Having problems with your 2004 Toyota Corolla ?

I reversed the jumper cables and now the nothing on the dash will work.

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Answers :

You will need to replace any blown out fuses in the fuse block under the hood mainly the main fuse which is bolted in from the bottom
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I reversed the jumper cables and now the nothing on the dash will work.

You will need to replace any blown out fuses in the fuse block under the hood mainly the main fuse which is bolted in from the bottom ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Honda mobilio Won't start. Turn key and just clicks. Light on dash work. Electronic door lock is only working for driver's door. Tried jumper cables. At first would partially crank, then back to clicking, then nothing.

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Car wont start. everything works, lights, dash lights, radio, wipers. no clicking, no sound. i tried sticking the key in and out in case the anti theft needs reset..........what now? also tried jumper cables and nothing

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Hello there, experts! I need some answers to a problem with our Kia Spectra '05. See, we drove it all weekend, no problems to speak of, but this morning when we tried to use it, no only would it not start, nothing electronic in the car would work either! No buttons, no wireless unlocking, nothing! We thought it was the battery, but after charging it, all we got was a 'clickclickclick' sound. And that was with those newfangled battery jumper cables. When we tried the normal jumper cable method, i

My advise is to remove the battery and charge it,also clean the battery poles and battery leads [some emery paper or sand paper will do.It cannot be any thing else only a simple problem.Even jump leads can be bad quality the insulation on the leads i ... 2005 Kia Spectra

2000 Acura 3.5 RL suddenly has no tail lights or tag lights. Brake, reverse and blinker all work. Checked fuses-all appear fine. Decided to replace bulbs and noticed front right marker light out so changed that too. Nothing until that marker light bulb was replaced and magically all lights then worked! Except my brake lamp light on dash below car diagram lit. But brake lights were working and dash light went back off. Over next couple of days, brake lamp light would come on intermittently and th

The only thing that both the brake lights and tail lights use is a ground connection. Keep in mind the warning light on the dash may be for any exterior lamp. You may need to check the sockets and grounds on all four corners of the car. ... 2000 Acura 3.5RL

My 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan will not start. I went to start it and it did a slow grind followed by so clicking. THe second attempt it did nothing. I jump started it and it work and ran. But when I turned it if after 20 minutes to see it would start again, I got nothing. I then tryed to jump it again and got grinding. I tested the battery and it is putting out 12.58 volts. Even though there is juice in the battery nothing electicr works unless the van is hooked up by jumper cables to a vehicle th

Take a look at the battery and see if the sides are bulging, if so the battery is more than likely done for. if not i would suggest taking the battery in and getting it tested and if not that, i would take the starter in and have it tested. autozones ... 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Minivan

No power to dash lights,will only start if you jumper from battery to isolator controller relay solenoid, have put in new batteries ,batteries recharge when running or connected to 110 ac power, have head lights but no dash,speedometer does not work,stuck at 40 mpg,how does battery disconnect work? battery disconnect ,in doorway, chassis light on all the time,coach light only on with motor running ,when disconnect switch pushed nothing happens?? is this normal?

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2005 kia RIO will not start with jumper cables Initially, I truned the ignition key and only heard clicking sound. Lights, radio and horn all work. I then tried to start with Jumper cables and nothing happened. I have changed the aternator twice, Recently as Jone 2009. Can a blown fuse somewhere be the culprit.?

The clicking sound is either coming from the starter relay or the starter solenoid switch.If the starter makes no click then it has to come off and get new brusjhes put in it or have the solenoid replaced.You can check it by jumping the post with the ... 2005 Kia Rio

I have a 1999 mercury cougar with 2.5l v6. When I bought the car it had 2 chip-type keys that worked 1 factory, 1 aftermarket. Suddenly it stopped almost everything. The battery has been charged and checked the radio and inside accessories work. When you turn the key nothing happens no noise no clicking nothing the fuses and relays have checked ok and you can jumper the starter relay and the motor will turn but not start. Also I noted the security system indicater light on the dash blinks rapidl

This vehicle has the PATS anti-theft system in the ignition and key. It appears you've reset the PATS. The car does not recognise the chip in the ignition key any longer.The PATS (FORD'S PASSIVE ANTI THEFT SYSTEM) needs to be reprogrammed ... Mercury Cougar

1993 suzuki sidekick, when I turn on the engine nothing happens, I can jump start it and it works. some times it works fine when I turn it on but lately more often it's not doing anything. I tried jumper cables but nothing, so I think the battery is fine many thanks

This sounds like a bad starter, it has dead spots and when it lands on one sometimes the jump starting will make it start due to extra power, check to be sure the battery is good then make sure the battery connections are good and if all of that look ... 1993 Suzuki Sidekick

I have a 1992 Buick Regal. I've taken exceptional care of it, and have done most of the service work on it over the years. Now, I wish to connect an amplifier to it to run a subwoofer. The amplifier is mounted behind the back seet, and I need a good 12 volt high current power source to feed it. I have fun a cable under the carpet and through the existing cable trays up to the dash area. I am looking for a good solid and constantly hot 12v buss, but find nothing of the sort under the dash. The on

Can't say I've done what your doing but have had to run cables directly to battery for power inside, and I've used boot by steering column, on firewall, as well as any other grommet in the area that has some room, and carefully made a small **** with ... 1992 Buick Regal

97 cougar xr7 will not start. Ran fine the other day, no problems, but this morning would not start, not able to get it to start all day. Tried charging battery, removed battery for charging (about 10 min or so), checked to see if wiring was fried (cant see any damage), has fuel, has oil, etc. Really strange. When you first turn key you hear the fuel pump working then when you turn further (to start) nothing.. no click - nothing. Tried jumper cables, nothing makes a difference. I have power

That is most likely correct. The starter Solenoid may be junk. What i can recommend you do is take that starter out and run it down to your local auto parts store like Autozone Pepboys o'reilly's or a place similar to that and they will test it fo ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I have a 1999 ford f -150 xl, v8 triton, I was heading to work this morning and noticed my tranny wasnt shifting properly, It would stay in first gear and only shift when i released gas pedal and tap it. As is got hot it would slip out of gear completly, when I got to work I parked and tried putting in reverse and nothing, didnt work. Theres no smell and fluid is fine, ran fine before today. Any ideas to help me out? No lights came on at all on dash saying theres a problem.

