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We had a 2004 model nissan frontier, the lower left arm assembly pin bolt was worn out. now the problem is that the pin bolt stuck up. we've tried to push it using a large hammer and a rod but still it fails to push it out.

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We had a 2004 model nissan frontier, the lower left arm assembly pin bolt was worn out. now the problem is that the pin bolt stuck up. we've tried to push it using a large hammer and a rod but still it fails to push it out.

... 2004 Nissan Frontier SC

Chevy 2006 siverado. Removed the torx bolt from the rotor, threaded the 2 bolts to push off the hub, heated with a torch, beat it with sledge hammers, cut rotor with grinded to relieve tension, and tried to pry apart. STILL STUCK. I'm ready to use gas and a match.

the two threaded holes are for a 3/8-16 (coarse thread) bolt. When threaded into the hole it will hit against the hub and eventually pop the rotor off. Continue to ratchet the bolt until you hear the rust cracking. You will need to brace the r ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

On an 2002 f150 are the front calipers ''floating''? I removed the old pads and installed new ones. The caliper will not fit back into the assembley even with the pistons pushed all the way in.It seems as though the pins where the caliper bolts on are ''frozen''. Are these pins supposed to move in and out to allow the caliper to float? And if so whats the fix?( Heat and a big hammer)

The pins are suppose to move. I wouldn't try the heat and a big hammer, LOL. But you can move the little rubber covers back and spray some WD-40 on the pins, where they go into the the caliper carrier, let it soak in, try to work the pins loose, clea ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab


The problem will be finding a housing to fit correctly and make contact with the flywheel when you try to start the vehicle. ... Cars & Trucks

2006 dodge 2 WD 5.7 engine. The right front wheel bearing is bad. I removed the 3 bolts holding it on and tried using a slide hammer. Do i have to remove the entire assembly and press the old bearing out or keep trying the hammer. This bearing assembely mounts in an aluminum thefore i do not wont to use heat. Help

You may have to use heat,i have done many of these bearings and always end up using the oxy acet. torches before i'm through.It is fairly think aluminum so it will take a fair amount but if you see it start to distort stop heating it.The next step i ... Dodge Pickup

There appears to be a shim or pin surrounding the connecting bolts for the brake pad assembly and I can't get it off and I need to know if it is a pin to push out, or a bolt that maybe has sheared off?

It's a pin, use a punch or a screw driver and hammer to knock it out. It's two pieces of metal held together by a rubber center. There are two of them on each caliper. Ask an auto parts store to show you a caliper pin. ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

When installing an aftermarket 3" lift the instructions say to use the existing hardware. The kit has the new bolts, but no large washer to keep the bolt head from coming through the frame. I know the lift block is not suppose to sit on the old bushing. Where do I get a large washer?

When I did mine went to hardware store got some washers ... 1988 Jeep Wrangler

1993 dakota 4x4 rear diff ,limited slip diff,centre pin wont budge,to remove axles,removed centre pin bolt,hard to move,dont want to damage anything,most cocern is the 4 springs that are incased around the centre pin ,will they come apart if i hammer the centre pin out,never had a tough one like this ,Rob

... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I'm doing the rear shoe brakes on a1994 Dodge Van B250 - 5.2 L engine. There is a pin on the bottom of the outside (back) shoe at the bottom. It holds the spring mechanism for the parking bake. I knocked the hold one out with a hammer and pin - very easy but bent it while trying to use a clamp and socket to install it in the new show.What is this pin called? How do I get a new one and how do you install it?

This is a "PARK BRAKE STRUT PIN" Or STRUT LEVER PIN Some folks Call it Differently, and you Install it By VERY CARFULLY TAPPING it with a Regular hammer, Sometimes I use a Grinder to Softly TAOER the STARTING End of it so it goes in Easyer. ... 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

What type of TOOL is needed to take out the 2 bolts holding the FRONT BREAK caliper on my 2002 Nissan Quest. I CALLED Nissan and they simply said HIT the caliper with a LARGE hammer to break free the bolts. The only tool I have that fits is a small Allen (hex) wrench, but it BENDS in half when I try turning the bolts. So, I can't change my front break pads... EVER! Thanks Nissan!!

