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Toyota Corolla CE 2005. When I turn the wheel all the way to the left riding the car, there is noise like something is loose (CLACK!!!). Also the tires do not try to go back to the original position, forward, like it would do normally if I turn the wheel to the right. I repaired almost the whole front end but the "CLACK" still there.

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Have you replaced the rack and pinion? How about the rack and pinion mount bushings?
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Toyota Corolla CE 2005. When I turn the wheel all the way to the left riding the car, there is noise like something is loose (CLACK!!!). Also the tires do not try to go back to the original position, forward, like it would do normally if I turn the wheel to the right. I repaired almost the whole front end but the "CLACK" still there.

Have you replaced the rack and pinion? How about the rack and pinion mount bushings? ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Transmission suddenly stopped shifting. It works in 1-2nd &R. Was working fine then would not go forward and would stall the engine. It was like the wheels locked up going forward only, reverse was fine. I backed the car onto a hill and drifted down in nuetral. When I put it in gear the wheels started turning but won't shift past 2nd gear, and the check engine light came on immediately. Could this be the ground strap, wiring. What causes this?

The transmission solenoids are not working properly. Probably requires a transmission rebuild.\015\012I don't think it's in the ground strap or wiring.\015\012It's an internal problem with the transmission. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

It began when I made left hand turns, there would be a vibration in the truck, like the tire was rubbing in the wheel well. Two days later I made a left hand turn and a noise of metal on metal grinding started, while i was driving. Now it is a loud grinding noise whenever the truck is moving forward. What could this be and about how much do you think it would be to fix?

Sounds like a wheel bearing, and or a bad brake pad. Decide which wheel you think it is and pull that wheel to look at at the brake shoes or pads. feel for roughness when you turn the wheel by hand. ... 1993 Ford Tempo

Steering wheel was turned in process to locate battery prior to knowing that positive and negative prongs where located under the hood for more convient jump start. after recieving an intional charge and attempting to start car, the ignition refused to turn forward and let the car start. however, the key was able to be turned backwards, so that the stero and luxurie lights would come on. so we are stumped as to if whether or not we need to reset the computer or if we are facing a differnt pro

Pull the wheel hard in the direction you had turned it when it locked, that should free the lock mechanism enough to turn the key. What's happened is that the wheel trying to go back to center had jammed the locking mechanism. Remember to turn the ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 1999 olds bravada with smartrac and when turning in forward or reverse it fells like the old style 4x4. I have read to change the transfer case fluid but untill than would pulling the 4 wheel drive fuse take it out of 4 wheel drive untill i can get the fluid changed?

... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

Hi my toyota corrola 2003 wont go in reverse it would go forward but when I tried reversing and making the turn it will just stop it wont make me turn it all the way I'm not sure what is causing it. But when I checked the wheel one of them isn't straight it looks like it is coming off because the rest are just straight.

Could be some vacuum leak or trans valve solenoids stucked. ... Cars & Trucks

Turning problems This just started today. I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee with approximately 140,000 miles. A week ago I got 2 front tires put on. Today my truck feels as if it's pulling. Whenever I try to make sharp turns forward or in reverse the truck doesn't move. It feels like it's stalling. When I straighten my wheel it will go forwrd on reverse. This happened in the middle of the day. While driving this morning it was fine. Would you have an idea of what may cause this? L. Colson

My Answer:\015\012\015\012The one thing you never mentioned was if you had your Jeep SUV Front-end Aligned after you had the new tires installed?\015\012\015\012I'm guessing/hoping you did???\015\012\015\012Where d ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 Trailblazer, the front drivers side wheel locks up and won't turn more than half a turn forward then the same backward. Making a bad clunk noise if you try to force it by giving the truck more gas to move. IT IS NOT the wheel hub assembly, or the brakes.both have been checked, and if i try to turn the CV shaft with the wheel hub assembly off it's the same thing, can only turn it so far forward then so far backward. Can anyone please help with this. PS it was making a noise like bearings