I would go to a trans repair shop for their\015\012suggestions\015\012\015\012Having once owned one\015\012\015\012Save you money,because\015\012your going to be rebuilding it\015\012in about a week\015 ... Ford F-150

I have a 2004 Lexus LS430. The alternator seems to have died on it (wont run after jumping and cables removed - call cables are clean). When it was being jumped, my son reversed the cables. It starts no problem, but none of the seats, dash guages or lights work. Checked all fuses, and all seem OK. Is there a master fuse or other component to check to see if it is bad?

There should be a fuse box under the hood and in the car. The one under the hood is most likely to be the one with blown fuses after doing that. If thats not the problem you probably burned up a fusible link which is in the wire harness and can be a ... 2006 Lexus Ls 430

2004 Eclipse won't start. When key is turned nothing happens. No electrical power to anything. No lights in dash , no ac, no power locks nothing except for blinking door ajar and ringing alarm. Even with jumper cables attached nothing changes

Sounds like you have an ignition problem, check the ignition fuse under the hood sounds like the fuse is blown, if that dosent work check your starter solinoid ... 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse


... Ford F-150

Bought new battery at autozone changed battery and put cables on and realized later that we put cables on wrong poles. horn and lights sounded automatically as waring. was given wrong battery and the poles were different than original. went back changed battery and the sales rep missed one number on model. installed correct one and now have no power, no lights no dash inside no radio no, minimal power,nothing works...what do i do now?

You blow several fuses the blade fuse 140 amp dealer iteam only its 25 just for that fuse then go through the fuse box under the hood and the compartment by the steering wheel there like a holder just pops out then replace the blowen fuse and get the ... 2003 Lexus RX 300

My 2001 Eurovan did not start the other day: no power to anything when key turned - no indicator lights, interior lights, radio, nothing. The only things working in the vehicle are powered by second battery. Battery connections seem good - nothing happens when I try jumper cables. Is there a main fuse that cuts power to everything? Where can I find it? Thanks.

Hi.There is no main fuse that turns everything off from battery.First check if dome light is turning on. Eventually remove the aux. battery. If dome light is turning on, then start testing from ignition. Test ignition switch, ... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

My daugther has a 2003 Grand Am and will not start. Have check the starter and the alt,check fuses and relays. Fuel pump is working check battery cables and safety switch and some of the wiring.Now we are leaning toward the computer. This is what it does when try to start it.Turn the ignition on and get all of the dash lights and all of the normonal stuff that is suppose to come on.Turn the key to start and nothing. There is no noise at all no slow crank no clicking nothing. So here is the ? Any

Okey i am sure you have a test light . jack the front and make sure it is secure. connect your test light to good ground and touch the smallest cable on the starter and make some one crank the engine if you got light while some one try to crank some ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Electrical issue The battery in my 2005 Town & Country was low. I applied the jumper cables incorrectly to the battery and the battery started to smoke. I quickly reversed the connectors and now the car starts. However, the air conditioner does not work, the interior ABS brake light is on, and the control panel that displays tripometer and thermometer is not working. Did I fry something?

Check the fuses in the fuse box just above the battery and see if there is anything (fuses) that popped. I did the same thing but got away with nothing being damaged. ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I have 1995 ford escort lx, engine 1.9. i replaced the old battery for a new one. it worked fine for a couple days then died. i tried starting it and nothing. theres power but when i turn ignition....nothing, wont even crank up but when i jump start it it starts right up, i let it charge up for awhile but as soon as i pull the jumper cables it dies right away. what could be cause of this? please.

Hello feletityrell.Your alternator isn't charging. If it was, your car would continue to run.It ran on the new battery power until it died as well.Make sure your alternator belt is tight and all the connections to it are ... 1995 Ford Escort

I went to start my 2005 Durango, all dash lights came on as usual then went off and nothing happened when I went to start position. I hooked up jumper cables, got all dash light after a short charge, went to start position and just got a chattering noise. What might be the problem?

Bad ground or positive connection to your starter motor ... 2005 Dodge Durango

I got a 2000 mitsubishi montero truck that wont start. but if i hook jumper cables up i can get it to start. but when i remove the cables and try to start it up on its own it get nothing. not even the lights or dash board come on..any ideas..? maybe a battery or even a starter..?

Try your alternator...or maybe a bad starter ... 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

My reverse lights dont work at all and i have done replace the new bulbs and replace dash board for lights and nothing come out work.... what was the problem to it???

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

04 Sedona was cranking today. I did noticed it was kinda of a weak crank but none the less it started up. Earlier tonight though, I went to go to the store and nothing, it acted like it wanted to but didnt now it wont tunrn over a bit. Radio still play, clock is still on and the headlights seen to be working as usual. Tried to get a jump from another car but nothing happened. I connected the jumper cable to my battery and touched the other two ends together and there were quite a fer sparks fly

It sounds like a battery. I would remove the battery and take it to a parts store and have it tested. ... Kia Sedona
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