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2004 Pontiac Montana with less than 98,000 miles. It drives fine (not hot) & starts fine. We replaced the battery less than 2 months ago. We have been refilling the power steering fluid once every 3 months. Yesterday the battery warning light came on & there was a strained groan-sound & some smoke. Under the hood, we could see that some kind of fluid had leaked on the alternator belt. That was the source of the smoke. Cleaned the belt with brake cleaner. That helped for a while. After that, the

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2004 Pontiac Montana with less than 98,000 miles. It drives fine (not hot) & starts fine. We replaced the battery less than 2 months ago. We have been refilling the power steering fluid once every 3 months. Yesterday the battery warning light came on & there was a strained groan-sound & some smoke. Under the hood, we could see that some kind of fluid had leaked on the alternator belt. That was the source of the smoke. Cleaned the belt with brake cleaner. That helped for a while. After that, the

... 2004 Pontiac Montana

Vehicle smelled like burning brake fluid when backing out of a parking space. battery light came on. vehicle acted fine, didnt lose power or anything. tranny is 4 years old, engine is 4 years old. both the alternator and serpentine belt are a year old and the battery is less than a year old. we pulled off side of road and let it cool down. trip either way was less than 5 miles. smelled remnants of the odor and battery light remained on.

... 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 pontiac grand am gt the check vehicle soon light has been on for a couple of month and jus recently the abs and trac off light needless to say i have had little to no problems with my car besides replacing the serpintine belt but jus recently i noticed my car smoking and was over heating. I then was told by a person who helped as i looked hopelessly under the hood that i needed a new belt (that was jus replaced less than 3mo ago)antifreeze so i added some the smoking stopped and my

Wow!The first thing you need to do is fill the coolant up again and take it to a shop that you trust,have them pressurize the coolant system to find the leak,then repair it.But my fears are that who ever check it for you last saw a head ... Pontiac Grand Am

1997 Dodge 1500 Club Cab 4X4, automatic transmission with 125K miles with TRANSMISSION Problem. Driving on the highway in 2WD and all of a sudden the vehicle stalls. I coast to a stop, put in park and attempt to start. Vehicle acts like the battery is dead (slow turn over). Open hood to inspect Alt belt, battery, fluids, etc. No noticeable issues. Got back in truck (5 minutes) and the truck started up just fine. Put in gear and the vehicle would not move IN ANY GEAR. Tried OD on/off with

Ok when the tranny was over filled that meens there is more presure that builds up so what happened it blew out your tranny so what is hapening is it goes in gear so it wont move but it wont drive because the inside is like a maze that directs pressu ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

14 months ago my alternator failed in my 2005 Nissan Quest, and I had it replaced along with the battery. 2 weeks ago, the minivan started losing charge and went dead. I took it to a mechanic and was told that the battery, alternator, and 2 belts are okay. $140 later, they tighted 2 belts. It drove fine for 2 weeks, but now it does not hold a charge. I think that the battery is fine and am worried that the alternator is bad or it has a short.

There is a diode in the alternator which stops the battery from discharging back through the alt:windings, this can go open circuit,which is probably the problem ... 2005 Nissan Quest

Friday it sputtered and shut off 2 times the thrid time I started it I gave it some gas and it drove for a few feet then started sputtering and smoking from the right side of the engine. I pulled over turned it off popped the hood the smoke was coming from the bottom corner near where all the pulleys and belts are. No worn belts nothing wrong there but it smells like burning rubber. I started the car it made this whining sound for about a minute then stopped and drove fine. Drives fine now but e

Have the water pump checked. The bearing maybe seizing up causing the pulley to jam and smoke up the belt. Also as the motor got hot from pump not spinning, may have caused the motor to shut down as an overheating precatuion. ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

I started my 2001 camero and smoke filled the inside through the vents this happened after a hard feeze, there was antifreez in the car, smoke also came out from under the hood. I turned the car off and my friend came out to look at it. when i cranked the car again it did the same but this time it made a whinning sounded like a bad belt where the Serpatine belt go it was not turning. we turned the car off again seen that the serpatine belt was cracking. We replaced the belt. it did fine after w

It sounds more likely to be the water pump that has failed.You should have it repaired as soon as possible or your timing belt may snap and cause further damage.I hope I have been of help ... Chevrolet Camaro

Car problem I am having a slight issue/car problem and would like peoples thoughts on what could be wrong. Story of the Problem: 03 rav4 was being driven on the highway when all a sudden the hood started smoking with white smoke( which I thought was related to an oil problem) pulled over on side the highway had to have the car towed since it wouldn't start come to find out the Alternator belt broke off. When car was towed and parked I replaced the belt all rotates just fine but it still wont

It sounds like your belt broke which not only ran the alternator, but also the waterpump. When the waterpump quit the engine got hot and siezed, I am sure that not having any oil helped the already dismal situation of your motor. I am confident that ... Toyota RAV4

While struggling to come out of a parking space in icy conditions, the car lost power steering and the battery stopped charging.Checked uder hood and the serpentine belt had come off track. the belt and tensioner were replaced this fixed the problem with the battery charging, but the car still has no power steering. The pump is still full of clear fluid and there appear to be no leaks. there is not now, nor was there previously a whining noise to indicate the pump has gone bad.

