Having problems with your 2004 Nissan Murano ?

I need to know how to replace the spark plugs of my murano 2004? the 3 at the front are not the problem, the ones i want to know how to do it are the ones on the back,. thanks

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Answers :

You need to remove the upper half of the intake plenum to acces the plugs.not as bad as it looks.only tricky part is the support bracket bolts(12mm) on rear of plenum.if you remove the lower windshield cowling and metal cowl panel at base of windshield it makes it much easier.may seem intimidating but its actually very straight forward and only takes about an hour start to finish.any further questions let me know.good luck!
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I need to know how to replace the spark plugs of my murano 2004? the 3 at the front are not the problem, the ones i want to know how to do it are the ones on the back,. thanks

You need to remove the upper half of the intake plenum to acces the plugs.not as bad as it looks.only tricky part is the support bracket bolts(12mm) on rear of plenum.if you remove the lower windshield cowling and metal cowl panel at base of windshie ... 2004 Nissan Murano

I have XG 300 2001 Model which is no longer starting due to replacement of engine set, when I ask to know the problem my mechanic said it is the ECU that is faulty and that it should be replaced with new one but the car was running fine before engine started developing problems. I live in Nigeria and the parts of this car is not common not even in Hyundai Centre. I want know if the ECU could cause such problem ( of not starting) and if yes which way can you help procure good one, method of p

There is a way to test the ecu to see if it's working properly. Go to a different mechanic and ask them to test the ecu.It is also possible that the icm ( ignition control module) is faulty. When an engine is changed out, especially with a used engin ... Hyundai XG300

1993 toyota corolla, problem no spark to spark plugs. Fuel system ok replaced ignition coil, igniter,distributor cap, wires and spark plugs. all fuses ok am about to replace engine control module. I just want to know if there is anything I missed because it don't seem to be anything else and ecu is very expensive, I hope the problem still does'nt continue after replacement. Please help someone.

Check the ignition relay and all the main relays on the battery. ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Car problem My car is chevrolet equinox 2007.I have problem with engine it not work fine .the problem was only with one spark plug that not working fine so i changed it with the cable and it was fine .but i think after 2 months the same problem happened again with same spark plug and i re-changed it again.now the problem for the 3rd time happened, so i want to know why this is happening and how i can solve it or i think that the load in the engine is not balanced on all spark plugs.Thanks

What does your spark plug look like when you took it out? Was it black/fouled out? If so, you may have bad rings on that piston/cylinder allowing crankcase oil into your cyclinder, thus fouling out your plug. ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

Just wanted to know how to expose the spark plugs on my 06 corolla. The front bolts that hold the cover on, you just need to unscrew them, but the back ones are different and I dont want to break the knobs trying to get them off. Is there some special tool to get the cover off? If you can help, it sure would be appreciated. By the way, The engine is a 2.8L automatic transmission. I also have a dodge dakota 4.7L v-8 and would also know how to get to my spark plugs as well. It doesn't look like th

On the Corolla, undo the 2 nuts. Lift the cover straight up. ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2003 suzuki XL7 with a problem with the 4WD. I have been told that the problem is with the 4WD air pump which has been replaced before at a significant cost. I want to know if this pump is located up front behind the grill. I followed a couple rubber hoses that come out of the front differential. I want to try to repair myself if I can. Thank you, Tim [email protected]

... 2003 Suzuki XL-7

Having problems with front doors on 1999 Ford Explorer. I want to replace door locks and actuators. The doors don't always unlock, had actuators and one lock replaced by dealer on back doors ( cost me big bucks $$). Need to save some money so I want to do it myself. Can you give me step by step instructions and if any specials tools are necessary? Took off door panel and looked at lock and actuator as I replaced a speaker. Looked pretty tight and I see a rivet for something by the lock

You will probably find it easier to replace the actuator after removing the door latch. \015\012\015\012The actuators are held to the door with a 1/4" rivet (#1) that will have to be drilled out, but the way the linkage is made it is almo ... Ford Explorer


If the timing belt is ok check the following : the rotor turns , the coil wire is not open circuit , the wire to the coil has 12 volts with ignition on, the rotor points to no.1on distributor cap T.D. C. compression stroke ,the timing belt may hav ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Bought a 2005 magum sxt apr. 29. awsome car except for one issue. the front brakes rattle at lower speeds. i know its in the brakes because when i apply the brakes the rattle goes away. i had the front suspension checked out and an allignment done by an expert and the front suspension was tight. i have replaced the caliper brackets, sliders calipers, pads and all the hardware. still rattling. bad design ? is this a common problem with this vehicle ? do they make an upgrade kit for this problem

Go to a Chrysler dealership and get the factory anti rattle brake pad springs. That will get the rattle out for you. Most others sold at auto parts stores are made in foreign countries that use inferior metal that break down from heat get from the br ... 2005 Dodge Magnum

I have a 85 blazer with a "w" vin number that won"t start and isn't receiving any spark or fuel. I know it isnt receiving spark and have been told that it could be a cam sensor or crank sensor that would be causing the injectors to not work properly. I'm wondering how I could check this or maybe someone has another idea. Bought the car on saturday and on tuesday it wouldnt start. I replaced the distributor cap/rotor and really dont want to just keep replacing parts and not fixing my problem.

