Having problems with your 2005 Audi A6 ?

2005 audi a6 has power but wont start please help starter is good

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Hi i think you need the control unit for access and start authorization (J518) and the bad news its part of the steering colum and only the dealr has to do this job to get it programed
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2005 audi a6 has power but wont start please help starter is good

Hi i think you need the control unit for access and start authorization (J518) and the bad news its part of the steering colum and only the dealr has to do this job to get it programed ... 2005 Audi A6

1990 jetta i have a 1990 vw jetta 1.6 turbo diesel. went into the store came out and would not start, wont even crank over there is power i had the battary tested and is good,sometime if i turn it on there is nothing and sometimes there is power.there is power going to the starter and alt and glow plugs PLEASE HELP

Probably the ignition switch is bad. keep the radio on and turn the key if the radio doesn't cut out then its the key ignition switch. ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

I got a 1998 plymouth breeze, ran great till driving down road and car just dies and wont start, not clicking when try to start starter and altenator tested and both good. getting power to everything except the wipers, radio and the blinkers dont work. confused Help please. thank you

I have a 98 ply breeze that overheats, replace rad. cap & thermostat. it is ok driving around slow up to 50 mph, but on freeway when it gets up to 65 + it overheats and i have to stop and let it cool down and fill w/water/coolant and it will be ... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

My 1997 dodge intrepid 3.5 liter stops running for no apparent reason. I was driving on the freeway and I lost all power, and the engine cut out. Sometimes it wont start although the starter is good and there is a new battery. I've had several mechanics look for the problem and the code readers show no problem. At times it smells like plastic is burning but no one can seem to find the source. Please help it only has 75,000 miles on it.

... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

My 1993 nissan pathfinder wont start i get power to everything but when i turn the key nothing happends i replaced the starter and still wont start nothing happends not a sound could you please help

Wire may be loose or your ignition switch could be bad hard telling if it was me id just install push button start cheap and easy to bypass all that ... 1993 Nissan Pathfinder

My 97 civic will not start. I have a good battery, power to the starter cable, lights and radio work. I don't have power to the ignition side of the starter- the small wire attached to the solenide has no power when i turn the key to the start position. help please!

The starting system's pretty simple. If you're getting no voltage to the solenoid wire when you turn the key, then the fuse is burned out, the starter switch is bad, or a starter relay is bad.If it's an automatic, the neutral switch coul ... 1997 Honda Civic

Car wont start. when turn key to start position there is nothing but a click sound under dash on passenger side. there is lots of power from battery. this has been doing it since nov.2010 and after clicking it a few time then it would start. But now it wont just clicks. I have had the anti thelft relay module changed and a couple other switches changed and still doing same thing. could it be a dead spot in starter or a short in starter burning out switches to ignition??? Please help!!!!

U could try the old school technique.....have someone turn the ignition key, as you get under the car and tap /hit the starter with a hammer, or a block of wood....if it all of a sudden works ..then yeah..you must have a flat spot on your starter..gi ... 1998 Oldsmobile 88

Car wont start when I turn the key, although there is power getting to the fuse box under the dash, yet no power getting to the small black clip on wire on the starter motor solenoid. The car will start when the solenoid is bridged straight to the battery terminal. Cant find any relays or fuses between the fuse box and starter solenoid, am I missing something? What could be the problem? Please help.


Need advice, soft clicking sound under my dash when I try and start my car which doesnt start. Its a 1992 honda prelude. Battery, starter, and alternator was recently checked and reported to be good. I replaced the fuel filter, and sparkplugs. Somedays no problem, other days, it wont start. Forcing the ignition key forward seems to help once in awhile, but is not the solution to the real problem. please help me. Theellisgang

Hi, I was following your problem.You may have not received my last comment.If the click is from under the dash replace the ignition relay, here is the part: ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Hi i really hope u guys can help i got a 1998 audi a4 2.4 auto i love the car to bits until my box went got it repaired has never been the same since, 1st problem when i drive the car loses power as if the atf oil is to low so the car revs really high and sometimes kicks really hard into gears up and down shift. 2nd when i start the car an emergency light pops up then disapears but sometimes the car wont start please any help will greatly appreciated been 4 months at mechanics.

Probably low atf and all of the dash lights and idiot lights should flash momentarily during startup ... 1998 Audi A4

I have 96 Jetta gls 2.0, auto and I was hooking up my amp to it and it sparked from the battery terminal and smells like hot burning wires. Then now my car will not start. I have all lights, sterio, etc but no start. Not even a bumb. Took starter out and check out fine. Also checked all fuse and all seems good. So then I check to see of there is power to the starter and came up hot. So now I'm stumped. Please help. Thank you.

Are you getting voltage from the key switch to the starter when the key is in the start position ? ... Cars & Trucks

Hi good day i'm having a problem with my 2001 toyota corolla power steering system. when i start the car the power steering reservior starts overflowing and wont stop until the car shuts off. please help thank you.

