Having problems with your 2004 Nissan Nissan almera tino ?

What would cause the truck to turn over but not crank and is getting fire

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Answers :

Possibly fuel pump or fuel sut off switch
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What would cause the truck to turn over but not crank and is getting fire

Possibly fuel pump or fuel sut off switch ... 2004 Nissan Nissan almera tino

Truck will not crank i have replaced fuel pump fuel relay fuel filter and crank sensor. it will run for a couple of days then it just wont crank up . i will let it sit all day and when i get home it will crank up fine. this all started with it would crank fine in the mournig and then in the afternoon it would turn over for 4 or 5 seconds before it would fire up.

... 2000 GMC Sierra

I have a 2003 ford f250 with a 6.0 litere. Yesterday I changed the fuel filters because the truck was stalling and would not run. (would crank then die) now I cannot get the truck even try to start. I have no leaks and the filters were installed correctly. what is most likley the cause for it not firing at all now?

Listen for fuel pump humm at the fuel tank when you first turn the key. ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

What would cause truck to turn over but not fire? ran out of gas but now has full tank started right up and ran for a few blocks than stalled can't get it to start? checked plugs,getting sparks, seems no fuel reaching pistons?

Either the fuel filter is plugged, or the fuel pump is worn out. There is also a sock-filter inside the tank that can get plugged. Are there there mal-functions indicated by the check engine light? Read with a rented scanner and pursue any recognized ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

Truck will crank but not fire up. The problem started about two weeks ago. It would crank and crank but not turn over right away. Eventually it fired up after maybe 8-12 tries. Over the last several days the problem progressed to where it would no longer start. I replaced the fuel filter and with three cranks it fired up and did fine for a couple of days but then quit on me again.I have used some STP fuel injector cleaner but have not had luck. I replaced the distributor cap and cylinder b

I think you may be on the right track with the fuel pump idea. Check your fuel pressure - it could be the pump or just the fiter screen in the tank. You don.t say what kind or year of truck you have - I am guessing the pump is in the tank. (Although ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Every now and again the car will not start as if it is not getting any power. i will turn the key and there would just be a one click. i've had the battery, starter, and alternator tested and they are all good. i have scrubbed the battery terminals and changed the fuses on the positive terminal, but still every so often i will go to crank it and i turn the key and i just get a click. sometimes if i hold the key in the crank position it would fire up.

Sounds like a bad connection at the starter itself. have you cleaned the terminals at the starter? what year make and model car is it? ... 1987 Toyota Camry

2004 silverado, duramax and allison transmission, upon cranking got note on speedometer view that cannot engage in gear. would not go in reverse.....put in drive rolled forward and then went into reverse. next morning after a colod night engine turned over strong but would not crank. had truck towed to garage , they could not duplicate and truck would crank right up,but slower than normal. intermittenly upon crankin i still get the transmission not engaging warning...also sometimes the seats res

What kinda batteries do you got? Are the cables any good? Sounds to me like a power/ground issuse. Either that or you have to small of batteries to crank over a high compession enigne when it's cold, with the glow plugs, and heater grid pulling al ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

1996 corvette LT1 car is daily driver. It got to where it would take a long time to start. Then one day it just didnt start. Took coil wire off distributor and seen I was getting fire there. Then took plug wire off was not getting fire there. Changed the distributor and it still want crank. I am getting correct fuel pressure. Just turns over and dont crank. Also new battery.

