Having problems with your 2004 Mitsubishi Galant ?

After replacing my battery i have to put the code in every time i start the car for the radio is this electrial or fuse problem

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Ok , as you may know, your car has a security feature that disables the stereo every time the power is disconnected from it. so that is your problem. you have 2 power supplies to your stereo. one is a wire that is connected to your ignition switch, so that is like an electrical switch so to say, that powers up the unit when you start the car. the second is a slightly larger wire that supplies a constant current to the stereo, even when the cars off. this wire allows the stereo to save your sound and radio presets, and other memory when you turn the ignition off. this constant wire is most likely your problem. im not sure where this wire is spliced into your battery. it may be at athe battery, or it may be a wire leading into your under hood fusebox. check the owners manual for the fuse locations, and check to see if they are bad. then, check to make sure there werent any wires or connecters that may have been left off by accident when the stereo was disconnected. finally if that doesnt work, you can locate this wire, and replace it, if you know how to use a digital multimeter. just determine what wire is the constant, cut and splice a new wire into the stereo-end of the old constant, then run that wire to a constant power supply, like directly to the positive battery post. if you do though, just make sure that the wire will be clear from any moving or hot parts, and dont forget to install some kind of fuse near the battery. im guessing a 10 amp fuse should be sufficient. hope this helps you, or at least gives you a good starting point.
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After replacing my battery i have to put the code in every time i start the car for the radio is this electrial or fuse problem

Ok , as you may know, your car has a security feature that disables the stereo every time the power is disconnected from it. so that is your problem. you have 2 power supplies to your stereo. one is a wire that is connected to your ignition switch, s ... 2004 Mitsubishi Galant

Fuse #37 keeps getting blown and engine dies every time I started my 2003 GTI VR6. If I replace the fuse and let it idle for over 5 minutes, then it works for the rest of the trip. This problem has happened the last 30 days. My mechanic can't figure out the problem -- he replaced the ECU & battery; took out the radio; etc. The ride (when it works) is great but it's frustrating & I'll not buy another German car! Back to Honda!

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Our 2006 jetta tdi sometimes will not start. 12 months after purchasing new, car would not start.Dealer replaced battery. 12 months later, same problem. this time electronic control module.since then, replaced more batteries and ecm, with no seemingly long standing resolution to the problem. Unhooked positive battery cable and used volt meter between cable and positive of battery. 12.6 volts on meter. Pulled every fuse one at a time with no drop in voltage draw. unhooked alternator wires

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Get an auto electrion on the job he will find bad connection before thers a fire good luck ... Cars & Trucks

When I went to start my car today the car gave me a single click and would not start. I replaced fuse 8 which is the fuel/starter fuse because I have this problem in the past and that usually fixes the problem. When I replaced the fuse it still did not turn on instead it blew the fuse. It blew through 3 fuses each time I replaced it. I used a 20 amp fuse which was the size previous;y in it's place. I even tried getting a jump incase it wa sthe battery I was having trouble with but it still won't

Check Bettery Terminles if those are lose and tight the wires ... 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv

I own a 2003 Volkswagen golf. About 2 months ago I jumped the battery but crossed the jumper cables in the confusion of being late to something and having a dead battery. After seeing the problem I was able to start the car. After jumping the car the stereo is completely dead, no red flashing light or anything. Also the time is not appearing while the car is off and is reset every time I start the car. I checked all of the fuses and tried removing fuse 37 and 42 at the same time and replaci

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I have a 1995 lincoln town car, and whenever I shut off the engine and remove the keys, the radio sometimes stays on and I have to unplug the battery cables every time I park it so that the battery doesnt go dead. There is no problem with the wiring, fuses or relay. I was led to believe that it could be the lighting control module, but I replaced it and it is still not fixed, what might the problem be?

