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2005 cts with 3.6 won't start after filling with

\015 I have a 2005 cadillac cts with a 3.6. The check engine light came on about two months ago so I took it to an auto parts store that offers diagnostics.The guy said that it was some kind of emissions thing.The print out said something about the evap cannister. The guy said I might have gotten some bad gas.A couple days later my car said ''check gas cap'' so I replaced it with a new one. Now when I fill up with gas, the car won't start for a while as if it is some kind of electrical thing (engine turns over but won't fire).Could this be a simple thing that I might be able to fix?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The gas cap was most likely the code you got for the check engine light. The only thing is that if you used a After market gas cap and not a OEM from the dealer you may have to replace the gas cap again. The OEM was made for your EVAP system to your car and the After Market is made for a wide range of cars and most of the time will fail with in one year. Try this before you start the engine, cycle it 3 times to build the fuel pressure in the system. Cycle the ignition is by turning the key's to the run position for 10 seconds and turning it off for 05 second, do this three time and then start it. If it starts right up after that replace the fuel filter, It is located below the rear passenger door, just inside the frame. Your going to need to use a fuel line quick release wrench to disconnect the fuel line from the filter. The other thing to is use a fuel pressure gauge and see what the pressure is at the shredder valve and do a fuel pressure drop test. You can get the fuel pressure gauge at Auto Zone as a loner tool and they will have the step by step instructions for you to get the job done, if the fuel pressure drops too fast. Your going to have to replace the fuel pump, there is a check valve at the fuel pump to keep the fuel pressure primed and when that fails you have a hard engine start and have the car scanned again for any DTC codes. Please keep me posted, be glad to help you get your car running 100% be safe friend. Just another though to it mostly happens on the saturn brand, the fuel pump when they start to get old and have a few miles on them, the pump is know to fail due to the pump heats up and the pump's mechanical plunger expands when the pump heats up, As the fuel is added being cooler will make the pump's plunger contract and the metal sleeve stay's the same causing the loose of fuel pressure till the sleeve contracts enough for the proper fuel pressure being pushed through the system. That may be the case here since you mentioned you only have a hard start after fill with fuel. Good luck we'll get you car going like new again. 
Yes you can check your spark plug and carborator.
Starting trouble is most of becasue spark plug and carbprator tunning is not working properly.
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