Having problems with your 2004 Saturn VUE ?

My A/C only blows out cold air when driving, when just at idle it is warm air. what could be the problem here?

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2002 Discovery Land Rover. Having trouble with my heater. Blows out warm air when driving atleast most of the time. When at idle blows out cold air. I did replace the thermostat last year, could this be the problem again?

Check your coolant level. Does it overheat at all? ... 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II

I have a 1988 mk 2 golf when i start the engine the heater warms up as normal but when the engine warms up the heater starts blowing cold air out. also now that the cold weather has started after driving about 2 miles the engine starts reving at about 2000 rpm but if i stop and let it idle it goes back to normal after a few minutes could this be related to the first problem?

Sounds like the thermostat stickng as when engine gets cold the choke will start workin again, causing the over reving or your electric fan is on all the time "over cooling" the engine ... 1988 Volkswagen Golf

My A/C only blows out cold air when driving, when just at idle it is warm air. what could be the problem here?

... 2004 Saturn VUE

My air conditioner blows cold for about the first five minutes when you begin driving. Then it stops blowing cool air. The air then gets very warm, pretty much as warm as it is outside. You can cut it off for about fifteen minutes and turn it back on and it will do the same thing all over again. What could be the problem?

Sounds like a low charge ... 1998 Nissan Altima

1987 mercury cougar 5.0. When the engine is started cold, it stalls after 30 seconds. To keep it running, you have to rev the engine until it is warmed up. While reving the engine, it feels like it misses and it backfires a bit. Once the engine is fully warmed up, it idles and drives fine. The air charge temp sensor, engine coolant temp sensor, MAP sensor, and idle speed control motor have all been replaced within the last 2 weeks and I still have this problem. Could the problem be the EGR valve

Hi,\012\012plug the EGR line and see how it acts. better yet put a ball bearing in that line and reconnect it to the EGR and see if it goes away. definate vacuum issue somewhere. tranny modulator, check every line coming off the firewall manif ... 1987 Mercury Cougar

I have a 2002 Acura RSX that has AC Problem. Blows very cold air, but not all the time. As long as RPM is running at drive speeds, I have cold air. However, at stop lights the air temp goes warm. If I accelerate, I get nice cold air again. The other thing I note is that it may be blowing perfectly fine cold air as I drive a half hour or hour down the interstate. All of a sudden, air gets warm. I turn it off for 15 minutes, turn back on, air is cold again. Any suggestions???

I have a 2002 rsx i have the same problem it works fine when i driving but when i stop blows hot air if i keep my foot on the gas \015\012it will blow cold but when its on ilde its hot air i recharge it 3 times \015\012at the shop and it ... 2002 Acura RSX

I have a really strange problem with my Nissan 2006 Pathfinder. The heater will not heat up and blow out hot air as long as the vehicle is sitting idling. When I want to defrost the windshield on frosty mornings, it will not heat up even though the temperature gauge is showing it is warm. When I actually start driving the heater puts out great heat, but if I am going down hill or stop for a stop light the heater begins blowing out cold air. When I get going again it returns to heating. I'm cluel

Since your blower is working and it is a heat issue,thats where we'll \015\012start,First thing is have you checked the coolant level in the radiator when \015\012engine is cold,make sure it is filled to top,next verify you have coolant in \015\012re ... 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

A/c and heater problem A/C will sometimes blow cold air for about 20 seconds then start blowing warm air. Then when using the heater it will blow warm air for about 20 seconds or so then start blowing cool air. I can turn the temp knob from one side to the other or turn the fan to off and it seems to help the problem for a while. What could be causing this problem?

Sounds like you may have developed a leak in the system, when the pressure in the system is low it will cause the compressor to cycle off and on. Have you tried to charge the system? P.S. Dont know if you are aware but hte compressor kicks on when th ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

My 2006 Mazda 3 is blowing cold air when the car is not in motion. I have the heat turned all the way up and car is fully warmed up but it blows cold air. When the car is in a good steady driving motion it is fine and blows warm air but i can come to a stop and it gets cold instantly. Do you know what my problem may be?

... Mazda MAZDA3

I have a 2003 Volvo S60. My A/C blows warm air after driving 10-15 min. I turn off for about 2 mins and it blows cold again. It use to blow warm air at complete stop if sitting more than 5 min. Now it blows warm when driving. No noises, no messages on dash, nothing turns off. Temp of car stays same. All normal run. Its just the a/c problem.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2007 nissan xterra. When I stop at a light or idle, the heater blows cold air. When I increase the RPM's the heater air warms up again. What could be the problem?

Your coolant level is low in the overflow tank/pressure tank. the pressure tank is right by the washer fluid fill cap. its the white tank right behind the washer fill cap, which is blue. make sure you dont open the overflow tank when vehicle is hot. ... 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road

The heater in my 2003 Nissan Murano blows hot when I'm driving, then blows cold air when I stop or when it is idling. What could be the problem? How do you know if it is the thermostat or something else like the water pump?

