Having problems with your 2005 Chrysler 300 ?

While car is idle oil light blinks on and while driving light goes out

\015 My oil light blinks on while idle at intersection on Chrysler 300\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

First, check the oil level, if ts low that could be your problem. If its full, you could have either a faulty oil pressure sending unit, or (hopefully not), a bad oil pump. If the car is still under warranty, I'd take it to Chrysler and have them look at it. You could try a higher viscosity of oil too, but I'd make sure everything else is ok first. That cars still a little too new to be having problems like that.
To solve this problem you must take several things into account. How many miles on your engine? Has it been well maintained? Are there any other symtoms, such as rattling or knocking when starting? These are "soft" engines. They are expensive used and hard to find. They are prone to premature failure. The water pump is inside the engine and can leak coolant in small amounts into the oil. It causes sludge which both reduces the oils lubricity and eats away at the metal components. Furthermore it clogs the lubrication passages of the engine. Once you have this problem there is seldom an inexpensive solution. Changing the Crankshaft, bearings, oil pump and timing chain may work if the top end of the engine is okay. An operation of this type is like major surgery on an 80 year old man. Engine replacement is the sure fix. I recommend full synthetic oil and a short oil change interval to extend your engines life expectancy.
\015\012Jeff Rauch
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While car is idle oil light blinks on and while driving light goes out

First, check the oil level, if ts low that could be your problem. If its full, you could have either a faulty oil pressure sending unit, or (hopefully not), a bad oil pump. If the car is still under warranty, I'd take it to Chrysler and have them loo ... 2005 Chrysler 300

I have ISUZU AXIOM 2002 4X4, on a dashboard 2 lights are ON, Engine Check and CHECK TRANS blinking every 2 seconds. checked on tech 2 device it gives a DTC NUMBER P 1870. Car itself operates very well, shifts gears etc. when i deleted this error by tech2 device lights went off and didn't appear when i was driving only in city. As soon as i go on highway about 2 hours of driving and first A/T OIL TEMP light goes ON, after i stop car and give a rest, the light goes OFF but then, after highw

Hyjakker , your engine was misfiring, this OP poster is not an engine question at all, .... so....OPno person on earth can answer that. (can this fix it)P1870with all trans DTCsome are real, trans bad.o ... 2002 Isuzu Axiom

Bought car five days ago. when originally cranking rpm's would stay high and only go down once in gear. now when cranked rpm's are less than a thousand and oil light comes on and starts to run hot. while driving once you exceed one k rpm's oil light goes off and car will still get hot. however, if i go crank the car in driveway and let it idle, rpm's over one k the car will just sit there perfect with no problem.

The grinding below your feet is the starter,the oil light will allways come on when the rpm's drop to low.\015\012This sounds like a vacuum leak,clogge EGR, throttle position sensor,or incorrect timing.\015\012\015\012what is the te ... Land Rover Range Rover

I am driving a friend's car and the check engine light came on. The car shakes a bit when idling and while driving. She made mention of a cracked oil pan or something to that affect. Could the car just be low on oil? I have no idea where the dip stick is? I may be blink but I swear I'm looking.

If it "lags" when you push in the gas, it is something the mechanics have to do. I hade the same problem with my Golf.. ... 2007 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 93 cabriolet, i was having the low oil pressure light coming on so i changed the oil and the light comes on again after driving the car for 20 minutes. when i rev the engine the light goes off and the oil pressure increases but when i idle the pressure reader reads below 1. What do i do???

Your oil pump is failing. If the light only comes on at idle, it is not an immediate problem, but if it gets worse it will need to be replaced. ... 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet

The low oil pressure light iscoming on when the car is at a stand still,idling at a stop light and when I slow down tto break. As long as I am accelerating and driving at a steady speed the light goes off and stays off until I slow up and break to stop again. Oil level has been checked and there are no leaks. A bottle of Lucas has been put in to help. It hasn't helped

You may have to drop the oil pan and clean or replace the screen ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Transmition problem light keeps blinking on 4th gear for long time and transmition slips sometimes when staring to drive the car also traction ligth comes on,car goes slow sometime,transmition oil is black and smell bad. there is time when light doesnt come on

Sounds like a burned clutch to me\015\012tran fluid should be pink and lite\015\012touch the stick and feel if fluid has metal or brownish particles.if so Not a good thing for you ... 2001 Honda Odyssey

