Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Suburban ?

How do you remove the cover around the intrument panel in the dash board? The gauge for my battery voltage is not working.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

It jusr pops loose pull shiftewr down in low and pull on bezel it will come loose
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How do you remove the cover around the intrument panel in the dash board? The gauge for my battery voltage is not working.

It jusr pops loose pull shiftewr down in low and pull on bezel it will come loose ... 2005 Chevrolet Suburban

Ford 2001 f250 superduty 5.4 gas dash battery light flashing intermittently,dash voltage gauge read normal truck drove fine. next day battery light stayed on longer volt gauge fine,turned on heater and wipers, volt.gauge dropped to almost nothing.made it home parked truck, wouldnt start just click of starter relay. new battery approx 5 months old. didn't have time to test batt voltage with meter will do when i get home from from work. thanks in advance for your assistance. Ralph

Hi, \012The Alternator is JUNK, sorry.\012Regards,DT ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

Won't start turn ignition on does not crank gauges work battery is good already cleaned battery post and checked all fuses the voltage gauge in dash shows to be a little weak and the heater blower is not real strong but the battery is fully charged battery light in dash lights up also?

The best bet is to go to the started and check to see the signal wire is getting current when you try to crank it, if not you locate the signal wire on the starter which is the small wire and jump it with power, if it is not doing anything then your ... 2000 GMC Sierra

I have a 1986 Fiero GT. Recently the lights in the dash board turned off. The light isnt dead, because the lights in the battery gauge and oil gauge are off too. The switch is working for the head light when i push it all the way up, just not the dash board. Please help, thank you.

Ya could have a loose wire ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

I have a 2002 kia rio cinco. i drove the car to the gas station and everything was working fine. 5 minutes later the car will not start. i checked battery voltage. reads between 12 and 12.5 volts. jump started car. car ran for about a minute and a half. jump started again and checked voltage at battery while car was running. read about 13.4-13.7volts also heard clicking around fuse box. also when i turn the key to the on position i get all the dash lights and the odometer reads but if i turn the

It all sounds like a loose cable or a dirty one at the battery or the starter ... 2002 Kia Rio

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport was working fine, then would not start this am, jumped it and it started ok, drove about a mile and battery voltage pegged to the right and check gauges light came on, brought it home and turned it off in the driveway and it wouldn't turn back over a few minutes later. Jumped it again and let it sit and run for 15 minutes, battery at 14, looked fine, then took it for a ride around our development after 5 minutes same thing, pegged to right and check gauges came on. P

Sounds like a regulator malfunction to me..need to connect a battery/alternator tester to the system and see if the regulator is bad.. this will cause full charge of the alternator to enter the system.. this uses the battery as a regulator and will c ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

The check gauges light came on our 2003 Dodge Durango then shortly after that when my husband punched the gas to pass someone, the engine shut down. The battery was still working-dash lights still on and heater was on. When trying to restart would just get click for the starter engaging but nothing would happen. Checked battery voltage and it was showing about 460V for a 600V battery. Wouldn't start with a charger hooked to the battery.

The correct scale is CCA (Cold Cranking Amp).460cca out of 600cca is not good.Check the tag / label on the battery. The two digits follow by the GROUP number is the XX month rating.24488 ... Dodge Durango

My 7.3 L diesel ford f-250 shows the battery light (check charge system) on in the dash. I tried to drive it and the voltage gauge started dropping into the 10-11 v range. I replaced the alternator with a re-manufactured one and then charged the batteries and started the truck. Now the red battery light is still on but when I rev the motor to around 3200 RPM it dims to ALMOST off but comes back on bright when I let off the pedal. The alternator is showing on my hand held volt meter with

You must have an older vehicle,but I am pretty sure the 7.3 was put out after the voltage regulator was put in the alternator.What you are describing is a voltage regulator on the the firewall.If this is so,replace the voltage regulator on the firewa ... Ford F-250

How do you remove the dash board around the gauges etc. I am trying to get at the circuit board that controls the tact and the odometer read out. One of the sites says there is just a loose solder joint on the board and to resolder it and that should solve the problem. It is a 1997 chrylster sebring convertible.

Not 100% sure on that but normally the trim that surrounds the cluster will pull off, if no screws or buttons covering screws are obvious, then you 'll have access to screws holding cluster in. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Hi i have a s80 01 just came back from the dealer after spending 2500 $ n still have the same problem.. idle goes up and down on park, hazards lights come on and off by them self when the car is looked, dash board speed gauge and rpm stops working while driving, in car lights stop working then minutes later are working fine and while driving sometimes the car starts trying to turn off i stop the car then it starts fine for awhile i have changed the battery timing belt and alternator now there

Replace eletric part of ignition shorting out differnt circits at diiffernt times ... 1999 Volvo S80

I have a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII, the air ride was removed and now there is a short somewhere causing voltage regs to fry and draining the battery. We found a connection under the hood (passenger side) and once we disconnected it the problem went away but car dash lights do not cycle at ignition, climate control lights flash contsant but system works, no heat, but control wise. The turn signals do not flash on the dash panel. I am stuck. Please help/

After replacing the air system on your Mark, you should have turned the switch off in the trunk and left the air pump intact.....that way the system does not know that anything has been done....you can then just remove the bags and tape off the lines ... 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

Dash My battery ran out after leaving my trunk light on accidentally (my trunk won't close because of a recent accident) I jump started my car and removed the light bulb to make sure it didn't happen again. When I restarted my car, the speedometer, tachometer and gas gauge won't work. I didn't know if this was a fuse issue or a larger problem. I tried reinstalling the trunk bulb but now that won't work either..Please help Thanks

