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Replacing battery in 2004 Passat remote

\015 I got the two halves of the key remote apart but how do I get the part with the battery inside apart so I can replace the battery?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I actually found the instructions for how to take the remote apart, along with illustrations, in my husband's VW Jetta, Golf, GTI Service Manual that he had purchased from an auto parts store a while back (it's those thick red books that tell you how to fix anything and everything). After I got the two halves of the remote apart, I just needed to know where I was pulling the piece with the battery apart. Once I did that, the battery was right inside. The dealer offered to replace the battery for free but the battery costs $8.75. I found a place in Miami that sold FIVE of the batteries for $6.98. Since I was a returnng customer, I got a 10% discount. Problem fixed for $1.25. ;)
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Replacing battery in 2004 Passat remote

I actually found the instructions for how to take the remote apart, along with illustrations, in my husband's VW Jetta, Golf, GTI Service Manual that he had purchased from an auto parts store a while back (it's those thick red books that tell you how ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

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I have a 2008 passat wagon and have replaced the batteries on the remote keys. Intermmitly the open /lock keys have not worked. Now today my car will not start. Any ideas?

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Hi ! I bought a 2nd hand aged "V" reg Passat 3 months ago and the seller has not returned any of my calls. There are two issues:- The remote key does not operate any longer, do I need to go to a VW dealer to resolve and will this be costly, I can't see any place where a battery could be replaced? The 2nd issue is I've been able to get in & out of the car by usinbg key in the lock, but get approx 20 secs before alarm goes off however if key is used in ignition then car is ok and no probs. Last

The key does have a battery. This link will show you how to install a new battery.\015\012http://www.riskin.org/vwkey/\015\012As to the alarm going off once you get a new batt ... Volkswagen Passat

Remote problem I have a 2006 HHR the remote stopped working so I took it to a shop they replaced the remote battery but that did'nt fix the problem. They said there is a battery under the back seat that needs to be replaced. I've taken out the back seats but I still found no battery can someone put me on the right track with is.

There is no seperate battery in the car for the keyless entry system, either the remote needs to be re-programmed at a dealer with the proper scan tool or the remote itself is bad. ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Will replacing car battery in saab 93 sportswagon 1.9 tid 2006, effect the remote key fob. I am getting a "Battery not charging" on the SID. Battery indicator eye is clear , is this LOW battery? Was going to replace battery but not sure if this will stop the remote key from working. Any ideas what to do?

No definitely not.Unreladed ... 2004 Saab 9-3

I have a Saturn SL2 (197) that won't start. It just clicks when I turn the key. Also about 6 weeks ago I had a similar problem. The starter tested fine but the battery needed to be replaced. Additionally my remote works less and less even with a new battery in it. The remote worked fine once the battery was replaced but then has slowly started having problems again. Is this more likely a starter problem a short somewhere in the electrical system or something else?

I would purchase a inexpensive voltage meter and check to see if im losing amps/alternator maynot be charging ... 1997 Saturn SL

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My remote start does not work anymore on my 2006 G6. I replaced the battery in the key fob but it still doesn't work. I just had to replace my battery in my car last night and thought that it might work now and it still doesn't. The unlock function works on the fob but not the remote start or locking buttons. Any ideas? Thanks!

These always stop working. Mine did too. After I replaced batteries remote start stop working. Then all functions stopped. Went to the dealer and they wanted $300 to fix. Simple solution... Use a hole puncher, aluminum foil and glue. 1st open your re ... 2006 Pontiac G6

My key remote stop working and i replace the battery. After replacing the the battery it still does not work. i would like to know how to reset the remote without going to the dealer.

Place your key into your car's ignition and turn it from "Off" to "On" \015\012eight times in quick succession, ending in the "On" position (one click \015\012short of turning the car on).Press any button on your keyless-entry remote to reprogram it. ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have toyota prado vx 2008. i got a remote engine starter from the dealer. it was working perfectly. i left the remote for few months until the remote battery drained out. i replaced the battery. i tried to start the engine remotely according to instructions. i can see the blinking red light on the remote but with no response from the engine. the remote model is tokai-rika 001yve1223. please help. thanks

No solution required, read page 118 of the owners manual. ... 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have toyota prado vx 2008. i got a remote engine starter from the dealer. it was working perfectly. i left the remote for few months until the remote battery drained out. i replaced the battery. i tried to start the engine remotely according to instructions. i can see the blinking red light on the remote but with no response from the engine. the remote model is tokai-rika 001yve1223. please help. thanks

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Sir, I have 2011 Hiundai Veracruz, 15812 miles, both. Of my remote controls are not working, replaced battery, still not working. Talk to World Car, and they informed me that I have to 150 dollars to reprogram, why do I have to reprogram is the battery in the remote goes bad. Is that means I have to be ready to pay that amount every time the remote battery goes bad.

Should have a warranty. ... 2007 Hyundai Veracruz SE

1998 328i remote battery replacement. No battery in remote-bought car used. Don't know which battery to buy-battery hatch marked: 5 PAGF30 Thank you.

