Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD ?

HI,I have thumping and knocking in my steering collom.I was told that this is a comon problem in a Silverado 1550HD, is it?

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Answers :

There is a TSB for this. The dealer should fix it for free. I had this problem and they fixed it. Then a year later it came back. They released another TSB for a different fix, I had it fixed again and have not had any problems since.
I drive a 06 and it does the same thing.i talked to the dealer and it can be "fixed" but if you can live with it its not going to "fall out" according to the dealer
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HI,I have thumping and knocking in my steering collom.I was told that this is a comon problem in a Silverado 1550HD, is it?

There is a TSB for this. The dealer should fix it for free. I had this problem and they fixed it. Then a year later it came back. They released another TSB for a different fix, I had it fixed again and have not had any problems since. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

Steering rack i have had multiple repairs for front end noises and thumping related to steering for 2 years, tie rods already replaced and now need replacement again(only 1 year old). and now i am being told my steering rack needs to be replaced. all these problems started while under warranty and now i'm past warranty and the big repair- the steering rack! what is the likelyhood that the steering rack was the problem from the start? what else could be causing problem? also i went through a set

Its possible that the mounting bushings for the rack are bad have the mechanic show you the mounts and look if they are wore out you can tell they wont look like they fit the car. the tierods warranty should have been extended when they were replaced ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2005 chevrolet silverado 1500 4X4, steering problem their is a clung or a knocking on steering wheel when driving or turning.

I had the same problem with my truck like yours. Took it to the dealer and the tech acted as if it were no big deal. He said it is the Intermediary shaft which is part of the steering column. He said that the grease leaks out and allows the joints to ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Steering problem I am hearing a knocking noise on the right front side while driving and my steering starts shaking past 50 mpr. Is it my steering rod or v-joint that is making the knocking sound and causing the steering to shake?

When turning you hear the sound? yes it may be a tie rod, cv shaft and or alignment issue. and as for the shaking... check your tire balance. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix


It sounds like a hydraulic tappet fault. It maybe that there is partial blockage in the oil passage to one of the tappets and clears when it gets a little warm. Its important that you use a synthetic or semi synthetic grade engine oi 5W40 or 10W40 if ... Subaru Legacy

My daughters '04 Kia Sedona is having some sort of steering binding problem that feels like power steering not working or gears binding or some steering parts out of alignment. She told me that a month ago the left front tire was being replaced after having a flat and the jack slipped out and the car fell to the road on the wheel rotor (I suppose). This steering binding has only started in the last week and seems to be getting worse. She is no longer driving the car. Don't know what the problem

Steering rack or tierod/tierod ends may be loose or bent. Steering rack may be worn. Power steering pump may be worn and unable to provide sufficient pressure at low rpm's. ... Kia Sedona

Wiring Problems? I have been having on going problems with my blazer. Took it to the garage and was told that the security fired the wiring to the fuse box and the neutrual position sensor. They fixed that problem, my truck ran great for a couple of weeks and then quit again. Now I've been having problems with it starting again. I have to start the truck with a live wire to actually get it started. I was told that the wiring harness in the steering column could be bad. Took apart the dash and th

If the chopped and taped wiring was done by the shop that worked on it, and it worked after they were finished, It's likely that they did the right job (short of replacing the entire harness) but may have done a sloppy job, resulting in your present ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 94 corolla xl in the philippines, I have already replace the plastice busing inside the steering column, but there still this noise as if the steering wheel is loose, its making a knocking noises on bumpy roads. They told me its the bearing in the steering column, but they also told me that I cannot replace the bearings and instead i have to buy a new steering column.

... 1994 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1996 jimmy with a problem with the ignition. Sometimes it would start and some times it would not. I have checked the ignition switch and changed it but problem continues with or without the ignition switch. I was thinking that it might be the whole steering column, but a friend of mine told me that it has a module underneath the steering column and that it might be the problem.

No might to it but it is called a(ignition switch) to but it is the electrical part (not key and lock cylnder.)..you can go look one up on autozone.com so u know what ur looking for ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

2004 chevy avalanche z66 noise problem like beneath the seat, like a knock, knock, the steering problems it had before also with squeaking noise was fix; now it does the knock one; when turning most to the left side. What could it be? I really need help!

Hi, there is a common problem with most all gm vehicles that causes this noise, the steering intermediate shaft is lubricated from the factory but does not contain any type of seal to keep the grease from escaping away from the metal it slides on. th ... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

Esc/ abs light is coming on . I bought the car in June 2012 and after driving it for a few days i heard a rubbing noise in the steering . they replace the steering rack. supposely reset the toe. now the esc/asb light is coming on. I went to one repair shop and the told me that the toe was not set correctly and the problem is in the steering. i went back to the dealer where the rack was put in and he said that has nothing to do with the rack. the problem is a faulty brake switch. ???

... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

2005 chevy malibu - power steering light comes on & off. No problem with steering. Mechanic told my mother it was in the electronics. I haven't seen the car myself,as I don't live near her. I told her to get somebody to check her power steering fluid. She says the mech. said there isn't a resovoir on the car ,they are all electronically controled.I've never seen a car without a PS resovoir. Is there one on these ??? I will go down this weekend to see for myself.

