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04 non-super pontiac grand prix does not always start the first time unless gas pedal is depressed during startup. New fuel filter, My guess is a bad sensor, dirty injectors, or low fuel pressure.

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Answers :

Have you check your fuel pressure, sound like you my have a bad check valve on your fuel pmp
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04 non-super pontiac grand prix does not always start the first time unless gas pedal is depressed during startup. New fuel filter, My guess is a bad sensor, dirty injectors, or low fuel pressure.

Have you check your fuel pressure, sound like you my have a bad check valve on your fuel pmp ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

1995 Tacoma 3.4L runs but has a bad miss like a coil is bad or cyclinder in down. The coil, plugs and wires were replaced and problem exisits. Local repair shop is telling me I need new fuel injectors. I feel it is glogged injector or low fuel pressure. Any suggestions. Engine light also flashes.

I would check the compression in all the cyl. first ... 1995 Toyota Tacoma

94 sc 400. after pressure test i re placed the fuel pump and filter, both original!!! because a progressive drivability issue. Start and drive cold its OK, but as soon as closed loop, spit sputter stall low idle ect.... so far the fuel pressure before and after regulator is the only thing that tested bad. New pump, filter, wont start at all now. 12v test at pump, no power. what the FFF did i miss on the pump install.

Check fuses and relays! ... 1995 Lexus Sc 400

P0087 p0088 the jeep is going in to limp mode,there is new lift pump fited , new fuel filter, two injectors was leaking i got them rebuild, i had change fuel presure regulator and still sometimes she is ging to limp mode.fuel presure is 5000kpa at 750rpm, 20000kpa at 3500rpm.why she is showing two codes p0087 fuel pressure to low, and p0088 fuel presurre to high.make no sens to me .

Code p0087 is pressure too low--- causes include fuel supply pipe blockage and code p0088 refers to fuel return line blockage. While you have changed every thing covered in the causes I suggest you have a look for a common point that the pipes run t ... 2005 Volvo XC90 D5

Got a 99 silverado 4.8 misses intermittant missing bad, mostly in mornings and rainy days. Does it for about 10 min and after warm up it does better usually, sometimes not? hasnt ran right for 4 months. Replaced,Mass Air sensor and 4 other semsors on intake (got package deal), repl,NEW intake,all fuel injectors, rail,fuel filter, plugs, wires, and do regular fuel pressure tests when running bad and good. right at 60lbs. HELP PLEASE. I have spent over $800 in last couple months

Sounds like a cracked distributor cap or a bad coil. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1997 F-350 Ford Powerstroke4x4 Crew Cab Diesel 83k miles. Truck runs fine while cold. When it starts reaching normal operating temp it starts missing and loosing power when accelerating. Truck idles fine. When pulling 5th wheel trailer it misses bad under acceleration and is very low on power. Dealership had truck for 3 1/2 weeks. No codes showed on machine. They replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, CPS O-rings on injectors, sending unit on rear tank and cleaned tanks, chec

Had all these same problem - Replace oil pump truck runs great now!.Do not forget to prime new oil pump thru hole on top! ... Ford F-350

1995 gmc jimmy 4.3 vortec problem starting in morning when truck is warm its not as bad to star. also when i go to step on the pedal it slowly gets up to speed i allready changed the spider injectors fuel filter fuel pump looks new? and i did tune up when key is off there is no pressure in fuel line when truck does start there is 50lbs of presser. any idea?

Hi, The fuel injector assembly used on this engine is well known for being very sensitive to fuel pressure variations. The injector must have a very minimum of 60 PSI of fuel rpessure present, or the injector poppet valves will not open, ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

Mercedes E300 turbodiesel, 1999, is poor to start when cold, almost/is impossible to start when hot. no air visible in fuel lines, all seals etc replaced, new fuel tank strainer, fuel pre filter and fuel filter fitted, new cut off valve fitted, new pressure regulator valve fitted to the injector pump and new crank sensor has been fitted. im running out of ideas. engine has a rattle (that im told is an injector fault and wont affect the starting in any way) that gets worse when the engine is hot.

