Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe ?


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I found this URL on internet http://www.chefseattle.com/blog/site-news/suburban-rear-liftgate-wont-unlock-how-to-fix/ If your vehicle is similiar maybe it can help.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

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I found this URL on internet http://www.chefseattle.com/blog/site-news/suburban-rear-liftgate-wont-unlock-how-to-fix/ ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

My keyless remote for my car has stopped working. When you are inside the car or open the door, and you use the remote it works, but when you are not in the car or using the car, it will not work. So say i'm in a store and come out and try and unlock it, it will not work, but if i unlock it with the key, then lock it back up with the keyless remote, it works. i've tried looking in the owners manual and i cannot find any results that helped me.

I would try a new battery , the range is weak due to a weak battery, try the new battery first. ... 2007 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan New Cars

Hyundai Accent front passenger door will not open from inside. This happened just like that a couple of days ago. The lock seems to have jammed from inside and would not let go however I try to unlock. You have use the key from outside. Turning it inise the keyhole and keep it turned while I use the handle to open. The repair man says that the pump inside may have gone kaput or the hook (plastic) may have borken. Any solution

... Cars & Trucks

Boxter Remote Key problem: I note that my remote key is struggling to work and only after many attempts. Both keys have same issue. Fresh battery , not sleep mode, and have resynced the codes by using the remote within 6 seconds of key in and key out of ignition, reversed polarity of battery also. HOWEVER : i have found that both keys work perfectly if I open the remote casing and use the remote out of the casing. Any suggestions Thank you

... 2000 Porsche Boxster

My 1997 Mitsubishi mirage was recently repaired and the repairer had a new key cut to replace the one he lost. I drove the car home using this key. When I used the original manufacturers key my engine would not start. Now the new key will not start the car either. A mechanic has looked at the car and says he can't find a mechanical problem. His scanner is displaying 'immobiliser'. What does this mean?

Lock and unlock your door using the key in the driver side door lock. This my fix it ... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

Drivers side door, I can use the electric locks; however I cannot use the key to open the door from the outside, I have no tension, I know there is a plastic piece that dissconnect from the rods, also I cannot open the door from inside, the inide handle is not flush but it still has tension? Any ideas

Can you get the door open at all? ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Mitsubishi 1995 FTO - The lock to the trunk will open using the switch located to the right of the driver, on the floor, in front of the petrol cap switch; however, the trunk will not open using the key manually. This car was recently purchased second hand and was not accompanied by an owners manual or repair manual. i believe the latch inside is missing a component, but i require a picture of the mechanism to confirm this. the key cannot even turn the lock. Can you help?

... 2003 Bentley Continental GT

Got a MPV 2000. Alternator blew twice and apparently the mechanics at Mazda came to conclusion that the ECM is causing the problem letting the alternator charge at 18V wich is causing it to burn.. Now i get different answer as wheter or not i can put a used ECM in the van. I got no chip in my key and got elctric windows .. Some says i just have to find a used ECM and plug in without programming .. others says it won't work and it need programming and STILL have a chance it won't work .. ??? RE

If your car has no security chip , you can use a used computer ,i have done it -make sure the numbers match and that the car it comes out of has the same options and make sure the computer you get doesnt have security...there is a place that ships wo ... 2000 Mazda MPV

My car key was not opening the doors so i tried to use the small mental key attached to the electronic vehicle key. since then the car cannot start i have tried to change the battery but still no joy. My mechanic is saying i need to get a new key but can this be the solution? Appreciate your assistance

Yes the key has a chip in it kind of like a diod it provides resistance the car will not run with a normal key ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1992 honda accord key - cannont open the driver side - or any door with key. Using the main key - honda key - locked the door this morning - then when I went to go to lunch- I cannot open the driver door. Normally I would open driver door- then auto unlock all doors. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Is the key worn and do you have a spare that is less worn you could try? does the key not turn at all, or does it turn but not cause electrical release? You need to be more specific. For example, does the key work in other doors? Do the interior ... Honda Accord

We drove the escalade last night without issue, we got home left the keys in the ignition but slightly pulled out for ease of finding them. The escalade locked with the keys inside, however we have an extra remote and key but neither are unlocking the escalade. any suggestions

If you have OnStar then you can call them and give the account info and they will unlock the vehicle for you. I would check the batteries in the extra remote(they might be dead) but it is odd the extra key will not unlock the door! So unless the batt ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

I cannot find C240 on your list of models so I have chosen a C230 from that list. It is a 1998 model. One of my 2 keys does not get used very often and for the last 12 months or so the red light on that key was flashing but the key has only worked after twisting it a number of times in the ignition for it to activate. Sometimes the car could be locked and unlocked. Thinking it probably was the batteries, I replaced them with 2 new CR2025. The red light flashes when any of the 3 butto

Merecedes keys have to "relearn" the car once the batteries either fail/die, or have the batteries removed. The only thing to do is take it to a garage and have them relearn the key for you. It doesn't take too long and shouldn'tcost more then an hou ... Mercedes-Benz C230

2005 Town and Country. Has Mopar (factory) remote start. Stopped working a while back. Installed Expresskit TBKIII transponder bypass kit. Remote starter now works. We use remote starter to start and warm, insert key and switch to on to go. However, if I start it with the key (avoid remote starter remote), it shuts down. Research says it is picking up two keys and shutting down. System has a yellow wire for Keysense Shutoff Circuit. You select a positive or negative jumper based on ignition's

Please this products are designed to spoil.Replacing the product is the best advice you can get from me too.It is worth it,.Good luckI care . ... Chrysler Town and Country

I have a 2000 model 2.0 and it is making a tinny rattling sound at a certain rev and on deceleration. Have checked all over engine for the cause of rattle but cannot find anything.Have had mechanic look at it, he has taken intake system off and rocker cover and looked into the cylinders thru the spark plug holes using camera, can't find cracks on pistons or any problem with valves, done compression test all ok. Any suggestion what the problem might be?

