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2008 suzuki forenza . no compression new head installed

\015 Installed new head new gaskets and timig belt but have no compression\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2008 suzuki forenza . no compression new head installed

... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

No compression new head installed - 2004 Suzuki Forenza

... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

We've installed new head, intake and exhaust gaskets, yet there is 0 compression in either head. Think we have the rocker arm nuts cranked down to to tightly. How do we properly adjust these?

Hello dysone...Is this a 5.7 litre engine?...Why were the heads replaced on this engine? Did it overheat and crack one..or blow a head gasket? Were BOTH heads replaced, or just one? How many miles does the engine have on it? Yes, you could have dama ... 1997 GMC Sierra

Ex-wife had used this 99 626 Mazda 4 cyl for 4 yrs and said it vibrated so bad at idle she had to put it in neutral[automatic trans] at stop lights with the a/c on. When I used it she was right. I found low compression on 2 adjacent cylinders, 30-60 psi. Pulled head,had valve job done,honed cylinders, installed new set of std rings[piston ring grooves still tight],new timing belt,all engine & trans mounts changed,idle air control valve replaced,new platinum tipped spark plugs, water pump, idler

Check to see if the big hose going from the air filter to the throttle body has a split in the hose convolutes. Thus air is bypassing the MAF sensor. IS CEL light on? Clean MAF sensor wires with carb cleaner too. rpeort results. ... 1999 Mazda 626

I just had a new clutch put in along with a new slave cylinder and head gasket and all the belts and stuff replaced in my suzuki forenza drove away fine from the dealership, I hit a bump and my dash lights dimmed and then would come back on and go off, I got to my driveway turned the car off and it wont start again

It sounds like a bad ground wire. Check your battery connections and if this the problem complain to the shop manager of this. They will disconnect the battery upon performing this job they done for you ... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

Hi i just put some new headgaskets on a sohc subaru and the heads were checked and skimmed, the valve timing is spot on and has been rechecked,but theres 0 compression on all 4 cylinders.we drove the car into the garage and it had compression then so would this be the oil pressure hasnt pumped up the lifters yet or do you have another reason.

U are spot on onthe timing on the exhast not intake stroke (180 out) ... Subaru Impreza

I have a 1994 Jeep cherokee that is getting fuel, fire, and has compression yet is not firing. The exhaust is not clogged. The jeep was hard to start before installing a new head gasket and now it does not start at all. It has new crank sensor, plugs, cap, and button. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi, how bout fuel filters? it may be clogged. hope this helps ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee 2 Door

My 2007 forenza suzuki has been running hot head gasket is cracked. it's over heating it busted my radiator and i think i need a new themstat

... 2007 Suzuki Forenza

My 2005 suzuki forenza wont start , Ive tried compression which is fine, sparrk which is good and new fuel relay, its good and gets frul

All a good start. You must consider timing. If the timing is off it will not fire correctly. There are cam and crank sensors that do the job, they must be checked. ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

2002 Liberty 3.7 Recent new heads, coil packs, plugs. At dealer compression OK , leak down test OK. was running perfectly then random misfires, spark advance jumping from 0-17 at idle.. At speed all is well. Its driving me nuts! Please help..

You must RUN the scanner/computer for better diagnostic. You can have fuel system malfunction, detonation, valve noise, valve adjustment is set too tight, , intake manifold system is leaking.Engine fuel pump is defective+pcm (ignition system).In sho ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Took my 1997 ford taurus with 3.0L to a shop did a compression check on the back cylinders (1,2,3) 1&2 were at 50 psi. They said more then likely it was the botom end of motor which has the problem. Now wouldnt it blow smoke an burn oil if the piston rings were bad? The head looked fine the block as well, New gasket an bolts were installed tightened to specs. This car runs almost perfect except when u put it in gear it stumbles like it out of timing. Where should i go from here?

Have the shop do a leakdown test and verify the problem, it could be a bad head gasket or a burnt or stuck valve. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. I am replacing brake rotors and pads, front and rear. Are any special tools or procedures required to retract the brake caliper to install the new pads?

To change the brake pads, you will need two cans of brake cleaner and the tools required are a: 3/8" drive ratchet, 3/4" socket, 9/16" socket , 3" 3/8" drive extension, and a medium size clamp. The rotors will pull straight off once you get to them. ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I have a mazda bravo unleaded petrol engine ute 2003 model. I have installed a new cylinder head (the old had blown a gasket and was warped and soft). After installing the new head the engine will run (Just) but won't rev and has no power. fresh fuel has been added, all plugs are firing. any suggestions please.

... Cars & Trucks

LIfter Noise. Just had the head rebuilt and new head gasket installed. Now one lifter is ticking away. This is the 1.5 doc. Can this be lash adjusted? or what are my options? New oil installed at rebuild and it's at proper level.

