Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe ?

Rear hatch of 2005 Tahoe will not unlock. Husband has checked the fuses and they are fine. He thinks it might be a wiring issue or the "motor" went out. Any tips or thoughts? Thanks!

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Rear hatch of 2005 Tahoe will not unlock. Husband has checked the fuses and they are fine. He thinks it might be a wiring issue or the "motor" went out. Any tips or thoughts? Thanks!

... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

Ignition issues 3.9l V6 1993 dodge d150 original motor went bad(jumped time and bent rods and valves, broke valve springs, etc...) found the exact motor, and put the new motor in, kept original wiring harness, injectors, all sensors, hoses, fuel rail..literally everything that was still good on the bad motor..i put on the new motor that i put in. the old motor was getting spark and gas, but the new motor isnt getting any spark? even though i never changed the wiring harness around..what could th

Trying to diagnose others work can be difficult but have done it many times. First I need to know basically at this point if you are getting power to the dark green & orange wire at each injector as well as the dark green and orange wire at the c ... 1993 Dodge D150

My 2007 Lincoln Mark LT has it's driverside headlight out, so I went and replaced the bulb, but it will come on for a couple of minutes and then go out again. I think it is a wiring issue. The dealership is saying that they are going to charge us $250.00 to fix the wiring issue. Is there anyway I can get it fixed for cheaper.

Are you certain that you have the right bulb. You cannot place any kind of bulb it must be exactly what you removed. ... 2007 Lincoln Mark LT 4x2 5.5

I have an engine idling issue. The engine is a 1AZFSE, GDI engine. It uses a throttle by wire system. The issue does not happen all the time, but lets say you are in traffic, & u watch the rpm gauge u will see the needle slightly moving up & down & u feel the feed back on the idling issue through the brake pedal as the engine idling up & down. I did a vacuum leak test but didn't find anything. All that i can think of is if it is electronic issue meaning a voltage problem or there might me a issu

... 2002 Toyota RAV4

Had the same issue 2001 Ford E350 - passenger side window goes down -not up. Put in new motor - same problem. Mechanic thinks that its deteriorated wiring going to the passenger switch or switch on the master panel that is bad and affects the passenger side switch. Also says that years and years of opening/closing door can wear out the wiring in the wiring harness between the door and the cab - the only thing to do is check the wiring from the passenger window switch back into the car. Said the

... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a miss in my 92 ford explorer. Don't think it is a spark issue because the coil is firing all six. I think it might be a fuel problem but, I'm kinda unfamiliar with this kind of fuel delivery. I think it has injectors but not sure because I see two wires going to what I believe are the injectors but no lines supplying them. Has a big throttle body looking thing for a manifold that sits atop of it all. Please Help Thanks Erik

My favorite trick is to raise the hood on a pitch black nite in a dark place with no lighting. Then you can see if a plug wire is jumping spark to somewhere. On a 92, I would definately get new wires anyway, they are cheap insurance. Get good wires. ... Ford Explorer

2001 ford explorer sport. The driver window regulator took a dive. I took it apart, fixed the regulator and when I reassembled the motor and regulator, it was a little difficult. I had to try and readjust the motor before bolting and when I pressed the automatic down switch, it went all the way down, jammed the mottor pulling the cable harness tight. and then stopped. I since bought a new motor, but this didn't solve the issue. Could I have blown a relay or when it jammed one of the wires was

... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

Blower motor my blower motor control mod. is gone the blower motor stays on, I just went to check everything and now the blower will not come on at all I checked the fuses all good what else might it be that is gone is it fulable links if so I can only find two under the hood would there be any in the dash?? or would it be another issue (help)

Blower control module bad. located near blower motor in air duct. held in with 3-7mm screws ... 1990 Buick LeSabre

Starting problems I have a 95 chrysler concorde, 3.5 v6 24valve. i have a starting issue,my car was running fine then i left my house got a block away and my car stalled, and won't start.there is no spark in plugs 2 and 4, i had it towed to a shop they discovered someone masicured the wiring under the hood, they repaired all the wiring, but wouldn't start, motor will turn but no spark they spent over 30 hr's on it,went as far as having the dealership look at it, they replaced the pcm, power pack

Someone "masicured"? Maybe you mean Massacred? Under the hood? LOL. \015\012OK, maybe mice got under your hood and chewed all the wires since it\015\012would be weird and hard for someone to get under the hood. That's what\015\012happened to ours. ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

I have a heat issue. I have tackled a lot of auto repair problems in the past but Im stumped. I have a 1998 Olds Bravada and the blend door motor keeps turning to the hot side, like someone flipped the power on and it wont shut off. I have peplaced the motor, the control head and the door is in working order. I went as far as resetting the computer and trying all I can think of. Please tell me what else this can be.

The issue with this vehicle has nothing to do with the heater control valve it is working fine. the issue is the blend door motor is turning to hot all the time. When I adjust the temp knob it wont cool down at all. I pulled the blend motor out ... 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid the motor is a 3.5 liter with approximatively 270.000km the car ran beautifully until i went to put gas into it and 20 minutes later the car just died. I went to turn it back on all it does is start for a second then spit and spudder then dies. We took it to our local mechanic nothing wrong with the fuel filter Or anything we can see. he said he thinks its something to do with the wiring. We checked and even got a new computer for it and still a no go. If anyone

The only way anyone is going to be able to help you is if you can tell them what is missing...\012Your engine requires Fuel, Ignition, Compression, and Timing to run. One or more of these is missing. Since your vehicle is an OBD II compatible ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 96 suburban 5.7 throwing a po305 code,ive replaced the distributor,map sensor,plugs, wires,and coverted from scfi to mfi,the code went away for two days and now has returned. ihave replaced wires,and plugs again thinking one might be badand checked for vacuum leaks but no luck, anyone with ideas

... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

Aftermarket Webasto Sunroof was stuck open, i manually closed it through the back light but i want it to be properly working. also i dont think it was ever wired correctly because it only opens in park and then you have to put it in drive before it fully opens or else it will shut again, i was told this was a saftey feature but i am doubting it. Looking for tips on what part might have failed and maybe a wiring diagram. Thank you.