Remove the distributor and watch the Rotor as you crank the engine. If the rotor doesn't turn the problem is a broken Timing Chain. If it does there is a problem with the rotor cap and Distributor. You changed the Distributor but did you change th ... 1996 Chevrolet Corvette

Truck ran fine set for an hour or so come back would not star 3 attempts waited for a little while cranked up. went out this morning would not crank up 5 attempts.Notice batt. was dragging went and had it checked not enough amps got a new one installed 2 attempts did not crank.Tightened the terminals all the way next attempt cranked up and four more times.let st maybe an hour would not crank first try turned key off tried again fired up.So I let it sit another hour stared right up and when it re

Most of your discription would indicate a bad starter,\015\012if your talking about the engine turning over or cranking\015\012\015\012Some people call a no start or no ignition, a not cranking\015\012situation, which is a wro ... Ford F-150

Hello, i also have a 95 chevy with a 454 in it and have not been able to get it started, engine cranks over and is getting spark. i assumed it was my fuel pump because prior to this the pump would stay on after the truck has been turned off, now i cannot hear it with key on. replaced pump, relay, filter, still just cranks over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Fuse good? I think its ecm1 or ecm2 fuse? relay good? it should turn on for 2 seconds when turning key on. the relay turns the pump on for 2 seconds, then the oil pressure switch powers the pump when the engine is running. when the pump would not s ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Why would my mother in laws 1996 toyota corolla start fine one day and be reallly hard the next day? my mother inlaw called me to look at her car and i went over to see what the problem was. well when i tried to start it it would turn over fine but acted like it was not getting fire or not getting gas. i then just kept cranking and after a lil bit it finally cranked it ran fine for the rest of the day and the when got in it the next day the same problem ocurred. what should start checking?

While you are comparing day to day events, you are overlooking the problem is consistent with the Mornings' first start. The engine is hard to start after sitting overnight.The cold start routine is a setting that is suppose to reboot after ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

While driving my 2004 FORD F350 on the highway it started to smoke,when I would stop the smoke would get so bad that I could not see anything behind me. When I got up this morning I noticed that my bumper was completely black with soot. I tried to start my truck but it would not turn over,I could hear the starter kick in but the motor was not turning over. What would cause this kind of problem with out any kind of sign(s)?

First thing is check your oil, it is probably low or none at all. What it sounds like is that something broke internally causing the oil to blow out the exhaust. You should of heard some kind of noise or banging when this happened and the engine was ... Ford F-350

I have changed my fuel pump about 6 months ago. But it was a used one. Anyway my truck started driving bad and my check engine light would blink on and off and at times would stay on. But it didn't happen all the time. So went to the store and went to get in truck and it would turn but not crank at all . So I had a guy come look at it and he said it wasn't my fuel pump it was my ignition switch now he is saying both are bad what are the odds of this happening

... 1999 GMC Sierra 3500

My Car wont start. It turns over an tries to , but at the same time it acts as if it is not getting fire nor gas. As it turns over it would sort of freeze up an continue turning over but still wont crank. Ive replace alot of sensors as well as the timing kit. and still the same thing. Today someone said it was the crank shaft sensor behind the main pulley. what do you think my problem is?

Did anyone tamper with the timing, if not, replace starter. crank sensor will not cause that problem. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Hello. i just got my truck back from the auto shop, had to get a new bumber, light and basicaly front end. Had a fendeer bender. originally, i had day lights, but with the new light, only the original day light will come on, and the new light stays off. then, i noticed the car take a while for me to turn it on, i would have to crank it about 3 or 4 times, cant remember if it made a humming noise. when it did turn on, i also noticed the radio buttons i had just set right before i turned the truck

Sounds like being electrical problem all the way after it was out of the shop!\015\012They must have missed some wires and connections to the front end , depends to where the body shop messed with it (the electricals and wires) ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Kubota ZG23 gas: After sitting all winter engine fired up immediately with a jump to the battery. Stopped and restarted several times in process of mowing with no problem. Three weeks later, when cranked it fired when first turned over but then nothing--would not run or even sound like it was firing. Fuse -OK Rplaced spark plugs. Checked fuel line. Everything looks ok--gas getting to the "bowl" on the carburetor. If I pour small amount of gas directly into the carburetor and then crank it,

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 ford f150 supercrew 5.4L. I have had a problem with it making a high pitch sqeaking when i turn on my car and accelerate. After the truck is on and running or a while it stops. the belts look fine. it is on the passenger side under the hood somewhere. I do have a oil leak but i cant see how that would cause this very unusual sqeaking. but if i immediately turn it back on it will start agian as if the truck wasnt ever on. its getting worse. can you please help me.