Could it be a rattle inside the cat????? ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2007 Grand Vitara. After starting following routine 5 km trip it locked in Park. Lock light on dash came on. Used shift lock to get it going. No gear shown on dash (automatic). Engine light now shows on dash. However car seems to be operating without mechanical noise and is changing gears successfully. Cruise will not activate. Cannot start car with keyless instument but can be overridden by using the actual physical key. We are remote for another week and not got access to Suzuki dealer

Hi.The shifter stays locked in park before an electrical problem in the brake wiring system.There is a circuit connected to break pedal and park brake that release the shifter from park position lock when brake pedal and handb ... Suzuki Grand Vitara

I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer, 4x4 V6, The car starts and runs just find however when you turn on the defrost the car instantly dies. The AC and heater work fine unless you turn on the defrost, Also I have some lights on the dash one says service airbag and the other says service 4x4. I haven't used the 4x4 yet but it drives fine in 2 wheel drive. Also the car has not been in any wrecks or anything that could have made the airbag deploy. What should I do to fix this problem? Other then going t

That is because the passenger or dirvers side air bag is turned off , see ur local delar and have hime put it back on via computor plug in if ur covered it is free \015\012zeus ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have lost the keys to my explorer and need to know if the ignition code is anywhere within the truck in order to have a new key made. All of the Ford Dealers are saying that the truck is too old to find the code with the use of the VIN.

If you know where the truck was originally sold they have the key codes ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Ignition We have a 1991 Mercury Tracer that we lost the keys for and we've tried the opening the panel and using the 'screwdriver method' but that doesn't work. We want to hotwire the car so that we can drive it to a mechanic but don't know which wires to use and can't find a diagram anywhere that says which ones are the 'on' wires. Can you help?

Sadly even if you hotwired it you wouldnt be able to drive it far. The steering wheel would lock up and you wouldnt be able to turn. However you can call a locksmith who can cut you a new key usually right in your own driveway. Normally they dont cha ... 1991 Mercury Tracer

Boot Lock I have an 04 plate S40. I cannot open the boot using the touchpad. It's the new model so I can't use the key as there is no keyhole. How can I open the boot

... 2005 Volvo S40

Mass issues Hi I have a 626 mazda model 1996,I am trying to find out a MASS, I cannot find one in Costa Rica, Please any suggestion?? Well, the agency can provide me the mass, however havean exagerate price $650. thanks

Your best bet would be on eBay - many sellers there have flat shipping rates. Buying directly from a dealer or store is definitely going to cost a fortune. If a seller on eBay doesn't have a flat rate option, you may be stuck buying one and paying ... 1996 Mazda 626

My Vauxhall Calibra central locking has locked permanently so that I am not able to get into the vehicle. I have a Cobra demobiliser/ remotely operated lock fitted which responds by flashing and beeping but does not operate the central locking. This has not previously shown signs of failure. The usual sound of the electric motor operating the c/locking is not evident when using the remote button or using the key in either door or boot. Any suggestions where to start fault finding would be greatl

What else do you expect from a boy racer sunday mechanic system,rip it out and just use a crook lock ,Nothing but trouble these aftermarket stirling mose or halfords made in china junk .The chips used are poor quality and always go wrong.Also it woul ... 1984 GMC Caballero

I'm trying to drop the fuel tank on my 92 gmc limited edition jimmy. A site that I'm using for a reference says there are 2 or 3 fuel lines in the top front center of the tank that need to be disconnected but i cant find them. I did however find the wiring adapter that was described there. I cant see anything other than the fuel tank at this point. Where do I look?

There is ROOM for you to , Lower the TANK in order to SEE them, \015\012They are SIMPLY Hard to SEE With Tank In the WAY. ... 1992 GMC Jimmy

Trying to find the air filter for the cabin. Manual says it should be on the pass. side of front seat cabin under the dash. This is an option, however, the amount of air the blower puts out is greatly reduced on a/c and heat. I have to stop the truck and let the water drain to get the air flowing again. I should say I used to. Now it want blow enough air to hardly circulate. Can anyone tell me where the filters might be. Thanks Ray

There is a cover that has 3 screw bolts you will remove to access. \015\012\015\012the water comment is disturbing as water from the AC is to drain out of a drain tube you might want to check to see if it is clogged. ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Recently I described for your expertise the problem of my 98 Ford Escort that was broken into, that had the ignition switch dismantled. We were able to trace some wires, start the car, release the steering lock with the key and got it home. However, the battery went down a week later, and the alarm came on. With a new battery, I've tried a number of suggested ways to start, but the alarm keeps blocking, though the power doors, etc work. Some say: "Lock the driver door with the key, then open!" S

You did a pretty good job of tracing wires, and getting your car home! You are to be commended!What you did was bypass the alarm system temporarily. It's a feature built in so that a mechanic canwork on the car, and move it. If a thief st ... 1998 Ford Escort

Car will not start. The information center says to clean the key and retry after 3 minutes. I have done this step several times. No luck. The owners manual says to check the fuse, however, I can not find the left side fuse panel where the fuse is located.

Sounds like your passkey system has taken a poop\015\012you need a shop to solder in the correct resistor and you should be good ... Oldsmobile 98
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