Thats correct, it does use an electric motor, no more oil or hoses and pumps.it now has modules,sensors, motor and computer to opreate the steering. ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

My 2001 ford taurus will run fine fora week or so ,then sometimes it does not want to stay started unless i dont let of the gas,until it finally dies ,and power steering fluid flows out of the power steering cap, i took it to a mechanic who couldnt diagnos the problem, it happenened yesterday ,but snapped out of whatever the problem was and i drove 30 miles home,whenever this happens,it starts just fine in an hour or so or the next day. someone has told me it could be the drivebelt slipping amon

You have to leave your car with the mechanic shop,to make a gasoline pressure test and ignition system test,these cars have problems with fuel pump and crankshaft position sensor ... 2001 Ford Taurus

My Power steering is giving me problems. It does not always work when turning left. I have no problem turning right. I have been told it could be the power steering assist motor . What is this?

Sounds like there is a problem with your rack-and-pinion assembly. ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

I just bought a 2002 chev silverado and my volt meter goes from 16 to 14 and the headlights and dash lights dime! I had the dealer look at it they told me that everything is fine the alternator was replaced In 2010 and the battery is good! my 2001 silverado don't do this and I said that to the guy at the dealer he told me that they changed the electrical system in 2002 any ideas what the problem is and should I worry about it thank you!

If its jus at start up for a few mins that's normal but if it's all the time I would be going back to that dealer and not be so friendly ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

Hi, I live in Barbados and purchased a 2010 Isuzu Dmax 3L Turbo Diesel in June of 2010. I have had a problem with my steering making a knocking noise if the engine is off and i turn from side to side, it is also noticed when you are driving on a bumpy road and turn the steering, it feels like something is loose. My dealer is telling me that they are contacting Isuzu to fix the problem but it has now been over a year with no new news. Any advice on how to fix this would be great. Thanks

... Isuzu Rodeo

Well, I was told that Acura Vigors have an inherent problem with the power steering boots drying up and then leaking and that more and more fluid would leak out till it would just burn out the power steering...I was told that the car is toast when this happens because to repair it would require more money than the car's worth-that the entire engine would have to be hoisted out to do the repair....anyone have a happy ending to this nail-biter? Karen PS mine is a 1994 Vigor LX

Someone is telling you "fairy tales". They don't go bad that often, and when they do, they can be rebuilt and/or replaced. And NO the engine does NOT have to come out. I would be talking to another shop or technician and avoid the "Teller of Tales" ... 1994 Acura Vigor

I have a 1993 ford thunderbird sc. The power steering is not working and I've been told that it may have air in the lines or it may be that the pump went out. I want to know how to diagnose this problem and fix it so that I can get this car back on the road. Power steering fluid is full but still does not work. Please help me diagnose this problem.

... 1993 Ford Thunderbird

REQUESTING AN EXPLODED VIEW OF TOP END OF 1981 SILVERADO STEERING COLUMN THE HORN AREA problem: Have entire HORN AREA disassembled for months trying to get parts for Horn. Ready to put it back together, but forgot assembly sequence. Need an exploded view for entire top end of steering column for a 1981 Chevy Silverado.

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

Smokin Hi guys my surf or you call it a 4 runner has a fuel pump fault ive bought this truck with a new head new injectors ive checked the mechanicle timming thats fine the problem is it takes a while to start once it starts it diesel knocks badly and smokes realy bad grey black smoke but when it ticks over no smoke no knock the engine is a 2L/TE EFI control and ive been told its probably the efi settings thats the problem how do i correct this as i cant get a code reader help. Barry

Post your question on toyotadiesel.com forums lots of members have the same rig as yours and would be able to give better advise/remedy. ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Steering problem i have a 1995 monte carlo and the car pulls to the right and squels when you turn to the right. the pull isnt real bad unless your turning that direction and it feels very loose like your about to lose control. it turns to the left with no problems, all of the suspension and steering parts seem ok, nothing is broke or bent and the tires are good. the only thing i can think of is that the right side has been knocked way out of align. any help would be great.

The bushing in the strut could be wore out ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Almost impossible to steer 02 grand prix toward the left, tight turn worse. Was having issue with abs light coming on, service done, was told clip on right wheel hub was broken, was "tied" back together and wire reattached. 2 days later started steering problem. No problems turning wheel toward the right?????

Sounds like a RACK and PINION STEERING GEAR problem. Hope this helps. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi my 2006 Accord (Acura) have this weird knocking sound when going slow and turning my steering left and right. This problem has been with me for quite awhile. The mechanic had tried many ways to find out the cause but couldnt . the strage thing is that whenever he took out some parts and put back again the sound is gone but it comes back again afet a few days. I have serviced the steering rack and changed my front absorber but the problem still exist. Any experts care to share your experience?

The axles are going out.\015\012most people look for a torn cv boot but that is not allways the case. \015\012how many miles on it? ... 2000 Honda Accord

I have a loud knocking coming from the valve cover area. Engine runs good and the oil looks good... One said the valve was bent or the rocker arm. Another said that this engine does not have rocker arms.. I was told to replace the engine also.. Please help me find out the easiest way to pin point the real problem because this car is in perfect shape other than the knock.. I am sure that this question has already been posted but fixya keeps asking me to post a problem. I thank you all for the he

Their are a lot of issues with the 2.7 you may have to either overhaul the engine or replace it take it to your crysler service center ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

Hi there, I am having a problem with steering fluid leak. Coming from under the steering rack, near the steering gears, nothing on the steering rack itself or the high pressure hoses or pipes as I just got new hoses and pipes replaced and got a working secondhand rack and had it reconditioned, didnt need any work on the rack they told me but got new hoses and pipes replaced, now its leaking steering fluid and its running out of steering fluid in the pump.

Ok there's a few possible cause for this:Leak from the shaft/spline where the steering column mounts to it. Could be caused from the rack having been through accident trauma and the column hitting or slightly bending the shaft. ... Ford Fairmont
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