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Changed front brake pads on polo 2003 1.6 comfortline.and after that I got funny sounds from the gearbox as is inner cv joints are damaged.what could be the cause of that noise?

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Changed front brake pads on polo 2003 1.6 comfortline.and after that I got funny sounds from the gearbox as is inner cv joints are damaged.what could be the cause of that noise?

... 2004 Volkswagen Polo 1.4

Growling noise from front of my taurus while driving, it also makes a whining noise when i steer hard left. i had the right front wheel bearing changed but the noise's are still there. also the inner cv joint on right front is pretty loose like i can wobble it with my hand-could this be the source of my noise's? i was told that the inner cv joint has lots of play. but this much? also left inner cv joint i can just barely move it. could left wheel bearing sound like this and if so can the sound t

Cv joints will usually pop when they are worn out. I would suspect that its the powersteering, check the pumps fluid level and the tension on the belt.\015\012good luck dont forget to rate ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Left drive axel inner cv joint leaking. car makes noise like wheel beariing while driving, could leak be the cause?

Probably not,check your trans fluid often if it is leaking,could be the axle but sounds more like a wheel bearing\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012TIM........ ... 1996 Lexus ES 300

After locking my car I could hear a buzzing sound comming from under the bonnet on the off side. After some investigation, I desided to disconnect the battery, the buzzing sound continued. Not knowing what the cause could be I reconnected the battery. The following morning there was no noise, so I drove the car to work, still no noise. After arriving home from work, still no noise, I thought that maybe the noise had gone. Latter that evening the buzzing noise returned. The buzzing tends to stop

Sorry I dont have a solution just wanted my car is the exact same but is a merc, so hope someone out there can help us. ... 2000 Volvo S80

I have a sqeaking noise from the front end. We thought it may be a u-joint, but the service center checked it out and could not find it. U-joints all checked out OK. Located in WI. The colder it gets, the the noise I hear. Gets quieter as I drive for some distance (20+ miles) What could be causing the squeak?

Have the exact same problem, let us know if you ever pin point the problem. ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Power steering makes noise while turning left & right even after replacing ball joints, CV joints & entire steering box without power pump. what could be the remidial measures? though I have replaced the steering box for making the suspension more stable. Before replacing the steering box the power pump sound was there but not so prominent.after replacing steering box, ball joints & CV joints & after driving for several days the steering become easier & power pum noise became less hearing. But n

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1996 Plymouth Breeze - Front end grinding / clunking noise. My Breeze is giving me all kinds of trouble and I can't figure out what's causing it. So far I had replaced the following this week. Both outer tierod ends Both Wheel Bearings Both CV joints The upper and lower ball joints appear to be in good condition. Car makes a Clunking noise / grinding noise when turning. The noise is not evident when the front and is jacked up and the car is in gear with the tires moving. It sound

... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

2006 f 150 4x4 hub noise front. I notice a noise coming from the front. I thought it was the tires whichj are new but it could be something else. Sounds like a hum but not sure. This hum can be felt when driving. Are their bearings involved? what could be causing the noise. The balljoints, a tie rods are all ok. there is no known liquids to be concerned with like brake fluid etc. What is the problem?

They now have a bearing assembly, you replace the unit as one. The humming sounds like a Blazer I did last week. Same noise/humming over 25MPH..? Sounds just like road/tire noise. Hope this helps. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Have a 04 dodge with a driver side grinding noise that comes and goes. It started after I got my truck stuck in the snow. I thawed out the front end last night, and now its worse. It comes and goes while going down the highway. Sounds like something loose and grinding on the hub. Also in 4x4 it makes a clicking noise like a CV joint. Would a CV joint make a grinding noise that comes and goes?

C V Joints can make a lot of noises. Sounds to me like you either bent the inner fender or if it is plastic you may have pulled it loose and it looks normal but it is just sitting in place with the push pins out of their intended holes. When you turn ... Dodge Ram 1500

I've got a noise that sounds like my power steering pump is low on fluid, but I've checked and the level is fine. The noise tends to rise in sound level as I give the truck more gas and when I decrease, it decreases. Is there anything else under the hood that could or would make that noise other than the power steering pump?

Nope, if it is full, then theres more than likely air in the lines! ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

1991 Jeep Wrangler making whining noise when in gear. It did it for the first time tonight. Its a high, loud whine. It almost sounds like claws on a chalkboard. It can be heard a block away from the house. My dad thinks it might be the transmission, but then about halfway home, it stopped making the noise. Could it be the engine was just cold? I just got it this summer so this is the first time I've driven it in cold weather. It only makes the sound when in gear. I tried pushing the gas while I

Mate.Check the power steering fluid.It usually lets out a scream when it's low.Hope this helps ... 1991 Jeep Wrangler

Gearbox my car sounds like a bus when i drive it and the noise is getting worse could it be my gearbox, the noise is there all the time when i drive

Check your exhaust isnt broken or leaking ... 1993 Ford Festiva

My 2001 Ford Focus ZTS has a knocking noise when I turn the wheel from left to right. My first thought was CV joint. However when it was at the Mechanic in June he said the CV joints were in good shape. He felt the knock too when he pulled the car into the garage. He said he thought it could be a bad strut because nothing else looked bad or to be causing it? Does anyone else have any suggestions on what this could be? Thanks..seriously concerned Girl ;)

Could be the bearing on top of the strut ,personally i would go for the CV ,leave it alone till it gets worse ,then its easier to diagnose ... 2001 Ford Focus

I'm making payments on a 2001 kia spectra which sat for a year before i got it. The only thing wrong with it is that the v joints needed to be replaced... or so the previous owner thought since i had it I have had to replace the altator, cv joints, batt, fuses, and now the fuel pump. The fuel pump is installed but it seems like it is not getting any power what could be the cause... PLEASE HELP I got this car so I have a safe vechile for me to take my unborn child around in