Fuse problem by the sound of it ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

We have a 2000 gmc jimmy sle, 4wd, with the 4.3 vortec engine. This morning it would not start, you would turn the key and and the power would fail. I checked the battery, by attaching my battery charger, and the gauge on the charger reads full in the 2 and 6 amp setting. At first with the ignition key turned to accesory, the quages started to "dance" as I heard a clicking noise coming from under the dash board. Now there is no power and I cannot turn the key to off and remove it from the igniti

Clean the two way fuse underneath the battery. I had the same problem with mine. Lost power while driving, couldn't get an electrical connection while the key was stuck in ignition. After cleaning the fuse it ran beautifully. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have aproblem with my 1983 Mazda 626, when i turn on the ignition nothing happen no power to dash board no lights, no fuel gauge nothing, checked fuses under dash ok but no power there, checked main fuses near battery ok , head light and hazard lighs work.

Defective contact switch ... 1983 Mazda 626

Hi I tried to install new gauges for my ford taurus 95 SHO 3.0 DOHC V6. The instruction said to disconnect the the battery so i disconnected the negative and ground and began to remove the dash board. I disconnected the lights, rear def, the clock and the fog lights realized i had to splice the positive and negative wires to the lights.. so i decide to do it another time. Anyways after reconnecting the lights and all of the stuff when i reconnect the battery it starts to spark a bit once i get t

... 1995 Ford Taurus

My Honda Accord 96 model alternator not working and not charging the battery, I changed the alternator and one of the wire was disconnected by the electrician because the dash board battery light was not coming on while the second wire was connected to the positive terminal for the light to come on on the dash board. The alternator began to work but after a while, it stopped working. What could be the cause?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0. I've had good luck until now. Recently, the check gauges light came on and the voltage meter on my dash flatlined and the Jeep died on the side of the road. I replaced my battery. It was old. Everything was fine for about two weeks and then the check engine and check gauges lights came on and the voltage meter on the dash flatlined again so I put the battery on charge thinking that I might have purchased a bad battery. This lasted for about a week then th

What did the charging system read? this is a very strong sign of the alternator going dead. it is possible to have it act intermittently. sometimes the kids there dont have an acurate understanding of the system or how to use the equipment. when the ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

1999 dodge avenger gauge cluster doesnt light up fuses are good dimmer switch just replaced. brake light switch went bad i removed the posative battery end and now the dash light do not work.

... 1996 Dodge Avenger

I just bought a 98' Tahoe and the gas/fuel gauge does not work. Checked the fuses and tried a new one for the gauges fuse and the gauge worked but then went back to empty. When I removed the fuse the battery gauge quit working but works fine when the fuse is in. Why would replacing the fuse cause the fuel gauge to work then quit?

The computer does a sweep test everytime it senses power. Check it next time you turn the key to run the gages do a little self test. However the fuse and gage won't be your problem. They are very bad for the fuel level sensor in the tan ... 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

My 1998 plymouth neon expresso - dash board cluster gauges: the speedometor, gas gauge, and rpm gauge sometimes work and other times do not. If you turn the ignition on to accessories but not on to start the car, and then wait 10 to 30 seconds, then start the car, most times the gauges work. If you turn the to start the without waiting, the gauges do not work. The 1st time this happen, I change the fuse in the fuse box and they work for a while. Is this a electrical problem or a sensor pro

I was reading about the same issue and i think we will all have to get a new cluster gage or whatever there is a way to fix it yourself if you can using a soldering gun ... 1998 Plymouth Neon

After removing battery to retrieve fallen battery cap that fell down in the motor and reinstalling the battery , the gas gauge , which was working needs to be reset in order for it to work. Q .How do you reset the gas gauge on a 1998 Cutless Oldsmobile 3.1L V6-191 and is there a code to do this.?

With the battery disconnected, take off the front of the dash behind the steering wheel and reach behind the gauges you will see a wiring harness connected to the cluster gauge just unplug that for a few seconds then plug it back in. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass


Items to check:\015\012Try wiring behind alternator.may be full of corrosion.\015\012One of the accessories maybe shorting out and draining battery.\015\012(Techns know how to find this out) ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

I am helping a friend with a 1983 Jeep CJ7. the temp gauge and fuel gauge are not working. Owner installed new factory gauges. Still don't work. Where do I need to be looking for the problem? What type of voltage should be supplied to the gauges? Can I run a 12 volt source to the gauges from the battery to see if I can get them to work?

... 1983 Jeep CJ7

300zx dash re-installation I had enough trouble getting the dash board out myself. I've had a few people tell me that I had to place the cluster in first, and then try and put the dash board back in, so I decided to try that and now, when I go to screw in the bottom bolts on the dash board the cluster pops back up. Is there something I missing? Maybe the cluster needs to go back farther? Only diagram I had found was for the removal process and trying to do it backwards didn't work. Plllleaaase

Follow the instructions for taking it out in reverse. Get someone to help if you can or use vice grips for extra hands so things don't pull apart. ... Cars & Trucks

04 tacoma, v6, 4x4, 5 spd, trd. heater not working. checked water valve in eng comp, would not move with control cable attached, removed control unit (by passenger foot well) checked motor with bench battery, motor works, haven't removed dash heater control yet, but a/c works fine. Also with lower control unit removed, cable to water valve works, also cable (unable to see exactly what it is at this stage) that controls air flow door will move manually. Whats your best guess as to where the pr

The heater is controlled by that valve - you don't get heat because that valve isn't opened. Take the control cable out of it and try to open the valve. If it opens and the water flows freely then the problem is in the dash controls unit - more ... Toyota Tacoma
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