It sounds like a problem within the front differential, possibly broken spider gears. If so broken gear shrapnel may be jamming that wheels output shaft. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Hi, i have a 2010 mit. strada 4x4 with only 8,000km in it. at one time i was driving i tried using the superselect 4x4 shifter at only 40km/hr in a straightline. when i slowed down and tried to shift it back to 4x2 mode it seemed to be struck at 4x4 and the steering wheel seemed to be heavy and the truck would not freewheel when rolling/the shiftgear in neutral position(mine's manual transmission). when i parked it and shut the engine and turned it on again thats the time it when to normal 4x2 m

You shoud have been stop when you put it in 4+4 ... Mitsubishi Pickup

I have a 1977 Ford f150 4x4 . I put in the 460 big block it originally had the 400 in it. The problem I have is the starter will not turn the engine over when its warm. It makes the same sound as a low battery would. I let it sit for about an hour and it will start like nothing. I have replaced, battery, battery cables, (both negative and positive) solenoid, and starter. Its starting to get annoying and I could use some help. It has done this with every engine I put in so far and I've had thre

... Cars & Trucks

I've had two separate issues where I couldn't get the car to start. The car wouldn't even turn over but the battery was live. I think I managed to lock the wheel in some way that caused this to happen. As in both cases I eventually got it to start. Anyone have a similar problem and should I have this looked at. Seemed like the brakes were locked in both instances when I pushed on the pedal it would be tougher than normal start. These instancses were spread out over about a 6 month span. Last tim

The brake should be hard if the engine is off check battary cables should be tight &check oil shoud be at right level thats a safty thing in car so you don't drive off with low oil and check soloniod these this ... 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

My ignition key cylinder is not returning to normal position to enable me to retract my key and turn off the accesories. I would like to know if this means that the ignition key cylinder is broken or if the ignition switch?

You either could have a bad ignition switch or your ignition switch out of adjustment/loose causing not being in correct location ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

No start condition new battery , good starter, turn key to start position light come on dash, go forward to start light go out and you hear click under dash area like relay, no power getting to starter. happens intermittently - remove battery cable let sit for a bit . starts right up . happened twice to my wife , then would not reoccur . got into car & finally happened to me. bad relay ?? is there a relay under drivers dash area that's bad ?

No starter relay is always at the fuse relay box at the engine compartment. The relay that you hear is the relay for the accessories to turn off the power during starting position. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Won't start I had my oil pressure light come on and then the car sputtered and quit. I checked my dip stick and there was no oil. When I turned the key it would give a pitiful chugging like it was trying to turn over. I put in one quart of oil in and turned the key and it then would turn over like normal but wouldn't stay running. I put in 2 more quarts of oil (three total) and then when I turned the key nothing happened. The battery is working fine because I can turn it on and do everything els

Well if the engine is not moving at all and the battery is in good condition, the bearings are seized. If this is the case, you are looking at either a new engine or a major overhaul.Good luck ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2009 Hyundai sonata GL 2.2 L and I get this high pitched screeching sound (that sounds like it's coming from the rear end) that started happening when I would turn my wheel to the right. Not just a small turn like 90 degree turn at first. Now I'm starting to hear it louder and it happens when I turn to the left and to the right and I barley have to move the steering wheel at all. I do need a serpentine belt bc mine is worn down. I'm replacing soon I just don't think I can do it myself b

... 2009 Hyundai Sonata

I have a 2007 toyota camry altese with 244,000km, it rides nice but the steering wheel is centred to be straight ahead and it feels like you have to overcome a spring or force to turn the wheel, if you pull the wheel around about 1/4 turn and let it go it snaps back to the centre position like it has a spring and detent. I think its worse at low speed. Tyres are 32 psi and suspension looks and appears to work OK

I would start by having the drive belt checked for wear then getting a wheel alignment done. These camrys do have quite a stiff feeling in the steering, though if it feels quite tight I would have it checked out to see if there is a problem in the ra ... 2007 Toyota Camry