For it to overflow it must be taking the fluid out of the steering rack ram as otherwise it would just recirculate the fluid, this would suggest one of the lines is blocked kinked or trapped. ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

My car doesnt want to startsometimes and for awhile it wouldnt start at all then all of a sudden it does then it wont again my starter tested good my batteries good what the heck is wrong with it when its not working the turns and the lights light up but the car wont crank over please help

Most times it is going to be your starter or starter relay that is failing.A dead spot on the starter motor winding may be giving you the problem.Next time it wont start - lightly tap on the motor housing of the starter.If it starts ... Saturn SC2

My gmas 98 avenger (2.0) wont start. i bought her a batt about 6 mnths ago. it ran fine. but she let it sit for a week, now no start. batt is dead. afteri charge it wont turn or even make a sound, then batt is completely drained in bout 10 min. is it the alterenater being bad and draining it. is it the starter too. shud i take alt off and have it checked. cables and batt are good. please help

Back to "square one" If battery was drained by a short, etc and sat for a week like that, likely the battery is now doa...Have it tested. Then start checking for source of drain...at this point everything is suspect. Put an ammeter between either b ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

I have a overnight power draw. If I don't unplug the battery at night it wont start in the morning. my alternator is good. But the real main problem is sometimes when its extra hot out my truck will just cut out. It will start dieing. I'll give it gas but the RPMs will act like they want to raise but wont . then it will die . I let it sit for a half an hour to an hour and it will run again. please help Ive read my Chilton three times.

Check the ignition switch is it properly turning your vehicle off or not turning.In some cases the ignition switch doers not turn the vehicle off.it actually shows the dial to off but the vehicle is ON.due to internal short in the switch or the fault ... 1992 Ford Explorer

My pontiac grand prix 94 was having alternator problem change alt and know car want get any power has fresh battery in it and the car wont from the inside head light wont come on or inside light either. i checked the links in the starter wire and its getting power on both sides and all the fuses are good. please help email adress is [email protected] if you caan hlp

... Pontiac Grand Prix

Starting problems I have a 91 Accord. It will crank over but not start. It gets gas, spark, air, etc. Just wont start. Starter sounds good, cranks as it should. I've replaced the Dist. coil, & even tried a compression start & still wouldn't start.. Not sure what else it could be. (Of course its dead now from trying everything I could think of) Please help!!!! ALL suggestions are appreciated!!

Check the battery in the key as the engine immobiliser may not be able to read the unit and assumes that you are trying to steal the car. It will allow all that you have said but will not allow the cpu to allow ignition and spark ... Honda Accord

I replaced the starter on my 2001 toyota tacoma truck (3.4). The starter is now turning and it appears the engine is moving a bit when the key is turned, but it wont start. I have retraced the wiring, which is only the positive, ground and additional plug into starter and all are good. I did not have this issue prior to starter going bad. Please help!

Won't start or won't crank ? ?If it won't crank you might have an engine problem such as a broken timing belt. ... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

1996 saturn 1.9 Liter. No start, no voltage to starter, check ign. switch, ok, power coming in ( red wire ) Power going to starter in start position.( orange wire) . Check at wire harnest. When I by past ign. switch to see if car will start, car starts. BUT I DONOT Have to put voltage to starter for it to start. I just touch sold. with peice of metal and car starts ( NO VOLTAGE). Switch is good, Starter good, BUT CAR WONT TURN OVER. What the problem.

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are saying. \015\012You have power on the big red wire, right? \015\012And you also have power to the orange wire when the switch is turned to start?\015\012Does the starter turn when ... Saturn SL

Trying to start my 05 tundra. My fingers slip off the key while trying to turn ignition on. Didnt turn over all the way then suddenly i heard a sound, like an electrical appliance burned. It wont start after. Replaced the starter, now hears metal clicking sound when tries to start it. What can it possibly be ?. Check fuses and relays, all are good. Please help.

... Cars & Trucks

1998 buick riviera wont crank . starter is good battery is good and anti theft relay is also good. no power to the stater when the key is on the crank position.. need help please

Bad ignition switch or a bad/loose connection at the starter ... 1999 Buick Riviera

My 96 chrysler concorde 3.3 wont start. changed cam/crank, sensor, checked fuel psi, tps is good. compresion is 150psi. acts like it wants to start but never does. when i spray starter fluid it acts like it wants to start, and backfires through the throdle body. please help

Ckeck the timming belt,from what you have discribed sounds like the timming,also check the fuses ... 1996 Chrysler Concorde

My 197 range rover wont start -replaced fuse box new - mech.thought that the fuel pump was not getting power ,tested it and pump is good ,now all the dash lights are on ,engine turns over but no start -please help 4.0 se p38

Hi i have a range rover p38 2.5 diesel it starts but wont drive when you put in drive ... 1997 Land Rover Range Rover

99 Vitara .... new oil pan, new batt new plugs, new coils and boots and new starter. Now it will not start. I have spark and I have fuel, it turns over and wants to fire but it wont. It dose have the odd back fire. All of the fuses are good, all the grounds are good. Spark plugs are wet. I take them out and clan them and it trys to fire at least once, the it just rolls over. Why will it not fir up ????? some one help me PLEASE [email protected]

... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Hi i have a 2003 chrysler town and country lx with the 3.3. the problem i have is this it wont start. this is how it happens. you get in all the lights are working you turn the key the clock light and outside temp light turn off like they should and you do get a click coming from the relay switch in the fuse box but no start no power to starter. can you please help me diagnose this problem. its a great car and we need it working for our 4 children and my wife and i to get around

Sounds way too familiar. In the midst of trying to diagnose my engine fuel pump problem, the dealer replaced the 'SKREEM' module (which is the ignition/security/anti-theft module). This is what disables the starter and fuel pump, if someone pops the ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars
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