Having problems with your 2005 BMW X5 ?

I can not open my drivers door the handle seems to have gone slack. I have taken the inside panel off and im looking at the mechanism but not quite sure where the problem is? Help

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The problem is the Carrier, or for normal people, it is the door mechanism. Your can get at the dealer, or on line at bimmerspecialists for about $80. This is a common problem on the X5's. You can look search on google for the instructions on how to replace it as well. The dealer is quiet expensive. I just replaced both of mine on my wife's car yesterday. Good Luck.
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Located near the blower motor under the hood. Mounted in the a/c case with 2 screws ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

I can not open my drivers door the handle seems to have gone slack. I have taken the inside panel off and im looking at the mechanism but not quite sure where the problem is? Help

The problem is the Carrier, or for normal people, it is the door mechanism. Your can get at the dealer, or on line at bimmerspecialists for about $80. This is a common problem on the X5's. You can look search on google for the instructions on how to ... 2005 BMW X5

1996 4runner is missing when I accelerate and has some hesitation and loss of power.It has 144,000 miles and I changed the timing belt and water pump at 140,000. A mechanic is looking at it right now and said it has the wrong spark plugs in it(motorcraft), but he is not sure if that is the problem. He is still looking at it.

Check the fuel pump and filter. This can cause a loss of power and hesitation. I doubt it is the spark plugs unless it started doing it right after you changed them. ... 1996 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2006 corolla which a mechanic at an Aimco shop says the ECM needs to be replaced. I am not sure if that is because I had looked up a similar problem or if that is really the situation. I was looking into getting the ECM upgraded but I am unsure if I remove the unit myself if I could damage it. Would I need any special tools like a grounding strap for this job?

First, what is the problem.....I am guessing you understand what the ECM is for? ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

The radiator fan is not working. I looked at the fuse box under the hood of my 2001 kia sephia and I just found the fuse to be a grey box. I am not sure how to tell if the fuse is good or not. Also, what else may be the problem if it is not the fuse? I need to get the car to the mechanic for the cv joint but first I have to fix the fan problem. Thanks in advance.

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My 1992 Buick LeSabre will start and run fine for a few days. Then it won't start no matter what you do. If you wait a few days it will start again. Mechanics have looked at it and have no solutions for me. Sensors have been replaced. Fuel filter checks out ok. Timing chain replaced. One mechanic suggested the computer panel but was not sure what the problem is. I have had it in the repair shop 5 times with no solution that has helped.

I had that problem too.......COIL MODULE IS BAD NOT AN IDEAL JUNK YARD PART..I TRIED 1 AND IT LASTED A YEAR....NP $300.00 ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

My hot and cold knob broke off while turning it, but the problem is the mechanism behind the knob. It is very tough to turn and i got behind there and i'm not sure if the part needs more grease or if the problem is with the cable, but it doesn't look broken, how can i fix it? i have a 2005 mitsubishi lancer 4dr

Buy some lithium grease in a pressure can $8 "never can have too much lube" there is a plastic epoxy 2 stage in a syringe that works well for plastic repairs $8. alternativly get a second hand one from a dismantler. Use pliers to turn the knob back a ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer

It stalls while driving, when it first started happening it would re-start after a few minutes- now it won't start for quite a long time. We were told it was the fuel pump by two different mechanics, and so we replaced both the pump and fuel filter and it did not make any difference with the stalling problem. We have also used fuel injector cleaner, manually cleaned the fuel lines and are relativly sure it is not an electrical problem.

When it stalls, can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key back on? If you can, then the pump is good and the wiring is OK. If not, check the pump relay in the power distribution center. Did either of the mechanics that advised ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Combinationswitch both my turn signals dont work but the lights, hazards wipers still work. i have check the fuses and the are all ok. i have done some looking and think it may be the combination switch but not sure can some one tell me how much i am looking to spend for this piece or is their another something i can check. and can should this problem be fixed by a licensed mechanic or can i fix it, anything helps, thank you

You should be able to pick up a combination switch at a self service parts yard(like a Pick N Pull) for about $25-$35.\015\012They are pretty easy to take off.\015\012You need to remove the horn cover. I think four screws. Another four on ... 1995 Suzuki Sidekick

1993 GMC Safari wiring transmission problem. After a couple minutes of driving (this could be anywhere from 3 minutes up to maybe 2 hours), my van will be unable to shift beyond second gear. I had a local mechanic take a look, and they supposedly spent quite a bit of time diagnosing the problem. They eventually concluded that it was a wiring issue somewhere beneath the dash, and quoted me roughly $1000 to fix it, which seems pretty astronomical (even if I understand that dismantling the dash


My 1995 ford mustang Base v6 3.8L speedometer has been out for about a year now. I've never been able to figure our for sure what the problem is with it and don't have the time or money to take it to a mechanic. It just quit out of the blue and it used to jump around whenever it got really hot in the summer. I had it repaired before and they said it was a fuse. It worked for about 2 days after the fuse was replaced but quit working after that. Could it be a bad speed sensor on the transmission?

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I have a 95 Ford Contour 2L 4. Problem is the engine quit working. When problem first appeared, the engine would run but didn,t have any power. After a mechanic looked at it, the engine wouldn't work at all. I have set the timing by setting top dead center and the cams straight across. The car wants to start but backfires as it cranks. Bob.