Replace the fuel filter if you have not done that yet. They are not that expensive to have replaced (about $60 for parts and labor) and it can increase engine performance, gas mileage and overall running condition. It would be a good idea to take it ... 2001 Kia Spectra

I'm not sure if any of you got my question because I had forgotten my password but I am hearing a squealing sound or maybe a roaring sound on my motor. When its just sitting there idling it isn't that loud but if you drive it then the more speed that I generate then the louder the noise gets. I changed out the Alternator because I assumed the barrings where going out in it and its still making that same noise. I also checked the idler pulley but it seemed fine. Could you please help me and offer

When vehicle is running at idle turn on defroster this will activate the air cond pump clutch ( if it works) check under hood and rev engine no more than 1600 rpms do you hear the squeel ? and can you locate it? Is it the waterpump bearing? the be ... 1999 Ford Expedition

This problem occurs when the engine is a operating temp (warmed up). It sounds like the timing chain from the pull area or cam gear as it heats up does the belt or chain which ever it has stretch to cause it to make a slight winding/slight rusty on fresh metal noise or could the cam sprocket be worn and need replaced, or can some other componet cause noise as it warms up?

Could be a bearing in one of the belt pulleys.. spray wd40 on the center of each pulley to see if the noise goes away ... 1997 Toyota Avalon

I replaced the front wheel bearings recently, and just had the rear wheel bearings replaced. I'm getting a sound still which sounds like in the front, like a bearing. Could there be another bearing besides the front wheel bearings that could be causing the grinding bearing noise? Like near the transmission or gear shifter?

Hi there. If you had the bearings replaced and they axle nut wasnt tightened enough you could be hearing that. If your car is front wheel drive it may be the CV axles. The constant velocity axles that drive the front wheels have 6 or more bearings ea ... 2002 Kia Rio

I have a 2006 chevy HHR with 17400 miles on it. It has a clicking noise in the front end when going over bumps.When lifting front of car, the axle feels loose on the transaxle side of shaft on both sides. Does this mean that the CV joints are bad? I Have 2006 HHR ,Hear a rubbing noise that changes with my speed sounds like driveshaft or scraping disc brakes , brakes are fine not sure about c-v joint how can I check, could it be a bearing in the transaxle case?

On my cobalt (same platform) there is a known bad engine mount that clunks (like you have bad shocks) when you go over bumps.\015\012If you look under the car from the front, you can see its a circle, (supposed to be ) filled with a rubber/comp ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Knocking sounds I have a 2001 ford windstar , it has a knocking ,ticking sounds and the engine light is on . What could be the cause of these noises and how could I fix it? Also, I went to start it and there was a big boom and the engine was still working but it was running very rough and it was like the muffler was not there , it was very loud. I had it towed back to my house and its been sitting there for a week.

Windstar's are notorious for having intake manifold air leaks, they even make a kit to repair it. I would send it to a repair shop as it is a time consuming repair. ... 2001 Ford Windstar

I have a clicking noise only when i drive forward,freewheel or in gear.ive changed outer cv joint,hub bearing on nearside,ive taken off the off side drive shaft but leaving the inner cv joint in gearbox,haven the car on axel stands made the same noise

... 2008 Ford Fusion

My 2005 Acura TL has a noise on the front passenger side. It happens when you start up from a stop, and it sounds like a slight popping noise or rubbing noise. It does not make the noise in the morning when cold outside, but does in the afternoon when warmed up. I have had it to the dealer and the first time they said they could not hear the noise to determine the cause, I took the service consultant on a ride and within one block we heard the noise. They kept the car for two days and said th

Need more info.Does it do it when u turn your tires or just taking off ... 2005 Acura TL

My problem lasts now about 05 months. Once I heard a sound when I push on the clutch pedal. This sound is like a BZZZZZZ sound. I took it to a mechanic and he said maybe it's because of some water that got into due to the wash of my car. So he put some bribe in the joint stop but no way. The problem is the same. To your information, the 5 speeds ans the rear one works perfectly but what worries me is the sound. I am afraid that it will cause a damage in the coming days. Thank you for your help

When you push on the clutch a bearing on the input shaft pushes against the pressure plate fingers and releases your clutch. This bearing called a throw out bearing might be going thus causing the BZZZZZ sound. It only rotates when the clutch pedal i ... 2006 Hyundai Tucson

I have 1991 2 wheel drive legacy it has only 120,000 original miles now, It makes a noise that changes with engine rpm. but I put stethoscope on both valve covers and on the alternator,also on the air conditioning pump, no noise coming from those areas. Sounds like the rocker arm noise on other cars if the oil level is down indicdating that no oil is getting to lifters. Of course I had oil changed and put in syntehic oil. What could be causing the noise? something down below? In the oil pan? No

Try to put «lucas threatment engine oil» for one oil change put half liter. Another half liter put after two week . ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

I have a noise that sounded like a belt tensioner issue. I replaced the belt and the noise went away for about 2 weeks. What could cause this? The noise gets louder as gas pedal is pushed.

Take the belt back off and by hand turn Everything the belt turns.One by one turn and feel and listen. Alot of times its the belt tensioner pully bearing.But it could be the water pump,alt.\015\012Check it out it will be easy with the belt off ... 1998 Cadillac Eldorado

My 98 isuzu trooper check engine light is on. i got it checked and the code reader read that its the fuel injector. i took it to a shop and they went to change the bad fuel injector and when they went in they said that its not the injector causing the problem. they said that something was causing the injector to send off the signal. whatever it is it has my trooper sounding like a diesel truck. do anyone have a clue of what could be causing the problem?

... 1998 Isuzu Trooper
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