Check your belt tensioner ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

My moms 95 galant started great kast week, she drove it a couple miles to her sisters and when she left it started and ran about 20 seconds and died and would not start back. i went there today and the fuel pump was not running. i replaced it and now it works but no start. i checked fire and it is getting it. hooked up jumper cables and still would turn over but not start, i pulled the fuel rail and when cranking no fuel is coming from the injectors. i am getting fuel in the rail itself. also i

If you are certain you are getting full pressure to the rail, then the ecm is not opening the injectors.Just for verification, place a noid light on one of the injector connectors and verify that it is not being fired.The next ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 1988 f150 will not start took a spark plug wire off and tried to start can't get any fire what can cause a vehicle to not get fire have hot battery truck will turn over but will not start

If its electronic ign crank sensor''' if old type points ... 1988 Ford F 150

XJ40 drove well last outing. 2 months later battery was flat 6 V .Charged up battery & car would not fire. Have fuel at rail, have spark, have compression. Starter just winds over then sometimes when turn key off motor kicks backwards. Have changed plugs, ignition amplifier. Cannot move car to get it to garage as unable to get tow truck up hill.Car is under house and has not been wet. Have checked 3 fuse boxes all O.K. Have put aerostart in airflow system and no kick at all when turning motor o

... 1990 Jaguar XJ6

I just replaced the 3.2 in my 97 Passport 4wd with another just like it. It ran fine in the other truck, but I can't get it to start in mine now. It will turn over but I don't hear the fuel pump, and I don't think it's getting any fire because I tried spraying starting fulid in it, and it still would not turn over

Did you use your old distributor or the one that came with the engine? ... 1997 Honda Passport

2000 yukon denali 5.7 litre .failed to start, mechanic said to hit gas tank around center of tank .After doing this was able to start vehicle .Mech replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and a few days later engine quit while driving. turned ignition on without cranking engine and did not hear fuel pump priming. Stuck gas tank again and then heard fuel pump prime when ignition turned on.Truck started? Truck quit three times trying to get back to mech shop,but would restart after much cranking. Repla

... 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

My 1981 Ford F-150 will turn over but not fire. The truck has been sitting for over a year and the battery is a little low but I can get it to turn over, any suggestions on how to get it to run. I pulled the air manifold and put starter fluid directly into the intake but nothing. I'm thinking about the starter, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could be your starter, but as has been off for so long have you charged your battery? you might charge the battery and check the starter for any problems ... 1981 Ford F 150

The green wire of the fusible link on the battery of my 97 Nissan truck xe keep smoking.the truck don't get power for the horn, heater,, don't turn the engine( not even crank the motor), no radio. I replace the fusible link and when I try turn the engine smoke the green wire of the fusible link right away. What could be the cause of this problem.

This means theres a dead short somewhere, so the systems it runs have a short you will need to remove power from each one until the short stops. take a look around for wires touching ground, the raido woundnt be the problem it has its on fuse and so ... Nissan Hardbody

Reving problems hi i developed a misfire and was firing on 4 cyclinders and not 6 when it happened the engine just started to rev itself up to 4000 rpms.. and would not stop i panicked and turned the car off then had problems getting the car to turn back over.. took me 5 goes.. this has been an intermittant issue and is now progressively getting worse.. the misfire has been fixed no problems there but ive noticed when slowing down and putting foot on breaks or clutch causes the car to **** itsel

The high rev sounds like a vaccumm problem. What year is the vehicle? If its newer than 1995 it more than likely has a lot of vaccumm operated parts. I would check for leaks and get that out of the way. ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata
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