problem with the shift linkage or transmission. ... Toyota Corolla

My Camry won't go into park. I have to put it in Reverse pull the E-brake to turn off and remove the key. Starting means: turn the key til lights turn on hold down brake pull down E-brake shift to neutral and turn on the car. I've located the braided wire/cable that connects from shifter to transmission under the hood and tinkered with it even losing reverse a couple of times. What can I do to get it to push the lever all the way down to shift to park?

... 1996 Toyota Camry

Hi everyone. My name is Daniel and i own a 2000 Nissan Altima (Automatic). Have a problem. For some reason my car not going in reverse and whern i lift my car upand put them on jack stands. The front tires dont even turn the same way. Ones turning forward and the other backwards. Its unableto go backwards in any of the gears and it would drive in park and neutral and even in reverse. We been trying to figure out what the problem is but we cant find the ansewer. Asked almost every mechanic in tow

Diferential have problem whith rotation. ... 2000 Nissan Altima

Lurching I stop the car (foot on brake), put into park, turn off ignition: remove my foot from the brake and the car lurches forward, most noticeable on even small slopes, but also on flat surfaces at times. A problem?

... 2012 Toyota Corolla L Sedan 1.8L 4-cyl. 5-speed Manual

Ignition When I put the car in park and try to take the key out of the ignition, it won't turn back all the way to let me take it out even though the gear is in park. Then if I turn it back hard enough, it will turn and I can take the key out. When I go to turn if back on, it won't move but after struggling with it, if I turn it back hard enough, it sort of springs forward or unlocks and then I can turn it. Is this something I can fix myself?

Yhe Ing. LOCK itself is Bad, And Yes With the Proper Manual You Should be Able to. ... 2001 Pontiac Firebird

When I put on the brakes there is a shush sound and it is really hard to stop the car, this morning when I started the car I shifted into gear and put on the brakes to pull out of the parking and it died and now it won't start. not even a wah wah sound, absolute silence except for the cussing.

It sounds like you have a problem with the brake booster. It uses vacuum created by the engine in the inlet manifold to assist you with brake pressure. Have a look at the brake booster. A large round canister that sits on the firewall behind the mast ... Buick Skylark

Front disk brakes locked tight, can't move the car. locked it last night after coming home from work and there was a loud noise from underneath as I walked away. Checked underneath but nothing visible. Later I needed to go out but the car wouldn't budge and that's when I discovered the brakes were locked. Tried moving forwards and backwards but no joy, don't want to push it too hard in case I create more damage....any ideas what may have caused this?

You will need to check each brake caliper for obstruction to the brake rotor. The noise was something getting inside the pads and the rotors such as road debrie of some sort more than likely ... 2005 Peugeot 405

2000 4X4 Blazer Automatic, grinding in reverse and neutral when the vehical is moving backwards. All of the "forward" gears work fine, there is black debris all over the front wheels, basically anytime the car is moving backwards the front end sounds like it is locking up even in neutral. The brakes were changed about 3 weeks ago. The 4X4 fuse has also blown several times before and since this problem occured.

The 4wd module is bad and the chain sounds stretched in transfer case there may be a leak ... 1991 Honda Accord


Well, to me 2 things may happened, your manual valve in the valve body is detached or... your boost valve pop out, this is part of your pump, ider way remove your trans pan and check for either one in it, or a clip tnat holds manual valve, if your bo ... Buick Roadmaster

My 2003 volov s80 will not start or gear shift will not move from park. Pressed on the brake and tried to move gear shift...nothing. The iginition will turn enough to start the radio and ac but will not turn any further to crank the car. Had to get it towed..culd not even put the car in Neutral. What could this be?

... 2003 Volvo S80

98 sunfire w/2.2 will move a little forward running and in drive but feels like park brake is on ;its not. Try to go in reverse it wont but makes a loud clunking sound and it is a hard clunk like a neutral drop with a reved engine. Is is the neutral safety switch or something really bad?Fluid level is good no other problems, the problem was sudden with no warning signs at all.

Sounds like a bad drive shaft on frt wheel ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

1998 ford explorer wont go from 4wd low back to 4x4auto...one day i put the car in 4x4low to get out of my show filled driveway when i was done I put the switch back to auto and about 10 mins later i start hearing a buzzing noise under the floor boards. This goes off and on until finally the car is no longer in gear. Even putting it in park doesnt stop it. ,,,,,had to use the E brake. Got it towed and when it got to the shop it would only drive in 4wd low. dude at the shop wanted to charge me 20

You need to replace the transfer case, the transfer case is bad, replace it, a used transfer case goes for about $200, new one is around $900, takes about 4-5hours to do, and labor is about $80 an hour. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Car stuck in park--very hard to release. Sometime pushing on the brake and pulling the automatic shift forward helps. Son says there is some kind of a contact on the brake or steering column that, if replaced, should solve the problem?

This could be the brake pedal switch failing it is located on the brake pedal and is easily replaced, also look at the wires into the switch they can also become damaged. Replacing the connector at the same time as the switch is a common repair. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

The other day I noticed that when I pressed on the brake my alero would jump forward a little bit and the rpms would go up. Not real high though. Even when in park the rpms would go up and down but still not very high. It eventually stopped but the service engine soon light came on shortly after. After a weekend of not using my car I got back into it to drive and the engine light was still on but it was not acting funny anymore. Made a stop and got into the car again after about an hour and when

I'm not sure about the Alero, but I had a Ford Aerostar van doing the same thing and it was the power brake booster leaking vacume when the brakes were applied. The engine would speed up every time the brakes were used. Anew booster sloved the proble ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

700r4 all gears want to pull forward even park wants to pull no reverse, no neutral all pull like in drive?

... 1985 Chevrolet K1500

My 1996 Sunfire won't shift into park, thereby not letting me start the car. Not sure if it's the shifter linkage cable or neutral safety switch, but I cannot start the car in neutral. When I parked the car I accidentally shifted into reverse instead of park while braking and the shifter lost engagement. I then turned off car and realized it wasn't engaged in park. Please help!

... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

My car suddenly started stalling and so I punched it into 4th gear so that it would go. Now for some odd reason it only wants to go forward in all gears, that is reverse, neutral and i need it to reverse. It is in a parking lot and I really need help?

Is it an auto?? this is kinda similar to how the auto takes a ****... ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

The check engine light and AT warning light is on. The transaxle is shifting hard. The manual says it is an electrical problem. I also had to disconnect the neutral part that disengages when the brake is depressed so you can shift out of park a few months ago as it quit working. What is wrong with my car?

Try to disconnect the battery for a while or take it to a transmission shop some times the tansmission cumputer just needs to be reset ... 2006 Mazda 3

My Caprice is idling too high while in gear, putting a load on the brakes while stopping, wearing them out and warping the front rotors. When the a/c is on , the load is even greater. This also means the car will take forever to slow enough to downshift to first gear. The idle speed while in park or neutral seems to be ok.

... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic
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