92 buick roadmaster 350 5.7 the car is at operating temp. driving down the highway is fine, but when i stop at a red light the oil pressure gauge goes to red and stalls out or idles like misfire. but as soon as i press the gas the gauge goes up and the car runs fine

... Buick Roadmaster

I have a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5L V-6. After having someone replace the head gaskets and changing the oil a few times the oil light is starting to come on. It starts out with no light but within 5min its blinking a bit. When driving it only blinks at normal driving 2000 RPM range but I also notice if I put it in neutral while driving and rev the engine to 3000-4000rpm the light goes out. (I guess due to more oil flow/pressure) But after driving a little more the light starts to come on m

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The oil light came on all of a sudden. The oil light goes off when driving the clutch car. I drove the car about 20 miles. When I checked there was not the proper oil level. it seems there is none in the car. Shall I put oil in the car and drive it to the maintenance shop?

ALWAYS make sure the oil level is at the very least on the stick. If there is none it can do severe damage to your car. If you cannot repair the vehicle yourself, yes, bring the oil level up to atleast the minimum amount and make an appointment at yo ... 2003 Subaru Outback

My Toyota Avalon 02 is experiencing problems with check engine light flashing when idling at a light and then goes solid when driving. The codes read p0300 Thru p0303. The car idles very rough and shakes while stopped at a light. When driving it jerks when accelerating and stops when I take my foot of the gas pedal. When car is cold and I start driving it doesnt seem to want to go when pressing the gas and the rpms don't move either. What's wrong with my car? Had a tune up 5months ago. Spark plu

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1997 BMW 740i: When I first start it up it will run fine until I depress half or more throtle then the CEL light would blink. After that it runs with no power and struggles to even maintain 35 mph speed. Wouldn't accelerate easily past 3000rpm. When I come to a stop light I would feel the engine missing on multiple cylenders and whole car shakes. If I turn the ignition off, disconnect, and reconect the MAF, then start, the missfiring goes away and it idles fine and drives fine if I keep it p

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I have a 2005 audi S4 B6. I just bought it with 37,000 mile on it. I just got it on the road and me and a buddy were beating on it. when driving hard the oil pressure light would go on but then turn back off. now the next day the MIL light went on. it blinks sometimes too. I tried disconnecting the battery to see if it would go off. it did but is now back on. the car shakes and sounds different. it idles funny but once the rpms hit 1200 the shaking (but not the wierd sound) stops. Please give me

Sorry for the bad news i have for you, sounds like you dropped pressure to the top end which would mean that the Hydraulic lifters one or more have failed, could be that your intake or exhaust valve may made contact with the pistons at TDC. In any ca ... 2005 Audi S4

2003 Toyota Corolla oil pressure light flickers then goes to solid after a short period of time. Last time this happened, changed oil and filters and light went away. Now after maybe 1000 miles of driving, symptom is starting up again. Oil level is okay. When I stop the car and turn off the engine, the light goes off and I can drive for a while before it comes back on. Any ideas?

See if you have any oil level or pressure sensors. sometimes these can get gunked up. You may need a new oil pump. I suggest you start using a senthetic oil (valvoline,mobil 1 is reccomended) after u get the problem fixed. ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Most of the time, when i start the car the TC light comes one and then the battery light comes on and a message pops up that says Engine Power Reduced and the car goes into idle. Other times it starts up fine but when your driving the lights and message pops up again and the car shuts off/ goes into idle. we have replaced the TPS (?) sensor which we thought would fix the problem but it continues...we need help!

HI. This will be an electrical issue with the engine CPU. You are essentially flying blind without the codes that are present and they need to be extracted with a proper GM certified scan tool device. The TC(traction control) light and Battery light ... 2005 Cadillac SRX

WHITMAN The problem with my Acura is when I initually start the car, I let the idle for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the engine light comes and a couple of seconds after that the drive 4 light start blinking. I can let the car warm up for a while or driver a couple of miles turn the car off, start it up again and the light stays off and drive 4 blinking stop.

Check your cold start sensor. You also might have a tranny issue (let's pray this isn't the case) ... 1993 Acura Legend

Car is 1991 ford tempo 2.3 engine. above idle alternator light goes out at idle comes on. Took to parts store and had it tested said out put was low about 11.5 volts. Spray out housing with brake clean and light went out at idle for a bit. alternator got coated with oil because oil cap feel off. Is it possible the low charging at idle be because of oil contamination? How many volts it take for the alternator light to go out?

... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

I have a 92 Chrysler new yorker 3.3 engine 160K mileage. One morning, I stopped at a red light and the "check gauges" light came on during idle. I immediately noticed my oil pressure gauge lower than usual. Upon pulling away from the traffic light and accelerating, the light went out and the oil pressure came up to normal again. The oil pressure drops as the car idles, sometimes to the point of triggering the "check gauges" light then returns to normal during driving. The oil level is full and t

Your vehicle uses OBD 1 technology which is the earlier engine management systems, that is latter controls and monitors the engine while it is running.The best and cheapest way to troubleshoot this problem is to start with a computerised diagnostic t ... 1992 Chrysler New Yorker

As I am driving all of the car's gauges pop off and on intermittenly. The speedometer bounces the gas gauge goes from full to empty. The caution lights flicker. At times while driving the car ignition kills. When I initially turn the car on the speedometer gauge goes from 0 to 120 and then back to 0. Sometimes the Low Oil light comes on when I know the levels are where they should be. About 5 months ago I purchase another battery hoping that this would fix the problem Even though Autozone

This problem is caused by the BCM (body control module), the module need to be tested by a Chrysler dealer with a special electronic scanner and most likely replace, there are only two things that cause this problem which is ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a blinking oil light and now I have a check engine light on. If I stop the car and turn the engine off the oil light goes out. Then when I get going down the Hwy again it sounds the alarm and the light keeps blinking. But I'm really concerned now cause the engine light is on. I just had the oil changed yesterday and it's still all topped up. I don't get it! Now I'm stranded and not sure what to do.

What year and model is it ?I know this happens to many VW family engines due to low oil pressure.When oil heats up it thins out. The 'second oil pressure switch' sees a low pressure above 2300rpm and turns on warning. ....the ... Volkswagen Jetta

My 99 Kia Sephia is driving me INSANE! It loses oil pressure when driving for a while and light comes on. Cut the car off and crank the car again and light goes out. Light stays out until you drive

Thomas is wrong ithas a pick up in the oil pan but the pump is on the front of the engine and runs off the timing belt it does not has a distribtor witch is what would drive a oil pump in the pan it cant just suck oil with nothing driving it ... 1999 Kia Sephia

Engine light turns on when i drive the volvo and it show a message at the instrument cluster saying no oil pressure. when i start the car and it's idleing. the oil light never comes on. as soon as i drive after 5 minutes oil light turns on. i replaced the oil pressure switch but it's still doing the same. what to do now?!

Before replacing the old switch did you test it with an ohmmeter to see if it is bad. You can do the same with the wiring to see if you are getting a reading. You can also run a diagnostic scan to see if it shows anything. Otherwise fuel pump may be ... Volvo XC70

Where to star first my car started to idle crazy when i would start my car and does it when i come to a stop.. then my old man over filled my car 3 1/2 qu of oil but my dad dranged it out after i drove it and the oil light came on and now it is at the right level but it make a bad sound now when i drive it and the oil light still comes on and beeps... and of course the windows and locks and gas button does not work.... need help please

Start with a code scan. Then do a oil filter and oil change. Then check for fuses for the windows and locks. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

My 2005 Chevy Cavalier is sputtering when I put in drive or any other gear- it does not seem to have sputter when idling. Also - when driving- if you accelerate quickly- hesitation and sputtering are rampant and tach goes way up- then check engine light goes on , Once you settle back down, check engine light goes out and driving resumes with less sputtering. Any advice on whether or not just bad gas (recently filled up) or could it be something more serious- Engine in car has 48000 miles on it a

Buy a couple bottles of gas line anti-freeze and put one in your tank now and one the next time you fill up. it does sound like water in the fuel. the results of doing this is you should notice the change almost immediately the check engine light ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi I have a 05 honda civic LX 5 speed with 74000 miles. Has a little bit of a rough idle, the check engine light is on and blinks when sitting in idle. When driving it stops blinking and just stays on with out the blink. OK, so got a dianostic and it says it is misfiring in all 4 cylinders. We changed spark plugs, didn't help. Then we noticed that when we unplugged the first coil pack closest to passenger side while the car is running it didn't disturb the the idle or the way the car was running

For my experience i have ,it is definitely there is no compression in the first cylinder,that why when you unplugged the coil pack ,it did not make any difference,that means there is no compression mixture to burn,well now what is probably not making ... 2005 Honda Civic
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