Having problems with your 2004 Saturn VUE ?

Sluggish electric door locks, when actuated, : lock, unlock, lock, etc , they get better.

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Answers :

First thing is to check your battery voltage "before" you start the vehicle. If it reads anything below 12-12 1/2 volts your going to want to check your charging system. This could be the best way of your battery saying I'm getting old. But let's get back to the locks.If you have a little extra time, you can remove the inner door panels and spray white lithium grease on the solenoid rod of each lock solenoid, also hit the linkages while you are in there. The fact that you claim that ALL of the locks are slow to react is why I decided to have you check your battery. It stands all night and you unlock your doors right off the existing voltage, whereas once you're in the vehicle and start the engine, now the locks work better because they are getting full charge voltage from the battery/alternator combo.
Try using white lithium on the locks and remove the door panels to properly see if they are corroded then also spray them also battery power can be an issue a few ideas to start with is the battery in the remote if using one good
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Sluggish electric door locks, when actuated, : lock, unlock, lock, etc , they get better.

First thing is to check your battery voltage "before" you start the vehicle. If it reads anything below 12-12 1/2 volts your going to want to check your charging system. This could be the best way of your battery saying I'm getting old. But let's get ... 2004 Saturn VUE

1993 Buick Regal - electric door locks, my Buick driver's side door stopped unlocking the door by the switch. It was only the driver's door all other doors work fine. I changed the actuator and then the drivers door lock switch, but I was not getting any power to the actuator. I ran a temp jumper from the switch to the actuator now all the doors unlock but will not lock. Help!

Did you try changing the master switch(controls all windows and locks)? i would hook it back up to the way it was and change that master switch ... 1993 Buick Regal

94 astro van drivers door will not unlock with key or with door lock switch. Hear unlock mechanism actuate, but door is still locked. Removed arm rest to get to actuator rod and pulled with pliers, but door stays locked.

Are you sure its locked? could be the latch is frozen. try pulling the door handle open, and pounding on the door from the inside ... Chevrolet Astro

I have a 2001 honda civic ex 4 door. Only the drivers door lock goes up when the remote is pressed. The same happens when the inside door lock switch is pressed. I can not get any door other than the drivers door to open with the remote or the inside door switch. This happened gradually with the rear passenger door not locking or unlocking and then the front passenger door and rear drivers side door not opening. Is it an actuator? are there actuators on each door or will one actuator control all

... 2001 Honda Civic

The power door lock actuator on my 2001 Grand Marquis, both front doors work but do not lock or unlock the door. There is a fastener in the end of the door (where the latch mechanism is located) which has either broken or has come loose and is gone. I have the interior door panel off and can reach the actuator and place it in the hole in the door but do not know what type of fastener it takes or whether I have to remove the old fastener and get a new one.

... Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2001 Pontiac Montana keeps locking the doors by its self. When I unlock the doors via the remote or the switches the car instantly locks them again. This only happens about 50% of the time we are in the vehicle. We can be driving down the road and all you hear is the actuators trying to lock non stop. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO START LOOKING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM? I'm worried my actuators are going to wear out but more important i don't want my wife and kids to get trapped in the vehicle if s

I have a few suggestions on where to start but the honest answer is that this clearly sounds like an electrical issue and these can be a real pain to trace down. It definantly sounds like the problem is in the key less entry ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

My Lexus 2007 IS 250 AWD driver side, and now back driver side , doors have stopped lock and unlocking with the key fob. I can hear the locks trying to move but the only way to unlock the doors is by doing so manually. The dealership quoted me $580 to fix the actuator for one door but through research it appears that there is a quick, cheaper solution. Can anyone help me get started?

... 2007 Lexus IS 350

The power sliding door is locked and closed, but will not unlock when all other doors are unlocked. I can see the actuator trying to push the knob up, and pulling on the knob by hand is futile. After looking inside behind the handle, and moving a small lever, I was able to get the door to unlock and open. Then the door would not close and stay closed. By deactivating the power switch on the overhead console, I was able to close the door. When the power was activated again, the door would op

... 2001 Ford Windstar

Power door locks only unlock doors. when actuating the switch to lock the doors the dome light dims. The domelight then stays dim unless you disconnect the battery then re-connect it. Otherwise the domelight stays on indefinitely. In short after attempting to lock the doors to get the domelight to respond correctly you have to disconnect thewn reconnect the battery.

