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How to set timing on 2003 mazda 6 - 2004 Mazda 6

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1988 mazda mx6 2.2 engine, the timing was set to spec's chilton, which are timing marks on crank pulley belt sprocket small arrow straight up and cam shaft pulley the number 1 straight up to match

... 1988 Mazda MX-6

Mazda 2 0 set timing

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Rebuilt my 454 engine, installed distributor with rotor at 0 TDC on #1 cylinder. Engine ran fine but ses light was on. Code was P1345-- disagreement between cam sensor and crank sensor. Scanner showed anywhere from 19 to 25 degrees advanced. Rotated dist. shaft. to ****** timing. Wouldn't run. Tried two teeth positions in either direction from original setting. Ever have a sensor go bad. The crank sensor is new, cam (on distributor) is not.

The ignition timing is not adjusted with a timing light or with the engine running, and to set the ignition timing follow these procedures.There is a mark or notch on the distributor housing that the rotor should be pointing to when the e ... 1998 Chevrolet K2500


Take the timing belt off reset the crank at 0 with # 1 piston at TDC ensure that both cams are up at twelve 'oclock with belt on, when the tension is released and the tensioner is tightened turn the crank atleast 360 degrees and ensure that the timin ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

1981 chevy 350/or 305?, it is a rebuilt engine, but when I set the timing at 0, 2,4,6,or 8 degrees it sounds good, however, when it warms up it won't start without moving the distributor. I checked the rockers on #1 cylnder at tdc. They are both closed. When I advance the distributor the car starts when hot, but doesn't have power. I am at a lost. I am thinking that it might be the ignition module, or ignition coil. Is there a way to tell? The engine is in a 1981 Caprice Classic and don't reall

Is your heat riser siezed? If it is siezed closed you have too much back pressure. You will need to free it up. To do this you may have to take the exhaust manifold off as it is situated in it. Use heat & WD40 to free it up. Good luck! ... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Timing settings Hi, I have a 1992 Mazda 323 astina with the 1.8L, 16 valve twin cam motor. Can the timing be set with a timing light and if so where are the timing marks located, what are the settings or does it have to be set with an engine analyser Thanks

You should have timing marks that are lined up on your engine. You have your crank to line up at a certain point as well as the two cams. I don't know off the top of my head where these might be for this car but you can find it in a Haynes or Chilton ... 1992 Mazda 323

Timing will not set after tdc is established and rotor is at number 1 on dist. Every time we start it up after what we think timing is set correct,when checking with the timing light,the wrong mark is up at top dead center mark when running. We have checked and tested camshaft postion sensor and tested good, with proper voltage according to the service manual. Still same out come no matter how many times the tdc is set to correct postion.Also cannot get to idle properly.1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5

IF YOU HAVE FALLOWED THESE PROCEDURES CORRECTLY A TIMING CHAIN SLACK TEST SHOULD BE DONE (BOTTOM PAGE)\015\012NOTE : Base (initial) ignition timing is NOT adjustable on any engine. On these engines, do not attempt to ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

I rebuild the top end of my 85 gs 450 and set the time. Well the no 1 cyl is 180 out of time its at the bottom not tdc. I set the time on the right side of the bike if ur sitting on it.the shop says its 180 out of time. Could have I set the time on the wrong pistion?

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I have a 1992 s10 Blazer equipt with a 4.3 liter. I have removed the timing chain and gears to be replaced.. I am not certain on how to set the gears in the proper order.I have lined the bottom gear in the top/up position with the #1 tdc. The top gear was set in the down position when I installed this timing set the first time and this was not correct. I kept the bottom gear in the same position(at the top). I turned the top gear 180 Degrees and reinstalled the chain but got the same issue. I am

You had it right the first time the marks go together in the middle you just had the engine 180 out. # 1 cylinder is on the left side the passagner side when you face the engine from the front. Its has a strange fireing order 1 6 5 4 3 2 ... 1991 Chevrolet Astro Extended

How to set base engine timing/cam timing, 1998 ford contour with vct on exhaust cam. Can find tdc for crank #1 cyl. Can find base cam position for int cam. Exh cam has vct. can not find proper position or procedure to set base timing. Cam has spring pressure to hold cam in full advance position. cam does not seem to be retaining advance position when tension is released on cam. Is vct chamber on cam defective or what is procedure to set base timing for this cam? have sev tsbs for this, not much

... 1998 Ford Escort

My mazda rx8, 2005 model is hard starting and the gas mixture is too rich. what is the likely problem? How do you set the timing for the rotas? do you have a diagram showing how to set the rota timing

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Went on 1.5hr trip when I noticed water dripping down on the pass side floorboard. Pulled the glove box and noticed a ton of condensation on the a/c box (condensing coil?). 2005 Exp V8. About at the same time I noticed this the power of the a/c decreased. Setting at the highest setting (4) blew like a 1 or 2. Setting at the lowest (1) barely blew anything. Still blew cold air, just decreased.