Most of the time the module will fix it. it's cheap and easy to replace.\015\012just remove the distributor cap and the rotor and you will see it.\015\012however, according to your info, the blazer does not have a vin code W in 1985. that ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

The belt is still on but it is shredded. i need to replace it, i got a new one i have the diagram i just want to know if i am gonna run into any problems if i start to fix it myself? i am pretty good with trucks. i just wanted to know if there was instuctions anywhere on the web that could help me in fixxing this.. i have changed a water pump on a full size chevy... this is a cherokee 1998 classic edition.

Loosen two pivot bolts on back of Power steering pump. Loosen pivot bolt on front top of P/S pump. Loosen adj lock bolt on bottom front of P/S pump, now loosen adj bolt on bottom right side of P/S pump. When belt is loose enough, remove it. You may h ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Transmission problems I have a 1996 Acura SLX. I've been having some problems with the transmission. It slips when I'm coming out of a full stop. My main questions are: Can you buy transmission kits for this model? Can you open up the transmission in this model to replace seals, gaskets, ect...? I just want to know if I can rebuild the transmission, replace the whole transmission, or if I have to take it in the rear from the dealer on this one?

In Japan they dont have Acura, they just call them Honda. The 1996 Honda automatic transmission is known for giving out anywherer between 110K-145K miles depending on how its driven. i say, DO NOT GO TO A DEALER!! unless you have substantial cash. ... 1996 Acura SLX

Brakes since i got this truck @ eight months ago, the brakes have been effective (at most), but VERY spongy... i wanted to know if this is a problem with this series of truck or what. i replaced the pads in front and hoped this would solve the problem, but it persists. i don't know how to bleed an ABS system without harming something, and don,t have the resources to take it to a "real (expensive) mechanic".

Check the back brakes spongy peadel is a sign of rear brake problems ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have 99 Ford escort 2.0. I cannot get it running now. The trouples codes show cylinder 3 misfire and cylinder 4 misfire. I have replaced the coil, spark plugs, sp wires, crankshft sensor, and timing belt. I dont know where else to look. I set the timing according to the manual, one year ago and it ran fine. I just replaced it again assuming timing may be the problem. I went to the Ford Service Ctr here locally and they said they have the same problem with a Ford and havent figured out what is

Fuel pump....if its got a spark, and the valves are timed... check the obvious...air and fuel. ... 2000 Ford Focus

I bought a new relay for the radiator fan (1990 Olds Cutlass Supreme), it cost me $5. The coolant has gotten as high as 240 degrees and still the fans don't kick on. Problem is, I don't know where the relay is located. The panel on the passenger front inner fender is missing the cover so I don't know what the relays and fuses in it are for. I suppose I can run it until it reaches 230 and then swap each relay with this new one. I would rather just replace the right one....

... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Conv

I have a 91 subaru loyale. I replaced the fuel pump on the bottom in front of the passenger rear tire. And the in-line filter under the hood in front of the drivers side fire wall. New spark plugs as well. It will start n run for a while then it sputters down n picks back up on and off. I have another filter but I don't know where to put it. I don't see one under the car but no brackets for under the hood. Is there another one or is it sumthing else?

... Cars & Trucks

I have replaced just about everything in the front end of my car and I still have a loud thumping sound coming from the front of it. The mechanics are draining me of all my money and not fixing the problem. I'm a single woman and don't want to be taken advantage of. I need some answers. The one mechanic I do trust told me everything is tight in the front and he can't figure it out. I can't afford a new car. I drive a 2002 Grand Am Pontiac with 86,000miles. Thanks, Linda

Have you replaced the front struts? and control arm bushings, bushings are a very common problem. ... Pontiac Grand Am

2003 Toyota Echo running poorly and acts like it wants to die. Went to Autozone and they did the diagnostic test on it, which said the spark plug was not firing. Replaced all of the spark plugs and still having the problem. One of the spark plugs had a water mark on it?? It sounds like its going to die and when you increase speed it seems to take awhile to shift to the next gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You may have to get a shop to check it out.You could have a problem with one of the injectors or the compression on one or more cylinders. You also have a coil for each plug and the coil may not be firing the plug. ... 2000 Toyota ECHO

