Having problems with your 2005 Chrysler 300 ?

Can't get FM reception on my 2005 Chrysler 300. FM-CD U-Connect & Sat Radio works fine. Any suggestions?

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Can't get FM reception on my 2005 Chrysler 300. FM-CD U-Connect & Sat Radio works fine. Any suggestions?

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I'm trying to get a new radio to work in my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. I'm installing a Sony CDX-GT55UIW model radio. Can't get any sound on the speakers. Attenuation is off. I believe the speakers are connected directly to the radio. Is there any way the van could keep the speakers from working? I've tried radio and CD player, checked the fader and balance settings. There is no mute button. Trying to isolate the problem...van or radio. Any idea?

\015\012First thing you want to do is remove the face of the stereo and on the stereo you will see a little reset button. Use a ball point pen or a paperclip tip to press and hold this for 5 seconds. For this stereo ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

My Nissan Armada has satalite radio. I bought the vehicle used. When I put it on Sat radio all I get is Aquiring on the display. I can't change channels to get the radio number. Moving to other locations and leaving it on aquiring for over 10 minutes doesn't work. XM And Sirrus was no help with my vin #. Is the radio # printed on the receiver under the dash. If it is do I have to remove the receiver to get it. I have removed the component in front of the receiver. I see a #1018547.

A subscription is required to have this in working condition ... 2007 Nissan Armada LE

I have a vauxhall vectra the radio that is in it is a flip off cd player i have a phillips 4 disc multichanger i cannot seem to connect it up also it wont let me use the paddles on the stering wheel if i get a normal vauxhall radio will it then work if i get the radio how will i get the codes to unlock it i have had problems is there anywhere to get the codes

I'll swap a standard radio with codes for your stereo ... Subaru XT

What do I need and how do i connect sirius radio to a 2008 mazda 6 that states that it is satellite compatible. The radio has a satellite button, but does nothing when pushed. I have gotten several answers including I have to get an external receiver, I have to get a chip for the radio, I just need to contact sirius (this one is wrong). I contacted Sirius and she walked me through trying to get a number to activate the radio, but it did not work, so I know it needs something else. Thank you! Nov

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The radio station reception is spotty. How do I get behind the radio to check connections and how do I get to the antenna connection wire to check it?

... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Ok, I was able to get the radio code to work, but now there is no volume coming out of the speakers. Is it possible that there is a blown fuse in the stock radio? Any suggestions on how I can get the volume/speakers to work?

Check to see if your mute button is on. You may have to reset the radio, turn the radio off and disconnect the battery. This should reset the radio and you should not have to re enter the code, just make sure you have the radio off befor ... 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

We had an xm radio installed in our 2010 prius after we bought it. It was ''satellite ready'' but needed the radio. We signed up for xm radio and tried to get the signal. The radio was tuned to channel 001. We could hear the ''previews'' station. However, they sent us the signal twice and we never connected. The screen of the radio keeps flashing ''SAT 1 Tr 1'' or SAT 1 No iPod attached''. What are we doing wrong?

Go to who installed you sat radio have them pull the antenna and receck the the receiver number it sounds like you have the wrong reciever number even one digit off and it will never conect even tho you have preview and sat radio paired with an anten ... 2009 Toyota Prius

I have a 2004 Honda Accord with the Nav system. My battery died and after I got it charged my nav system radio cd etc would not work. I entered the code and the nav system began working but I cannot get the radio or cd player to work. Any suggestions?

There is a separate radio code that should be in your manual or located in your glove box. ... 2004 Honda Accord

The radio in my 1999 Chev. Blazer only works on one side of the speakers. However, once it gets warm outside ~80, both sides of the balance start to work. I recently replaced the radio but it still does the same thing. Any ideas on where to look next? I tried moving the rear radio conector looking for intermittent connections but have had no luck. Thanks, Scott

Tap on the balance and volume controls just for giggles and see if youhear the speaker try to come on. Another method of detecting a faultyswitch ( volume and balance) is by listening for a scratchy sound whenrotating them. If the radio is defective ... Chevrolet Blazer

-I tried pulling my radio out using the DIN tools. -I could get the radio out so I gave up. -Now the radio does not work. I checked #11, #12, #27 fuses. They all are fine. When I pulled #27 fuse and placed it back in the cd changer started cycling and I could hear static out of the radio. Eventually the cd stopped cycling. -Still no power to radio. -I finally was able to pull the radio out. All connections seem fine. -I read somewhere if the radio face plate separates from the radio the

It is likely the faceplace got pulled away from the stereo just enough for the contacts not to touch each other. When using the tools, you can feel them grab the little metal tabs inside. They have to contact just right for this to happen. And I do b ... 2001 Ford Escape

Subaru antenna FM Radio has been working fine since new. Suddenly, all I can get are local stations, and even then reception is crappy if I am in downtown area surrounded by tall buidlings. Virtually NO reception (all static) for any stations outside the city. CED and everything else is working fine. Please help. Thanks!

