Having problems with your 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv ?

2005 Sebring Convertible Check engine light

\015 My check engine light has come on before and then went out. A few weeks later it came on again and is not turning off. I have already had my cadilated converter replaced at 50,000 miles due to this. What else can cause this light to go on?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Bad 02 sensors. you need to have your car scanned. auto zone will scan it for free. tell you the code. sell you the part needed to fix it.
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I have a 1997 Sebring convertable that the check engine light is on. Our local Autozone parts dealer has a tester that says it needs the 1st o2 sensor. I can replace this part but I can't find it. Can you send a diagram showing where this sensor is and how to get to it (Underneath or above). Please note that I have the convertible model which is not the same a sebring.

Remove from under the vehicle. See image for location below;\015\012\015\012Raise and safely support the vehicle.\015\012Unplug the upstream oxygen sensor connector. \015\012Remove ... Chrysler Sebring

2005 Sebring Convertible Check engine light

Bad 02 sensors. you need to have your car scanned. auto zone will scan it for free. tell you the code. sell you the part needed to fix it. ... 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv

I am performing a diagonstic in car trouble shooting by checking the check engine light. I have two codes that keep coming up the first code is 12 and the second code is 21 which has to do with the O2S. My car is a 96 chrysler sebring convertable. Where is the oxygen sensor located? I need to check it out.

O2 sensors are screwed in to the exhaust. There should be one before the catalytic convertor to help the computer determine fuel strategy and one after the catalytic converter to monitor cat. conv. efficiency. Follow the exhaust and you will find the ... 1996 Chrysler Sebring

2002 SAAB 9-3 SE. Check engine light came on. Car was laggin,loosing power,and hard to stay started.Had codes read. 1)crank position. Replaced. car ran good for about a month,then check engine light again.Codes this time was for O2sensor, cat-converter,mass airflow sensor. Replaced both sensors first and check engine light went off but no power,feels like its misfiring now. Bought the cat-converter,but now mechanic says code is not coming up for cat-c anymore. code is for mass air flow again!.go

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1997 chrysler sebring convertible 2 liter, check engine light on, oil light flickers when ideling and seems to be running ruff

... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

I have 2003 baja with check engine light ON. I check the code P0030. I did replace catalytic converter and both sensors with new one. After replacing both sensors I did reset code with code sensor. but still CHECK ENGINE LIGHT turned OFF until car running. When I turn the car off and little later starat the engine CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes back. Is this normal or it takes some time to reset light?

... 2003 Subaru Outback

I have a 1997 Sebring Convertible that has been stalling quite often. I know that this needs a new Oxygen sensor but that, in itself is not causing the problem. I think it may be the ECM but I want another opinion. The car can go without stalling for days, then all of a sudden, the check engine light goes off (its always on because of a bad Oxygen sensor) and the car stalls a lot until the light comes back on. Also my Tach stops working intermittently. This doesn't seem to have any association

The 1st thing u need to do is have the electromnic engine control system for trouble codes. ... Chrysler Sebring

My 04 sebring convertible running great check engine light started flashing, engine died and coasted to a stop with sufficient battery will not turn over

Sounds like PCM (powertrain control module) "the computer". There's one for the trans and one for the engine. Call a part store for availability... auto dismantlers... my guess between $200 & $500. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country with almost 100,000 miles. The check engine light came on about 2 months ago and the code said the O2 sensors needed to be replaced. About a month later, the check engine light came on and the code said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. Now a month later again, the check engine light came on, the exhaust smells rotten, we are getting about 1/2 the miles per gallon and the code says to check the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Does this all make sense?

There are no codes that say replace O2 sensors,or remove converter,Thats just somebody's guessing,When it says O2 sensor that tells the mechanic to look for trouble in that area,wiring or faulty readings,And there are four O2 sensors. ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Check engine! 2002 Toyota Camry- Auto Zone gave me a code P0420. What does that mean? Do i need to replace the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter Check engine light came on. Using my scanner it reported code P0420. I reset the Check engine light. Is this okay to do? If something really is wrong and this was just a one time error will the light come back on if it happens again? I checked and the gas cap was loose.

Information about the p0420 codehttp://www.obd-codes.com/p0420 ... 2002 Toyota Camry

I have a 2003 Chevy 1500 with the 4.3 engine. My check engine light came on about the same time my driver's side catalytic converter started rattling. I took the truck to Advanced Auto to read the codes, and the codes that came up were P0420 and P0174. Thinking it was the catalytic converter I made an appointment at an exhaust place to replace it, but I continued driving the truck. This morning on the way to work the check engine light started to blink, the truck lost power going up hills an

P is powertrain problems.0174 is a lean mixture,too much air not enough gas.0420 is Catalyst system efficiency below threshold.The lean mixture could cause the catalyst problem easily.I would start looking at the fuel pump and fuel filter.With the cl ... Chevrolet C1500

I just got my Odyssey checked because the engine light came on and was told that Oxygen sensor (bank 1) before the catalitic converter needed to be replaced so I did then the check engine light came on again and showed i still have the same problem so I took it upon myself to change both O2s and still I have the check engine light coming on with the same reading.