Sounds like the power door lock relay is hanging up- check relay block and replace ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Door lock problem... I just purchased a used 95 mustang convertable any way the dealer only had 1 key and it goes to the ignetion... I cant unlock the door or the trunk with the key I called a locksmith and he said the door key and the ingnetion key are the same so somone changed one or the other is this true will it be better to just go to autozone and get some door locks if so how hard is the R&R

You should be able to go to Ford and have them key a set of lock\015\012tumblers for you (they usually don't charge for one). Possibly re-key the locks that are already in the car. Most parts\015\012departments have a "magic" guy who can do this for ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Door lock actuator 99 acura cl. here's what's happening....while driving the door locks keep locking and unlocking themselves constantly. As soon as you get into the vehicle, it will automatically lock itself. The remote does work.

... Cars & Trucks


It's the actuator, I can hear about few driver's side passenger door lock recently stopped working, and they replaced it under warranty. ... BMW 330

Re; 2000 Buick Park Ave. The door handle (driver's door) suddenly stopped working from the outside. It does not have the tension that it used to have when it was working. It will work from the inside, and will lock and unlock from the inside or outside using the key. I have removed the door panel and the 'actuators" (rods) seem to be in place. I am concerned about access to get the old one out and new one in and connected to actuators. How difficult is it to replace, any hints, special tools.

Hi. This is not actuator problem. This is door handle issue. If the car panel is still open, check the door handle. There should be a metal rod connecting to handle going to the door mechanism. Rod might not be in place or disconnected. Check also th ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

I received an answer to my original problem (drivers door will not unlock with the switch it locks but does not unlock all other doors worked fine. I changed the lock actuator, door switch and even ran a temporary jumper from the switch to the actuator (then the door would unlock but not lock and no other doors would lock)) I was told to check/change out the master switch that controls the locks and windows. Is this the switch in the door or is there one under the dash on the passengers side, I

Yes, The master switch is the one on the drivers door,Did you get the whole switch assembly with door locks or just window switches. ... 1993 Buick Regal

Driver side door locking with remote but will not unlock, if i unlock it with key then remote will unlock all other door, if all doors are locked remote will not unlock the car. Once i manually unlock driver side door, remote will work fine unlocking remaining doors. remote works fine when locking, all doors lock with remote including driver side. I googled and found something wrong with lock actuator with some cars where remote is not locking as well as unlocking driver side door. but my case s

It is not the actuators, try a different remote, you may have an issue with the car security system/body computer not functioning on the unlock driver door command, one press of remote is unlock driver door and 2 presses is unlock the other doors. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I seem to be having a simlar problem to several 406 owners, but none seems quite the same - any advice appreciated! 2002 406 L 90 HDI Remote key fob fails to work at all, even with new battery in fob. Doors lock and unlock 'manually', battery seems fine (did 400 miles at weekend, and internal light works) and fuses etc ok. Putting key in ignition gets *no* response at all from car - engine turns over but does not fire, get no display on central console (eg 'immboliser fault') or mileometer etc (

Check for fuel and spark, For fuel it's as simple as removing your air filter and spraying carb cleaner while cranking. If still no start, then carefully remove a plug wire, insert screwdriver into wire (make sure you are not touching any metal or w ... 2005 Peugeot 405

1988 CADI Eldorado Barrites, 4.5 liter v8: locked keys in car, call locksmith, put air bags in door for space in order to slide his metal stick in to unlock, pull the handle, push the electric door lock button/switch, did get manual slide lock up to unlock but doors would not open. He than pulled the keys out of ignition and out the crack. Guess what, both doors would not unlock even thought the manual lock slide went up & down. Doors sound they are unlocking but thumb button on door handle ju

You most likely have a central locking system that will stay locked until you can unhook the battery. This is sounds like a similar problem I had with my 95 BMW. ... 1988 Cadillac Brougham

My Honda CR-V EX 2005 doors lock by themselves. Occasionally, after you unlock it with the remote key, it locks itself before you can get in. It also happens sometimes when I unlock the car, then open the back door to load groceries, the rest rest of the doors lock while the back one is still open and when you close the back that one is locked then too.I am afraid someday the keys will get locked inside. Help!