HelloHonestly it sounds like they got the belt on wrong, you have (should have) a diagram of the belt rout under the hood some place, check for yourself.Good luck,Feedback appreciated >:) ... 2002 GMC Envoy

I have a 92 olds 88. The battery died so I replaced the battery and altenator at the same time. I went about 10 miles and the belt broke(but did not lose time). I got the belt fixed and the car ran fine for about a month. I started having trouble with the car not accelerating and then juststalling out. The first time or two I just jumped it off, but now I can't get it to even start. The engine will turn over and occasionally make a puff noise but I can't seem to pinpoint the trouble area.

... Oldsmobile Delta 88

The alternator belt on my 97 Mazda protege LX has squealed for a while but the battery and everything was always fine. I just tried to start it after the car sat for 2 months and it runs for a while but the battery light is now on if you start putting on headlights and stuff everything gets dimmer so i shut the car off. I was wondering- does this sound like it could be the alternator belt and if so, how much does it cost to repair it on average?

Is the alternator belt still squealing? if so, tighten it. The light should go off unless your alternator is dead. ... Mazda Protege

Wont start 99 bmw z3 coupe it started when i let car sit for a month battery completey dead of course i tried a jump box then my truck wouldnt jump off replaced battery ,car turns over but will not start after poping the hood smoke arised from computer had a 1 brown wire burn up where computer is the computer also burned a transister on it as well belive too be going to the fuel pump took too bmw they replaced computer but couldnt fix car had it for 2 months been 2, 3 mechanics nobody sems too k

DME relay is faulty, its seperate from the ecu and was most likely fried when the ecu went........did anyone try to run an on board diagnostic code pull? ... 2001 BMW Z3

My Brake Light on My dashboard is coming on when I brake, but the fluid is above the minimum level, and I had my brakes looked at less than a year ago. the dashboard brake light comes on intermittently during cold temperatures. The fluid level is fine and the pads were replaced a couple of months ago. Brakes are working fine. When temperature is above 32,no problem. What would cause the light to come on in cold temperatures? thanks

You hava very common issue.\015\012The brake fluid contracts when it is cold. The level may be "above the minimum", but being there allows the sensor to activate when it is cold, due to the contraction aspect of the brake fluid... \015\01 ... 2003 Toyota Camry Solara

Belts squealing About 4 weeks ago the alternator belt failed, causing the alternator to stop, the battery was weak and would not run the electric radiator fans, so the motor started running hot and blew the radiator. I had the car towed in, and the mechanic replaced the radiator and the belt to the alternator, now the new belt broke less than a month later, I took the alternator off and had it tested, I thought maybe the alternator was not spinning like it should, but the alternator checked out

The bearing in the tensioner may be toast. ... 2000 Mazda Protege

I have a 1992 lexus sc300 that start up fine and run fine but when you turn off. 2 to 3 min. later.when you turn on, it would start and die. start and die. wait about 3min or so it would start up and run fine like nothing happen. *the mass air flow sensor is replace,the spark plug,the distributor,both O2 sensor,the battery,the water pump,the timing belt,the throttle body. All been replace. tested coil and alternator and the are fine. Also when testing for smoke check, it didn't pass,running too

Yes mine is doing the same , and it is the main relay, my sisters honda did the same thing and it was the main relay! ... 1992 Lexus Sc 300

Alternator not charger After my alternator belt was changed by the dealer 3 times in 2 years due to being noisy, the battery finally would not charge from alternator. Dealer charged battery and said everything was fine. Three days later - same problem. I bought a new battery and it died completely after 4 months - so now I'm in the same situation all over again. Anyone know why the alternator will not recharge the battery?

Alternator is bad. you have it checked at an auto zone. it can be on or off you car ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Two days after I had a new starter installed in my 02 durango, the A/C quit and there was a loud "blower" noise coming from the engine compartment. I lifted the hood and the noise was from the serpentine belt area, but it was circulating fine. Next day, I tried to start it and smoke came from the engine compartment and the belt broke. What is the likely problem and can I replace the belt to limp it in for repair?

