Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Uplander ?

Chevy Uplander 2005 electrical problems

\015 The car is having a lot strange electrical behavior,it started with the rear door not closing simultaneously with the others than I had problems a few times to start it with the starter failing, chipping and than blocking with no way to challenge it other than boost the battery. A few weeks ago the ABS light went on but after a cleaned the connector the light comes on ones in awhile.Anyways the big problem is the power door locks owning and close by themselves,of course the lights in car are going on,nothing on the computer like any door unlocked or anything like that,I checked if physically any door was open but nothing,I reset the program and sometimes now even after I drive and I put in park the doors did not unlock,the same when I drive I put in drive but doors did not lock,during driving locking and unlocking doors ,sounds and light are on! I noted that after raining the car starts to have problems,anyways is it any electrical rele' ,wiring,battery or .........please help me with some solutions to try out!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

This sounds like a typical BCM (body control module) problem. First thing would be to check the fuses. Pull them and visually check for bad ones. You'll know when you see one. Doing it this way lets you know if they're bad and by reinserting them you are making them have a better contact. This fixes 30% of problems. Next would be having a diagnostics run on the BCM. Checking for codes. This is helpful for pointing you in the right direction for electrical shorts. IE... Doors, lights ...This would need an electrical schematic to solve these problems. With the schematics you can also check wires for continuity. Which is important. If all wires check out, I would suspect the BCM is bad. This could also be checked with an Ohm meter. But you will need pinouts of the BCM. Pinouts tell you what wires go where and voltages supplies. If you are not familiar with an Ohm meter, I suggest that you find someone you can trust to diagnose the problem.
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Chevy Uplander 2005 electrical problems

This sounds like a typical BCM (body control module) problem. First thing would be to check the fuses. Pull them and visually check for bad ones. You'll know when you see one. Doing it this way lets you know if they're bad and by reinserting them yo ... 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

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I have the same problem. Battery died put in a new one still no radio and chimes or turn signals don't hear anything :( ... 2007 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan New Cars

1994 Chevy Blazer problems. Car starts and runs for a bit. Dies later and won't restart. Next day it will start and dies later. Have changed EGR, O2 Sensor, Fuel Pump three times, fuel filter. No luck. Funny thing happens whae it dies though, the electrical system goes down. Gauges and dash go blank and no power. Could this be a computer problem. Codes say nothing wrong. ECM?? Need help.

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I have a 1999 chevy venture van and the driver's side parking lamp is not on! i tried changing the bulb but didn't fix the problem! Do i have an electrical problemh this seems to be a common problem with these vans!

The problem is probably that the contacts are cruddy. Use the eraser end of a common pencil to clean the contacts and the end of the bulb. Then reinstall it. If it still doesn't work check the fuse. ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

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I have 2 problems. The first is something with the electrical system. When I turn my truck off all of the guages drop to 0 but after a couple of minutes the fuel, temp, and the oil pressure guage all go up to about halfway. It doesn't matter if the key is in or if the door has been opened. The other problem is with the steering or suspension. When I turn there is a popping noise from the front end. I hear this noise turning in both directions but it is much louder when I turn left. Any ideas?

On the popping noise - maybe the U-joint boots are busted, have been for some time and now the joints have sand and crude in them and they need to be replaced?? ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

My 2004 Chevy Trailblazer is having some electrical problems. My mom left the battery running overnight in the garage. Went out this morning to go to school and nothing electrical works. I figured I would have the neighbor jump start it but the key will not turn to the off position, and I can't get my key. Also the gear shift won't switch out of park. It's in an area where I can't get a car close enough to jump start it.

U will need to jump it, no other choice here. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have an ongoing problem with the air conditioner on my 1994 chevy C2500, 130,000 miles. I thought this problem had corrected itself, but apparently it's come back to haunt me.------The A/C is not getting any electrical current to the clutch, cycle switches, etc. If the ambient tempature is below 80 degrees F it will work and keep on working until the truck is shut off and upon starting up, if the temp is above 80 degrees, which it is usually around here in the daytime, the A/C will not work.

You've said you have replaced every switch which i assume you mean the relay. How is youre serpentine belt? is it making a solid connection to the condenser unit? The Truck is getting up there in age and depending on the driving conditions (snow, rai ... Chevrolet C2500

I have a 2001 Chevy S10, there was a problem with the electrical system and in my attempts to fix the problem i went into the fuse block box expecting to find a broken wire and found nothing. in the effert of this have a few wires that i cant find there place to.

Buy a Hayne's Automotive Repair manual for this vehicle, Section 12 in the back of it will have the wiring diagram, with the associated colors to each wire and where they run. You might have to read a little bit to figure out which wire you're lookin ... Chevrolet S 10

Electrical problem 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo Well, I have a good one for you guys that I am really hoping you have seen/heard of before. I started hearing a clicking sound coming from my fuse panels, to which we were able to pinpoint to relays. I have replaced 1 relay, which did not solve the problem, I have had it to a trustworthy/efficient mechanic (not a GM dealership)..he cannot find what is causing this demonic behavior. Here goes....... 1. The relay on the passenger side would click ONLY when

Sounds like the BCM(body control module)is faulty. Computer located under pass.side dash right side. I have replaced quite a few. It needs to be programmed once installed. ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

HARD STARTING PROBLEM hi, My 2000 chevy express cargo van v-6 has starting problems, somtimes it starts right up and once it starts it runs great. i hear the electric fuel pump motor running after ignition switch is turned on. thanks stephen

Fuel Filters need to be changed EVERY 15,000 Mi and oil changes once a year maybe,maybe every two years\015\012Common Problem for the cargo is that the distributor gets moisture in it due to the vent being plugged up, And the Cap and rotor hav ... Chevrolet Cargo

Electrical problem 1996 chevy taho le suv. i keep blowing a the fuse for my marker lights, tail lights, dash board light. but it only happens after i start driving, not at idol. the strange thing is that nothing on that circuit has anything to do with acceleration.if you have any ideas i would appreciate the help. jeff 1996 chevy taho

Check your trailer plugin wires at back of veh. ... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

Electrical My grandmother has an 02 Chevy Trailblazer, which the entire front passenger door doesn't work, ie. the door locks, window, mirror. We have taken it in and they said its not the connector inside the door and they would chase the problem but since she's on a fixed income it would be to much for her to afford. I told her I would see if maybe I could find the problem for her to save her the money. If you have any possible suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

It might be the ground cut the ground wire cominng from the harnest then connect the the switch groundwire to the metal on the inside ofthe door ,use any nut that is on the door ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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