You have a wiring issue, or a PCM issue. Check the wiring to make sure it is not broken, chafed, pinched, or pierced. If the wiring checks out, most likely a bad PCM. ... 2001 Honda Odyssey

My 92 suburban wont go over 2000 rpms most of the time while driving. It can rev up while in park fine. When I'm driving I lose power up hill extremely. I also can gas it and lose more power then I had before I gased it. Somebody told me my catalytic converter but I figured It wouldnt rev up in park if it was the catalytic converter. I've had the check engine light come on acouple of times before when I've went uphill but when I killed it and cranked it again the check engine light was gone. Som

The very first thing you should do is have your fuel pressure checked. sounds like fuel filter or fuel pump. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I bought this toyota and the check engine lite stays on due to the catylic converter was taken out before i bought the car,is there anyway for the check engine light to go off, but still work if something is wrong? or do i have to instasll the converter for the light to stay off for good?

You can jump across the plug to get the light to go off but its best to install a converter.the car was designed to run at peak with the specified exhaust system.good luck. ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible Not shifting into drive check engine light came on, error code PO715

DTC P0715 CHRYSLER - Input Speed Sensor 1 CircuitP0715 is detected when TCM or ECM does not receive the proper signal from the sensor.\015\012The input speed sensor detects the primary pulley revolution speed and \015\012sends a sig ... 2003 Chrysler Sebring

2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible that wont shift gears and the check engine light is on

... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

My 2002 chrysler sebring lxi convertible 2.7L check engine light came on. if you accelerate in parked it revs up and then starts jumping at 4500 rpm. like it cant go higher than that. drives fine though. what could it be?

That jumping at 4500 rpm is probably just your revs. limiter so you don't blow up your engine by reving the **** out of it in park. You should not have to do that for any length of time. You need to pull the code from the computer to find out w ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

My 1997 chrysler sebring convertible turns over but will not start. The check engine light has been on since we bought it a month ago. we were told it was because of the o2 sensor.

You'll need a code reader to see the code no start issues can be many things check all your fuses does the engine crank is fuel flowing is do you have spark start by trying to get the codes ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

I have a Chrysler Sebring convertible with the check engine light on with the p0606. What is the repair for this code.

... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

2005 Chrysler town and country van has lose power. When driving it goes from 0-70 in about 15 seconds, it appears not to have much power when trying to get up to speed. If you press down on gas to try to get up to 40mph very quick, the RPM go up, but you must let off the gas for it to change gears. However, it eventually does change gears. The check engine light is on and the code reads p0404 and p0420. I replaced the EGR valve, still same problem. I disconnected the catalytic converter an

Change plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Get a cold air intake or at least a k&n air filter.\015\012Clean the throttle positions sensor. Check for any vacuum leaks. After every sensor that you replace you have to reset the computer or the code wil ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX Convertible had the Check Engine light came on and now the transmission won't shift except intermittently. It seems to be in second gear. Most of the time

The check engine light came on probably because it detected an error with your car. In this case, it sounds like the error is with your transmission. Most likely a bad solenoid. Bring the car to a place like Autozone where they will scan your car ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I need to replace a check engine light bulb. Where is it located on the dash so I get the right on 2001 sebring convertible

... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2007 Equinox check engine light came on i scaned and got code p0036 and code p0054. I put a new denso oxygen sensor in ahead of the converter next to the engine,check engine light still on. I cleared the codes started the car 3 or 4 times and the light came back on,with the same codes.The car dont have quite 16.000 miles yet. Thank's kim.

That car is under warranty for emmision failuare, it a federal law, also you changed wrong sensor poo36 and poo54 mean o2 sensor after the cat-converter is no good not the first one by engine, replace the one after cat and problem will be fixed. goo ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

My son has a 2002 GS, and from time to time the check engine light comes on and the last time they fixed one of the catalytic converter sensors and all was well. Tonight the engine starting bumping like crazy again and the check engine light is on. I drove it a bit and looked underneath and a pipe running into the engine was orane red hot, it enters into a silver device under the oil area. Not sure what this pipe(muffler looking) but when I turned the engine off the orange hot color went away

Sounds like there might be something inside of your exhaust creating pressure making your pipes hot. You might need a new Catalytic Converter. Dont wait too long to check this out, because if you do need a new Catalytic converter, your exhaust Mani ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hi! Just bought a 99 jeep grand Cherokee, 4.7 V8. The day after I drove it off the lot it stalled as I was braking approaching a stop light. It started right back up but noticed it missing at stop lights afterwards. On the way home from work that same day, the check engine light came on. I went to autozone to check, I was told it was the pre converter oxygen sensor. I replaced that sensor yesterday morning, started it up, engine light was gone & she idled nice & smooth, no missing or fluctuating

I Found that the outboard PCM cover screw was shorting out the circuit board. \015\012Short story long: I have a 97 Grand Cherokee 4.0L, 138,000 miles. Several weeks ago, I started to have stalling issues. Hot or cold, dry or wet, first d ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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