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What does it mean when the SLIP light comes on? While driving, all of a sudden the SLIP light, emergency brake lights and oil light comes on. Then the car dies and the power steering locks up. I then shut the AC, radio off and turn off the car. After waiting a minute, I start the car again. This has happened 2X today

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Answers :

Our 2005 Nissan Quest does this exact same thing, but our check engine light is on also! We have taken it in and had the code checked and it said one of the cam shaft sensors was bad. We changed the one that was "bad" and had the code reset. If we put it into neutral and turn off the AC and radio and wait a few seconds we can usually restart it.
Check your alternator,if it charging ok.
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What does it mean when the SLIP light comes on? While driving, all of a sudden the SLIP light, emergency brake lights and oil light comes on. Then the car dies and the power steering locks up. I then shut the AC, radio off and turn off the car. After waiting a minute, I start the car again. This has happened 2X today

Our 2005 Nissan Quest does this exact same thing, but our check engine light is on also! We have taken it in and had the code checked and it said one of the cam shaft sensors was bad. We changed the one that was "bad" and had the code reset. If we pu ... 2004 Nissan Quest

2004 Chevy Caviler 4dr Base model when i step on the brakes the dome light comes on. it used to be when i shut off my car the radio wouldn't shut off now the problem has switched my radio will shut off now when i turn off my car but the dome light will come on when i step on the brakes while I'm driving

It sounds like your fuse block has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Locate and inspect the fuse box and look for any corrosion that is causing the short which is giving you the electrical problems. Good luck and keep me posted. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I turned my car on this morning and noticed a high pitch squeeky noise, like a belt. I drove it to work planning on calling the ford service place that is very close to work to see if I could bring it in today. It continued to make the noise the whole time I was driving. On the way to work, my radio cut off, then all my radio lights, then my interior lights wouldn't come on, and then my headlights dimmed and ultimately shut off. I pulled over, turned my car off, and could not turn it back on. I

It does sound like an Alternator that has been going bad, I am surprised your battery light did not come on. ... 2005 Ford Mustang

I have a 2004 nissan 350z with 70,000 miles on it. It is an automatic that has never had an issue before. Today while driving at about 20mph it shifted really hard followed by the slip light coming on. The A/C then began to blow hot. After shutting the engine off the car would not start, it would turn over however. After sitting for a few minutes the car did start with the A/C again blowing cold and with the slip light turned off? Any ideas to what the issue may be?

... 2003 Nissan 350Z

2000 Intrepid won't start. have cleaned the battery (Less than 1 yr. old) posts and installed it back in the car and the horn honks all lights come on but as soon as i turn the key to start everything go dead again. can jump the battery and the car will start and can drive it, battery idiot light comes on. If i shut off the car it will not start again and there are no lights no radio no nothing.

Sounds like a bad battery,, it can read 12 volts but not have enough current to run the car,, a good test is to leave the lights on for 10-15 minutes, then try to start the car, most batteries will be able to start the car if they are good. and y ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

My 02 honda accord slipping an d4 light started to come on i shut the car off and it turned off but my car has no power can any one help?

There is a good chance that the fairly new trans rebuild,is now burnt from the slippingGoing to have to have it towed to a shop of your choice ... 2002 Honda Accord

2003 Dodge Neon, 80,000 miles..for the last two months, the check engine light would come on then turn off after two or three trips. the first time it happend a mechanic said to wait and see if it stayed on before taking it to get a diagnostic - so i havent taken it cause it always shuts off. So yesterday, I went to start the car and it took unusually long to turn over. drove the car home but dash lights, radio were shorting out...help!

... Dodge Neon

When car is turned off and started later on the radio stations go to am. then the dash lights come on and the milege light starts blinking. then when the car is shut off it wont start again for a while

Its a Jeep. Sounds like a computer problem. Have you changed the battery lately? Has the vehicle been wrecked lately? Check to see if one or more of your body to chassis ground wires have come off. They should be the same size as the battery ground c ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2002 concord lxi when i start the car all the idiot lights come on and wont go off the wipers are going really slow car sound like its going to die .then it i shut it offf and i cant start it again i get a clicking sound and a slight static sounds comes from the radio that isnt turned on.

