Having problems with your 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier ?

My temp gauge keeps going into the red what can cause it

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Actually, I have this problem on my 2005 Chevy cavalier and it happens to be the gauge itself. Mine goes all the way around. Sometimes it is in my odometer way, so my speed odometer won't work either.
Check coolant level with engine cold an add coolant if required. Replace thermostat if coolant ok.
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My temp gauge keeps going into the red what can cause it

Actually, I have this problem on my 2005 Chevy cavalier and it happens to be the gauge itself. Mine goes all the way around. Sometimes it is in my odometer way, so my speed odometer won't work either. ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

Temp gauge keeps going into the red

Replace the thermostat \015\012problem solved! ... 2000 Ford Escort

Hi. I have a BMW 318i se 1999. The engine temp gauge keeps going to the red and drives very differently. When you turn the engine off and on it returns to normal temp. Any ideas

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Have a 97 buickcentury have replaced water pump thermostat temp cooliant gauge radiator cap head gasket and upper and lower radiator hose. the problem is my temp gauge will go to red but only sometimes does cooliant sprayout of over flow tank no steam. then lite goes off and will move back up to half way at a descent pace but will go back towards red zone but not hit red again a descent amount of time again

I would check the radiator for flow...sounds like it is plugged with something...good luck...lee ... 1997 Buick Century

Tire pressure, ABS, and red warning light keep going on while the temp gauge jumps to max (and immediately goes back down again. Tires seem pumped up and the brakes are working fine, not sure what the problems is?

It's your ABS pump! The same happened me, all the light you mention came up on my dashboard aswel and within a few days the car would not start for me.. Thought it was a dead battery so I hooked up the jump leads to the battery and smoke started comi ... 2002 Mini Cooper

Temp gauge will rise quickly then instantly pin in red and oil light comes on. Continue driving, after couple of minutes it will go down. The rise quickly and do it again, sometimes causes overheat sensor to cut engine out. Changed thermostat, still doing it.

If this truck is not overheating, then I would suspect the temperature sensor, if it is overheating then this must be repaired first. The sensor should be mounted in the intake manifold. Hope this helps, let me know ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Working on a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette with the 3.4L in it. Recently I did the lower intake gasket cause it was leaking. Vehicle has 182,000 on it. Came back in with overheating problem, found out the coolant temp sensor was bad and reading wrong. Put one in it and sent it on its way. Got another call, temp gauge spiking again, temp light coming on, engine going into reduced power mode. Drove it this morning, had my scanner with me, the temp gauge was going crazy, temp never got above 232

One guess is there is air in the cooling system. The air pockets will cause temporary overheating (fluctuating guage).\015\012\015\012It sounds like a bad head gasket is creating these air pockets. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Temp gauge point on motor, temp gauge not working. hi there i have an 52 plate nissan navara crew cab d22 2.5 tdi and the temp gauge keeps going up and down like a yoyo fitted a new temp gauge sender in the engine and no change what so ever when the engine is on idle its fine as soon as you rev it up it goes down to cold let off and it comes back up have you got any ideas please many thanks

... 1996 Nissan King Cab

My 2004 ford focus temp gage always stays in the middle.. well out of nowhere when i would slow down my gage would go up a little and when i would come to a complete stop it would go up almost to the red and my fan would be running on high. when I would accelerate the temp gage would go back down to normal.. well i had someone put in a thermostat cause they claimed that was the problem. well that was 2 weeks ago. It still doesnt act right. The temp gage starts to go up within 3 minutes of starti

... 2004 Ford Focus

Is it true that when the temp gauge keep going up dangerous drive the car

Yes it is true that to drive the car with the temp gauge in the red can be dangerous. The motor will seize causing uncontrollable slide /skid at the worst possible time. It is also a total waste of money as you will be up for replacement motor . Have ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

In 100+ degree temperature, driving in stop-and-go traffic with the air conditioner on, the temp. gauge moves to the red zone. Turning off the air conditioner and turning on the heater brings the gaug

Make sure coolant is full & cooling fan working , no debri in. Radiator ... 2004 Saturn ION

My 05 equinox keeps over heating. We replaced the thermostat. The car will run then the temp gauge goes up. When I drive it the temp gauge goes up then after driving like 2 miles it goes down then back up again and stays redlined. At that time the check engine light goes on and the temp light goes on. What's going on?

Ours started doing that last year. Turned out its a very common problem with them. The head gasket blew out. Spent $2200 to have it fixed. Worked fine ever since. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I have 05 Chev Impala 3400 V6, auto , the temp gauge was pegging out and going haywire, replaced temp sending unit then bleed the cooling system of air. It is Still pegging out. even had a mechanic work on it. Had plugs and fuel filter changed cause it began to surge just once every half mile or so after driving at 55-65 mph for 20-30 minutes.Had replaced Fuel Regulator when leaking 3 months before it started this temp gauge pegging out. It idles rough sometimes and is hard starting evey time

Check for a leaking intake or head gasket ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Temp gauge I have a 98 cavalier and the temp gauge keeps going from the middle to below cold and the engine light came on and the code was coolant temp high input,I replaced the sensor in the coolant line and it still does it.