... Lincoln LS

I have an 02 neon and the low beam went out on the drivers side but came back on when i wiggled it,then both lights went out altogether the next day. does this sound like a relay issue. i havent checked it out yet but i also had a mouse under the hood and was thinking the little ****** got at a wire

Wire is very possible, also may be element in bulb, or ground. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1967 mustang power steering control valve and ram were leaking I bought a rebuild kit for both of them when i reinstalled them and turned the motor over the steering wheel rotates violently hard to the right at idle i shut it down thinking the lines might be crossed but when i switched the only 2 interchangeable lines (off the ram) and started it went hard to the left. I got another control valve to see if that was the problem and installed it and turned the car over again and it is still goi

The control valve is normally in Neutral. When you turn the steering wheel, it moves the gearbox, which is connected to the pitman arm, which is connected to the control valve. The control valve then sends pressure to the ram to either extend or re ... Ford Mustang


Pull the spark plug wires off the coil packs and look for any corrosion on the posts, common problem. doesnt matter if the adjoining cylinder is ok. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a brake issue. I have had the pads and rotors turned twice now. Then I was told the master cylinder was bad. Then, the brakes locked up while driving, burned up the pads and scorched the rotors, and I was told the entire abs went bad and needs to be replaced. I asked how all this could happen and was told someone might have put in bad brake fluid. Considering they were the ones that replaced the master cylinder, I think I am getting screwed... I need some advice after explaining the whol

Not only a bad brake fluid but the system may have not been bled until the piston and cylinder snaps. what you are experiencing is the result. since they are the only ones servicing the part, they should be taking full responsibility of the p ... Pontiac G6

I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan, which I recently purchased. The first time driving in the rain and the motor was stalling, the power steering went out and the battery, oil lights all came on. Do you think I have an exposed wire?

Sounds like you need new ignition wires (spark plug wires) possibly a cap and rotor as well. When they get damp spark exits before reaching the spark plugs. The lights on the dash and loss of steering happens because the engine has shut down. ... 1999 Dodge Caravan

My 1997 mercury grand marquis power windows on the drivers side are not working . i opened everything up and found that the motor was working so i opened it up and found a small spool with wire cables that were all beat up also the cables seem to be attached in some way to the window what do you think the problem might be

The cables are no good but your only problen is there connected to motor go see junk yard it happened to my moms car ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

1994 s10 4 by 4 blazer ,eng/ 4.3 v6 with tpi / auto ////// car does run , battery went dead , replaced with a new battery. tried to start the car , it had been sitting for 3 weeks,,. did a quick visual checking wire connections and added some gas . it turned over well ,acted like it wanted to fire up . there was a concern that it might have been flooded with fuel, ,, is that poss with a fuel injected motor ? i am aware that there is a cut off switch for low mot

I'm assuming it won't start now with the new battery..they do sometimes flood, but not usually unless there's a regulator problem, etc..but try starting fluid into intake 1st.If it starts and runs, then proceed..You'll have to ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

98 jeep grand cherokee limited 4.0 litre. starts up, during warm up process engine will idle irradically and stall out. starts back up and does the same thing. no check engine light on. cleanrd throttle body, good compression, good spark. i checked to see if it might have been the map sensor by starting the motor and then pulling the connector off the map sensor, the rpm's changed a slight bit but went to normal and didn't stall out. i was thinking about checking to see if i have fuel pressure o

98 jeep grand cherokee, starts fine but then dies and will not run, after it dies it will start right back and do the same thing, can not get it run, any help is always appreciated ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My altima turns over but doesn't start. It gets fuel pressure (though it seems like weak pressure to me, I can stop it with my finger over the line) I put a spare plug I had lying around on the wire, grounded it against the engine and got spark. i replaced my plugs thinking they might be bad. the only code it throws is that the catalytic converter is partly clogged, but even so it should start, even if it would stall and it went from running fine to not running at all one day to the next.

... 2000 Nissan Altima

The top on my 2008 sebring convertible only goes down halfway. The motor continues to make noise, it just won't go all the way down. The dealership thought it might be a wiring issue but said they would charge $300 just to diagnose the problem. Any suggestions?

... 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Engine fans Both of my engine fans on my 2005 chevy silverado run continuously, while running. My truck is not over heating and does not bring up a check engine light. The sensors have been replaced and I have not found any wiring problems. I am thinking that the computer might be bad but before I replaced that I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue and a solution.

Have you checked the fan relay? ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Rear wiper ok so my 1992 jeep's rear wiper wont work. the hard top is pluged in and the dome light works as well as the rear washer fluid but the rear wiper wont work. i was thinking it might be a rear wiper motor issue but figured id ask and see if maybe it could be something simpler.

It,s a good possibility that the motor is bad, but first do this, turn\015\012on the rear wiper switch and go to the rear wiper motor and with a\015\012screwdriver handle tap on the motor body and see if it moves. Sometimes\015\012the brushes in the ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler
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