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T&C rear window washer doesn't work, but when I turn it on fluid does go onto the front windshield. Almost seems like it's plugged, so i connected an ear syringe to the nozzle at the rear

\015 When I turn it on, fluid does go onto the front windshield. Almost seems like it's plugged. i connected an ear syringe to the nozzle at the rear and squeezed air into the hose. There is a plug up somewhere. Any ideas, to save a long event?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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T&C rear window washer doesn't work, but when I turn it on fluid does go onto the front windshield. Almost seems like it's plugged, so i connected an ear syringe to the nozzle at the rear

... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

My fords engine runs for ten mins then shuts itself off almost like clockwork it has to cool before it will go again ,it has fuel pressure its like it turns itself off till it cools i tried replaceing the coil and i checked all component connections for the spark all ok now had to fix corroded plug in but still works the same seems like im not the only one with this problem can you plz help me i cant afford a garage mark

Sounds like it could be the control module. Do you get spark when you try to start it back up, before it cools off? Some parts stores can test the control module. ... 1995 Ford Taurus

I just noticed that my rear diff is sopping wet on the outside and almost dry on the inside. It looks like it starts at the seal where it connects to the drive shaft and when I opened up the drain plug it smells pretty burnt in there...how screwed am I and how do I fix it?

First of all that fluid stinks !!! period!!, so dont worry about that, you will want to remove the rear cover and drain it and check for metal filings, remove the drive shaft and remove the nut that holds the yoke in place, impact driver works well, ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

I have a 1990 nissan d21 4x4 pickup i have put on a new exhaust and replaced spark plugs and wires and distributer cap and rotor button and my vehicle actts like its bogging down and idles very rough almost like it wants to shut off i also replaced the fuel filter and it still has the problem . also when i put it in reverse a horrible **** occurs like its coming from the rear and i checked the u joint and the rear gears and cant find anything wrong please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... 1990 Nissan Hardbody King Cab

1991 Maxima SE started running rough. Seems like a dead miss. It started this after purchasing gas at a Wal Mart store. After a day or so it stopped missing. Started intermitant dead miss off and on for a while. A couple of months later it started again. Now miss won't go away. A scratching sound in rear of engine it seems like a dry belt where there is no belt. Car starts immediately and never goes dead. Plugs and wires were changed less than a year ago. Leak in power steering hose allows oil t

For one thing get the leak stopped and then run some Dry Gas through your tank. Could be water in there. ... 1991 Nissan Maxima

When idling my 2003 Acura TL the engine seems to want to almost die, also when i got on the freeway it seem to pull hard and **** like it was having trouble shifting into 5th gear. It also seems to run fine when im driving under 40miles. Jiffy lube ran a test for me and found it was misfiring, but i changed my spark plugs and no changes. the test stated misfire on 3 and random misfire, any advise?

You may need to change the coil pack(s) or modular. The modular is what the coil pack(s) mount to. I'm not familiar with that engine so you may have a 3 piece coil pack, or a 1 piece. (If it doesn't have a distributor). You may first try replacing th ... 2000 Acura TL

When idling my 2003 Acura TL the engine seems to want to almost die, also when i got on the freeway it seem to pull hard and **** like it was having trouble shifting into 5th gear. It also seems to run fine when im driving under 40miles. Jiffy lube ran a test for me and found it was misfiring, but i changed my spark plugs and no changes. the test stated misfire on 3 and random misfire, any advise?

Hi,welcome to fix ya. \015\012 try disconnecting the coils one at a time and noting the drop in rpm of the engine. if one drops less then the others or not at all replace that coil. If they drop the same on all cylendars then adjust the valves ... 2003 Acura 3.2TL

Have an 06 Mercury Mountaineer with rear AC. Just noticed the rear air was not getting cold, but the front air is great. The blower blows, the temp control can make the air hot, but putting it in the cold position only blows ambient air around. There is almost no temperature difference between the high pressure line and the return refrigerant line right at the rear evaporator unit, but at the dryer the lines are ice cold. Seems like the mixer damper door is working, but that the evaporator is ju

... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 2002 Ford Super duty 250 4-wheel drive. One of the spark plugs came out and it almost looks like something was hitting the end of it. The truck was running fine till the plug came out,no noise or tapping sounds. I just tried to put a new plug in it and it seems there are no threads in the head.I hade the truck towed to the Ford dealer and they want to sell me a new engine at the tune of 7,000 What can I do to fix this problem? The dealer wont just replace on head they want to do both an

Drill out the spark plug hole, tap it, and put in a heli-coil. I had a 2001 F-250 that did just what you described. The ford dealer will probably not do it because you are not supposed to do it to the aluminum head, but I bet a shadetree mechanic w ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

Power window does not operate driver's side front and rear windows. I believe the switch in the door panel is not working. We were able to crank the motor down (by hand) when the window was down so it would raise to it full position. I would like to run a jumper through the electrical plugs bypassing the switch but I don't know which leads to connect. If I remember correctly, there were 4 top rows and 4 bottom rows in the plug.

... Toyota Corolla

Keeps stalling Feels like I am running out of gas. First felt like the Rav started to "hick-up", then stalled out as I was coming to a stop. Now seems to happen almost every time I try to come to a stop or take my foot off the accelerator. I have to put in neutral and rev the gas to keep engine running. Engine light is now on since the first stall out. Fuel filter has been replaced and problem still persists. AutoZone site suggests changing the wire set and spark plugs or possibly the fuel pump.


I have a 1993 Lexus SC400. I have a diagnostic tool and it when I plug it in it says there no response. This is what the car is doing: The car is hard to start, when it starts it wants to die out, when you give it the throttle the car just goes blog. It almost sounds like it is misfiring. The engine light is on. The RPMS go up and down. When the car sits for awhile it seems to run ok until it hits a certain tempeture. The diagnostic tool where it plugs in I took a test light and and I hav

... 1993 Lexus SC

2008 Jeep patriot front end knocking when hitting bumps as well as the right rear, seems to have loss of power even after spark plugs and oil change, rear power windows roll down sometimes when switch is held in certain location, constant grinding like sound from wheel area even though brakes are fine

... Cars & Trucks

As with this gentlemen, after warm-up I get no warm air from the rear heater when either controlled from the front console or the rear. The front unit fan seems to be working poorly as well and flutters on the top two fan settings. It sounds like the ventillation may be at least partially plugged. Terry [email protected]

Most caddilacs have a filter under the wiper plate that filters out all the junk leaves and debris. first thing is to make sure the coolant is full, as the high temps make liquids dissapate. once you have done this, then I would check the restricted ... Cadillac Escalade ESV

99 Honda civic 1.6L I presume. # 3 spark plug blown out of the head, the gap was smashed closed. Could force a new plug in a few turns (knowing the threads where messed up anyway) and the boy drove it for about 100 miles, running good! Then same thing happened- gap smashed closed, I tightened it harder ( only a few turns ) now running good! It almost seems like the piston would be hitting it or something in the cylinder, but there is certainly no noise!! Just sounds good, smooth and normal! H

You can go to most auto parts stores and buy a thread chaser to repair plug threads. just ask them there, if you buy one. have a good day !! ... 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

2002 dodge ram 2500 quadcab, running problem, truck starts fine but when you start to drive it starts a popping noise in the throttle body. If you hit the gas pedal many times in a row you can stop it from popping. It almost seems like it is acting like something is sticking or hanging up and then releases and truck drives fine for awhile until you shut it off for a period of time and start it up and drive it happens again. parts i replaced are temp sensor, dist. cap,rotor,plugs and wires. clean

I would look at replacing the pick up coil in the distributor,the hall effect switch(pick up coil)in the dodge has been around a long time,but give some problems,not much,but some.It is used to start the vehicle of course,but it ,upon start up direct ... Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

Charging problem Hi, We have a problem with the charging system on a 1999 Bora. The voltage slowly drops on the battery while the car is running. We took the alternator out and had it tested and it checks out fine. Checked all of the fuses and they're good. The wiring connections also seem fine. Where do we check next? The plug that goes on the alternator seems like it might be a good candidate if I knew where the other end goes...Thanks, Dave

