Having problems with your 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor ?

Service engine soon light is on. 105 plus miles what to do. bought used. have had about 2yrs. haven't had spark plugs. could this be the problem.

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Answers :

No is the answer,there is a way to cancel the light,you need to look up tips on a mitsubishi web site,i just cant bring it to me at the minute but its goes like turn the ign on push the milage trip to the right and hold for say 20 seconds then turn the ign off again,you get what im saying something like that keep trying.adrian,,,,
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Service engine soon light is on. 105 plus miles what to do. bought used. have had about 2yrs. haven't had spark plugs. could this be the problem.

No is the answer,there is a way to cancel the light,you need to look up tips on a mitsubishi web site,i just cant bring it to me at the minute but its goes like turn the ign on push the milage trip to the right and hold for say 20 seconds then turn t ... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

Hi, I have a 2000 Saab 93. The engine light is on. I took it to have the codes read and they came up with two,p1334 and p1312. They said they were dealer codes so they could not tell me the problem . They said one of them said something about the ignition miss firing. I changed the spark plugs and the light went out for a day. And now it is back on.I also change the direct ignition unit. That I purchased used so know I don't know if it was any good. Can you help? Please.

P1312 is ignition coil knock detection cyl 1 and 2 and the cause is quoted as wiring open circuit/short to positive, ignition coil assy, ECM.P1334 is as 1312, but cylinders 3 and 4.\015\012\01 ... 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen

I have a 97 pontiac grand prix with a 3800 v6 non cupercharged engine. Service engine light came on so i changed spark plugs and wires with oem parts. Now it is hesitating and running rough with service engine light soon stays on. Used diferent fuel and put in some lucas brand cleaner to clean out the injectors, but hasnt helped. What could the problem be and how can i fix it?

You need to read the codes. Get an OBD2 code scanner from your local auto parts store,, then read the code stored. Then you will have a better idea what is going on. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I changed the plugs one by one, and the spark plugs wires one by one. but now it seems the truck is weaker than it was. know what the problem could be? it sputters as you rev the truck up. it was fine with the old wires but not this problem with the new ones.... any ideas of what it could be. the engine light came on, i reset it after i pulled each wire, and reconnected it with to make sure they were fully connected. now no engine light but truck still seems weak. any ideas of what it could be?

Are you sure you had the right firing order .....Also have you checked if the plug wires are oem spec sometimes auto parts stores mess up and give you the wrong ones ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I asked someone to change plugs on my toyota nadia d4. I used spark original spark plugs and after the ladies changed the vehicle could not accelerate after starting it. They claimed that it was coil which was faulty and we requested them to supply but agin they claimed the coil was also faulty. However I gave it to some other person to look into it but he claims he can not figure the problem. Please help on could be the problem.

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I have a 1991 honda civic dx 1.5L The check engine light keeps coming on. I change the fuel filter. I change the spark plugs. I chaged the co2 sensor. The car used to chock-up while I was driving. I would turn off the ignition and then back on, the problem would go away for 2-3miles. Some- times she would just shut down completely while I was driving lose of power and stuck on the bhighway. Today I started to change the fuel injector thinking hey this could be it but no dice, cleand it with carb

If fuel is leaking out, I am not sure what happened but it may be you did not place the injector correctly. As far as the problem with losing power or even shutting down, need to check the distributor. Civics are notorious for distributor problems. ... 1991 Honda Civic

Starting Problem I've put a new valve cover gasket kit on the car due to oil found in the spark plug wells, i've put new Bosh plugs Platinum plugs in the car it's run a lot smoother now i've put a new intake air filter in the car, but i haven't changed the spark plug wires yet because i put new wires on it and kept the old spark plugs in and drove it and the car wad using to much gas so i changed the spark plugs and kept the old wires and noticed a big change in the gas usage could there still b

... 1997 Dodge Neon

P0420 The car has 130k miles. I drive with LPG (liquid gas). If I switch to gas after 5 miles engine check light is turning on. With LPG it does not happens. The error code is P0420 - which is the catalytic converter efficiency. The spark plugs are new. But anyway the problem started before I changed the spark plugs. Could it be that there is a problems with injectors? If I drive with normal gas the engine works fine, has a usual power, I do not feel any misfiring. Please be so kind to advise.