Its a standard battery,take key to local accessory shop\015\012There is a couple of different sizes,yours is the smaller 3v\015\012You will need to reprogamme the key\015\012Enter car,shut all doors\015\012Switch ignition on/o ... 1998 BMW 3 Series

I have a 98 accord the alarm remote will not do anything. I've replaced the batteries twice, still nothing. I've disconnected the battery on the car still nothing. The other day my son was in the car with the doors locked opened the pass. front door and the alarm went off for the first time in a month. I tried to turn it off with my remote and nothing happened. The alarm finally stopped sounding, but I can't arm the alarm or open the doors with the remote. I've check the remote at the local auto

As with most vehicle theft systems they have a life expectancy and the control unit may not be working correctly but try hooking the ground to a better stripped location. I usually find an area on the frame and sand off the paint then use a self tapp ... 1998 Honda Accord

2006 Malibu: It had been taking me longer and longer to open the car doors with the keyless remote, so I replaced the battery. Now the remote will only open the trunk and will not lock or unlock the car doors. Does the fob need to be reprogrammed or is there something else I should do? The old battery and the new battery test just fine at the electronics store where I bought the new battery.

I have the exact same problem. When I went to a chevy dealer today,they told me when they tested it that who ever replaced the battery busted the solder on the door lock and unlock buttons. So now I am looking for a new one.They are 50 dollars cheape ... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Does any body know how to reset the ML350 alarm??....The remote control doesn't work after i replaced a new battery to the remote control. I couldn't even use the remote to lock/unlock the car. I was


The remote to unlock the doors works sometimes after pressing the open button on the remote. The remote locks the car doors and truck with ease but difficult to unlock the doors. I replaced the battery with an expensive brand. I tested the battery and it is good. Please advise. Thank you.

Its not the remote it is the autolocking system, its getting warn and it is getting harder to unlock. Its easy for to lock because it is a down ward motion. ... Buick LaCrosse

I replaced my battery and the 120 amp main fuse on my 2002 Ford Escape. When I hook up the battery the car alarm is activated and the car wont start and the remote alarm does not work. I changed the battery on the remote thinking that had something to do with it, it did not though. How do you reset the alarm and start the car?

Need year. ... Ford Escape

Remote door locks won't work, I replaced batteries in remotes and tried to reprogram according to manual. Had remote checked at dealer and its ok. Will disconnecting battery and clearing out computer help ? /

No disconnecting the battery won't reset the transmitters. Make sure the battery is correct and installed properly. Hold the lock and unlock buttons together for 7 - 10 seconds, the horn should chirp 3 times when its good. If this doesn't occur then ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Took car in working fine to have remote start instlled. remote works fine but somehow it is killing battery. every morning car needs to be jumped. replaced battery w/energizer still dead in am. Headlights also stayed on for 10-15 min after ignition turned off. took it back to shop and they "bypassed the light switch'. Now lights don't stay on at all and i don't have panel lights. took it back to shop and they said i needed new computer, $300.00 later so far it works ???? SO FAR MY REMOT

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Few days back, My remote locking system stopped working. Thinking that battery must have expired, i have replaced the battery (same brand & number as earlier) in my remote key chain. It blinked for some time but still its' not working. When i press my remote, it doesn't do anything. Please help ! Thank You !

I believe you will need to take it back to either the dealer or if installed elsewhere to that point and have it reprogrammed ..this is a common issue of many many remote users and it is done but i am not sure if a charge is incurred from this ...it ... 1997 Honda Accord

I have an 08 Jeep Liberty that has a remote starter on the key. I tried to unlock the car with the remote, however, that didn't work, so I unlocked the car with the key. The alarm went off, I tried pushing the unlock button and starting the car to turn off the alarm, nothing worked. I finally disconnected the car battery, reconnected. The alarm went off, but turning the ignition on with the key stopped the alarm. I also replaced the batteries in the remote, which still does not work. What should

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Imobiliser problem I own a 94' Mk3 Golf TDI, which has been stood for few months and battery has now gone flat. After charging the battery, I've found that the Remote Central Locking will not open the car, or turn off the Immobiliser or alarm. Central locking works with Key, but the engine will not start because the immobiliser is de-activated only with the Key Fob. I've replaced the batteris in the Key Fob / remote, and it appears to work, but the car just will not register anything from Fob...

If im not mistaken,your car should have an alarm reset/override.Below the steering column,on the dash should be a slot where you put your remote transmitter to deactivate the alarm.If that works,you then need to have your remote checked and coded by ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

Hi I have a hyundai elantra elite hvt xd and the remote come as not working and I have tryed to fix it and I have taken it to a repair shop too and they can't I can't fix it when I put the battery in it works for about 2mins and then cuts out the light on the remote don't work and I have to open it move the battery around and it will work I have tryed new battery's and I have replaced the out side case too and nothing has changed is there any fix that I can do or would I have to get a new one?

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