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I took my 2004 MPV to auto zone and they said the there was a misfire on cylinder4. The Van start and runs fine for a little bit then it starts to mis everyones in a while. How hard is it to change the spark plug and ingtion coil and where is cylinder 4 located?

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Answers :

When standing in front of the vehicle, #4 cylinder is on the left front of the engine.
\015\012The coil pack is not difficult to replace, but before you do, replace the spark plug first. You can also use a spray water bottle and spray the coil and spark plug wires while the engine is running and see if you get a spark jump. If you do, you may have a leaking ( worn out ) plug wire or coil tower.
\015\012Here is a diagram for the engine and the cylinder and coil numbers.
\015\012There seems to be a problem with the attachment feature on the site, I will resend on seperate response.
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I took my 2004 MPV to auto zone and they said the there was a misfire on cylinder4. The Van start and runs fine for a little bit then it starts to mis everyones in a while. How hard is it to change the spark plug and ingtion coil and where is cylinder 4 located?

When standing in front of the vehicle, #4 cylinder is on the left front of the engine.\015\012The coil pack is not difficult to replace, but before you do, replace the spark plug first. You can also use a spray water bottle and spray the coil a ... 2004 Mazda MPV


Sounds like a bad PCV valve or bad EGR valve. replace the PCV valve ( about $10) locate and watch the EGR valve .. it should move up and down when you rev the engine.. spray the shaft with WD40 if its sluggish or stuck.. it may help. ... 2004 Acura MDX

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Did you check the ICM (ignition control module) that's what the coil pack sits on. Inspect if for wire damage and you can remove the ICM and have it tested at Auto Zone or Parts Source free of charge. \012\012Thank you for using FIxya and good ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

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It is most probably the crancase ventilator gizmo. Go to the Jeep dealer or other reputable mechanic to repair. I did and it cured the problem. It cost me about $120 and it was well worth it. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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It is very possible the Ignition system is worn out and not providing a strong hot spark. I have a '92 K1500 and was having a similar problem and for the money, I just changed out the whole distributor for $100.00 at Autozone, changed out the coil an ... 1994 GMC Sierra

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Honda Misses. Have a 1995 Honda Accord 2.2, 4 cylinder (non-v-tek) 5 speed manual. Started missing under power, idle OK. Replaced Igniter, distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, cleaned the EGR ports and valve, new spark plugs, wires, coil wire and coil. No change. No change when EGR disconnected and vacuum plugged. No vacuum leaks. Miss appears random cylinders. All the above looked needed, fuel filter was nearly plugged, EGR ports were plugged, spark plug wires appeared original equipmen

Pin point the dead hole and check that injector. ... 1995 Honda Accord

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Have a 2005 trailblazer,it started acting up by not wanting to run good while taking off or going up hills.put it on code reader it told me that it was cylinder 1 misfire,I changed the plug and the cylinder and it still didnt fix it.so I tried changing the fuel pump and that didnt fix it and the code reader then told me ramdom cylinder misfire..so we changed all the spark plugs...it seem to help the problem but now it wont idle it dies everytime you go to drive it...do you have any ideas?

Could be plugged catalytic converter ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I got a quantum d4d diesel engine which has got a hard starting when cold, it does not start at all but once boosted either a quick start it starts, then when its hot it starts ok, I've changed glow plugs,diesel filter n injection computerand it still doing the same, now just did a compression text and only to find that cylinder number one has got no compression, do I need to re do the whole engine? meaning rings and bearings needs to be changed o I can flash the engine with engine flash.please

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Hard starting seems like engine not getting enough gas. hard to start. I have to turn the ignitin on for a few seconds and then it will eventually start; sometimes right away, most often after several tries. Seems to be fine after it starts. I had the fuel pressure checked, 32psi. it seened torun better after I changed the fuel filter. Where is the Fuel Pump filter located? Is this something I can do w/o lowering the gas tank? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Aslo, does anyone know w

In the gast tank on that one... ... 1992 Dodge Ram 250

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It may be your throttle position sensor (TPS) or you may need new fuel injectors ... Dodge Ram 2500

I have a cold start problem with our 99 Honda EX CRV. 185K Miles. Car eventually starts after several tries. Once it does start cold... there are no further starting problems the rest of the day... until the car sits overnight and becomes cold again. Checked the alternator, battery (Die Hard-only 3 years old)... both good-clean connections! Changed out temp. coolant sensor and Ignition Switch. Changed out spark plugs, rotor, distributor cap @15 months ago. All fine! I do hear an occasional brief

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1991 honda accord lx: Car won't start - got spark, got gas to injector manifold but car still won't start. Sprayed injector fluid into #1 & #3 cylinder and it fired up. Stop running after i/f ran out. Changed fuel filter, spark plugs & wires, but I can't get it to start?

Can you send me the wiring diagram of the toyota cressida 2.8i 6 cylinder ... 1991 Honda Accord

Audi 2.6 1998 cabriolet started missing as if a cylinder or 2 not firing, Still drove home this way. Tried to start it next morning, nothing, did diagnostics which pointed to hall sensor, changed that and cleared all faults. Still does not start. checked spark, spark plugs, fuel injectors

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I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero with the 2.2. I have spark and fuel to the rail but will not start. No idiot lights on. Changed the fuel regulator that is located on the fuel rail tonight. Did not change a thing. Will crank but still wont start. Where do i start diagnosing?

Im pretty sure its your timing belt ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

99 chevy metro 4 cylinder engine code misfire cylinder 3.. changed spark plugs and they are gapped right.. when starting up the car you get white smoke from tail pipe.. with to the best of my knowledge no smell.. told to change coil pack next.. I don't have a lot of money to be guessing on what to change next! Any suggestions??

White smoke is probably steam,do a compression test on that cylinder,and check for any evidence of a blown head gasket,(oil in water or water in oil) ... Chevrolet Metro

No power Please help, I am at a loss as to what is wrong with this car. It's a little hard to start, but I can get it started and it sounds like it may be missing. When I drive the car, it has hardly no power. I can't hardly get going 45mph in it. There is no back fire or smell of unburned gas. I thought maybe it was a spark plug or something, so I changed the plug wires and plugs. Any ideas as to what to check next? Thanks

Your catalytic converter could be plugged up. try reving engine in neutral and if it sounds labored or slow then this could be your problem and have the exhaust checked. If exhaust cant escape out of your tail pipe then you cant accelerate quickly or ... 1986 Plymouth Caravelle
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