You probably need to replace the lock cylinder on the ignition. If the ignition doesnt reach the proper point when turned off, if may go to "accessory" position due to slop in the cylinder. I had the same problem, and replaced the lock cylinder for a ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

My car won't turn over , every time I turn the key there is a single clicking noise behind the radio. I checked the starter, battery, battery cables, fuses, and fusable connection. Everything was fine. the theft lock light is on and I don't know how to turn it off, What is causing the problem and if it's the theft lock how do I turn it off? oh it's a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse gst standard Hi, hope you guys can help. I have the same problem with FTO not starting. At the moment I'm hot wiring the c

Does this car have a safety device that won't let you start the engine unless the clutch is pushed in???\015\012if so that little switch on the clutch pedal could be faulty. ... Mitsubishi 3000GT

Idling Problems I have a 1998 Eclipse GS-T. The other night I drove the car without problems and parked it for about 6 hours. When I went to turn the car on, it acted like the battery was dead. We got a jump, the car started, and I started driving, but every time I took my foot off the gas it wanted to stall out. I ended up driving it home reving the engine the whole time. My husband had the aternator/voltage regulator checked, it was fine. My battery tested dead however, so we replaced it. Addi

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I was having problems with the car not starting at times, turn the key and nothing would happen and the next time it would work fine. I replaced the ignition switch and now the car starts every time but none dash lights, radio or fan will come on. The next time you start it everything will work fine. What is causing this problem.

Sounds like a poor electrical connection somewhere. See if there is a relay in the fuse panel associated with these functions. If so, you could replace that. Without schematics for the car it will be tough, but look for wiring that could be damage ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Battery fully charged just replaced the main fuse. Now no interior lights and the car won't start. Recently bought 89 mazda mx6. Was warned the door was possibly running the battery down no problems until a few weeks ago I had to get a jump start for it to turn over no problems there. Now there's no reponse at all inside no interior lights no radio of course won't turn over. I'd like to at least get it started to go have tests done on the car. Just need some idea where the problem might be

Main fuse beside battery terminals might be your problem ... 1996 Mazda MX-6

I connected my battery wrong. I did not start the car I knew what I did as soon as I did it. When I corrected the problem I noticed I blew out the radio, so I changed the fuse. My charging light came on so I replaced my alternator. I started my car but my battery still won't hold a charge and the car shuts off within a few minutes. Is there another fuse I blew that prevents the alternator from charging the battery.

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Sounds like the starter selonoid ... 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Wagon

I have a 95 Honda civic. My cig. Liter works but my radio won't turn on no matter what I do. My clock resets every time I get in the car. I've replaced my wiring harness the fuse in my radio is good the fuse inside the car is good. I've even tried to hardwire it to my battery there is a spark when I hook it up. But still no power to the radio. I even tried a completely different radio and it flashed on the turned back off.

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Throtle Body? My car is having trouble starting not every time but more and more often. Two weeks ago I was unable to accelerate for a few minutes but re-started the car and it was fine. I took it to Kia two weeks ago when it had the acceleration problem and they replaced the fuel throtle sensor and sent me on my way. Now that I'm having problems starting it they have said it's the throtle body. I was assuming the starter or atlernator because it almost sounded like the battery was dying. Does t

It takes 7 minute to recharge a battery from a standard start(about 3 seconds) if you are cranking longer than that then yes the wear is occuring to the starter,alternator and battery.\015\012It could be a throttle body leaking or a fuel pressu ... 2002 GMC Envoy

My 2002 GLS Golf 2.0 will not always start. I had the classic case of a dying battery. I changed the battery and 3 days later it was dead again. I replaced this battery with another new one. Now 4 days later it was dead again. i had the alternator checked and it was found to be in good working order. So now every time i get in my car when its been sitting for more then like 10 hours i hope it will start. after the car is jumped, i can drive it and restart it without any problems for the rest of

You have a bad Voltage regulator, replace it. ... Volkswagen Golf

Well the first time it happened i had just started the car and was pulling out of a parking spot. i found that the 40amp fuse under the hood had blown. i thought it was because i had the a/c,the radio and the lights on. i went to the autoparts store and replaced the fuse nad it was fine for about a month. today i was comming back from lunch and it ran fine untill i pulled into the parking spot. it died and when i went to replace the fuse this time it blew right away. i unhooked the battery hopin

Hi. You have a serious short somewhere. To get to the bottom of this without a lot of guess work get your car into an autoelectric repair shop. These shops have all of the diagnostic equipment to find the electrical problem right away so you will ... Pontiac Grand Prix

NO power to vehicle inside or out.. battery is good, starter has been replaced, ignition control module replaced (not the actual ignition cylinder though) I have a 2000 Alero.. i had problems with the anti theft where the car would have full power and turn over but wouldnt start... The last time i drove this car i parked it and was listening to radio. when i went to start the car all th power cut out to pretty much everything... I have no power inside the vehicle not even dome light.. i can tu