The voltage regulator on the newer cars are in the pcm(computer) if its bad then the computer will need to be replaced but it sounds to me like it is alright. is the battery dieing out? if not, the alternator and the voltage regulator is working prop ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1985 toyota pickup 22r engine the truck runs fine all the way through first and second no problems then in third is good until it hits about 3500 rpm and almost seems like it looses everything then sputters. if i let it go down to 2000 rpm it runs fine until i get back up to 34 to 3600. it gets worse if you try to floor it when problem occurs, does the same in forth. i have put a new fuel pump,filter, cap and router, plugs, checked the plug wires, replaced carb with a good running carb

Check the catalytic convertor,they will plug up and decrease your power due to the fact that the exhaust can't get out as fast as you are trying to put it in.Let me know how you make out. ... Toyota Pickup

The click coming from the dash almost sounded like a silenoid or a relay clicking and when this happened about 5 to 10 seconds later it caused what seemed to be the transmission lockup. This happened twice in about twenty minutes. The second time the same click happened but it locked up the rear dual axel. I managed to put the shifter in neutral almost right away. Then back into drive and drove home.

Yes. You are exactly right. It is the automatic transmission relay. It is under the dash all the way in the front on the firewall I believe. It is on the 2000 ford. You can go to any transmission shop and they will have one for you to replace. Or the ... 2005 Ford F 350 Super Duty

My almost-stock 84 Camaro Z28 will not start. Progressively, it seemed like my starter (only a few months old) was getting less and less juice on start-up. Eventually, it stopped altogether and now makes a hum/clicking noise when I turn the key. I'm pretty sure the noise is coming from my starter. I haven't been able to get under it yet and see if the wires are connected properly. I have plenty of wires just hanging around looking like they want to do something, but with no apparent place to hoo

... 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

Seems to wander at highway speed almost like the rear end is loose or something. I had new tires and realigned and they said everything looks good in the front end. I tried a heavy duty rear sway bar 1" and this did not solve the problem but it does corners better now. lol

Try to change the bearings ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

After having the transmission fluid and filter changed on a Regal GS supercharged, the transmission seems to sometimes slip when starting from a stop. I step on the gas to go and after a half second or so it engages, almost feels like the tires are spinning but I am not giving it that much gas. Could there be a connection between changing fluid and this problem? What do you think the problem is? Is it likely (and how soon) that the transmission will completely break down? Thank you, Mark

Who changed the fliud? Maybe the wrong fluid was added. Also some transmissions have bands that can be adjusted. Just be easy on it. You don't wont to burn it out. ... Buick Regal

Erratic idling hey everyone ..my sisters lupo is severly lacking in power and seems to be really struggling to tick over ..the plug leads are on tight and all connections are sound...the engine looks like its gonna shake itself out of the car .....its a vw lupo 1.1

Are the leads fitted correctly ... 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Hooked up battery charger to wrong terminals. fried battery, which was replaced, now it has a "clicking" sound taht seem to be under or in the black box containing the modules and high amp fuses. located on the inner wheelwell right by the battery. with all of the modules plugged in, it clicks constant. If I remove the two that are closest to center of vehicle, the clicking stops, but it has no power. Sounds like a solenoid on an almost dead battery, but the battery is new. Any help is appreciat

... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Trouble starting in morning s pug 406 1.9 td (1998, 170k) changed glow plugs ( 3 out of 4) have tested them. fine even after being left for 8 hours at work start s fine , but first thing in the morning will need to crank engine for 30 seconds or more before she fire up , followed by lots of smoke on start up only , minimal when running , checked all pipes all seem good there is a broken spring at the back of the throttle body not sure what this does it connects to what looks like a second accele

The other "throttle cable" is actually a cold start cable, follow the small pipe that leads of the cable, it should connect to an electro valve, pull of the pipe and see if there is any vaccume at the valve. if not , it needs a new electro valve. ... 2005 Peugeot 405
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