Steering issue Hi, when I take a full turn at low speed, like in the parking lot, if I release my hands from the steering wheel my car will go in circles. The st. wheel is not even trying to return to center, it stays sticked to the full turn position. I have to pull it from that position and then it will slowly return to center. I had the 4 wheel alignment checked by volvo, also the limiters inside the steering rack were replaced, with no improvement. If I google for "steering rack limiters" I

Your steering rack has a leaky internal seal, you will need to replace the rack and flush the system to remove any debris fro,m the failed rack. ... 2004 Volvo XC70

The ESP system went loco,and the ESP lite would go off and come on at will. The steering wheel turned in very difficult and intermittingly, on one complete turn to the right or the left.and lost it thread the needle accuracy when turning whether the above happened on not. On occasion the gas pedal had no influence what so ever on the forward movement, so as you pushed down further it would after a couple of seconds,**** with an explosion of forward movement. Dealership said the found two bolt

The bolts that the dealership found missing or loose may have been a major grounding point were the control units are provided a system ground. If the control unit doesn't have good power and grounds, it will cause problems like this...Not only do yo ... 2005 Kia Amanti

AUDI 80 B4 1994 I have wheels dimension 215/45R17 but it is not the original wheels, so i would like to change with original wheel. What is the original dimensions of wheel including diameter of four nut whols

Any car breakers yard will supply you with the correct wheels & tyres. Type in CAR BREAKERS in Yahoo or google and they will send your request to loads of breakers who will then supply what you need.Cheers, Derek. ... Audi 80

When making sharp turns backing up or going forwards there is a problem with the front wheels dragging. It seems like the back wheels are pushing the fronts when it goes forward in sharp turns and when backing up it drags them and leaves rubber marks every time. The car was wreaked on the right side but was repaired and the Chevrolet dealer ship checked the aligment and said it was perfect. The car was wrecked when had 3,300 miles on it. It was not repaired until June of this year. The car only

Hi. Check the alignment that was done by chevrolet. It could be wheel alignment. if there are rubber marks on the road everytime you make turns then this could be a problem with the camber. The wheels are toe'd in or out. You might need camber correc ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

Jeep stalls, runs rough after cam sensor replaced. 2002 Jeep wrangler 4.0 X manual trans. Replaced shear pin on cam sensor. When cam resensor was installed the vehicle would not start which was accomplished by turning the sensor about 45 degrees from its original position. It ran fine for 12-14 miles then completely died. I turned the key off and it would restat, run fine for a while, then die again. Noo timing to set, fuel filter to replace. did I place the gear on the sensor in the wrong posit

... 2002 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2007 dodge magnum sxt 3.5lt v6...recently the etc light came on and also the check engine light. the light was flashing when it came on while driving, when you turn the vehicle off then turn the key to the on position all the dash lights come on like normal and then shut off one by one, like normal....but the etc light and the check engine light stay on until you start the car....i have not had it scanned yet so i don't know what the codes are, i plan on having it scanned today....just

... 2005 Dodge Magnum

Put vehicle in reverse, backed up, turned wheel and it wouldn't go. Pulled forward, backed up straight, no problem. Now when I turn the wheel in forward position, cranks hard (2002 Bravada)

Woah. This is a new one, but it sounds like your rack is binding up and causing this friction. It could be a pump problem, so check the power steering pump belt tension and fluid level. Short of that, you need to get your front end looked at. I' ... Oldsmobile Bravada

The steering on the 2003 corolla returns to the center position after a turn ,to quickly, feeling like its spring loaded. All my other cars, the steering wheel returns smoothly to the neutral position as the car straightens out. Is there any way of dampening out this sudden return of the steering wheel after a turn?

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Key no longer works in ignition. I stopped to gas up and the key I normally use would not open the gas cap door. I re-entered the car and the key would not turn the ignition. The key unlocks the steering column and the radio etc will work but not the ignition. Tried a spare key, which did open the gas cap door, but it too will not turn the ignition. I think a small piece of the original key broke off in the ignition, and is preventing the spare from working. I think that is why the original key

Take it to a lock smith to remove the broken part or you could jam the broken part down to where the ignition will turn with the broken key. I advise taking it to a lock smith to remove the broken part ... 2001 Toyota Tundra
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