The automatic valve adjustor not allow you to set the valve gap.If it is making bad noise then it needs replacement.When changing valve lifters, it is recommended that the lifters are\015\012allowed to "settle/seat" for a minimum of 30 minutes to al ... Kia Rio

Installed new head gasket, new timing belt, two new valves. drove 5 miles engine stalled. no spark or injector pulse. installed new crank sensor, cam sensor, coilpack, new ECM still wont start

It soundslike your timing belt may have a problem. It may have failed prematurely, thetensioner may have failed, the tensioner pulley or idler pulley may have wornout, or the timing may be incorrectly set. No spark can usually be guaranteed acrank se ... 1995 Eagle Talon

1995 Toyota fourrunner v6 two over head cams thanks ahead of time I just replaced the heads with new ones properly but have a question before I put the heads on I put the motor on top dead center as I am changing the timing belt as well. When I installed the cams after head assembly, I just put them in where they were not pressing down on any valve so I could properly torque them down with the cam bushing caps. if I now attempt to move the cams to match the crankshaft before installing the tim

If your valve timming is correct the valve should not contact the piston, and upon fitting the camshaft some valves are bound to get openned. That should not worry you, before you crank start it or after installing the T-Belt and adjusting it, rotate ... Toyota 4Runner

No compression on cylinder #2 after putting a new (remanufactured) cylinder head and pistons/rings

You did not mention about replacing a piston you said was broken? if you did not there is the cause of you low compression. either way if you did change it out and did not measure the ring end gap and put the right size ring in the hole then it loose ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Had the head redone, new Carb fitted, new distributor cover and leads new spark plugs, crank timing set to mark (0)and cam timing (2e)set to mark on head. the engine swings, fires from the carb, spark on leads. engine wont start, backfires but not running

Sounds like you have your timing off. If it is backfiring, that means that 2 of your wires are crossed, causing the plugs to fire on the exhaust stroke versus the compression stroke. Recheck your timing. ... 1984 Toyota Corolla

Hi please help suzuki jimny, s reg 1300 16v original fault seized cam shaft . fitted new head plus cam ,swapped camshaft sensor housing on back of head to new head. now engine turns over but will not start .no spark or injection tried to connect with snapon ethos on eobd but cannot connect. seems like a immobiliser fault . can i get codes from 6 pin connector behind glovebox, if there is one.

... Suzuki Samurai

I am trying to install a new lift gate support cylinder on the hatchback of an '02 outback. I cannot get the new cylinder to compress at all. Is there some way to get the brand new cylinder to compress for the first time?

That cylinder should compress but you will not be able to compress by hand theres a lot of pressure, but if you have it connected to hatch and doesnt compress then the cylinder is on wrong or bad. ... Subaru Outback

My 2001 deville is overheating. I have a new water pump and thermostat already installed. I have a new radiator to put in with my neighbors help. Can you tell me how to install the radiator and what tools I will need. Also any other ideas you might have as to why the car is overheating. The coolant gets too hot and comes spewing back out the cap. There isn't any coolant in the oil and the head gaskets seem to be fine. No weird noises or sounds from it. New hoses were put in last summer. This is

... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

I just replaced the head gaskets and it is still overheating with the new toyota thermostat installed. i take out the thermostat and it is running cool.i pressure tested the radiator cap and it held pressure between 13-15 psi. my friend told me if you install the head gaskets left on right and right on left, it could cause it to overheat, but i am sure i put the head gaskets on properly.What could be my problem?

Boil the thermostat in a pot of water with a thermometer in the water. see if it opens at the rated temperture.\015\[email protected] dot com. ... 1991 Toyota Xtracab

How install the original fog lights for suzuki forenza 2006

Possible solution, but when i first bought my '05 i took it in for the mischevious airbag light... I was told i needed my coolant and tranny fluid flushed and they did from what I remember 2/3's on both for 150. ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

Can't get the E2200 R2 started after installing new head

You need to "bleed" the fuel lines.Loosen injector 1, crank the engine until fuel comes out. Tighten the injector.then repeat for the rest. Do 2 injectors and see if you get any improvement.I may bleed itself if you crank it ... 1988 Mazda B2200

Over haeting first i installed a new water pump and a new thermastat.Then 3 days later the same thing happens,it starts by blowing cold air and the gage shows it is overheating,and when i check it there is about a gallon of antifreeze gone.Now you are suppose to use dellron "the orange stuff" and when i went to the autoparts store they told me it was ok to put the "full strength"in,so i did.Now could that be any of my problem or does it sound more like a head gasket.And if it is the head is ther

You can use a pressure tester on your radiator to see if it is leaking into the engine ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture
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