Battery is toast ... Chrysler Concorde

I own a 2003 tiburon, I have just recently been having problems with it. Where to start, my air bag light will not shut off and i have taken it in and the repair shop said no codes were coming up as to why it would not shut off. my E break light and ABS light have started coming on after the car is warmed up and only shut off if i turn heat on high or come to a stop. Today i was driving down the road and my car started grinding gears and all the gauges shut off and come back on. after i shut

Your car has smoke when oil is full could be valve seals,,,or head gasket, is there milky stuff on dip stick along with oil? if so its a head gasket.,,,,,,,,,,,,Also I know your check engine lite has to be on,Right?\012Go to auto zone and get y ... Hyundai Tiburon

My 1992 Honda Accord Lx has problems with the lights through out the car...they start blinking on and off as soon as you open any door, and they stary blinking until the car is shut off and left alone for a little...Sometimes even the heater will randomly turn on full blast while car is running with no way to shut it off unless i turn the car off..Radio no longer turns on and off and the lights blink on it as well although u cant turn it on...This has been a very big drain on my battery and it w

Wow. Well the dealer not having the equipment means they don't have the books anymore for a model that old. 10 years is usually their limit.My first thought was a short in one of the circuits or an anti-theft problem. The lights flash and the ... 1992 Honda Accord

WEIRD PROBLEM I have a 2000 Saturn Sl1 that was running fine and then it would not start. The lights in the car come on and so does the radio. The head lights do not come on. While I have the key turned to where the lights and radio come on, when I push my brake everything turns off, and when I release the brake everything turns back on. I have charged the battery and it still will not start. Is this an electrical problem, the starter, alternator?

My car did the same thing.... we cleaned the battery cables... makes no since ?? my lights and radio came on too but would not start.... i would could high beam lights, everything.... and when i took the key out my low beams would stay on??? we clea ... 2000 Saturn SL

Check guages light comes on after short drive while engine is running, and the car died while driving on I-95 the lights started flickering getting dimmer. the radio would turn off when anything else electric was tammpered with like when the wipers would move, radio would turn off. pulled over to check alternator belt which was intact. tried to start car again and it wouldnt turn over. took a jump the car started ran for a few min. than turned back off. replaced the battery and it starts with no

It sounds like the Alternator is actually bad.One great way to determine this:Recharge the new battery with a trickle charge overnight. Make sure use remove the wires going to the Battery before recharging.Replace the Battery Wires. ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

When I turn the car off,and pull the key out,the radio light comes on and I can play the radio also.if I open the door,it all shuts off.What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong that is the way chevys are. I have an avalanche that does that, I had a buick that did that too. ... 1993 Chevrolet Camaro

Ok guys I need some help with my 95 3.4L Camaro, I did some recent work in the dash because the guy I bought this car trashed it and put in a cheap radio but did a poor job installing it. No Connectors just electrical tape kind of job if you know what I mean. I now have a power issue... I have a brand new battery and voltage and amps are good, when I turn the key to on dash lights for the display come on but nothing else, turn key to crank and every thing shuts off. I think it is a short or I lo

You have either a bad connection at a major point, like the engine ground or the positive cable on the engine side, or you have dirty/loose/corroded battery terminals. One thing that can really be a hair puller is a cable, especially the ground cabl ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

My electric windows and locks wont work on my 2001 Pontiac bonniville and dash is not showing when doors are open also light does not come on when I open the door and radio will not turn off When I open the door after I shut off the car I have to manually turn it off we checked all fuses not sure what else could be wrong please help

... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville


Some vehicles have a fuel pump cut off switch that shuts all power to fuel pump in case of an accident. It activates by inertia...meaning that a severe "bump" will activate switch, thereby cutting off the fuel pump. If your vehicle has that switch, h ... Chrysler Sebring