95 plymouth voyger 3,8 engine vibrates under heavy accelaratioin replaced front cxels with reman then new .on help . one tire pressure to high brought pressure to spec 30 lbs . a little help. noticed toe out seems to high . havwnt been to a front end man yet . or could front end be set to low . I am a retired elect and ac specialist 78 years old . car runs to good to junk it just want it fixed . I live in a small towm rogers ville tn. the mechimacs do not get the problems that have in large town

Jack up the car and check each front tire for movement up and down and side to side. up and down is a ball joint.. side to side is a tie rod end.also remove each tire and roll it down the driveway and see how smooth it rolls. it could very we ... 1995 Plymouth Voyager

Do you know if the 2003 Express Hi-Top Conversion Vans have had a on going problem with the rotors corroding or rusting out? I had to have the back rotors turned at 17,000 miles in 2005, and now they are completely shot and had to replace them. I am going to have to replace the front ones as well, at 67,000. This van has not been drove in the winter much at all. Thanks. Charles

Let me tell you this. The rotors now adays are not thick enough to be turned like the old days. My 2001 MonteCarlo rotors could not be turned. The guy showed me with a measureing tool that my rotors could not be resurfaced even once. A minimum thickn ... 2003 Chevrolet Express

I have a 2002 Ford Super duty 250 4-wheel drive. One of the spark plugs came out and it almost looks like something was hitting the end of it. The truck was running fine till the plug came out,no noise or tapping sounds. I just tried to put a new plug in it and it seems there are no threads in the head.I hade the truck towed to the Ford dealer and they want to sell me a new engine at the tune of 7,000 What can I do to fix this problem? The dealer wont just replace on head they want to do both an

Drill out the spark plug hole, tap it, and put in a heli-coil. I had a 2001 F-250 that did just what you described. The ford dealer will probably not do it because you are not supposed to do it to the aluminum head, but I bet a shadetree mechanic w ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

My 2000 dakota has started missing - if i push it hard it will even backfire - it appears to run perfectly smooth in neutral even if i gun it - it only misses or backfires when in gear - this problem just began a couple weeks ago and has been worse the last several days which have been extremely cold for Alabama so I dont know if this is part of the problem or just making it worse - i have already replaced one of the controls (some kind of electrical part a little larger than a spark plug) that

Hi,You will want to know what the fuel pressure is. It might be just low enough to give you a problem when cold.Of course, there might be an ignition concern, basic tune up, but I'm sure they will be able to find out if it is. ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

I have recently converted my suburban's NP246 AutoCrap to a manual shift NP261HD. I am using the existing button to activate the front axle for now but I want to wire a solo switch and light. My Problem. The Actuator has 4 pins. Two grounds. One 12v and one 5v. How do I convert this to a basic switch? Is the power constant to the motor when off and constant when on? I am guessing the 12v retracts the actuator and the 5v releases it. I do know the actuator stays locked into whatever position it i

Electrical actuators have been a problem with chevy trucks for some time now. Since you upgraded, instead of re-configuring the wiring, why not use a manual device on there. I con't remember what company makes it but I saw it online for about $200 an ... 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

My 1995 beemer won't start. Kay...I know my battery, alt are good had those replaced in last 6 months and all lights turn on when I try to engage. I also replaced my spark plugs within the last 2 weeks. I was able to pop my clutch to get it going and it ran like it wanted to die. Had to keep my rpm's around 2000 to keep it from sputtering. I also had been noticing when I was parked on an incline front facing up it gave me the most issues about starting, it kept stalling out; but when I was level

Wet ecu\015\012\015\012the ecu compartment is under the windshield on the passenger side on E36 \015\012\015\012you gain acess to it under the hood....\015\012this compartment gets wet, the ecu lays on a flat surface in ... BMW 318

While driving on the highway heard a load bang in front end. Then orange arrow started flashing , I noticed rpm's increased without increasing speed. Took car to shop and they rebuilt the trans and they also said front axle was broken and replaced. Drove car for 2 weeks and orange arrow is blinking again and same increase in rpm without speed increase. Am taking back to shop but wanted to know if there is maybe a sensor or something that could be causing the problem. thanks

Hi,\015\012\015\012I suppose more then any sensor, its a worn speedo cable. Please get is checked for any wear out or damage.\015\012\015\012Let us know for any clarification.\015\012\015\012Thanks for contacting ... 2002 Volvo S40
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