Having problems with your 2005 Buick Terraza ?

Heater, slow to heat up

\015 The heater is slow to warm up the car.\015
Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check fluid
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I turn my heat on in my 2002 Dodge Stratus an no heat comes out there is no radiator fluid at my feet so the heater core didn't break the heat had been slow to come out lately but would heat up eventually. the blower only works on settings 3 and 4 but this never caused heat not to work I drove 15 miles on the highway and it was 31 degrees and no heat ever came out my car didn't over heat but it did get hotter than normal

\015\012Follow this LINK to my FIX IT Check list.\015\012\015\012or BOOKMARK IT and check it out when you are in front of your car\ ... 2002 Dodge Stratus


Your themostat needs changed ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

My a/c will cool while i am going down the road but when i stop or slow down it blows hot air....i am not sure if this has anything to do with that but during the winter my heater did the same thing it would heat as long as i was driving but would cool off when i stopped or slowed down....what do u think it is caused from

Check out first the fan for your AC under the hood close to the radiator. There should be one for the radiator and another for the condenser of the AC. It could either, the fan is not blowing or it has become weak. Check out the wiring if it may h ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Old Alero 99 with v6 3400, small cooling issue turned into nightmare. Replaced water pump because coolant spraying on belts / hoses , then car still overheated, only in start / stop traffic not on freeway, or with a/c or heater on high. After replacing thermostat plus flushing, overheats faster NO HEAT from heater and A/C doesn't slow it. I am bringing back to Brake Masters who did both jobs on Monday but am hoping for REAL insight from someone here! I am suspecting radiator sludge from dexcool

Have you checked to see if you fan is kicking on for the radiator? ... 2003 Pontiac Montana

Had a slow coolant leak Oil temp guage redlined installed new failsafe thermostat, it still would not produce heat. Had a radiator flush and oil change and used bards leak, seems to have worked. Oiland coolant levels are where they should be. The oil temp guage still reads on C for cold, heater motor work but does not produce heat. very confusing to a lot of people

There is a valve in the hot line to the heater core, it may not be opening. or you might have to disconnect the heater hoses and flush the heater core, stop leak will some times stop up core since tubes are very small ... 1995 Buick Regal

Car heater does not seem to want to heat up very well while driving on the freeway. also seems slow to heat up in town driving but eventually gets ok.

Check your coolant level and make sure you have got no air locks or coolant leaks and make sure your coolant is circulating (ie your water pump is working)If this helps let me knowCheers ... 1997 Acura Integra

Heater I own a '03 Intrepid, and it won't produce heat unless I have the rpm's over 1500. It produces heat going up hills or at a steady pace on the highway, but going down hills or slowing down it blows out very cold air. Don't know what is wrong or how to fix it.

You did not say what engine you have. I will assume it is the 3.5 liter 24-valve engine.  This is most likely due to air in your cooling system. The only way to eliminate the air lock is to vent it out at the thermostat housing.  If there i ... 2003 Dodge Intrepid

No heat from my heater. Fluid levels are good, motor seems slow to heat ( at least on the guage)

Everyone jumps to the thermostat because its a good place to start. If, when the engine is truly at op temp, the upper and lower radiator hoses are both hot, its not the thermostat. If you have the temp control to hot and both heater core hoses are h ... 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab

Heater, slow to heat up

Check fluid ... 2005 Buick Terraza

Heater blows cold air when you slow down or stop, heat starts blowing when you accelerate

You may have a stuck thermostat ... 2005 Toyota Sienna LE

I have a 99 ford f-150 xl has a vacum leak and when i drive at normal speed my fan goes to defrost only when i slow down my heater goesto normal heating position what could the probelm be

Sounds like the HVAC system has a cracked hose being the control panel, or to the panel select.It is going to take pulling the control panel out, and checking each vacuum line for cracks. Easy way is to plug one end, and test with a vac ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a lincoln ls 2000 I had the heater hose replaced n no w my heat doesn't work and my fan is running slow me or themechanic don't know what it could be do u know

Could be an air lock in your heater core. Sometimes when you change a heater/radiator hose you do not get all the air out of the system. This typically happens in the heater core. Sometimes you can cure this by parking the vehicle on a steep grade w ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Heater heats up slow

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine from the radiator, drain about 1/2 gallon out of the radiator and remove the upper hose clamp at the engine, under the hose is a cover, unbolt that and the Thermostat is under the cover. ... 1992 Toyota Paseo

I just had the heater blower and regulator changed on my 2001 KIA Sportage and it seems the air is very cold coming out of the vents until I drive the car. always was able to heat up just running the vehicle a few minutes prior to driving also seems the air cools off sitting at stop lights and slow city speeds?