Electrical problem My car has 102,000 miles. The fuel gauge was first to not register right. Really whacked out. Then the idiot lights would come on while I'm driving. Next the radio would turn off. Then the windows not intermittently work. If I played with the driver side window switch things would return to normal for a while. Now; the idiot lights don't come on with I first start the car. It may not start without trying two or more times. The radio still turns on and off regularly. Now my hea

The gas guage is the sending unit in the fuel tank, the other issues are caused by a defective BCM, body control module. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

L200, 2003 SATURN Car cuts off within seconds. My keyless transponders are not communicating with the car. I cannot unlock, lock, open trunk etc. I have tried both sets and the batteries are fine. I attempted to turn on car and it turns on and cuts off within seconds. At the lights come on check engine, coolant, oil. The lock light comes on briefly. I have power lights, horn, radio, etc all work. Please advise

... 2002 Saturn L-Series

Electric problem It started when I tried to unlock my doors with remote. I had to manualy open, when I got in the car the dome light and front seat lights wouldn't work, also the radio no longer had any stations programed in and the clock time was wrong. Sometimes when I turn the car on and off things will start working again. Then today the radio no longer was working either. Again sometimes if you turned the car off it would come back on. The last really weird thing the front seat lights came

Disconect youre battery.remove the computrbox under glovebox.unplug all connectors and reconect properly.this should solve the problem. ... 2005 Mazda 3

I just washed my car i was at the light and the car shut off i have lights radio works and everything it keeps burning one of the 20 amps fuses under the hood with the engine symbol and i have been getting a clicking noise when i try and start my car like the past 3 months or so its clicks a couple of times then it cranks up now it just shut off when i was waiting at the light and it wont start it tries to turn over but it wont turn over all the way need help

Hi Eason, The fuse which keeps blowing is the ECU fuse, which means the computer isn't working. That being so, the vehicle will will not start. The starter motor problem is separate and will need the starter relay or the solenoid replaced. The fact t ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

When i turn on the car i press the interior center lights and they don't turn on. When I shut of the car the lights used to turn on for a delay and then fade away. they don't even come on now. I know the bulbs work because when i hit the key fob, to set off the alarm the lights come on.

You might check for a fuse for the dome light,interior lights,it will have more than one fuse for the lights,because of the delay,and alarm.Also there will be a relay,in the relay group box that controls the light.It might be bad.Try to open the othe ... Mercedes-Benz ML320

1997 pontiac bonneville will not turn over no lights or dash lights. battery is good. no radio. driving down the road, tapped brakes radio shut off. drivend down the road tapped brakes, car shut off. switched bright lights to dim and the entire car shut off. whats the deal?

Check your battery cable connections. If there are no signs of corrosion and none of them are loose, check the other end of the cables i.e. for the positive cable, the starter solenoid connection and the negative cable at the "ground" connection pr ... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 2004 VW Jetta. The radio ejected the tape in the radio the ABS light came on and the airbag light. After several minutes the car would no longer accelerate. I pulled over and it died. If the car sits for 10 minutes or so the car will start again and repeat the process. The car seems to turn off unessential components to preserve power. The tape will eject if that is running in the stereo if it is the cd player it ejects the cd and shuts off the radio. Then the ABS light and airbag light

Open the hood. Lift the battery cover, then there is a little black box on top of the battery. Open it. bet it is burnt and melted. Do NOT take it to the dealership. You'll pay $600 . You need an alternator cable and a new fuse block. 30min fix. ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

Ask 2004 Pt Cruiser. Put on a new alternator and new battery...the battery light still came on. when the new alternator was being tested it was fine with all the auxiliary things going...radio, lights, wipers, revving up the engine. Then mechanic noticed that when the ac was turned on the amps went way down causing the light to come on. so we shut it off. Then we drove it for a few minutes, when reaching 35-40 mph it come on. Shut it off. Turn it on. No light. Same thing after 35-40mph it is bac

Its possible. Any weak connection can be a factor.Any chance the belt is slipping ? ... Chrysler PT Cruiser
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