Have you checked for OBD error codes?Even if there is no light - the bulb may be blown or missing.If you have verified the injectors are working (and clean) - your next course of action is checking/replacing the Cam and crank sensors if n ... 1995 Ford Contour

Electrical problems The interior lights in my 2006 Saturn L300 do not turn on and the trunk light shows my trunk always being open. why? (I'm quite sure this is not a fuse problem. I've taken each of the fuses out and looked at each one to see if any were blown and found none.)

It's a "BCM" issue. Body control module. think of a "BCM" as a computer for the interior electrical aspects of the car. If you have the proper scan tool (Tech II) and the skill scan the "BCM" for error codes. Post the codes and I'll tell you how to f ... 2006 Saturn L300

Have a 1998 4 and all of a sudden my car started missing what could it be I have had it on a computer and even an audi mechanic looked at it and we are not sure what the problem is

My audi a4 1.8 idles roughly ... Audi A4

When im driving my cutlass, randomly when i brake and go to slow down it will idle really weird and die. why is that? ive had everything looked at by a mechanic three times, but im pretty sure he is full of **** because it still has the same problem.

Have you had the fuel pump looked at ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

It will run fine and then just quit when try to restart it it sounds like its out of gas but has plaenty in it, let it set for awhile and it will start back up. some times it will run for a while and then other times it will die when go less than 20 feet. Will die while driving down the road and sometimes when slow down to turn. I think it is in the fuel line but not sure what to look for with this problem.

Check ur fuel pump for the proper presure. ... 1998 Cadillac Catera

2004 Subaru Legacy Outback -AC is intermitten. Works when the car is cold then seems to quit working. Park it for a while then the AC is cold again then hot. Had mechanics look at it and they have fixed several things but this still happens. Could it be an electrical problem?

... 2005 Subaru Outback

Engine problems when the car starts from cold instead of just idling it cuts out i know this could have something to do with the air filter but had a look ealier but not sure where the air filter is on a 306 as i'm not mechanically minded. also could you update your system on car categorys as my model was not listed and could put other people off using your site

Yes seems to have lots of models missing,but still what else do you expect from a colonial cousin web site,if it doesnt have 8 cyls and 5 litres of engine its not a car,anyway dont think its the air filter as if it was blocked up it would throw out l ... 1991 Peugeot 405

What would cause an engine to quit running even at idle speed? Have had a mechanic check and he said it might be the ignition control module, but he is not sure? Please help before I spend alot of money for nothing. They have checked the fuel pump, alternator, battery, fuel tank was cleaned out and fuel filter was replaced, but didn't fix the problem.

Yes the mechanic was right, it is the ignition control module.Let him work on it. I bet he knows the right thing to do on the car.Good car. ... 1991 Acura Legend

I have a 1994 honda civic and the headlights do not work anymore. I checked fuses and they were good but the sides were kind of melted. Looked at fuse area and it was burnt. I am not sure if there is any power getting to the area? How can I fix this problem. The parking lights come on and the rear lights come on. The headlights were working and then all of sudden quit. Only highbeams were working now nothing. ???

Check the dimmer switch and the ground wire (black) ... 1994 Honda Civic

I have never owned an Audi and am looking to buy this pre-owned model with 145k on the clock. People have warned me that a) the brand always has small 'niggly' problems that ultimately cost exhorbitant amounts of money to repair. b)all parts are hugely expensive to replace (and ref a) and c) whilst it is recommended NOT to use your regular mechanic the 'specialist' repairers charge through the roof (as well as mark up +++ the already expensive parts) so not sure if this is a wise buy... however

Try going to Google and ask "problems with Audi"and see what pops up. ... 1997 Audi A6

Start extremely hard and rough, then is ok. Occasionally will 'freak out' on the highway; rough running, dashboard lights look like a video game, loses power to dash; runs rough and quits May or may not start up again immediately Mechanics cannot find the problem Electrical other than computer?

Check the fuel pump relay im not exactly sure where it is on your vehicle you could try looking inside the glove box behind a panal but it explains a lot of things you are discribing on chevys the pump will still work even if the relay is bad it is b ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Driver door window failed to open so the door module was replaced in September. In December same problem existed so contacted dealer that conducted repair and now informed that the mechanics are failing, which means another several hundred dollars since the original repair did not include the "mechanics." I'm not sure why their experts repaired the module if the problem was mechanical. Also, not sure why I have to pay again for their misdiagnosis. It's a rip off and I feel as if the dealer is ta

That's how they operate, whether wrong or right. The only other solution is to order the part off line, eBay or some other site and install the part/s yourself. Tim ... 2002 Volvo S80

I just bought this 200 oldsmobile intrigue. I am a new car owner and I don't know much. I don't really know wahat to look for. The car has an overheating problem. I get smoke where the over flow pump is coming from the coolant tank. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be connected? I get heat. The fans kick on at a certain temp. When I bought it they said it may be a head gasket problem. But I'm not sure where to even look. It runs for about an half hr before I have to shut it down. Can you tell m

Head gasket is a BIG deal. I wouldn't drive it until you know what's going on. You can ruin your car ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

2001 subaru forester fuel delivery problem. Checked the codes with a snapon scantool and found a low cat code very common. Looked at O2 sensors and saw one reading barely out of range replaced it. Noticed old o2 sensor was white. Did not fix problem, look at spark plugs found cylinder 3 to have a white plug as well. Check injector seemed to have no flow issues. switch injector 1 and 3 to be sure. Still have same problem car stumbles from a stop and sometimes climbing hills.

White sparkplug indicates coolant in the combustion chamber, ... Cars & Trucks
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