... 2008 Subaru Outback

I am putting original radio back into 1985 buick regal T type I have connected the back speaker wires but the front has 8 wires 2 brown 2tan 2 light green 2dark green I have tried numerous times and get some speakers to work and others don't but all speakers work but I can't figure out which wires go where can you help? The radio has 8 wires to hook up to 4 of the wires went to the back speakers, the other 4 go to the front speakers and the colors are 1 light green 1 orange 1 dark green 1 tan I

Here is what I have found :Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Orange\015\012Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow\015\012Radio Ground Wire: Black\015\012Radio Illumination Dimmer Wire: Gray\015\012Radio Antenna Trigger ... 1985 Buick Regal

CD Player The CD worked fine until I had a new clutch put in. Now the radio does not know that I have a CD player as the mode switch never gives me the option of choosing a CD, The dealer says there is NO connection between a clutch repair and a CD player working. Anybody have any suggestions to resolve the problem of the radio mode switch not knowing I have a CD player?

The CD player is a separate system in the trunk.\015\012It is NOT an after market CD player. ... 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio

Poor am radio reception how do I check the radio antenna connection in the back. fm works ok cd works ok antenna is screwed down tight outside

Does your vehicle have a towbar fitted i have found in the past that some towing relays can cause interference if they are not wired to a correct power source also any other aftermarket electrical equipment can cause this ... 2003 Kia Sorento

I've been getting an ignition sensor failure/faulty connection diagnostic error (P0320) on my 2004 Hyundai Sonata v4 ever since I replaced the ignition coils, plugs and plug wires a few weeks ago. Also, the Tachometer is no longer working. At first I could adjust some of the wires coming out of the coils/plugs to get the symptoms to go away but that no longer works. I visually checked the fuses in the engine compartment and they all looked good. Any suggestions?

... Hyundai Motor 2004 Sonata

Radio replacement While trying to replace the radio in my 2003 subaru outback I was trying to connect the new head unit directly to the cars wires instead of using a converter harness (I cut the wires). After consulting an expert, I was told to reconnect the the harness and get a converter. I tried plugging in the old radio in the mean time while the harness came in, but the old sterio now doesn't work while hooked up to the original harness. I did blow out the radio fuse, but is it possible I b

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Hi i have a 1993 mitsubishi 3000 and when i disconnected my battery i went to turn my radio on but it asked me for a pin number but i dont know it,the letters off appear on the radio face i think it was connected to my security alarm. the security works but not the radio how can i get my radio back on

You can call the dealer and get the code. If the radio still says CODE you can enter the number with presets 1,2,3,4. If it says off you have to leave the car on for one hour and it will reset back to CODE. The dealer might give you the code over ... 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Trying to install a JVC car radio, and seems that my wiring in my car isnt working properly. i tried to connect the car radio directly to the battery with no results from the radio. thinking that i may have a problem with getting results from the wires to the radio.

... 2000 Toyota Corolla

Won't start Worked fine last night, didn't start this morning. Battery level fine. Lights, radio, dashboard indicator lights, all work fine. Blower fan for heater doesn't work, and turning the ignition gets me silence. 12.3 volts to starter, multimeter registers 0 on other solenoid terminal when key is turned into start position. Seems like the restart relay is the common element between fan and starter, as I look closely at chassis wiring diagram. Probably have no A/C, but can't tell with engin

A friend here solved it. It was a bad connection of the ground wire, with the paddle-shaped connector loose. He cleaned it a bit, slid it back on, and crimped it a little (not easy to do in that tight space). Solved both problems. ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 2009 pontiac vibe with a radio that seems to ONLY work when the key is in the ACC mdoe. When I start the car, the radio and display goes off completely. When I press the Clock button the times comes on, so I know atleast that the radio is getting power. I have removed the head unit to check all the connections in the back and they are fine. What could be possible issues?? Thank You, Chris

... 2009 Pontiac Vibe

No radio have static-no radio channel or time view showing. checked connections-all seem to be in place. antenna feels lose. broken antenna cable at fender mount? don't know at this point. it's vary cold out being we live 9,000 ft. in colorado with no garage. makes it tough to work out side on the rigs. any help and sugestions would be greatfully appreciated ( or shoud i just get another radio ) geno at 9,000 ft

Your radio is most likely shot because if your antenna is not hooked up you will still have radio channels and time displace come up on your radio. If your antenna is broke then you will have to repair it to. ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I cant find a Radio Fuse on my 92 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and the Manual dosent have it listed, I am getting power to my Radio and Amp but niether of them will cut on. Fuses in the back of the radio and amp are good, all wires are good, and connected properly, Is there anything that i could be missing. They were working fine one day, not coming on at all the next. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks

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2003 chevy silverado 1500, sometimes won't start (good battery), stalls when i slow down, and radio won't work most of the time (radio is on, nothing coming out of speakers, heard this is a common prob. with Bose). Can these problems be connected? Can be jumped, then will run for a day or two, then radio will die, while driving, get home and turn truck off, jump back in and try to start it, and can't. Any help would be appreciated. Was told Bose amp could possibly be draining battery, but don't

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My Vehicle had work done on the driver's Wheel Arch.Having just collected it,the Audio System will not work.The Repair Body Shop have told me, that they have not touched any Electrics,or dis-connected the Radio!!! Thay said that "power was getting to the Radio.............How Can that be!,There are no lights on the Radio,nothing....Help!.I have aCitroen C2 GT...Thanku

Was the battery dissconnected? did you try to install the code for the radio?. if the radio worked going in i would think it would work coming out of the shop,something happened of its a fluke, things like this good happen, tell you what you do,take ... 2002 BMW 5 Series
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