I have a 2000 as well and I noticed a lot of vehicles in 2000 came out with smartcar chips in them as well as the key. I would check into your car and see if maybe you have the wrong key or if maybe if you do have a smart key if it has some loose wir ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 2004 Kia Rio and most of the time it works just fine, but every now and then the car won't start at all. I turn the key and all the electrical components come on just fine (lights, radio, etc) but its like the starter won't engage at all. There will be a click and hum for maybe 3-5 seconds but then it stops. Some times if I wait 10 minute ad try again it will work, but some times it will be 5-6 hours before I can get the car to start. I have had the starter replaced but the problem stil

Does sound like the starter still. This is what I call a lottery start it is pot luck if the car starts each morning. The\015\012 motor occasionally refuses to start to turn first time and has a defined\015\012 rhythmic pulse when tu ... 2004 Kia Rio

Electrical Hi! The car has a problem starting. It behaves as if the battery is dead. Half the time, the battery appears completely dead. The other half of the time, the radio and interior light will come on but the engine won't even turn over. Sometimes, I can hear a ticking like it's trying to start and other times, there is no noise. The alternator is good, and the belts were completely replaced about 2 months ago. There was some corrosion on the terminals, which I cleaned off, but it did not

Hey, My car does something similar. Sometimes it will start immediately, other times it will jus click but everything will turn on. What I have found it to be might help... Try checking the connection on the positive and negative cables ensuring they ... 1993 Ford Probe

2001 VW Passat will NOT start every morning. Takes 5 -8 minutes for car to eventually turn over. It is rough for a few minutes then runs fine. Car will start fine for the rest of the day. Only the first time in the morning. Do you know what could be the problem. Already had the car in for a check @ VW dealer and they said it was the ignition coil and spark plugs. Battery is fine. Had them replaced (one of the coils was bad) and the problem still occurs. Could this be related to the oil sludge pr

I agree with bs77bird, I would also try running some sea foam in the gas tank and in the crank case oil. I swear by that stuff!! you can get it at any local auto zone try this link for a visual reference http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Sea-Foam-Moto ... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

Electrical problems I have a 83 olds delta 88. For some unknown reason my alternator won't charge. I driven it to an auto parts store brought a new battery, and alternator and the problem still exsits. Every time I remove the negative battery post the car cuts off. My lights dim tremendously when the car is running and I try to put it in gear. I have power windows and they move extremely slow. My radio cuts off and on. My turn signals sometimes don't work. I know that I have some kind of electri

From what you are explaining and you have replaced the obvious reasons for a vehicle not to charge. The other solution will be you have a bad ground coming from the charging system. It is grounding out your battery and alternator. You will need to st ... 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Starting problems Car won't start. Battery appears to be ok. Tried to jump to know avail. Light and other electrical seem ok. Replaced solenoid fuse, nothing. Seemed to be a repeat problem where I switched on/off the alarm a couple of times and then it worked. But not this time. Maybe the starter?? Is there something else I should check?? Help!!!

I had the same \012problem. Turned out to be the clutch interlock switch mounted under the \012clutch pedal. A combination of the clutch pedal and switch mount being \012there for 15 years and had bent just a little not allowing the switch to\012 be ... 2002 Volvo S60

Car won't start, hear the starter click and thats all. batt. is good power everywhere elsel, every time i go to start it blows out the 20amp starter fuse, replaced it with a 30 amp still wont start. My son moved the car this morning about 40 feet it started fine sounded great shut it off now it wont start. He said he heard no funny sounds and had now problems. what could it be

It sounds like it may just be a coincidence, but also sounds like you need a starter. If you have a volt meter you can test it by seeing if you have voltage at the starter or pull it off and have it tested. To blow the fuse like that tells me that th ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Replaced battery 3 times in one month and after two weeks have the same problem car wont start, needs to be jumped. Radio, hac all comes on with key in ignition, except the engine. the dealer keeps replacing the battery telling me its a defective battery, somehow i dont believe them. Who can help me?

Test charging sys.and test for current draw,may also be a tracking sys. ... 2002 Chrysler Voyager
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