Go to the auto parts store and pick up a set of allen sockets for your ratchet. They are the common 3/8 ratchet size and will provide the leverage you need. Make sure the hole is clean and the socket fits snugly or you run the risk of rounding the co ... 2002 Nissan Quest

Original automatic transmission was slipping more so in upper gears 3 and 4. Bought rebuilt transmission from Carquest, who purchases from company called proven value. I installed transmission myself. Converter was installed so that moved freely after tranny bolted to engine. Checked out 1/8" between coverter and flex plate when converter seated completely. used washers on bolts to converter so that would not dimple converter. dowl pins were in engine. replaced radiator instead of flush

I have read your post and here is my opinion, if you flushedr the cooler and the lines properly and used the correct fluid to fill the trans and the level is correct then you have an internal loss of pressure to the forward/direct clutch pack, the ca ... Toyota Previa

I am replacing the strut/spring/bearing housing on the front end of my '95 grand am. Having trouble removing the large BOLTS that connect the entire assembly to the spindle. Are these bolts fully threaded? or just threaded on the ends and pins in the middle.

HI, you almost figured it out. Those two bolts have splines on the upper portion of the bold shank. Once you have the nuts removes you can take a small 2 or 3 lbs. hammer and give the bolts a couple quick hard h ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a Monroe Tailgate mounted salt spreader on a Ford F550 mason dump. The hydraulic controls are mounted on the floor in the cab. Whenever I push the lever down to power up the spreader the control box hisses loudly like it is under too much pressure and it is very hard to push the lever down. Also the auger control is on 0 and still puts out a large amount of material. turning the dial up makes no change to the speed of the auger. And the spinner control must be set to 11 to keep up with t

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 99 chev silverado 4x4 w/plow pkg long bed i need to replace the door hinge bushings and or pins the pins there are 4 of them 2 each hinge about 3/4 long or so i have the c clips off and using a punch and small hammer attempted to drive them out,upward they will not come out what's the trick? from 1 mech to another thanx for your help

Take the load of the door and find the sweet spot due to the wear of the pin .......It is sitting in the worn grove of the pin causing it to bind...........Hope this helps you out. ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Alternator wiring New internal-regulated alternator being used to replace one with an external regulator. Old alternator had a two-pin small-wire plug, one labled ''F'', no note on the other. New altlernator has four pins, (C) computer, (FR) field monitor, (IG) Ignition, (L) Lamp. Plus, of course, the main large power lead. How am I to hook up the new alternator? Want to be certain that I am hooking things up right. The new alternator is designed for a 1989 Honda Civic. This

It sounds like you already have it figured out. That is exactly the same way we installed new style alternators on transport buses. The new ones had their own regulating pack mounted on the side. We had to do several campaigns and we didn't have the ... 1989 Honda Civic

1998 Buick LeSabre Headlight replacement HOW-TO: we are trying to remove the driver's side headlight to replace a bulb. we took out the two bolts but the headlight does not slide out. Do we pull forward on the light or push it to the left side? the book says "Slide the headlamp outboard until the pins are loose". What does "outboard" even mean??? I assume push to the left. How much force is neccessary??? thanks for the help

... 1998 Buick LeSabre

I'm in the process of replacing the thermostat on my 2003 freelander. finally got the coolant drained......that was fun. everything is disconnected and all intake plenum bolts removed( 4 small in the rear and 4 large in the front)as specified in RAVE. intake plenum seems to be stuck. it moves back and forth a little, but when i attempt to apply upward pressure to remove, it doesn't budge but a small fraction of an inch. do i need to use wedges to break the seals? Am I missing some bolts or

My 2002 Land Rover Freelander V6 thermostat crapped out as well and I decided to replace it myself. The plenum is deceptive, but after 3 hours of looking and trying I finally got it off. Of course there are many hoses and electrical connectio ... 2003 Land Rover Freelander

On my 2003 avalanche the rear brake caliper bolts were pretty tight I got them broke loose with a breaker bar... Ok... But now they just spin easily in either direction but will not come out ??? I even clamped a large vicegrip on them and tapped outward with a hammer and they refuse to exit the hole but they spin easily ??? what is up with that ??? the front ones ( T-55 Torx ) just reversed out like any normal bolt in any hole ?