I have the same problem with my 2002 CRV. However, just recently it doesn't matter what door is open, even the driver's door. The car will automatically lock itself. This is extremely frustrating as I am sure I will lock myself out at some point. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

I have a Suzuki Vitara 2000. Problem with the central locking: When i unlock the door (driver´s door), all doors get unlocked, but then lock again immediately. To get in the car you have to be quick and open the door during the 1/2 second when the doors are unlocked.... anything I can do?

... 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2002 Saturn Vue - front passenger door wont open The door will not open at all and the power lock doesnt see to be responding. Are there any tricks to getting the door open? A few weeks ago the door started acting up where even if it were unlocked, you couldnt open. But, if you gently mashed the unlock button (not the power locks button...the one below the handle) while you pulled the handle, it would open. Now it wont open at all. Any help on how I can get this door open to get in and assess th

... 2002 Saturn VUE

In my 96 mercury villager the auto locks r going crazy. the driver door wont stop locking on me. i would try to manually hold the unlock botton in & when i let go it just locks up the whole van...all the doors. i can manually unlock the sliding door & pasenger door & have to get out that way. how do i fix the hauted door lockes...HELP i need to be able to open my back door bc im moving this weekend. & i cant manually unlock that one. i dont have keys to the doors when got the van, just the ignit

Http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/go here and read the files on this issue.You have water in the door lock actuator connector or you have a wire shorting out on the sharp inner door panel.Also, you can cut a wire that will stop this c ... 1996 Mercury Villager

When my wife pushes the lock or unlock button on the key fob the drivers door will not lock or unlock. All the other doors work, all of the other controls on her drivers door work. When she uses the key manualy it works fine. I need to know if it is a faulty door lock actuator, or something else. Actuators are very expensive for this car so I do not want to buy one if I do not have to.

This is caused by a defective power door lock motor ... Toyota Camry

98 isuzu rodeo v6. Stranded... key lock cyclinder just spins... have accessory power not power to door locks, fans etc. It is sunday and no mechanics to help. Steering wheel is unlocked. How can I get it started so I can move to a safe location?

2001 rodeo check trans & no single from fuel pump i can power the fuel pump and get the car to run in limp i think ive **** the cpu because ther is no power to the fuel pump single to the relay ....... am i on the right track??????? ... Isuzu Rodeo

Having problems with front doors on 1999 Ford Explorer. I want to replace door locks and actuators. The doors don't always unlock, had actuators and one lock replaced by dealer on back doors ( cost me big bucks $$). Need to save some money so I want to do it myself. Can you give me step by step instructions and if any specials tools are necessary? Took off door panel and looked at lock and actuator as I replaced a speaker. Looked pretty tight and I see a rivet for something by the lock

You will probably find it easier to replace the actuator after removing the door latch. \015\012\015\012The actuators are held to the door with a 1/4" rivet (#1) that will have to be drilled out, but the way the linkage is made it is almo ... Ford Explorer

I have a 99 gmc suburban that has a issue with the rear cargo door not locking or unlocking. The other doors work fine but not the rears doors ? The cargo door lock switch in the rear works and powers other locks also but cargo door. I have tested the actuator and works when jumped from a battery. I also cleaned all the contacts in doors and used a tester to see if there is power to the actuators wire harness and there is. It seems that there isnt enough power to the actuator ?? I have read th

Be sure all mechanical parts of lock are lubed and free to move lock catches could be to close to each other making it to hard for the actuator to pull ... GMC Suburban
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