Yes sir , you have a failing valve, soon it will snap in two....please have your head checked. You can do this yourself by placing a long-handed screwdriver , business end down to each cylinder while pressing your ear to the handle(while engine is ru ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Wont start I have 2000 gmc Jimmy suburban, 4.3 liter, 2 wheel drive. Over a one week period, the truck would run bad for the first minute of startup. After it was warmed up, it would run fine. Later in the week, the truck became hesitant, it would bog out and sometimes stall coming off a light. Now the truck will not start at all! I have check the catalytic convertor, it's fine. I changed the fuel filter. I have good spark at the coil and the plugs. I also have good fuel pressure to the injector

1st check for codes, could be crank sensor, or faulty injectors, or electroic issue ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

22RE no power. 240K on body Rebuilt motor w/ 1k on it. new plugs, wires and cap n rotor, new TPS, O2 sensor, air filter cleaned, new exhaust system, new fuel filter, timing at 8* advanced, ran injector clean through injectors, idle good no misses, but when I bring rpms up to 2500 i hear motor miss and I it has very slow accel. i have it floored just to keep up with city traffic. I've felt the truck with more power. EGR? fuel pressure?

Check to see if plug wires are cracked or burnt threw from laying on exhaust manifold ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

I have 307 thousand miles on this car and it has been wonderful until I changed the battery. It want continue to run after turning the engine over. I put a fuel pressure meter between the new fuel filter and the rear bank fuel line and installed a new pressure regulator valve. With a vacuum pump I simulated the 14 to 16 Hg value and the fuel pressure dropped off from 43psi to 38. I next tested the fuel injectors with a light and they are working. On the test to check how fast the fuel pressure d

Go to our villager site.\015\012\015\012what is the problem?\015\012\015\012http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/ ... 1995 Mercury Villager

95 2.5 jeep wrangler stalls consistantly and will restart after 20-30 minutes. i've replaced fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator, cleaned cam and crankcase position sensors, checked fuel line and return for leaks and ihstalled new vacuum lines between canister and regulator and between throttle body and map sensor. fuel pressure goes to 39 on start and immediately bleeds to zero which indicates bad diaphram. fuel pressure is 64psi when running which indicates bad fuel regulator(which is why

I had the same issue with my 4.0, I went through all the same BS you did and in the end it was a faulty fuel pump. Pricy i know but im sure thats your problem ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

2000 GMC Jimmy 4.3L CSEFI won't crank. Fuel pressure is 50psi and should be between 55 to 60psi. Fuel filter 1yr old and fuel pump is probably stock & needs replaced but never had problem before replacing injection system. Not getting any solenoid/starter or cranking noise. So could low fuel pressure cause a no crank condition? Parts replaced: lower & upper intake gaskets, new spider injection assembly, new starter/solenoid, new crank sensor new starter relay switch . Major tune up 1yr old, in

No low fuel pressure won't cause a no crank condition check for blown ignition fuse ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I start my caviler and it stalls back out. All new fuel lines, filter, pump, and sending unit. I hooked it up to the diagnostic at work and it says 02 on intake low pressure only if it stalls out. but if i step on the gas when i start it, it stays running, then shuts off at random times. the only thing i can think is i have a bad ground or a power wire is shorting. All fuses are good and i havent found a power wire rubbing anywhere. ?????

If you really suspect a short, try running it in the dark. Be very careful of the fan(s) of course, but you could wiggle wire bundles and you may see the arc! Worth a shot, you can't see some shorts in the light> ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I have installed the following: new fuel pump relay, fuel pump & filter, new distributor, coil, ignition switch, replaced two damaged lifters and lifter retainer and fuel pressure valve (located on the fuel rail). This is what is occurring. The engine tries to start, but does not. The fuel pump does not turn off once pressure is reached, continues to run. If the car starts, the fuel pump continues to run. The engine, when it runs, does so badly. Fairly recent plugs

Replace the fuel pump relay,if you can turn the key just to on,not start,and the fuel pump continues to run.If the new relay does the same thing,replace the ignition switch. ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Knocking pinging Hello, I have a 4.3 ltr engine Silverado 02 and everytime I go uphill I hear a knocking or pinging noise. I have done a ll the major tune up and still the same. I read a book and it says check the fuel injection system. So right now I am guessing it might be the fuel injectors. The OBD is flashing a code 300 and sometimes cylinder 6 code would show up. I have changed all the wires and spark plugs too, new distributor, new fuel filter, new air filter and still same problem. So th

Get your timing light out and make sure that your timing is set at O degrees. This is very important on a Vortech engine. If you had a blown head gasket the engine would have a undeniable shake. As for the piston hitting the valve, not likely unless ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have an engine miss,****,buck at about 45 mph when accelerating lightly. It runs fine if it down shifts to third gear. The car has 116k miles on it. I don't get any codes. Had it to the transmission shop, hooked up a scanner and took it for a ride - no tranny problem, it is an engine miss. So far I have installed new spark plugs (badly worn),new fuel filter (it was clogged) new air filter, cleaned throttle body and MAF sensor, checked fuel pressure at fuel rail (normal). What next???