Is there a trick to removing the headlight assembly on a 2007 Pontiac G6? I took the push pins out holding the front facia and the two bolts at the top of the assembly but it is still secured at the corner by the fender. The owners manual says to pry out but I am concerned about cracking the plstic assembly.

Hi, On most of the models, there are two jack screws. They are 7 or 8mm. Once the 2 screws are\015\012removed you will need to pry on the back of the lens, forward. There\015\012are two ball and sockets that need to be released by prying. ... 2005 Pontiac G6

I have to replace starter on 91 bravada, is there some kind of trick to getting it out, cause i loosen the 2 bolts and it wont clear the tranny housing, looks like a bracket on the back part of starter but its not attached to the starter, does that have to be removed? and what is that bracket for, i mean can i use a hammer to bend it enough to move it out of the way to remove the starter

... 1991 Oldsmobile Bravada

My suburban is not starting. i replaced the fuel pump since there was no fuel in the line. I tested and the pump was dead. the After installing a new pump car was working great for about 2 minutes then stopped. Now there is fuel in the line and pushing pin will shoot fuel when cranking indicating that fuel new pump is working fine (I can hear the pump working as well)when i open the cover to throttle body there is no fuel coming in when cranking. I used starter fluid and car would start running

Try a fuel pressure test. I once put a brand new from the dealer fuel pump in a 4.3/ When I had pressure, I then replace the injector spider in the vortec engine, to the tune of 500 bucks. I then found out that 10psi was not enough to engage ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

I pulled the #1 spark plug and put my finger over it and had someone turn the motor over until the pressure moved my finger. I then used a socket and moved it the rest of the way by hand until the mark on the pulley was lined up with tho 0. I put a straw inside the #1 cylinder to make sure the piston was at TDC and the piston was not near the top. I had someone hold the straw and turned the motor by hand and got the piston to the top and was pushing the straw out but now the mark on the pulley i

Yes it can be wrong is the crank in right it could be 180 degrees backwards i have seen it happen. but i dont know how much work was done before this problem email me some more info and i can help you further ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

Hi got a 1993 2.4 non turbo 5 speed manual i had the front end of the gear stick come out of the bearing block got a new bearing block and was told to replace the gear control leaver and all the rod ive done the large rod with the 2 plastic balls on new bearing block but not the road as there seems no play. i can not get reverse gear when using the gear stick but if some one pushes down on the gear box selector it will go in to reverse and help would be great thanks neal

You have the wrong lever try mesure the shifter assemblies if they are not the same then find a different shifter also replace the spring that shoves the stick back up. ... Volkswagen Microbus

Headlight bulb I have a 2008 2500 hd sierra slt Duramax I was looking how to change headlight bulbs.Booklet says to change remove air cleaner and reach in and change them from the back. That won't work no room to even see the back of headlight. Looks like there is 2 bolts holding the assembly in and it should swing out like a 2001 gmc with there pins. the assemblys come out just dont know where to push thanks

You have to remove the air intake filter and then kind of reach around up in there to change it. It can be done, but is a lot of work. On the duramax, it is even harder to do the driver side because of the dual batteries. You have to remove the batte ... 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD

Cannot remove front hub on w reg S type jag after removing the 4 bolts have hit with hammer and used wd40

If it is that stuck use mopar lube that **** works wonders but befor you put that stuff on there get it nice and HOT with a torch that put that mopar on there ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type
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