The sensor you replaced was the ECT (engine coolant temp)? Check your coolant level and air in the lines. Do a coolant pressure test to make sure the cooling system holds pressure, If it doesn't, you may have a head gasket problem. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi i have a 1999 acura tl, the temp gauge is going to H When the car is at idle. it seems to be ok when driving. I noticed ifi turnon the heat to red(hot) it brings the temp down. If it is not all the way to red it blows cooler air. I live in south Fla and this problem occurs, i was in ct for 2 weeks the car seemed ok. What do you think the problem is?

It sounds like the sensor to me. I had the same problem with mine and once the sensor was replaced the problem was solved. It cost me about $200 ... 1999 Acura TL

The temp gauge in my 95 Honda is going up and down. Outside temp has been in the teens to low 30's. Today it hit the red line. I immediately slowed down from 55 to 45 and the gauge went down. It helps somewhat that I do not use the heater. Is it the fan or a clogged radiator. I checked the coolant and it was low, but even after topping it off it did not help.

Make sure that your coolant mix is at 50/50. you can get a small easy to read hydrometer cheap at most any parts store. If you have the correct mix then replace the thermostat. ... 1995 Honda Civic

Condition: says "coolant hot" on display temp gauge wavers from 190 to near red and back to 190 during 30-min drive at 60-73mph temp goes to near red after 1 min running from cold start m oil dipstick reads at hole #3 [the fill line has worn away but there's 4 holes from dip stick tip going up the stick.. #3 hole is about 2 inches up stick added 1/4 gal coolant/water mix -- symptoms persist

Sounds like the thermostat may be getting bad and needs to be replaced. When was the last time this was done? They are generally fairly cheap and can be bought from any autoparts store and I would buy a Chilton or a Haynes manual so you have a diagra ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2005 Nissan Sentra. The temperature gauge keeps fluctuating up and down. Usually if I'm stopped at a red light and just idling, the gauge will creep up into the red area and then go back down once I start driving again. Is there something wrong with the hoses or is it something else? Can I take it to Auto Zone and have them give me the error code?

I have seen this happen to a few cars when they were running REALLY low on coolant (anti-freeze) AND/OR had a major air pocket trapped in the cooling system.\015\012\015\012Heres whats going on:\015\012\015\012The gauge is driven by a tem ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

My 1999 buick century's temp. gauge shows it to be over heating when i drive for a while, though its not over heating. we've flushed the coolant system (didn't help) and when the temp gauge shows it to be over heating and the overheating light comes on the rpm's shut down, and get really low. cause very slow acceleration and will not allow me to go over 30 or 40 mph. we've replaced the thermostat too, thinking that was the problem, but once again we were left with unsatisfying result.

Hey, saw your posting and just wanted to ask if you found a solution to that problem because I'm having the exact same problem. I just started this morning, my gauge showed it as being in the red area so i figured it was bout to overheat. But when I ... 1999 Buick Century

Hi there,my 2000 jeep cherokee 4.0l temp gauge keeps going up and down,goes up to normal when the car is at idle in drive and then will start to idle rough then miss and then want to stall,and then when i drive the temp gauge goes down to 0 and seems to run rich and get run-on in the revs can you please help me??????and there is no engine check light coming on, thank you

It sounds like a fualty sensor like camshaft sensor or bad 02 but the check engine light should be on if the problem is sensor or electrical related. I would change temp sensor and thermostat. Sounds more like faulty temp sensor if the car is running ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Temperature gauge goes in the red. i replaced thermostat. engine does not appear to be hot. could it be an electrical wire causing the gauge to go into the red.

You most likely have a blocked radiator based on the vehicle's age, which will not allow all the coolant in your cooling system to circulate enough to cool the engine. The fans that blow on the radiator won't help much when this happens and at a stop ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I just replaced my coolant expansion tank cause it had a huge crack in it, i put everything thogether and everything, but when i drove it home last night the temp guage starting going to the red but i dint hear see or smell anything wrong but it went to the red. I just left it somewhere cause i was too scared to drive it. Does the radiator need water or something?

Bleed the system...you got an air pocket in the system. ... 1999 BMW 323 Series

While going down a hill with temps at or lower that 50, and raining out going very slow stop to 5 mph for 30 minutes due to traffic, I turned off my climate control to give the system a break. This apparently shut down the cooling fan since the A/C was turned off but then the engine started to overheat. I opened the hood and noticed the electric fans were not running and the engine was heating up to the red line on temp gauge. I shut it down and waited 10 minutes then started up still no fan a

There is a separate temp sensor to turn the fans on, when A/C is on the fans run non stop(which is normal) this sensor is bad ... 2006 Dodge Charger

Water temp gauge going into RED

The ac work that you had done wont do that,start the car ,let it run for a little bit,with a glove on,or a rag squeeze the top radiator hose ,once its full of pressure,when you see the fan go on it should make the hose soft,meaning the thermostat ope ... 2000 Ford Focus

After my 96 ram 1500 318c.u. gets up to temp. the temp gauge keeps going up. it never has over heated but i dont drive it very far. ive replaced upper and lower hoses, thermastat and radiator cap. Im lost? could it be the temp sending unit?

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. That would be my next guess. Maybe a bad coolant sensor. You might have a bad water pump as well. Make sure the fans are kicking on properly also. Check your radiator. ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab
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