... Nissan Murano

My ac blows out warm air at a stop but when i start driving again it starts to throw out cold air what could be the problem? 2006 chevy trailblazer

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Honda Civic that according to the temperature gauge is overheating when I idle for any long period of time. The fan is fine so we replaced the thermostat. This did not fix the problem. I'm noticing that the car appears to warm up to temp pretty quickly in the morning but the air from the heater will still be blowing cold before eventually getting warm. Could we have possibly gotten a bad thermostat, or is there some kind of sensor that might be connected that's bad? This is so

Off the top of my head I believe your car has multiple temp sensors. One that sends info to the computer, and another that sends info to the gauge. If the heat is cold and the gauge reads hot I would first test the temp sensor for the gauge. For the ... Honda Civic

I have a 2005 2500HD Duramax & when my truck is idling, it doesn't blow hot air out, but when I'm driving down the road it will blow hot air. Anyone know what could be the problem? Help pl

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 grand caravan SE and the heater blows cold when idling and warm when driving. What could be the problem?

Check your coolant level it may look full but more should fit in the reservoir tank or more problems may acur dont wait till its to late ... Dodge Grand Caravan

We get NO heat when the car is idling. We we use the remote start the motor warms up but there is NO heat to the car. When we start driving then we get normal heat, until we stop at a stop light...then brr cold air. What could be the problem?

Check your antifreeze level. It's probably low. if you add to it and it doesn't fix it you may have air in the system. Wait for the car engine to cool, remove radiator cap and start engine. the fluid will start coming up and you should see bubbling. ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

My 2004 ford F 350 is not blowing hot air when running at an idle. Its starts too get warm after I start driving. What could be wrong?

Check your coolant level. May be low. Possible restriction in heater core or radiator. Possible air pocket trapped inside. I believe there is a heater core bypass valve that is actuated electronicly. It may be stuck, causing a restriction. It will be ... Ford F-350

I have a 1999 Caddac DeVille . The AC works fine during the summer but in the winter it won't blow out hot air unless I'm driving. I've let the car run in the morning to warm up but the inside is always freezing cold. I also want to know if the heat is suppose to blow through the panel vents because it only blows heat from the floor and windshield vents. and it only blows through the windshield and floor vents. If I'm parked it won't blow anything but cold outside air. What's the problem?

Your heater core is possibly stopped up if there has been a radiator leak and stop leak has been poured its definetly clogged or could be a faulty thermostat ... Cars & Trucks

When driving, heater blows warm air. When idling, cold air.

It sounds to me like you have a plugged heater core, or one that is beginning to plug. With the engine running, carefully feel the two hoses that lead from the engine into the heater core in the firewall. If one of those hoses is colder than the ot ... 2001 Mazda MPV

My 2003 Rendezvous heater blows cold air when it is stopped, and it blows hot air when driving. I have topped off the resevoir fill tank with coolant. The engine is not overheating and I don't notice any antifreeze in the engine oil. The temp guage needle rises a little past the 1/4 mark at idle, then goes back down below the 1/4 mark when driving. Outside air temp is in the 20 to 30 degree range. Any suggestions as to what the likely problem is, such as the thermostat, water pump or heater core

It may just be the way the car works. I have a 2005 Altima and it does the same thing, but just doesn't blow really warm air. Try putting the air on recirculating, that may help a little. If it's still REALLY cold when you are stopped, I would check/ ... Buick Rendezvous

2000 VW Beetle 2.0L the air conditioner was blowing warm air, the shop replaced the expansion value, evacuated and filled with freon. the air conditioner blows cold while driving but warms up while idleing. the evaporator fan works. should I replace the dryer?

I would check to see if the radiator is plugged with dirt or leaves. At idle the fan won't pull as much air as air at 60 mph. If the radiator is dirty it will cause this. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2001 dodge stratus and the heater only blowed cold aire now we changed the thermostat and it blows warm air when idling but when driving still blows cold need some help please

Where did you buy your thermostat? if you bought a fail-safe style thermostat it could have been no good before you even put it in. also is your tempeture gauge coming up to operating temp?? if it isnt your thermostat may be stuck in the open positi ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Car warms up normal with temperature gauge regular position and heater works. Once, I get on the road the temperature gauge goes up and the heater stops blowing heat( blows cold air). After about a minute or so, the temperature guage returns to normal position and it starts to blow warm air. This happens on and off while i am driving. What seems to be the problem?

Make sure you have plenty fluid in the radiator and the bottle. sounds like it is low. ... 2002 Nissan Altima

I have an issue with my m35. The heat was blowing warm air while driving but when idleing it would blow cold. I had the cooling system flushed and now it only will blow cold. Someone told me that the thermostat may be bad but the car regulates a proper temp while driving without overheating. If in fact it is a thermostat are there any special thing needed to change one. Like gaskets, adapters or such things? And where is it located on my car?

Thermo stat is a possibility but a blockage is also somewhat feasable.\015\012\015\012Ok, thermostat first:\015\012\015\012Location - follow the top radiator to the engine, at where the hose meets the engine that is the thermo ... Infiniti M35
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