Change plug wires next and put in some SeaFoam. This sounds like a tune up issue... just run though the paces. ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis


There's no 2nd filter for JAG XJ6. You mentioned that the car starts right up, but did it die after a second or two? If yes, then: You need to check the "Block diode relay" and a "Inhibitor relay". But you need to consult a mechanic to ch ... Jaguar XJ6

I have a 1997 olds achieva that has loss of power and acts and feels like its starving for fuel. today i found one of the rubber o-rings on one of the fuel injectors severly damaged. could this cause my problem? ive checked fuel pump, changed fuel filter, catalatic converter, air filter fuel pressure regulator, timing, you name it. i ran across this o-ring today on one of the injectors and its messed up bad! could this cause my problem??

Definetly, you have to check injectors electrically as well as physical condition, also the harness for injectors is a common cause check for a break in the wires take your time go through harness little a time checking for cracked wires. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

I have a 1975 cadillac eldorado. It has the throttle body and fuel injectors. While driving at low speed (10- 30mph) the car hesitates and jerks . I give it more gas and the jerking and hesitation goes away. At higher speeds while holding the accelerater steady, the speed fluctuates. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and the throttle position sensor. I have not checked the fuel pressure or began to troubleshoot the fuel injectors.

... 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

No start have spark, fuel pressure, great compression. installed new distributor,starter ,cables and the relay, module is new and tested.ECM, distibutor connection plug, ignition switch, coil cap rotor wires and plugs timing gears, drained fuel tank,changed injectors and fuel pressure regulator with known good ones,fuel filter messed with the timing (3 of us) untill i'm blue in the face. checked firing order and timing. Today it wanted to start on can of brake clean but then it will not do it ag

Get a can of quick start and try it. did it backfire or anything like that. check the oil as well and see what colour it is. ... 1991 Ford F150

Sometimes on start up it will idle really fast with black smoke, but this will only last a few minutes. Some more times it will run a little rough for a while. the truck has 230000 km, had 6 new injectors and new fuel pressure sensor last year, new fuel filters,new lift pump this month and some more sensors. the garage are saying that #5 injector is showing a fault

Black smoke mean to rich fuel. probley need to get a new injector for # 5. it is letting to much fuel go by. ... Dodge Ram 2500

No spark I was driving down the road the other day and all of a sudden I had my truck went dead on me. 1994 Chevy Silverado 350 5.7 liter. I thought it was the battery with a bad connection but the next day bought new battery new terminals. I also didn't think I was getting any fuel. I notice that my fuel pump fuse was blown. checked all my fuel lines and replaced filter I have lots of flow to the injectors. Now I have no spare and i still dont think I am getting any fuel in my injectors. Replac

Are you getting any spark from the coil? The first thing you need to narrow down is the spark. The ignition system on this truck will run without the computer. It cranks over just fine right? ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

My 1995 gmc sonoma 4.3 liter vin# with a W, Has a new fuel pump, new injector spider system, it only has 10 lbs of pressure, won't start. I understand it needs 50lbs of pressure to start. Where might the pressure restriction be? The fuel filter is clean. Wondering if you need the 50lbs while cranking or just when you turn the key on? Puzzeled in NJ.

You may just need to repressurize the fuel system, do this by turning the key to the on(not start) position leave it for five seconds, turn it off, and repeat for about 3-6 times, this will run the fuel pumps initial spray, after you do this, start i ... GMC Sonoma

My 1995 gmc sonoma 4.3 liter vin# with a W, Has a new fuel pump, new injector spider system, it only has 10 lbs of pressure, won't start. I understand it needs 50lbs of pressure to start. Where might the pressure restriction be? The fuel filter is clean. Wondering if you need the 50lbs while cranking or just when you turn the key on? Puzzeled in NJ.

Check the fuel pressure regulator.\015\012in the front of the engine it connect to the fuel lines .\015\012\015\012\015\012Disconnect the negative battery cable.\015\012 ... GMC Sonoma
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