There is a condensation drainage tube that runs from the condenser to the bottom of the vehicle. I would assume this tube was clogged by somthing and the excess water was building up and decreasing the efficiency of the a/c. I would remove the draina ... 2005 Ford Expedition

2004 or 05 Jeep Wrangler dtc P2096 (Post catalyst fuel trim bank 1 to lean). It set the mil lamp and then reset it self. Pulled the code with a scanner and found 1 of 2 to be P2096 and 2of 2 to be P2096 Pd. The description of the dtc os coming from my scanner it self. I believe this truck was detailed and then set the code. Possibly some of the cemical that was sprayed on the engine got int the air system and set the code. Cause is truly unkown at this time. I reset the code and have had no issu

Here is more information about P2096\015\012P2096-DOWN STREAM FUEL TRIM LEAN BANK 1\015\012\015\012WHEN MONITORED With the engine running in closed loop mode, the ambient/ ... 2006 Jeep Wrangler

I have 2003 Buick Century. Recently I replaced the knob for the power controls on my air conditioner. The old one had been broken for a long time and my temporary fix to it finally wore out. I've noticed that with the new knob I can only use the AC on 3 of the 5 settings. They aren't numbered but I will call them 1-5 lowest-highest. Settings 3 and 5 do not work. 1,2, and 4 work just fine. If I put a bit of downward pressure on the knob, setting 5 will go on while I hold it. I suspect usi

... 2003 Buick Century

Hi there can anyone tell me where I can get pictures of the timing marks on a polo 1.6i 2001 model. I had coil problems and never new about it. Then I though its timing and checked the timing, it seemed to be wrong but now when I set the cam on the t/o mark and piston 1 tdc and the rotar so that it starts to spark on nr 1. Now I don't have any power at all and the car is using 1.5l petrol on 200m. Please if any one will can help me I will realy appreciate it.

Polo 1.6 not a problem ,right use a long thin screwdriver to locate no1 TDC then remove the rocker cover and look at the valves and the positions this is a single cam engine so with no1 at tdc look at the valves and see the positions and what you sho ... 1995 Volkswagen Polo 1.4

1) how to set timing on 95 toyota previa 2 wheel drive single overhead cam 2.4 engine? where are the timing marks. 2 Does the distributer has timing marks? and if yes how to set them

This service procedure is for setting base ignition timing. Refer to underhood emission sticker for any additional service procedure steps and/or specifications.\015\012These engines require a tachometer hook-up to the check connector-see illus ... Toyota Previa

No#1 cylinder is missing (sr20de+T p11 primera) high tensions leads are fine, new plugs, new fuel filter, all injectors are still pulsing, fuel pump is working fine no blockages, timing is set to +5* which is normal for a bolt on turbo set up, what else could be causing the misfire? the no#1 spark plug gets covered in carbon very fast after a clean, when i unplug no#1 injector there is no change at all, AFM is clean as well as air filter so what may be causing the problem?

Find out if No. 1 cylinder has compression by doing a cylinder compression test. If compression is good, then swap spark plug and wire with No.2 to see if missing follows. If the missing follows then you know the plug or wire is bad. I ... Nissan Pulsar

Timing settings My 2003 model Mazda 323 overheated and we skimmed the cylinder head fitted back, now i am setting with two problems, i need the setting diagram for the timing belt and the last one the electric fan does not come on both for the air conditioner and radiator please help. Its a 1.6 twin cam 323.

You may have forgotten to plug the fan sender unit in on the right side of the head if it is plugged in it may of failed witch is not uncommon.as for the timing there is actually some small marks on the head it self and on the cam pulleys, als ... 1994 Mazda 323

My blitz turbo timer calculates time fine and displays how long the car will continue running but when i turn the car off the time sets to 0 and turns the car off, it used to work fine but now i dont know whats wrong with it, i messed with a few settings and set the minimum tome to 30 seconds but the car will still turn off.

... 1997 Mitsubishi Galant

Timing degrees question#1. 4.3 vortex v6 we are setting the timing and we need to know what degrees to set it at. question#2. where to set the distributor after throwing it out.

Okay well its supposed to be set at zero degrees which on a Chevy is the flat part to the right of the three points on the lower crank shaft. i just recently tuned mine so trust me i know. make sure you are tuning it to the number 1 cylinder which is ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Torque Settings I need torque settings for 1980 mazda 323 ohc 4 cylinder inline timing chain driven, torque settings for cylinder head,main bearings,big ends,flywheel, valve clearances (hot & cold) ,ignition timing. please

... 1980 Mazda 323 1.5

Mazda b 2500 how to set timing when the timing belt has broken in

My sincere apologies for the delayed response.I am personally going back to answer your unanswered questions. I do not know if you still need this information, but I am going ahead and answering it anyway. You may want ... 1998 Mazda B-Series

When setting the timing marks together distributor always points to #6 not #1 put new timing chain & gears in but cant get it timed right 5.2

Is it possible to turn the distributor shaft 180 degrees and reinstall the dist ?I am assuming you have spark at the plugs, just not at the right time ?If the distributor has not been moved, and the rotor points to the wrong wire, you could h ... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Timing specs for 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 5.2 liter v8 new reman engine set up distributer #1 TDC Need timing settings for engine

... 1999 Dodge Durango

If the timing mark on the crank shaft pulley is set at 0 would that be the same as taking off the crankshaft pully and setting the timing mark on the block

Yes. that is correct 0 = 0 ... 1990 Toyota Pickup
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