It sounds like the a/c compressor bearnig has gone bad and seized, but check the other pully bearing like the idler and tension bearing just to eleiminate the other bearing for failure. Good luck and keep me posted. If it is the compressor bearing th ... 2002 Dodge Durango

My 1997 eagle talon tsi fwd turbo with a 1st gen motor in it. I let my car sit for about 9 months and i charged the battery and it started up just fine and i started it up for about three months after that then I had let the hood open and we got a blizzard and alot of snow got on the engine for about 24 hours before it was all cleared off. Then after it all was cleared off it sat for about two in a half months outside with below freezing temps and it wouldnt start so I had brought it in my 85%

The plugs are gas fouled. You can use a propane torch and heat/ burn the electrode end and burn the gas off, get them red hot. While the plugs are out, move the plug wires away from the plug holes and turn the engine over several times to get rid of ... 1993 Eagle Talon

My 2006 Uplander started to blow smoke from the left side of the hood yesterday. As I got out I noticed a trail of black fluid where I drove in, and it continued to leak out the bottom of the vehicle. The rad fluid and oil levels are all fine, power steering fluid is low. I never had any warning lights go on, and did not loose power steering while I was driving. Any suggestions would be VERY greatly appreciated!

You need to get it clean all off then check all your fluids.\015\012you should not drive the car until you find out what is the problem\015\012because you can damage the engine or it will catch on fire.\015\0122006 is kind a new to ... 2006 Chevrolet Uplander

I heard a clunk from the front passanger side when making a right hand turn. the brake light and battery light came on. i noticed i lost half power on all electric. i looked under the hood and the alt belt was loose and frayed. i replaced the belt, but its still loose when fully tightened. there are 3 pullys for the belt. the bottom one is smooth. it sounded as if somthing fell off when it all happened, but everything looks fine.

Something siezed and stopped turning, this frayed your belt. Question is what was it, probably your tensioner which is when the belt is loose now. It probably sieze, melted a bit and broke off. Have a look at the route the belt travels to see if t ... 1990 Toyota Camry

I have replaced my battery twice in less than nine months and the battery light still stays on. No other warning lights have come on. It drives fine for a few days with the battery warning light on than it wont start at all

Hi k\015\012im dave\015\012with the car off using a digital multimeter check the voltage output of the battery. it should be around 12.8 volts\015\012turn on your car (if you can) and then check the voltage again it should now be ar ... Honda Prelude

The air in my 2002 Hyundai Elantra was working fine and stopped suddenly. I noticed it seemed that the power behind the blower fan wasn't as strong and when I pulled into my garage I heard a hissing sound and the was fluid leaking from the right of the car. It seemed like the fluid was clear but when I looked under the hood there was some oil residue around the housing for the power steering fluid and the belt and the radiator was dry. We have service regularly. How bad could this be?

Hello! Clarify a few items..When you say the air stopped working, I believe you mean the air conditioner... Check the level of coolant in the radiator...The hissing sound without the aroma of coolant is an indication that there is a leak in th ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

Warning lights my 1990 4 runner had the battery, t belt and another light ( poss low fluid) come on the other day when driving with a little bit of black smoke when the lights came on, car runs ok still and is not smoking its a 2.8 diesel, i took it to a garage and they said it was the alternator but im not so sure, does anyone have any ideas

Yes you can start with the alternator, check the belts first. ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2001 Chevy cavalier that has been sitting about 7 months. I went to start and battery was dead so I went and bought a new battery and installed. The car cranks fine but will not start. I sprayed a little starting fluid and it fired up and ran for a few seconds. What could this be??? Fuel pump??? Or was wonderinf if I need to reset something??? I appreciate any help. Thanks Brent Oh the car has a 2.2L. Email me at [email protected]

Did someone bump into it ,might reset fuel master ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

1999 taurus. 6 cyl OHV. Ran fine over the weekend. Parked car in driveway. Started this morning. Heard high(RPM) pitch winding sound coming from engine or tranmission. Noticed will not reverse or move into any gear after shifting. Transmission fluid is full. Recently changed transmission filter and Vehicle speed sensor about 1 month ago.. Ran fine after that.Serpentine belt is ok. Linkage on driver's side appears shifting ok. Could something have broken inside tranmission or maybe a sensor not a

Check for vacuum lines going to transmission or any vacuum line under hood. It is possible an animal chewed on the lines or wires. We get a few reports of that at Fixya.\015\012\015\012You might also look under the dash by the pedals fo ... 1998 Ford Taurus
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