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My check engine light is on. I thought it was the spark plugs so I changed all 6 spark plugs. The light went out for a couple days and then it came back on. What else could be the problem

What would spark plugs have to do with your MIL Lamp\015\012coming on?\015\012You know there is no connection between a spark plug\015\012and the PCM (computer)\015\012What surprises me,is that check lights are govt mandated ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Have a check engine light on 2003 Kia Spectra GS. Told by mechanic that the codes state cylinder misfire in 2 cylinders and thinks it's a blown head gasket or cracked valve. Could it be that the wires or spark plugs need to be changed? Had this type of engine light code w/ my 1997 Toyota Corolla and a new wire set, spark plugs, and distributor cap fixed the problem for about $300 vs. $2000-$2500 that the dealership wants me to spend to fix this Kia Spectra.

I think he is wrong ....check plugs wires and for vacuum leaks common for intake gaskets i have changed 3 this year and all had cyl misfire related codes ... 2003 Kia Spectra

I changed the spark plugs and spark plug boots in my 2003, GMC Envoy XL SLT, 6 cyl, 4.2 L engine. Now it starts up smooth but when you turn on the heater or AC the engine idle drops and the engine runs rough and shaky. I re-checked the gap setting in each spark plug and they were correct. If I try driving it, it starts out ok but then the service engine soon light starts flashing off and on. Anyone has any idea what could be the problem?

... GMC Envoy

My wife and I just bought a 1993 Toyota Camery for our son. the transmission light continues to blink. I changed the tranny fluid, twice because it is dark. When we stop at a light it sometimes jerks. In addition i changed the spark pugs and could not reach two of the old plugs. i left them in and replaced only the ones I could reach. Can this cause a problem?

Plugs No. Dark trans fluid means it probably was never changed or not every couple years I used to own a trans shop. Why didn't you check the fluid before you bought it and pass? Trans is pretty well cooked inside by now and it may not be the first t ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I am getting p0300, p0301, p1300, p1315 codes on my toyota tacoma, need to have a smog check. need to fix the problem. my check engine light is on. i changed the spark plugs and the light went off for about 5 miles, then back on. i used my scanner and got p0301 code again. i switched the ignition coils to find if that was the direct problem. the i got p0300 and p0301. i switched the coils back and forth now my final reading is all 4 of the readings above. what do you think, i am frust

... Toyota Tacoma

My check engine light is on and I can't check the code because there is a problem with the connector that the scanner gets plugged into. The scanner seems to not even "see" the vehicle- it does nothing. I have been unable to find a wiring diagram that I could use to buzz out the connector to find the problem. I feel that once the connector is repaired or replaced, I could fix the check engine issue.

I had the same problem it ended up being a fuse, check all fuses in the truck pull them all the way out look and test them real good. mine was under the hood 30 amp monster fuse. also their might be a inline fuse somewhere.your code reader is a obd2 ... 2004 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 1993 Toyota Marino with a 4aFE engine. it's fuel consumption is very poor, 6.5km/liter. I have changed spark plugs, spark plugs reeds, fuel injectors and nothing changing. I checked the check light and its beeping continuously thus suggesting no fault. what could be the problem?

Well you got half the tune up done, So replace the fuel filter and air filter. Gets some brake cleaner and clean inside the throttle body. check all the vacuum lines and make sure they are not broke or leaking. Also check the catalitic converter/s, T ... 1993 Toyota Corolla


Replace the air and fuel filter. these are the most neglected parts of the car. and part of the most important for fuel economy.\012Randy ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Car started missing. Code said it was #7 spark plug. I had spark plugs & boots changed but problem still there. A used coil was installed but it onle helped a little while and then the car started missing again with the service engine light back on. The mechanic said to buy a new coil.