Sounds to me like they have removed your thermostat as this is a real good indicatiopn of that. if you dont have one in the temp of your water stays really low as it is always moving unlike when thermostatically controlled where heat opens the valve. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Heater in my '06 IS250 blows cold air when driving slow or stopped, but heats perfectly when driving at highway speeds.

Check your thermostat and upper and lower hoses when your idling to see if coolant is passing through your engine ... 2006 Lexus Is 250

My heater is very slow in heating up 2001 Mercedes-Benz 220cdi

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Over heating I flushed radiator/coolling system, replaced thermostat.  And temp gage now goes higher than before!  Needle sits right at, and slightly to right of middle of gage.  Used to sit just left to middle of gage.  At times, surges up.... I slow down, turn heater on, shift to neutral and coast as far/long as possible, keep ECT on, and it comes down. Need to replace radiator, slight pin hole on top of radiator now, thinking time to replace water pump, hopefully it's easy enough to do mysel

The radiator needs to have a rot out or get replaced. Over time the water deposits build up inside radiator and affect heat transfer.Keep your thermostst in. If you remove it your gas miledge will drop because the coolant temp sensor will tell the co ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

Heater problems the heat in my 2004 chevy s-10 blows out some what warm when driving,but when i stop or slow down it blows cold until i speed back up also i smell coolant on the engine when i get out of the truck,but i see no leaks on the ground. the radiator is full,also the overflow.

I am having a temperature problem. My car has only luke warm air. I have also noticed that the temp of the car normally runs at around 200 degrees and it is now only running at 150 degrees it does not fluc ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

Overheating golf i have a 98 tdi golf which overheats and spits all the water out, we have changed the bottle and cap, a while ago we had it tested and the head gasket is fine, it doesn't seem to have any pattern to it ie slow or fast driving ,temperature hot/cold but its incredibly annoying. The heater takes ages to heat up as well. can anyone help me out please

That is a water pump fault,the impellors brak or spin on the shaft,the first signs are exactly what you are experiencing ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1998 buick lasabre and the heat won't blow. I have put a new fan motor in and it was slow to turn on the first time I started it after I installed it and the next time I started the car the heater won't run again. When I am driving down the highway I can feel warm air at the vents but it just won't blow air no matter what speed I put it on Please help Alice

Their is a blower motor resistor and a blower motor relay under your hood one of these are out causeing the problem! ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

On my 2000 Audi A6 2.7T Tiptronic, the engine oil runs as around 120 degrees celsius all the time and the coolant temp at 90 degrees all the time. the heater tends to cool down when I drive slow and heat up when I drive fast. Is this normal?

Hi\015\012\015\012Please check the bellow links to have an indepth knowlwdge about your car heating/cooling system….\015\012 \015\012 ... Audi AllRoad

No heat coming out of vents checked door on inside. Its rotating back & forth. Replaced water pump last yaer & flushed out hose'es & heater core. Had heat for little wile now no heat .Water is flowing throught heater core with hose pipe conectted to it . When hooked back up i have heat for a few days then no heat .Do you think heater core is stopping up. I flushed core both directions .

Be sure you have no coolant leak and check if you have a blead valve on the engine for the coolant if you do, blead the air out ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1997 jeep g c.. about 2 years ago i had to have a heater core put in it. since then i have not had as much heat as i had before. even on high i hardly have enough heat to keep the jeep warm inside. we have checked the blend doors and they are working fine. the only thing i haven't checked is the heater motor. this all happened when we changed the heater core. does anyone have any ideas? Also, when i increase my speed the A/C and Heat (what heat i have) blower are goes from the bo

You may have a vacuum leak affecting the vacuum supply to the control switch. I don't have the manual for your car, but if you have a vacuum operated valve on your heater hose, that could also limit the flow of hot water to the heater core. Look f ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

929 Mazda (1992) No Heat But A/C Works I have a 929 Mazda 1992 year. Does not blow any heat. I noted that the 30 amp fusible link for the heater was busted. Replaced it but still no heat. A busted fuse means an electrical overload occurred somewhere, what do I need to look at to I.D. the problem? I have change a little heat filament up inside the blower and I have changed the heater control unit on the dashboard. My suspect the heater core but I need some help before I full this care apart. T

... 1992 Mazda 929

Heater problem with 1994 Suburban. have replaced radiator, thermostat (3 times). Also flushed the system and have run water (via garden hose) directly through the heater core. the flow seemed good. The issue is that we get very little heat out of the heater. Watching the engine temp from a cold start, it will heat up to about 210 degrees and then you can see when the thermostat opens. It's a 195 degree thermostat. Even at that point not much heat from the heater. Once the thermostat opens there

If your temp is jumping between 150-200 degrees then I am guessing you have an air pocket in the engine where coolant should be. The air pocket moves through the engine and when it gets to the water pump, it looses prime and doesn't move the antifre ... 1994 Chevrolet Suburban
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