New coil and/or that cylinders injector. ... 2002 Lincoln Town Car

My 1998 Buick Regal does not start on incline (when the front end is raised). It turns over but will not catch. I have to roll it to level spot, wait, then--with much gas peddle pumping--it starts. What could cause this? My Check Engine light is not on and the only other problem with it is that it stumble sometimes accellerating up hill (which is probably the spark plug wires since they are the origionals but spark plugs are brand new as is air filter, starter, water pump, oxygen sensors, and ra

My guess is a fuel pump problem. Most cars today are fitted with two pumps, a pre-pump usually within the tank and a second main pump further towards the engine under the floor. ONe pump matbe enough to keep the car running but under additional stra ... 1998 Buick Regal

99 Jeep GC Laredo, several problems, very frustrated! Turn signals-have replaced all bulbs and fuses. Tried a new multi-function relay switch, didn't work. Turn signals and hazard lights don't light up, blink, make noise or anything they are supposed to do. Could it be the flasher module? If so, how hard will it be to replace? Check engine light is on. Doing the same thing it was doing a couple months ago. Had it checked, #2 & #3 spark plugs needed to be replaced. Replaced all six.

Alright "Frustrated", let's solve some issues! The problem with Chrysler electronics and lighting is usually the BCM(body control module). This is very common on all Chrysler trucks and mini vans. This is the unit that incorporates all the interior f ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

04 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 v8. I changed 7 spark plugs with ngk plugs could not get to the 8th passenger side firewall plug. engine seems to missfire upon startup for 30 seconds or less then runs smooth with no problems. no check engine light is on and the only other issue with the car is a cracked pcv valve

Change the pcv valve this will cause problems. You can get the eighth plug, put the socket on the plug and use a wrench that fits the socket to get it loose or out. It's a pain but necessary.\012Randy ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How to replace a PCV valve on my 1997 dodge neon? I travel over 60 miles a day and when at stop lights i have a light rough idle. Just replaced the plugs and wires 15k miles ago and the air filter 500 miles ago. I do my oil changes every 3,000 miles and use fuel injector cleaner every oil change. It seems to help the light rough idle for a couple of weeks but than back to the norm. I was told and have read that replacing the PCV valve could or would sieze the idle problem.

Once you have the new PCV valve locate the old one on your engine. It will sit on the middle of one of your valve covers (most likely passenger side) and will have a line that connects to the top of the valve. Simply pull the old one out and put the ... 1998 Dodge Neon

In the past when this light came on the problem was a cylinder not firing and the spark plug was change. Problem solved and light went out. My light is on again and this time when the spark plug was changed the problem went away for a day or two but returned. It was checked to see if it was the same cylynder not firing and it was. Over the last month, the light goes out and on at different times and I can tell the cylynder works when the light is out but stops when the light is on. Now o

Check rotor cap, may need changed.also plug wire may have crack and arching. check coil for this plug and see if it reads same as other s ... Mazda B3000

My 2000 nissan altima is accelarating slowly just got valve cover gasket done, oil change, spark plugs,thermastat and all mounts.now the service engiene soon light is off what could be the problem that the oil light is on now and flashes when driving.

\015\012\011\011\011 my 2000 nissan altima is... ... Nissan Altima

2000 VW Passat Problems: 1. How much should it cost me to replace my "timing belt"??? Parts and Labor??? 2. How much should it cost me to replace my "spark plugs"??? Parts & Labor ??? 3. My LED lights on my car only work when its ***CoLd*** if its Hot no way I'm seeing them. What could be the problem there? Parts & Labor Cost??? 4. All of my speakers are blown on my car, where can I find the best speakers for the best price that will fit "ALL" of my speaker small ones and big ones??? Please help

1. you don't have a timing belt. its a timing chain. you are looking at the serpentine belt. still expensive but it will need replacement. do not drive it very far if the belt breaks while driving.\015\0122. Spark plugs are easy, only cha ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

Coil wire rubbing against something hot melted the coating and shorted the ground. The wire has been repaired and new spark plugs installed. There is only fire on the rt. side cylinders. When a plug wire is disconnected it does not make any difference in the idling. The readout only shows error and the check engine light is still on. What is the problem, could it be the computer.

If the code from the original misfire was not cleared out then it is likely the computer has shutdown the fuel injector to protect the converter. no fuel no power. if you are certain the ignition issue has been fixed then try to clear the codes eithe ... 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer EL
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